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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:45 am

This has to be about President Barack H. Obama and his RACE TO THE TOP.  There is a general confusion as to what is good and what is bad and where such is an allowed bad or weakened good — he says as if by decree to try to get on top - to race to the top - and yet whines and whines about how it is bad to be above a new middle.

Our SCOTUS and the effrontery before it with briefs out so publicly and orally this week is as Law or not Law - of an/the effrontery at least against President Barack H. Obama of a walk and talk of Constitutional by example and un-Constitutional by orated nearly - too nearly - of dictate decreeing propositions.  Our President is a walking and talking contradiction about so much that is of the Easter and Passover challenges this week as such under-prepared buffet at the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

There were many holes aired publicly in the questions by our Justices and the holding up of briefs to hold Law as for and against.  These Law claims are in a realm long kept by Holy Scripture as more of a deviance from a “created equal” and not of a “natural class” limited by creation.  The skidding on the briefs showed mostly among those long labeled more of deviant than natural and for being so publicly out as if all of a “natural” class and not honestly of such as of some of just in such as a “social” class.  It is Supremely of our Constitutional concerns that “social” classes be set separate and different from “natural” classes and that as of yet the LGBT banding has been of cross labeling that will give predatory deviant rights as if “natural” to a “social” set not well enough established as “different” within them as a “class” presented as a indivisible “same” in “natural” law seating.

President Barack Hussein Obama with his Jewish bling acceptance and his White House seder celebration did bind and or tie up the Supreme Courts equality with he of serving up a reset contrary to his support of lower courts decision against the United States standing as per DOMA.  A seder so Holy and/or regal by a President trying still to be a Caesar a “Messiah” in Christ and a Christian Christ denier in Judaism can only be a public demonstration for a Constitutional of and by Law as by Moses’ historical establishment.  Our Constitution is an establishment by our founders under God and so in that Year of their Lord as it was so that so as set by the key and legend of the preamble was to that ordaining and establishment and subscribing under God of that Year of such Lord of the New Testament.  Our President has arrested the Supreme Courts hands with his seder as a reset to the original establishment by our Constitution in the Law of the Bible - they cannot now be as free as they might have to legislate from the bench a popular new meaning or understanding for words in our Laws so long there about concerns about socially deviant behavior.

I don’t know if it was a contempt for our Courts that President Obama orated with his Second Inaugural Speech and how he was specifically to rending that though he did just swear the Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America he did so with a BUT!!! - a like:  BUT!!! I won’t consider myself now beholden to such Oath.

As well it is a professional wonderment that a Lawyer for the LGBT rendition was to stepping out so after their arguing with a hope and belief that the day would be won for them because like it seemed our Justices were willing to just find a new meaning and understanding for our Laws contrary to how such Law has long been our establishment.  I don’t know what this says about a current legal standing for Stanford Law School reputation by so of an association with one theirs professorally.  I don’t know how if one was to believing that they had Justices willing to legislate new Congressional intent from their bench it could behoove any of such wants and desires to be so publicly out speaking to such a random justice to be newly rendered so.

But now can our Supreme Court Justices but do what has been long done and as inoculations against Blue Flu, at least, and recognize our Constitution as of the respect due of Law as from stories of Moses and Passover and Easter?  Can our Supreme Court Justices honorably ignore President Obama’s attempt at a Constitution and Holy seder observation and that it contradicts his DOMA standing?   Our First Amendment is instructive as it of the very first wording to preventing Congress from making any law that would undo the establishment by the Articles of the Constitution of such as the establishment of religion of the founders under God in that Year of their Lord and so of the New Testament?  Justice Sotomayor has her answer to concerns that a new legal category is being willy nilly established about “homosexuals” in a negation of her assumptions for the first sentence of our First Amendment establishes that our Constitution is bases in establishment of religion and establishment of what “marriage” is. 

But can our Solicitor General be tolerated for a proposition so publicly oral as if LGBT briefs not full of holes for being of attempt to give “natural” class protections to a “social” class some and so that it won’t be “equal rights” won but a winning of greater rights and a new establishment less an inoculation or prophylactic from Blue Flu, at least?  On its face it seems the President’s courtly standing was undermined by such holes in his briefs and orally waxed by the U.S. Solicitor General with presumptions unestablished for such parties that there is a wholeness claim for the entire band as if of “natural” class rights in comparison while still cross wired with those long of a concern as just a social class of predatory deviants.

And how must the Clintons now be a broken political lot — how can the challenges of Passover and Easter so this week be not of them again of flip flopping such that they have flopped one time too many?

And, again how is it that President Barack H. Obama’s Second Inaugural Speech with his holy “BUT!!!” wasn’t showing contempt for our Constitution and as well our Supreme Court?

And how now can our honorable Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States of America not now take into consideration so much about such as from the mouth of a seated Executive as per the Second Inaugural so unlike President George Washington’s First Inaugural and its “Among the vicissitudes incident to life…” as if it was of a suggestion that he knew that cases like these of the Passover and Easter challenges were fundamentally Un-Constitutional and that he would push them out too publicly and prematurely anyways?

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To start today for a peace as with a with a piece respecting civil trust and civil obedience I am left to Job and what is maybe Jobian still as a God given struggle of and against (devilish) temptations.

With Job of a Jobian in Holy Scriptures can same sex marriage not be of a discussion in such by such?  I don’t know.  I don’t want to imagine it either.

To be more civilly American of the North American United States we can look back to Walt Whitman and Lincoln’s Civil War as of a time so much pre-electric but of a singing of bodies electric.

Can one man or one woman know the actually Holy struggles of another person as of their full humanity, and, as of their full struggles in humanity against (devilish) temptations maybe more for failures of others or as from an inheriting, however, of sins of their parents?  Can one man or woman know if but better to think along lines of humanity for stray cubs however of an abandonment by other earthly humans?

God is established as an establishment in the Constitution of the United States of America and as of the second coming in Jesus of the New Testament.  As God is so the establishment so by the humble subscibing to the ordaining and establishing of such without an interpretation of such under God so then in that Year of the Lord of the founding signers so then is a creed about second chances, it seems.

Is there a civil problem with the language and diction of our establishments that must be kept inviolate?

Is there a problem of closing off avenues of Christian second chances if such as “same sex marriage” proffered - embraced before its time?

Is there a problem that gay and straight may all be of Holy struggles against (devilish) temptations and some so near to such that is of an either or about a working creationism body electric polarity for themselves? 

Is there a problem as if of a no way out or no way back if that of a God made is so near a struggle about homosexuality to be of a necessary struggle for humanity to bolster and regird a general Welfare for Posterity and Tranquility for all trying to resist (devilish) temptations?  Is it that some may be born of God or of man to a homosexuality not of their own control and as a destiny that cannot be struggled through otherwise - and some as if a stray cub in a general humanity.

