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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 12:51 pm

I confess I am not a student of my own popularity.

With the passing of President George H.W. Bush theories relative unearthed.  Weed maybe hath covered over partisan defenses that could have better secured America after September 11, 2001.

There is an intensity to impart that quite may nail Nancy Pelosi, of California representation, to how crossed our sacred lines.  Our not going away problem of Nancy Pelosi does too engirth her as a woman as obstructing next steps of feminism - barring getting to finishing movement while remains inconvenient feminist controversies.

The Hollywood of this digressed might shock people to my past feminist efforts and to maybe tru’d to once of a leading cult of personality.

Let us try to work a comity of this polity with a fresh parity that pares the dereliction of Nancy Pelosi while Speaker of the Peoples’ House of Representatives.

Though after September 11, 2001 attacks the partisan responses by and for the Clintons and their admin time were unconscionable and atrocious while self-serving CYA we have the “official” of while still in office of Speaker Pelosi to unearth and dissect as of a partisan heavy boot of did more than any other to hinder President Bush from honorably repairing and finishing his father’s lead.

I will get to “cult of personality” but first understand on 2000 election day I lived in Washington DC, had a steering box go bad on used 1988 Dodge B250 cargo van, had day free up so, and then spent it in Foggy Bottom at “West 23rd” a restaurant proprieted by James Carville and wife Mary Madeline.

Only James was encountered and chatted with such election day of myself a customer from maybe 10:30 am until 2 to 3 am.

Besides lunch at bar and conversant with “Norm” (head bartender?) I did share mid day with James that if Gore won I who had helped make Clintons electable in 1992 would move out of America, and, though I supported idea of a son wanting to get to repair and finish the prior honorable work of his father I wasn’t sure he was ready, - I expressed I wanted more time to decide, and because I did believe some serious times were ahead.

As I justly tag Speaker Pelosi as derelict much of this is real and of viscerally experienced of then my years still in America and to voluntarily supporting and helping second Bush admin.

So how was it I?

Besides how many times I did try to help President Bush find a way to get around Speaker Pelosi default position of blocker who would not allow any progress if with such any fault or blame did from such air as of Clintons and especially as if that how they cut $2 Trillion for an unneeded surplus of $1 Trillion a real fault.

Yes, despite the huge tragedy and loss Speaker Pelosi was firstly afterwards a Clintons’ loyal soldier who much kept President Bush from economic recovering by that to restore consumer confidence for such he had to be blocked from such due would inevitably expose the Clintons as at least of negligence.

Speaker Pelosi, and since demoted, of also derelict as by Emoluments Clause - Constitution Article 1, Section 9, paragraph 8.  She didn’t do her duty and arguably due Clintons’ professed “post Constitution” ploys amount to extra-Constitution powers abuse by the rendering of such and other protections from tyranny in Constitution as nullified.

How as Speaker and since Nancy Pelosi as firstly been partisan also hurt President Barack Obama by that she couldn’t let go of being a Clintons’ soldier and loyalty to necessary political partisan postured of as if they were 100% innocent.

Let us step back from broached of a madness in Nancy Pelosi’s dereliction.

Much of this has long been aired as pressed and available free of CitizenRosebud.com and its category “AUTO BIO’D”.

To that the economics recovery of early 1990s is of Bill Clinton claiming credit you should disavow selves from such as if at all true.

This is much about me and how many innovations and entertainments I was already juggling successes of when I toed into Presidential race with concerns but as showing supportive with postured defended of how wrote I thought I could make a Democrat electable to President in 1992.

Note: At such time Governor Clinton ad wife were looking beyond such year for their ambitions to have a HIS and then a HER presidency.  George Stephanopoulus and a Charles Koch son co-ran Representative Richard Gephardt’s office - ran & responded to my non constituent letter yet of claim here. My letter to Rep. Gephardt was encouraging while concerns muted of political and national troubles possible since Senator Al Gore announced he wouldn’t run and with near his directive in message of “Bush deserves a second term” to Democrats of yet President Bush should be anointed re-elected by Democrat leadership - at ranks in lock step joined.

All this shared we still can justly posit concurrently that in hindsight how Speaker Pelosi was derelict is a most abominable history.

