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#Austerity #MondayThoughts ~ Old #GreenMinimalism explained:

From late 2007 to present I have resided in #Milford #Connecticut with 2008 & 2016 defeats of #HillaryClinton my primary motivation however thought of a #HearstLive entourage.

“Green Minimalism” seemed due #economics posture with #Obama END OF THE WORLD - GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM.

Ten years of #ProtestArt of my as Peter struck & wrote instead of orchestrated more integrated synchronization of growth marketing across my many mused successes. More an #AynRand #AtlasShrugged strike then becameth the #STRIKE of #RobertGalbraith.  My Villanova Economics advisor liked being “resident radical” on campus at least to #Philosophy dept events - he somehow - he John Steele (e at end not silent) somehow got struck & killed crossing train tracks on campus one night decades ago.

My humble habitat a one bedroom ground level flat at Colonial Manor about a mile from parents then needing some early senior care assistance about the home I am now in two years near the beach - and only slightly of living costs above condo by that property management & home improvements on parents house has added costs to my costs of living chosen and well effected of green minimalism.

Not so much austere religious living but austere in lived without a car (or truck) and lived under $1,200.00 per month most of past 12 years.  In such time I have amassed such a volume of written works it should now number well over 7,000 pages as printed out of off blogs.

The only real increase beyond like moving costs & costs around keeping up parents home for sale was increase in health insurance costs over years even and didn’t ever even use if firstly to a first claim until two years ago due lifting arm chair up back stairs I bruised parts of my tailbone to acute hypertension and unsettling pain - I think they had me sustaining 185 bpm even though fitness max heartrate supposed to be about 220 minus your age & I was at least 50.

From 2007 to 2008 I likely managed to live under $1,000 per month & yet managed to defeat #CrookedHillary twice while a dedicated crooked fighter.

USA & World maps stayed above my TV & reading chairs but most of voluminous written was on a salvaged cushioned spinning bar stool at a shelf system I had lap top & router & modem based at at bar height in other room.

NOTE:  #POTUS in #Chicago just reminded me yet of existential contractor living of each morning put on #Leatherman multi-tool & knife onto belt I was many a day like cleared by Chief Ramsey while so physical towards another professional day - MPD #DC Chief Charles Ramsey a transplant hire from Chicago PD.

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#MondayMood ~ BEFORE & AFTER #MondayThoughts #HOGAN


Blue jean entrepreneur me w/ then just picked up Ford F250 4×4 I custom ordered from Stoneham Motors near #Boston months before has some stories to share today.

It was August - that one just before #Obama started at #HLS #Harvard.

It was week family vacationed on #BlockIsland & that year of I was an actual Town of New Shoreham resident - with a new truck.

My mems of #FLOTUS #MichelleObama as Michelle Robinson met out in #HarvardSquare at #Grendels while hosting her brother on visit from #Chicago were still fresh & refreshing at times. Thou I didn’t let myself make connection until her 50th birthday it some by that instead of daughters our thoughts were usually on of if I could be a father of two taller black sons (and in Chicago).

So what did I do with my new Ford within weeks then?

Well my pal Darryl Ford of class of ‘87 asked for a road trip of assistance for a move - his move - to Chicago to start his PhD program in #Education.

Pictured is the AFTER & years later - I will have to dig through photos to find us as college pals.

Dr. Darryl Ford has our story of he learned how to drive standard shift on my Ford this Ford then about a month old - but already of break in miles at least of 500 driven by me.

I did that fall Obama started at Harvard while she he only later met was of mems with Michelle R. do that drive from a #NewEngland island to #Philly - #Philadelphia - for a friend in #Pennsylvania - load up his stuff into bed of pick up and trip’d however many miles across PA & #Ohio

I forget the drive hours but it was like I drove 18 hours that day & of a 22 or 24 hours my truck traversed.  Darryl, now Dr. Ford Head of School at Penn Charter School, managed with my lessons those hours on how to shift - use clutch & shifter - but still did wake me up at tolls for a reminder on how to get it going again.

Well as he was settling in & meeting some people I did some driving around Chicago and well what do you know but I got pulled over by one of Chicago PD finest & told YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE A TRUCK ON LSD - RIGHT: LAKE SHORE DRIVE.  The officer didn’t ticket me with #RhodeIsland tags but instructed me to exit at next exit which to me looked like an area of projects - it was more of course lake side though and blocks from Convention Center.

I have only been in #Detroit once due we returned on a northern route that had us then through #Michigan and into #Canada thru tunnel to #Windsor #Ontario - if recall correctly.

Besides Darryl our Class Valecttorian story is of he came pleading to me as sophmore of if I could put the computer his dad built him back together after he daringly took it apart.  I did - I arrived as Freshman with tool box of #bicycling tools - mechanics chest & also my #photography equipment - with kinship of uncle godfather a union electrician who taught me some stuff - even of Buss fuses & this of Buss (sp?) classmate Rich.

I sold my truck back to a different dealer as transitioned in early 1990s to political writing for a basis for NEW WORLD ORDER as set around for an urban agenda & changes happening and of could also happen still in #NewHaven.

The #HarryPotter #Hogwarts tie in is of truck is how long cloaked with Jo - J.K. Rowling - our became golden of making something from nothing as like #PhilosophersStone my Stoneham Ford could be channeled while yet used 1988 Dodge B250 van my ride & trigger as a cloaking by I could be as PHILOSOPHER IN STONE… FORD & think of her as if just a DOOR SUPPLIER of as if just BUSINESS of wondering if a client or prospect needed door repairs or replaced - even upgraded. In DC I did put in new doors for Condoleezza Rice while #NSA & before #IraqWar #Surge for #Rumsfeld Chief Of Staff & wife the former Ambassador to Taiwan…

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