There is a problem in being civil about much of this of the general existence in a Holy potential for all as some may be of Jobian struggles near to being homosexual but with enough polarity and grounding and personal will to find a more creative way.

As there are stories of a JOURNEY OF MAN and as if we do all come from an Adam as an African firstly we do not yet know what we should maybe as to the analysis of “Messiah” Barack Obama’s personal DNA and his true bloodedness to Adam so.  We seem also not to now know while knowing that DNA shows our first Father in Man to have come from Africa if our First Eve did come from an extra ribbing somehow - or of what or which species in God’s kingdom whence thence first to successful body electric creationism.

We do as Americans celebrate that it may be better to be of later versions of the original “Adam” and as more a mutted mixed bread than a thoroughbred human.  Some though may have been created under God set in ways like a stray cub in a world beyond its control with others more responsible for their struggles, however Jobian, than themselves.

But to evolve and/or stay true there are those that can be confused and while of a Jobian struggle that general Humanity needs and needed again to be a trial and turmoil against whatever (devilish) temptations then too much about in a contrariness to natural polarity and grounding in God’s creations of singing songs of bodies electric.

We have that God’s creation as of the human brain is still beyond human’s earthly full understanding.  And, we have that as per human’s civilly singing with their bodies electric they are so with various different blood types and some compatible with other some or more so and/or not at all.  As it is we have human blood types flowing through God’s creation in the human cranium of blood types of “universal receiver” and “universal donor” as part of all this of our’s and other’s human Jobian existence.

Of my own say Jobian struggle I did consider paths much seeming of going upstream against the odds to be a writer or marketer of a capacity now to maybe be pressing these points at least this well.  I knew I liked girls and didn’t want to be celibate but I also knew I wanted to achieve and to reaching brighter heights of a more global understanding.  I had times of my mid or early 80s where I thought not that God hadn’t made a right possible wife for me for what I thought my Jobian struggle may be - hmmm? - I mean the opposite of that - I mean I did think I had to figure out why I liked girls so much but wasn’t seeing one in my time of my age that was right for the goals I seems to think I was best towards as me.

Of my own struggle I have known since Watergate how and why Mark Felt was to being “Deep Throat” and that with such of my Jobian struggle I had a duty to preserve the truth and the electric fields (devilish) temptations would be sparking about while aware or unaware of greater and more historical truthful origins as to how Mark Felt as “Deep Throat” was to with Woodward and Bernstein to operating a non-government victims protection network.

If as the Constitution is an establishment in the Lord of the Founders so of their humble subscribing to ordain and establish such without offering specific scriptural interpretations so then on that date in that signing of “subscribing” in that Year of their Lord so now still we have the consideration that Christianity is much of second chances for all.

It is as if of stray cubs however of an abandonment of their time or of from before their times more of others successes or failures in Jobian struggles about a general Welfare in a Godly condition about bodies electric that we are now today still of trying to move forward with a fairness for all.  It is that though a same sex marriage issue has particularly ticklish to civil discernments of just establishings it is as well that for now we are using “same” both for “same” and for “different” on the face of the fields of polarity in civil discoursing. 

A “different” is “different” it is not “same” while of a “different” by two of a “same” but how so “same” while to claims as if “same” as for those that are “different” in the Constitutional and established.

To speak or write of my say “singing of the body electric” is to trip physically on a grounding that seems too impossible yet not of a shorting or a cross polarization.  I know that some of what may be of a Jobian for me has to also be reasoned as from a me knowingly of asking for it while others about were like of suggesting God wouldn’t be thinking such was being asked of me. 

But then really I do not know the human brain in the fullestness of God’s creation to holiest potential.  Elders must have been about in my life and its moments for me to have thought that what was seemingly greatly against the odds actually had enough possibility for success to be taken to as a seeming chosen path of a self awareness though dauntingly maybe too Jobian in an a priori consciousness, however yet partial.

A passage of all that is being asked for today as per #samesexmarriage has complications to being to an establishment to fewer changes at second chances and as well as of civil considerations that for such now as proposed in its propositioning as to being effectively not to giving “equal” rights by such but to incidentally to, if so maybe, to an unplanned granting of greater rights.

Yes, I know it was Mark Felt and I know it started as from a Federal jurisdiction to look into a matter of bullying by a minor or early or first wondering as to how much bullying he might be able to get away with by flexing at least his uncle’s political powers rooted in the Democratic Party Headquarters.  I know this and my personal existence in the civil electric fields of propriety about (devilish) temptations and politics of “Deep Throat” because as a young youth I was quite naive when pushed to come up with a nick-name for a Federal file and did so by offering “Deep Throat” as though from a political threat about a possible bullying about “not deep” flexing with political power in a blood line then wired directly to Dem HQ politics.

I have known of Barack Obama since the late seventies for an interest in Presidential oratory contests.  I have known of Sarah Heath Palin since about 1982 as of a consideration of another Sarah Heath as if there were another I should also know if I were to proceed professionally to use photography skills learned from one to a journalism career.  I have known Bill and Hillary since the early 70s and from before they were engaged but as single coeds committed to their nearby studies at Yale Law School - I have remembered them as one would be wise to even if Jobian so for if as a first grader two people ask you if they both can become President some day it would be foolish not to keep tabs on them.

And, as per my own maybe too Jobian struggles from ambitions I think I chose for myself at least largely it is that I did figure maybe God could take a like “back order” for right wife for me before I even graduated High School and so that I could then focus better for at least 17 years confident that after being maybe too celibate I would be done of such pre-marriage too Jobian personal responsibility for a maintenance of civil body electric fields around a very little known political truth.

And, quite unexpectedly it has turned out that I didn’t find the person of my request for a creation of a future wife as a fit partner for my burdens - she seems to have found me and years after I had thought such original best planning had gone a rye by corruptions of and by Bill and Hillary that affirmed to me my correctness in keeping them known and of a bad first impression gut concern responsibility.  I remember her as of a body electric about such early 80s spiriting for a “back order” wife of her mother near of my high school prom days of pulsing an “it worked — she is now about a three month old fetus.”

I have been on the Jobian path as one dedicated to being more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane for the most part ever since, and, it has not been without many struggles and temptations.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:39 am

A nation that forgets to consider Treason as a possible crime still and one that any of their “leaders” may be capable of is likely a nation already in decline.

To separate this from Benghazi fog of “war” as it was in an “election cycle” it may help to consider and remember that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton seemed too disturbed while suggesting that she is more important and of a more important job as Secretary of State because her people are in danger and like Ambassador Christopher Stevens willing to be a martyr for her “Diplomacy.”

We have that had our SCOTUS decided otherwise than that Legislative Branch avenues were still open for more democratic assaults on faults of ACA - Obamacare and to “IT’S A TAX” as if of a War Power allowance for a war on health undeniable short term power it as of our Supreme courting might have had to rule that Democrat Party members had in mass acted to undermine our Constitution and effectively to a near Treasonous Un-Constitutionality.