Democrats tend not to talk about me and story for such also then of my turned back story of to 1994 Republicans support, as for President Bush and President Reagan unfinished supported work, becomes out and inconveniently relevant.

Besides the innovations and entertainments amassed in personality as did more for 1990s recovery than Bill Clinton admin such as was sensitive to my lead is yet of that President Bush would have had recovery too for most of the real coordination had been affected and effected before election day loss to Governor Clinton, and as of Clintons late entrance.

Simply - perhaps too simply - I expected conceived and considered future plans for with my amassed already in personality due concerns and then gave away as many ideas I could synchronize towards their then supporting entertainment for jobs and economic potential of such ideas (expected to be good news stayed rooted as from me/mine) for growth.

For example:  Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt if to a child together may want to consider me to be a godfather?

Yes, my DC gym RESULTS experiences became near absurd and to that I spirited Coen brothers could play with such to which “BURN AFTER READING” was quite comical and in such vein as I liberally mused.

But George Clooney was cast for “ER” as into the conceived role as to most play an alternate fictional me after Jamie Tarses and NBC asked after 3 show ideas for “one more for Thursdays at 10.”

As per Coen brothers pick I was still coping with my popularity and singular of it’s global attractiveness. I admit to gym time as generated curiosity as President Bush and Kiefer Sutherland were in my weights routines as my volunteered guidance used by both as I thought how to help our President and to personal ask for entertainment after I realized I had no entertainment for myself and wanted suspense yet as produced as if in real time.  Coincidentally I recall such days as I was of no shortage of angels of like for on top of a needle - even of models and figure skaters like to answer singularly “how many angels fit on a needle?” and to like “hopefully as many as needed!”.

Note:  Above to be figured some as factored of for “Robert Galbraith” developed “Strike” character too.

But if Jennifer Aniston and if to with child their’s is the “how me” of the first three NBC show ideas - FRIENDS, SEINFELD, LAW AND ORDER.

Because some of my ambition since early 1970s to become a top Madison Avenue adman like my maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier - “Mad Men” colloquial - I had learned to listen to decision makers with his guidance and to be independently to thinking how to coordinate marketing decisions.

Because by 1992 I had already taken a 2nd Place in oratory in 7th grade with school wide oration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt “Day of Infamy” Declaration of War speech, and, had met Michelle Robinson (Obama) in her 3rd Harvard year it is important to associate Nancy Pelosi as of dereliction.

By 1990 I had already since 1982-83 been sharing to that now modern snowboard - snowboarding brainstormed with David Musto - innovations & idea for ideal half pipe to souls interested, and, to Stanley Tools my pressure & support for them to innovate and develop a new handsaw - to an American handsaw as by combining Japanese tooth style yet with English blade and handle style. 

My involvement to Democrats in 1992 as with non constituent letter I quickly received a reply from Rep. Gephardt’s office (pen’d by George S. ???) was of national security concerns and my knowing then innovations I planted ideas for were succeeding as too the integrated mass entertainment of my enabling efforts.

I do have to consider Nancy Pelosi as abominable for how she blocked President Bush just on for economic recovery is more deplorable than the unconscionable of Clintons’ and their soldiers after September 11, 2001 of CYA by “we just did what the people asked us to” (paraphrased from memory) - and well like just red states said do this and blue states said do that.  The Clintons’ responses after attacks were atrocious - and never deserved support of any a Speaker of the House.

Essentially while partisan postures amassed for a still ridiculous defense of Clintons as if 100% innocent the vibe and essence of how became was sold as they blamed the American people even though they got elected much by posturing they were smarter and maybe the smartest available - of idea they would know better than masses of voters.

Okay! Of the “how me.”

I was of class of 1983 from New Haven public high school as of “THE GOVERNORS” of Wilbur Cross HS.

I was a co-captain of tennis team as lettered senior, and tri-co-captain of swim team of just junior & senior years as swimmer.

The “FRIENDS” my friends of high school were near graduation of my guidance due my ambitions as to think of me as their friend forward but around NYC even if I didn’t plan to get there for years.

I guess also relevant is my dad married up and then they got our family admitted as second Catholic family but first Irish Catholic family to members in old New Haven tennis, swim, squash and dinning club.  I did have to adjust to curiosity growing up as to how tho 3rd child it was wondered how so the oldest son would grow up so “admitted.”