As per the cases our SCOTUS will hear this week and how our former FLOTUS has lightly weighed in it is that conveniently we have the Clintons’ marriage to instructively deconstruct and reconstruct and deconstruct and reconstruct much as to if an when an is of marriage is a is of marriage or conveniently not an is of marriage or Constitutionally.  I don’t know how with the Clintons still insisting on being public figures of weights enough to “weigh in” substantially our Supreme Justice is not to be best served by a careful dissection of what is or is not a Marriage as by example around the Clintons.

President Barack Hussein Obama may now be trying to grandstand in the Middle East as if the Clintons are not the heir apparents and Bill Clinton a strong man soon to return to flex and whine however still too much in a partisan and globally polarizing Political.  If it is to be Hillary for President then as per the long perspective traditional to the Middle East President Obama is now a lame duck and Bill Clinton not Hillary Clinton by marriage most to be seen as the real heir apparent on any if any possible peaceful future.

What can be Hillary and Bill Clintons’ Lusitania - has it already sunken in and are we now already on a path to a new draft and warring for the “honor” of/for Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton?

These are just such as of any and all complexity due any and all SCOTUS marriage discussions and discourse this week as per marriage rights as established and not federally established, and, while democratic and legislative avenues are still for such wide open for less Judicial rending.  Like Obamacare in many ways the issues billed as for this week for our Supreme courtly are also of other avenues still democratically available and while it seems it has become reestablished that our Constitution was an establishment ordained and subscribed as of the New Testament establishments.

At the time of this judicial sharing I still am unaware if there is a statute of limitations for any or all prosecutions relating to “treasonous” acts by citizens (or subjects?) of the United States of America.  What I can offer is we should be wise enough to consider that as per this raising it won’t be to a Hillary is now trying to act with a treachery or treasonous or would be if elected but that she is only her for this consideration possibly from and by a willful and premeditated conspiracy to undermine our Constitution and to betray it, maybe clearly to.  We have established practices for due process of checks and balances and some exceptions about an Executive Powers infidelity by tradition - not Constitution establishment.  We should be wise enough to consider and reflect that the Clintons may think they have already gotten away with a treasonous needed to be here now with possibilities to actually effect a return to our Executive Powers.

{Stay tuned — more to come as the weekend moves to imports more of the coming week.}

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:31 am

Speaking first in a secular analytical erudition there is that without the vast bureaucracy of the Church President Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have been free to be so successful as himself as he was in winning the Cold War, at least.

With that said:  We have secondly a problem with Secretary John Kerry and as a Catholic of a good and a bad as per Operation Iraqi Freedom.  It can be said that he singularly with his single note Johnny come late to an opposition did with his anti-war revival efforts do more than any individual in the world to undermine the success that was thought to be possible from near day one.  It is that Senator John Kerry, was, near day one, of us with President Bush, and those of the new coalition more then of Countries with volunteer defenses than of larger earlier world wide aligned defensively for the Persian Gulf War, to an dumbed down one beat new anti-war movement nearly from the moment we all became committed in OIF as “boots down”!

President William Jefferson Clinton may have gone to Georgetown for some Catholic education, or not.  He did study abroad where a tradition for totalitarianism may have been more the standard and legacy.  His trillion dollar surplus may have greatly undermined our intelligence and defenses as well as possible enforcement when also of his “walls of separation” efforts to separate FBI Intelligence branch from the FBI Enforcement branch.  Without his trillion dollar surplus 9/11 terrorist likely would have had maybe a fifty percent lesser chance of success.  There is the “morality” to have someone learned to discuss about President Clinton for having worked a trillion dollar surplus too soon and knowingly after a nearly too quick cutting by Republicans of a trillion to that thought impossible feat of balancing of our Federal Budget whence.

Senator John Kerry wasn’t alone as a Catholic - he had Representative from Pennsylvania John Murtha with him radicalizing Americans to a disloyalty to our Operation Iraqi Freedom as well nearly from day one - as from like the first day that we all were committed in Iraq with coalition boots on the ground.  It isn’t that the Pope was fallible for his dictates to American Catholics to the ordering so religiously familial that as so blessed and together they did not have a responsibility to support Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The Pope seem to speak only to American Catholics as of the worldly family of Catholicism as not of a moral calling to go to a Muslim country to help some Muslims get justice from other Muslims.  As I recall the Pope didn’t address that Senator John Kerry and Representative John Murtha may have been of immoral American efforts while close minded to that American Catholics otherwise organized as Americans with historical precedence were so called by reconstruction and judicial precedence to as Americans to a prosecution for Saddam Hussein, assistance, at least.

I don’t know if it can be said to have been like Franciscan to have committed so many brave souls of foreign and domestic honors and colors to Operation Iraqi Freedom as of a “standing with” of “boots on the ground” war morality.  It at least seems less of a new Cold War bunker mentality of however too much a distant comfort for less that fully just remote droning.

We may now be in all this economic mess for many reasons — many different reasons - for reasons of too many reasons existing at the same time for the same thing and while not yet understood as if so for just such.  We have that it has likely cost us besides the costs from us not having been prepared for the 9/11 I & II by Democrat budgeting much by multiples of what it would have if we hadn’t let the Clintons chase rare SURPLUS political popularity so then as they mostly did for personal political gains.  I have to doubt that President Clinton’s Georgetown domestic education taught him that such could be “moral” or that as well his foreign rearing more of a legacy of autocracy and totalitarianism would have strategically advised such even on secular political lines.

It is hard to consider the spin that Operation Iraqi Freedom has been to costing between 4-6 Trillion US dollars unless you add yourself all that should be subtracted and/or credited to costs of war from Clintons’ spending cuts and as well those from how Catholics Kerry and Murtha destabilized OIF from the first day we all were past the point of no return about such.

As a Catholic though Senator John Kerry and Representative John Murtha did have a maybe just calling that a learned few can explain to have taken up a protestation against “Bush’s War” as of having been too much started on lies.  If we can find a few learned moralists we can move to a very late but public scrutiny and litigation of the seeming missing years 1993 - 2001, and, how but for it of a Johnny one beat dumbing down the Kerry ANTI-WAR REVIVAL had a Catholic morality thence because President Bush had taken the easy way to such liberation and late prosecution of Saddam Hussein.  President Bush let some glee slip, it seems, as of a happiness that lying to get the agreeable votes had worked before Senator Kerry’s maybe Catholic morality (guilt?) had him rightly, but for it so much of a dumbing down, to standing up against OIF as a war commenced by lies by a President.

What we have now is a general populace aware that the Clintons’ “PEACE” for “PEACE DIVIDENDS” was a lark and a fraud.  We have that Senator Kerry and Representative Murtha did Americans a service and great disservice with their most Catholic but to parochial interpretations of right and wrong as per Operation Iraqi Freedom, so it seems.  They seem to have forgotten to remember Nuremberg and war reconstructions of Germany and Japan, and, Thomas Jefferson, at least.

There seems, if we can find some learned moralists, a morality near Franciscan in Bush’s boots on the ground “standing with”!

There seems, for all the lay and learned a simple and un-American like immorality to the maybe too random remote droning and kill lists of President Obama of his BEER SUMMIT history as one necessarily to earlier retractions and apologies for too publicly having shown himself to be of wants to be judge, jury and executioner of judgements.

It seems establish history that President Bush did take the agreeable to Congress shortcut to Operation Iraqi Freedom of such by convenient lies also arguably a bolstering pre-war to a readiness for what could be the worst case scenario all should be guarding themselves for.  And yet we have that when you accept that Bush lied us into such war it is the Clintons that start to look worse.  And yet though Bush “lied” the Clintons had to be less moral in an American way for they needed to lie with him for such shortcut to such late prosecution to be effectual.  And yet there is the politics of this that if President Bush didn’t take the path of such a dramatic causal means basis preparatory for a possible worst case scenario the only other means to such end would have required many learned moralists to work the public establishment about the Clintons and their now too missing still years 1993 - 2001 as of executive gross negligence, at least.

With the plentiful “analysis” now about Operation Iraqi Freedom ten years later we still are missing the brassy mathematics to explain how if it does go down as of a 4-6 Trillion Dollar War much of that has to be figured as Bush of mulitiples of costs for “defense” and “intelligence” than if Clintons had not willy nilly cut an extra trillion for a popularity chasing surplus politics. 

Of any and all costs of “Bush’s War” is that he had to refund so much cut by the Clintons as said “unnecessary” defense and intelligence spending as it was found too late to have been too much “necessary” security spending costs.  It seems it fair to say of any cost analysis for OIF that some parts did cost 3-4 x as much because such had to be put back into our budgets after having been cut and after such cutting had left America after the Clintons too much like with its pants down.

And again, there is that Secretary John Kerry may more than any other in the world have caused such a loud Johnny one beat ruckus with his Anti-War Revival (however justified in a Catholic morality once Bush let glee slip that he was happy his lying had worked) so that in Iraq a real and palpable fear set in unexpectedly from like day one that the USA was going to just Cut&Run again and again abandon justice and freedom seeking Iraqi majorities like again to eight years of avoidance and inaction like of the Clintons’ eight years.  It seems all costs about OIF now have to have a Kerry factor for all the variables effected by his stoking of a dumbed up or down new Cut&Run lobby with his Anti-War Revival, however justified in a Catholic morality.

Have you heard the one about how we now as per our much better and fuller understanding of how President Clinton though educated by Catholics of Georgetown was of more lies with “PEACE DIVIDENDS” while chasing popularity with lies so easy for such so of falsities that “war” wasn’t necessary while it actually was, at least as a liberation for proesecutions in our Nuremberg tradition and reconstruction precedence?

Have you heard the one about how, now with so many refreshed to our Constitution, and, with a more generally learned understanding of the real situation of the still too missing years 1993 - 2001 complexity, that citizens of the United States of America can push back from efforts about to all to work most as if more just State subjects, and rightly now as while of a best national security posture as of a renaissance in states’ rights and maybe as well a Holy Americas Doctrine some with an Axis of Catholics (reset)?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:06 am

I may prefer to preserve these words for a new poetic attempt at CitRB.us.  That said:  what actually is of a forbidden “law respecting an establishment of religion”?  In this day while unamended from original intent our Constitution is writ large as an Establishment to a more perfect Union as of a certain Lord and in that “Year of our Lord” whence of our founders.

What is is?  What is a “convention” of such “convention” for a constitution for all in a Constitution so ordained and established as an Establishment set in a to be determined freedom for “nuance” of the New Testament?

It seems that Creationism is a barred “establishment” so set out of the reach of petty Congressional politics of “laws” so that any weakening of its import is preserved to an “Amending” by the People wholly enough.

It seems that the Ten Commandments have to be seen as a truly foundational “establishment” of religion as per the specific subscribing in that Year of our founders’ Lord, specifically.  We seemed endowed by our Constitution’s clerical Lordly basis to be sectarian in Christ and freely.  It seems certainly set so with such a Constitutional writ that Congress can pass no “law” to alter such for our constitutions in Our Constitution by our founders’ “our” Lord and that we are foundationally set in a preservation of the Ten Commandments as a fixed establishment of religion for citizens of the United States and its subscriptions to a more perfect union (Union?).

As long as there are the Ten Commandments and the learned dangers of seven deadly sins - it is for God of such Lord & not mere Congress people and their weaker laws that the health of the citizens is constituted by their Constitution so that no law respecting “fate” or “destiny”  as established as of a Lord Christ with reasonable “interpretation” of scriptures of the New Testament can be passed by Congress as per “healthcare” unless fully worked with the People as an effective affecting amending with the fullest ratification so required.

It seems our Founders and their “our Lord” differentiated the writs of their Constitution and its ordaining and establishments as for the “We the People…” but as of also under their Lord Jesus Christ and the New Testament since we have our Establishment of Religion by our Constitution of US of “We the People… in the Year of our Lord…” not otherwise more foggy as “We the People… in the Year of Our Lord…”.

Yes today our Constitution is the best prophylactic against the Democrats weak substitutes to due and subscribed processes towards 2014 & 2016.  We have that we have to discuss PROCESS and how and when now of a “breaking of our rules and procedures” as much or more than we have to discuss a morality about such supposedly not pop to be a justification of the means for their ends.

It seems that the realm of Religion and our Establishment to a more perfect Union in the “Year of our Lord” so large and specifically has us now to consider that Congress would be and is Un-Constitutional for any passing of a law as per the relationship between man and woman that is short of an convened Amending for a new constitutional in at least a newly amended Constitutional. 

Again:  What is an “establishment of religion” so when following firstly after the body of Our Constitution as itself a Big Establishment of Religion about a freedom preserved though in Christianity with freedoms consummated in a preserved protection from Congress to having a superior right to interpret scriptures than any citizen also has?

{Stay tuned - this is a work in progress still as of  9:22 am March 19 in the Year of Our Lord two thousand Ten and three}

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:28 am

There are lessons in architecture - there are whole schools of how good architecture is related to human form and function.

Soon we all should be stirred to palpitations and warm pulsations as the new Bush library opens and so most sternly.  It will be hard to avoid a judgmental attitude and strong bias about Bush’s contrasting of Clintons’ library architecture in Arkansas.

I don’t know how much you know of Kentucky’s and Ohio’s standards of a keying and securing past the Beaver Wars.  We have that top hats like President Lincoln’s were of beaver pelt constructions.