The “FRIENDS” cast connected and carried respect as mused for my maintaining friends to off in different directions, and, as of swim team other captains a female Geller and another swimmer David.  Two “Matts” dichotomy of duality as a real Matt and earlier year graduated tennis rival then connected to also year before interested in anthropology, and for my younger brother by 5+ years to as if of another family a like an also a “Matt” of his best friend Matt.  Such Matt’s dad was a pal & classmate to George W. Bush.

The only two Yale professors (both in History) GWB cared to remember and biographically were both neighbors and of family friends.  Matt’s father (friend of brother Matt) though was a safe extra space for entertainment or my younger brother due he a doctor a psychiatrist much of work with veterans.  To me he was my neighbor also of road bicycling interests who owned a Park Wheel Truing Stand and willingness to allow me use - even as neighborhood bike mechanic on other neighbor’s wheels.

Back in the early days I could go to bed much platonically yet with Courtney on one side and Jennifer on the other until parties to NBC knew if I had new direction and ideas.

SEINFELD story is less original maybe for one a Seinfeld may have pitched an  idea that then got adapted to my 2nd show ideas for a show about nothing as more dry fuss to cover other friends of high school of tall lanky Kramers and as to protect me from a sister’s gossipy to around a former girl friend Julia as to fuss turned dry gossip - about nothing for to maintain professionalism and platonic as entertainment worked firstly to enable the economics and growth of ideas shared and succeeding of innovations planted and sustained from me - a J. Peter “man” to my sister Stephanie.

So I did support a son a Bush from 2000 forward as towards my shared personal ambitions of Reagan Revolution too - and as also set out to be like a caboose that got to station only when fullest potential of work effected.

The story now real of Nancy Pelosi, of California representation, is diabolical and abominable as known to me from both sides of fighting for positive change over decades - the of integrated marketing uniquely mine and shared with George W. Bush as fit to his administered.

She and the Clintons are trapped by my story for Clintons chose to steal use of intellectual property of they became electable in 1992 by learned to fit to and sound like me - my guidance.

The cannot acknowledge me without severely incriminating themselves!

The 3rd show of NBC was that planted for “LAW AND ORDER” as to that I could also manage my lawyer dad and my sister in Washington working up the ranks in Senator Chris Dodd’s office.  I didn’t realize ’til later NYC Attorney offices of show kept to reality as with address “1 HOGAN PLACE.”

So to close I am a huge NO to #PelosiForSpeaker and due know she justly deserves shade and tag as derelict.

Yes when I challenged JK Rowling as a sought “unknown writer willing to write 7 books of a magic school around a character of a Pete Rowe-ling & click it was also platonic and a prophylactic to entertain to a next generation learned to expect better than got from Clintons and Pelosi, and by fandom encouraged people to be readers and then to thought better and broader than known machinations of Clintons did ever seem to manage to plan for.

Nancy Pelosi is the special prosecutor Robert Mueller YUGE problem!

She doesn’t deserve to be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi again due issues and amounts of concern said per President Donald J. Trump, Sr. are inconveniently devoid of equal justice by her real history of posturing defense for Clintons by not doing her emoluments and foreign association auditing duty, and due her coy ploy has fallen of defended Hillary Clinton with partisan machinations by party stood up such laws as said not still laws when raised against Clintons.

Personally this fits to dislike earned by George Stephanopoulus and how I pulled support for FRIENDS show & asked for it to be cancelled after they gave him a cameo.

Due the Democrats trapped themselves with stealing uses of my integrations - and to in jeopardy by “reuse” precedent - we have our concurrence relative as my story is of like went on STRIKE in 2007 due #Hillary2008 launched and to now there are in past decades many instances to rehash of though they promised the could repeat on said their former successes it worked out they couldn’t repeat my successes with thieving and reuse attempts. 

They both turned out to not be smart enough nor even ever as smart as they thought they were?

Due their thieving and reuse attempts they’ve established their own record of were not able to repeat earlier successes - yet still without punchline now enough circulated of that I managed to thwart further stolen use by how worked to defeat of Hillary Clinton at 2008 race for President and then very similarly again of 2016.

Such is yet but a fraction of my me!

                   *     *     *     #LockHerUp?     *     *     *

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