These are days when our architecture has to be considered anew as per jurisprudence and jurisdictions (even of prudence if/when droning) as of International Law and the reach of International Courts.  How Sam Powers (Samantha Powers) was an “architect” of President Obama’s attempt for a rushed RESET to copacetic collusion with Russian powers is as well much of this consideration.  We cannot un-consecrate the old Georgian structures/borders post the rushed juxtaposing of bordering sovereignties and how so said of a South Assetia (Ossetia?).  There is a Bardish Shakespearean casting about such so dramatically and geographically set as with a President Medvedev and a President V. Putin.

Our set and cast about Obama’s war of choice in Afghanistan as of their mission creep from Bush’s War on Terrorism to be a warring on feminism and illiteracy in Afghanistan and Pakistan has Bardish constructs too, and as well so a “New Vietnam” plot, it seems.  Geographically Afghanistan news of war has been as “architectural” or “Freudian” as of Helmand Province and as it like the discarded Soviet State of Georgia for looking in shape like a prophylactic.

You should ask Mrs. Hillary Clinton, our recent Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, how to interpret the physical architecture of their library in Arkansas (The Natural State) now publicly due a critical review and contrasting as the new Bush library readies in all its sterness to open.  It seems more prudent to ask her how “Bill’s” library got to looking phallic and Freudian and too suggestive in a skin of Confederate Gray - right?

President Karzai’s Helmand Province of Afghanistan seems to have a sovereign and proud history as if of a meant structural difference as between South Carolina and North Carolina.  The province to the South East of Helmand Province seems more like our West Virginia and of a destiny or fate to be more of a protectorate about shrinkage. 

I do not know how the Clintons’ library got its shape, nor do I know how Helmand Province or South Carolina got theirs.  I do get that President Medvedev and President V. Putin did nearly return discarded Georgian State to the drawing board to be more otherwise a checked South Assetia (Ossetia?) reshaped from being more like Helmand and at least Trojan brands to being more like a new seat of a new ham shire and as of pipe line concerns, at least.  It seems Georgian styling got made nearly more symetrical by Presidents Medvedev and Putin as if so publicly made a butt of an separatist joke (governance?).

I don’t know how to Constitute specifically for each of these regions the differences about sam powers and Samantha Powers of Obama’s casting and setting even with it of a legacy reach to be more Soviet like with a friendly apologetic RESET.

Church steeples are also considerable architecture and how other places of worship and sanctuary are structurally welcoming as if a great big bosom of offerings of compassion.  It is clear that our Ground Zero Memorial sits as if our World Trade Center has had a double sex change.

I did nearly submit a design concept for the Ground Zero site myself to having two towers rebuilt in there original footings and as tall but taller by some and as pentagonal obelisk twin towers with memorial glass topping where more a obelisk’d pyramid high above and open to heaven’s lights.  I didn’t.  I did think about the concept some and share thoughts with at least one friend then an architect with Cesar Pelli as I considered that if I did offer a submission I might have wanted to pair up with George Knight of Cesar Pelli firm. 

I had many friends from the mid 90s associated professionally with the design and construction management of the Petronas Towers - and such is part of the story of the birth of Quid Ditch, Voldemort and Patronus Spells.  (How cool > I hadn’t seen Patron US in Patronus Spell before now.)

I would have had to answer George Knight’s first (only) profession design query about my idea for rebuilding two towers at least as tall and as twin pentagonal obelisks.  I would have had to (with him?) figure out how to skin the new towers for such a shape to either be all in glass or somehow much as if skinned like the original twin towers.

If Hillary Clinton had become President after having been that carpet bagger Senator it is probable and too possible that she would have insisted that the nearly winning idea of a LADY LIBERTY glass and steel tower replacement be named forever as the HILLARY CLINTON LADY LIBERTY TOWER.  Yes the 9/11 Memorial now is architecturally as if our World Trade Center site (our’s as of all global citizens) has had a double sex change from phallic in the male twinness to feminine in twin wet ports as “memorials.”

Yes there was too much too graphically and Bardish dramatized for TV teasing about the mission creep to Obama’s warring of choice in Afghanistan on feminism and literacy.  There were days were it was there was either a story of shrinkage and reservation of one province or a strong or too strong (too proud) story as from Helmand Province.  What does Kandahar sound like when said once?  What does Kandahar sound like when said ten times quickly?

If the Clintons were behind 9/11 by willful plotting and clever inciting of radicals and then with their new walls of separation between FBI intelligence and FBI enforcement branches there is some incredible and dangerous or diabolical genius about such.  For them to have been behind it knowingly it may have been as a team of taunting inciting provocation to have pushed a known enemy enough to have forced them into a corner for a predicable acting out and not by a buying of “terror” or “terrorism” or a specific machination for a specific outburst.  For if the Clintons were behind it they figured a way to get US attacked by an enemy so that such enemy would be justifying the very type of convenient crisis that they of a “justice” seeking Jihad would not have wanted;  If the Clintons were behind 9/11 it might only have been by inciting a set of radicals to a predicable outburst to then justify the war on feminism and literacy that was needed for “Hillary’s” fem imperialist crusade needed for her to be more than just full of hot air talk.

I don’t know how President Obama will orate or proffer an attempt at erudite architectural review at least of the Clintons’ library in The Natural State down south.  I don’t know if he will care to join the due comparing and contrasting and judging of the two newest of our Presidential Libraries when the new most stern Bush library does soon open to the public.

Presidents Medvedev and V. Putin did hold court for a while internationally about whether Georgia needed to be reshaped from being like a separated and discarded used prophylactic to a visibly exposed butt of a new regional inclusiveness.  Again, it was somehow also about pipe lines and some acting up too much without enough respect for a sanctuary in morality whether secular or religious.

President Obama may be more willing to broach his war of choice in Afghanistan as a new Vietnam than to be orally committing to discussing the architecture of the library for the legacy of the Clintons, and it so skinned in Confederate Gray.  He did wax a strapping erudite philosophical oration with his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech while whipping up a frenzy of youths the world over with his slights directed at the Clintons’ and their eight years of “avoidance” and “inaction.”

President Obama was a wise man while of his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech to speak so barbed and pointedly about “dangers of inaction and avoidance.” 

Yes Petronas and Patronus belong together like Dorothy and Ultimate Frisbee and my parents fireplace broom whence.  Those were the early days long before JK Rowling had her struggles finding a publisher — those were the days so early she was of asking for more as of “you didn’t give me enough for five books” and as well so early she was of asking “should we have flying brooms?” and me to a pondering and then answer of “yes, but go big make it a team sport.”  George Knight was one of my many architect Ultimate Frisbee Leagues friends when I put an attitude of frisbee flying disk sport to an echo for creativity for JK in Scotland.

Dumbledore like Gryffindor come from the earlier days than these and as from “double door” a couple doors away and from Griffin doors as of a balance to so many of Yale Hospitals and Yale about such with a working about Derby’s Griffin Hospital Emergency Room Doors.  JK Rowling is about 5-6 days older than me.  Her late father Peter Rowling was a critical part of she being the one to answer a like Googling pre-Google for an unknown writer willing to write about a character “Peter Rowe-ling” and about magic learning with seven books for seven separate years of curriculum.

You may want to visit the Borough of Jeffersonville as of Ohio and the Beaver Wars.  There is a short initial series still to be developed when I have the time and professional inclination in the archives of my blogs that covers November of 2010.  As since November 2012 elections I changed styles and moved to a poetry working with Citizenrosebud.us link I had in 2010 as well post the election results changed my writing to be long prose as if a new LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE some with my BEATRICE BOXER AND THE GREAT BEAVER WARS series so archived off of jphogan.org.

I did protest but without working to distroy public state or religious property when it seemed that the “LADY LIBERTY” towers replacement design had been picked.  I do appreciate and celebrate the whole hearted and compassionate architecture of the new towers and the 9/11 Memorial about Ground Zero - yet will have to wonder on how the sight seems to have had a sex change.

It is hard to believe that the Clintons are smart enough to have been actually behind 9/11 so that they incited the known radicals to an outburst that they could use to overwhelm and then defeat them and with a response an actual ushering in of an imperialism in a new global feminism as per FLOTUS Clinton’s heated and stirring walking and talking, whence.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:57 am

To be frank…

To be frank, a Texan may be on to something quite uniquely American - North American - specifically of the The United States of America. This is not particularly about how gun control debate now could be to labeling “assault” weapons of common usage as more “American” as defensive anti-assault weapons.  And, nor is it really to be about the poetry of our Bill of Rights in a heavy handed way to profess that our Second Amendment may be ratified from its times of a prudence for free people created by a common Lord to be as well armed as private citizens as that of any “militia” that might be organized by their “State” against them.

I do not know if the great baby boom of the loosely affiliated populaces of the united states of the Constitution of the USA was exclusively of creationism exuding by citizens only or mostly North American and of the boundaries of our Constituted in our Confederate Republic.   We have though an economic consideration about the Baby Boom now still as our economy may be down for those born of its well tempered creationism surging maybe tone deaf economically about marketability.  We have that the USA maybe now in need of leaders who are not at least wholly born and raised as of our Baby Boom Era.

This may be more a regional economic consideration that might exclude a negativity from those not raised in the North East but maybe in the wilds of Kentucky or Texas.  I can write of this as one born four years after President Barack H. Obama and yet on the same August date — I can write of this as one who experienced those of a grade or two ahead of me as of the Baby Boom tail end while as well of associations with the next gen not technically of the Baby Boom Era of the grades coming up behind me.

For sake of jurisprudence with war criminal suspect permitted as it seems the protections of our citizens and as if merely of criminality for a peer review in New York City Federal Courts:  It may not be that such shouldn’t be allowed to proceed in our civilian court system more not because of what one may use our Fifth Amendment rights to avoid saying but for the soap box one can stand on to say almost anything and as of a self defense - self representation.  A war criminal suspect so allowed a seemingly evolutionary civility by our Baby Boom gen leaders is much not of an inclination to stand to stay within our rules and regulations at least as it may seem to us for a “defense” could be of a soap box filibuster like self representation that could go on and on with orations of a very different and interestingly sounding different record of a “history.”

For those of our Baby Boom such stepping seems less than judicially prudent and not nearly as evolutionary as their idealism may have imagined it.  For a balance to such as that which we can hear of somehow from such a fateful executive decision it may help to consider our First Amendment more in the legend and key of our preamble to it and the prefacing to the unanimous subscribing that settled its primary documents ratification.  For a balance to a possible “new history” defense with a civilian venue for a war criminal suspect we seem at a critical reflection for citizens of the USA, at least, to consider that we of the Americas may now be most prudently to a global axis of Catholics - an Axis of Catholics with a Holy Americas Doctrine.

What may occur as a war criminal suspect is allowed the rights and protections of citizens of the United States of America is a prideful call by a self professed enemy of such so united American states by one maybe more learned in our own faith of our founders of the Lord or the ordaining and establishing of our Constitution - of the Christian calender all subscribed the ordaining and establishing so then when of that “Year of of our Lord” special and judicial usage.

I don’t know if we can blame all of what is going wrong economically and in governance practice on the unique and discernible sociological variations about a generation of people of our Baby Boom Era.  Our 1990s have some more interesting ways to be historically analyzed and recorded for Posterity — our 90s may have been of a time still when parents of those born of our Baby Boom Era still had ways to compensate for the rebelliousness of its era’s youth that were necessarily of stealthy methodologies for such era liked too much to tune out when it should have maybe tuned in more.  We have that this gen now of our top leadership posts may have been compensated for and that good times rolled in spite of them not because of them, at least economically during our 1990s.

Religiousity is an new frontier now that our sworn (terrorist) enemies may understand better.  Our sworn enemies may now know better how we think as Anglo Saxons inheritors of governance once more of a Manifest Destiny era.  We may as a nation need to become more learned about religions and the United States of America Constitution as a Christian Constituting just to be better able to defend ourselves as a nation.  The Catholics of our adjoined Americas are naturally by their shared creator already much of an Axis of Catholics also on the defensive from “terrorism” of sworn enemies of the USA.  A “HOLY AMERICAS DOCTRINE” would be a celebration of our First Amendment by some interpretive security logics and not as much a violation of it.

I do not know how any or most could be tripping over the on its face simplicity of out Constitution and its ten of the Bill of Rights with the legend and keying of the preamble set with “do ordain and establish” so then closed for its ratification as with the unanimous subscribing in the “Year of our Lord” so thence.  I do not know how we can be of so many of our Baby Boom Era wanting to trip past (over or under - around?) our First Amendment of a particular basis around “establishment” with it prefaced with “do ordain and establish” of the legend and keying of the primary body of Constitution.

As we have these days of debate about our Second Amendment we have that it may be that Liberals violated Adam Lanza’s First Amendment rights too severely by their long work to a national secularism contrary to the writs of our founders and the Constitution.  As we have these days to worry about the guns of Adam of Peter and Nancy we have the apple of the discussion too much it seems as well that Liberals too much took Adam’s Adam and his creationism out of not just his classrooms.

There is that as long as we were of Bush’s FREEDOM AGENDA it was patriotic for citizens of the United States of America to hold and cherish weapons like their brave were brandishing as volunteers in service to the securing and sharing of our Constituted freedoms.  If not weapons of defensive or liberating “wars” such at home in our loosely affiliated states of our Confederate Republic were of a common use more of a patriotism to hold and preserve them as American anti-assault arms.

We have that at least I witnessed the chasm of generational differences between those a year to three ahead of me in my youth and those then a year or few behind me also like me hardly as born of the Baby Boom Gen.  In my family my oldest sister seems much too much like a Baby Boomer like President Obama while a year younger and yet my other older sister is less so and my younger brother definitely not at all.  While of the years of success of the philosophy of governance and language change about my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM with its first round back from before the Clintons even entered the 1992 race I was of a clever attempt to preempt the Baby Boom weaknesses at least around economic thought with a prophylactic pre-marketing of their era in our general entertainments.  With such as part of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM those now in power of the tail end of the Baby Boom Era may be stumbling over themselves as if just a sad and out of tune has been beat too of a lack of awareness that we already marketed them before their time and too much to the max.

We may have been saved by these of a certain Baby Boom Era having tried to sell themselves without a new originality and because it seems to all have fallen flat, and some because it fell flat for they themselves didn’t realize how we grew so much in the 90s by having prophylactically marketed around them and these now most too apparent short comings in a philosophy of governance and economics.

It seems just nutty and absurd that any though of any generation should think that war criminal suspects belong in our civilian courts.  It seems dangerous that such offering such as wise haven’t themselves warned us and educated us on the risks from a self defense and/or self representation that could be filibuster like and of a new telling of a believable yet different “history.”

Our First Amendment uses “establishment” quite cleverly and specifically following on with a complementary import to the use of “do ordain and establish” of the legend and keying of the preamble.

To be frank:  Today I have more questions for you than answers.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 11:35 am

Her footprints are huge…

It seems a great naivete to believe Secretary Clinton was just a tool of President Obama.

It seems dangerous to risk an escapism for the rule of Clintons now as if not of the rule of Obama, however confusing and confounding her first steps about such are dramatized.

I do not want to tire my readers here by ruining a great title as if Hillary Clinton deserves it all to herself.  Others may be deserving of any higher orderings about any new Manifest Destiny as set as a “FEMIFEST DESTINY” as a discussion of whom women have a right to conquer as if to “liberate” them.  Hillary Clinton has a history to suggest she is a fem like the three me most of Evan Thomas’ THE WAR LOVERS - as a “war lover” herself.

Many body bags have been piled, however, up full from failures and sacrifices about a crusading of and by Hillary Clinton though more as if by remote control coddled distant safety.  In her huge footprints are many lost souls - and as these some of her still as if walking in Bill Clinton’s shoes, spousally.

She seems not to have even “ducked and ran for cover” let alone had a charge up a San Juan Hill all her own.

Yesterday on the Thirteenth day of the Third month of the Year of our Lord two thousand Ten and three our Constitution stood ratified and witness to a first Jesuit become Pope.  America of the North of The United States of America did become subscribed unanimously as preambled to be ‘ordained’ and ‘established’ as of “…the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord on thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven.”  The U.S.A. was so Constituted by its ratification so as a Union under one Lord as a Christian Lord of a Christian calender.  These American states, though, were not Constituted to be allowed to be by laws of Congress established along sectarian lines even to being a Catholic State by establishments of religion.

The Church so now of Peter of Francis has its pastoral charities loopholes for acceptance of a contrariness.  The United States of America though may actually be written such that our First Amendment is meant to follow the stoicism of George Washington’s First Inaugural orations and such that ACA - Obamacare - is not allowed as by our Bill of Rights for it imbues an “establishment of religion” barred even for Christian Charity from acts of The Congress.  Obamacare can be Un-Constitutional if it exists to be an establishment by Law that there, like, is no God and so a secular socialist Government program is needed.  The Congress by our First Amendment seems to be not allowed to pass any Law as if an establishment that there is no God.

Again, it is naive to believe Hillary Clinton.  Again, it is dangerous to accept blindly on a faith in the speak of President Obama that Hillary was just his tool about His foreign policies.  His as her’s of his is exceptional as a conundrum confounding of these times - and maybe as of a comparative ranking for all times.  Her of his (thought His of Obama’s) is a she of fem past of like a missing 8 years - a missing 1993 - 2001.  Her years of those year more of the big footprints, literally, comparatively, of Bill Clinton of His about such foreign realms do exist actually as in a real contrariness to a proposition that President Obama’s claims can be truthful.

The House of Obama has the House of the Clintons to rival it and battle it now for “LEGACY” and more or their regular lots of transference and projection strategics.  Again, I do not want to ruin a good title by letting it be used here as if forever only about Hillary Clinton.

It is hard not to tag Hillary Clinton as a “lover of war” and one as if of a “lover of war bar none.”  We have that it gets complicated with Bill Clinton’s footprints so huge and causal to the vast numbers of filled and piled, however, body bags with Hillary Clinton’s name due on them, officially for Posterity of Records — it is complicated that Hillary’s love of war may too much be of the “school” of “politics” of the “Wag the Dog” “convenient” “crisis” “escapists” set.

As First Lady Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton FLOTUS Hillary did crusade as a fem imperialist - not as an anti-imperialist.

It is naive, again, to accept blindly or on the word of President Obama that Hillary Clinton was just his tool in a Foreign Policies all His (his as Obama, President).  By offering in his first hours and by his orations of his inaugural that “it” could be of a ‘none of the fault of the Clintons’ as with his then official Presidential speak as of “it is all Bush’s fault” he trapped himself and us all into a realm for foreign policies for whomever might be his Top Diplomat then limited by half a potential hope or possible range of diplomatic flexibility/nuance.

Hillary Clinton cannot have been just a tool of a superior President and his orderings by his figurings, logically, for it follows that he was a prisoner to the Clintons since his inauguration so of such a ridiculous posturing as if “it” could be of a “none of the fault of the Clintons.”  Hillary cannot have been a bit player and just a tool as President Obama was trapped and so as if a tool of the Clintons for having proceeded from day one with a cover-up for the Clintons as a Governance PRIORITY.

Again, I do not want to ruin a good title by making it all about Hillary, just yet, just now before the whole story can be told.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:03 pm

In the Potterville of President Obama’s Sequestration how might we consider many different jurisdiction issues? 

In the bailiwick of banking and our housing crisis how can we now be better bankers ourselves.  This administration sided with the Big Banks and not those more of the Savings and Loan of Bailey’s.  There were better stewards of our public trusts available to step out otherwise and to help home owners and main streets more if we hadn’t been so stuck upon TOO BIG TO FAIL full embrace by the then new administration of President Obama.

As Rand Paul and others his peers stand up to educate and involve many about threats real to their freedoms we have that our Sequester is more of a Jimmie Stewart of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE than as Mr. Smith in MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON.  I did read all of Ayn Rand’s books by the mid 1980s, and, I do not know if or by how much Rand Paul may be older than I am old/young.

So about Obama and his “Potterville” administering of TOO BIG TO FAIL and alarmism about a politically convenient new Great Depression:  There were other ways to fix our economy, and, there were other ways also to have attempted to address “solutions” for any pressing climate change or global warming.

How now to be better teachers and educators with an involving of our too huddled in recessionary times masses?

This is for a BAILEY WICKING about bailiwicks of our sequestration, while of the time and duties of the institution of this seeming real new day of a “Mr. Smith.”  

How now should we consider that President Obama could otherwise have from his official first days have been to governing more like Mr. Bailey of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE?

Was/is President Obama trapped by his own party from having been anything but Big Potters of Bedford Falls?  Was the alternative of being more of Mr. Bailey out because they would have had to incriminate themselves as causally responsible for the housing collapse near wholly as a party?  Was/is TOO BIG TO FAIL the only defense the Democrat Party had other than stirring up too much curiosity by a public pleading of the Fifth, like?

Was/is it simply better to have written checks to most Americans as cost of living stipends directly to them while of trouble paying their mortgages due to the new higher energy politics of the Democrat Party GREEN ENERGY policies?

All the Republican candidates for President in the 2012 Republican primaries stood up to the person and declared that our Government caused the housing crisis, and without incriminating themselves more than they were incriminating Democrats.

It would still have been a capitalism for our Government to have issued many handouts to those with tight finances and troubled mortgages, oddly - yet truly.  It would not have been “socialism” specifically or necessary hypothetically or theoretically since it would have been of stipends for cost of living increases due specifically to the Democrat Party leadership meddling with energy “scarcity” and “demand” and as well with weather politics.  Had such been done as Mr. Bailey might have as soon as President Obama had otherwise taken to being more just a Big Potter of Bedford Falls we might have had our Government have to spend less than it did by bailing out all the banks.

It would have been self incriminating though for the Democrats rivaling President Obama and he himself to have argued that we should copy China’s economics and just write some checks to the people — President Obama couldn’t be as free as the Chinese to be capitalistic for he would have had to incriminate himself and his party in order to properly justify that it would have cost less and have been more efficient to have issued cost of living stipends to the people directly.

It was all supposed to be sold as of a polarizing partisan political #rap against at least President Bush - with the message and dictates all to TOO BIG TO FAIL let us be Potters of Bedford Falls based on the impossible of “IT IS ALL BUSH’S FAULT.”

Though the housing crisis started during the administration of President Bush it was of new faulty foundations of the plotting of Democrat President Clinton.  The housing crisis did get triggered under President Bush mostly by the campaigning to an energy revolution by Democrats of Al Gore, Senator Clinton & Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  The housing crisis was triggered by the higher gas prices triggered by the new and too subjective supply and demand possibilities about the Democrat Party’s energy idealism and revolutionary methods.

If the Democrats could have just martyred themselves and instead have written checks to Americans caught on fixed incomes and then overextended in credits not only might the bank bailout have not been necessary but our economy might have been able to bounce back within a couple years like it likely would have if McCain/Palin had been elected.

To have justified otherwise proceeding to stop the economic slide to a convenient era for NEW DEAL politics and a NEW DEAL AUSTERITY we either had to get the price of gas lower than it was before HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT commenced or before Al Gore started with his AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH crusading.  We either had to get the price of gas as low as it was then as then possible because the Bush administration had actually gotten to stabilizing global markets for oil or we had to send checks out as capitalistic cost of living stipends to cover the additional costs of and from the GREEN ENERGY REVOLUTION politics of the Democrats — We had to do one or the other to have stopped the housing crisis in time and to have avoided needing to bail out all the banks.

It seems Senator Rand Paul as Mr. Smith is still going - Stand with Rand - your freedoms are being threatened domestically.

Like we have it a historical consideration that President Bush could maybe have only argued his case for OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM more clearly and with more honesty and transparency if he had been otherwise from lying for such to the harder and most political truer route of needing to argue for such necessarily with a parallel discourse about the Clintons’ Administration of a GROSS NEGLIGENCE.

The Democrats would have had to martyr themselves for their energy idealism for us to have avoided bailiwicks for so many about bailing out so many that would have been better served by a President Obama as a Mr. Bailey of Bedford Falls than a Mr. Potter.

That said:  It would have been “capitalistic” to have cut checks to the American People as cost of living stipends to supplement their finances so like of fixed incomes already maxed out and it likely would have saved most banks better and faster than the TARP and TOO BIG TO FAIL politics did.  The Republican candidates during their primary did all stand up and speak to how it was the Government not the people that caused the housing crisis.  The same Republicans though might have had a hard time seeing a way to writing checks even though the Chinese Government was then being that capitalistic and prudent even if actually just “cost of living stipends.”

We had many stories of these early trouble days of convenient crisi for new NEW DEALERS of how in Spain a similar energy idealism had cost at least two existing jobs (regular jobs) for every one new green job that their politics managed to create.

The Democrats have a history with me of my having been party to old concerns that we needed as a nation to get our energy prices higher to change the nation to a better frame of mind about efficiencies and environmental concerns.  When they once asked me “Could it work?” they only wanted to hear the start of my answer that started like:  It could work — But it likely won’t work or wouldn’t work!  I remember them being dismissive (naively) and with “we just want to know if it could work!”

Again, the Democrats would have had to martyr themselves politically to have prevented the housing crisis and stopped the very global economic slide to such now their much (it seems) unexpected not easily reversed convenient “recession” like a “depression” down time from their mathy suppression.  I was of a shared mind that we needed to find a way to educate and involve the American people to real concerns that a higher price of gas could be a variable about — I didn’t think “could work” would work because of the economies and politics of the time and that Democrats mostly were seeming to be being counterproductive by trying to do too much too quickly.

We have seen since this all really got rolling that other things were already quite happening to have fixed the problem without needing higher gas prices and general energy costs.  We have that our natural gas finds and other innovative developments may have been doing more for climate change concerns these past few years and yet while hardly if at all of the Democrat Party plotting as too much all more Mr. Potters of Bedford Falls.

To be brief as this is all now of real bailiwicks of so many new and former members of our Congress:  A Mr. Bailey solution would have been better and especially capitalistic though oddly for too many if so of our Federal Government otherwise to have written checks out (like the Chinese economics) as “COST OF LIVING STIPENDS.”  President Obama has taken to being much more a Mr. Potter and hardly a fan of Mr. Smiths;  he would have had to martyr himself contrary to his own Fifth Amendment rights though to have been so more “capitalistic” and yet as well like the Chinese.

Note:  Had McCain/Palin been elected we likely would have seen the economy recover in just a couple years.  There is that he was set to let a renaissance in state’s rights happen fluidly and naturally and not have been of like a New Nationalist heavy hand too like a Mr. Potter.  And, they would have needed to stand up a bailiwick PRIORITY for regulators to necessary and speedy bank reformation.  By my own considerations it was as far back as 2006 that I had become concerned that the Big Banks had become too corrupt on their collections side and to try out of necessity and desperation to try to cover the corrupted lending side so much a bastard banking child of Clintonomics.

It is all our bailiwicks that Democrats should have admitted that they wanted or thought they needed higher energy prices, and that we would have been better off if they had told us and sold us and decided to educate and involve more like a Mr. Bailey.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 11:53 pm

To not be ad hominem, too specifically tet a tet from a distance, with Paul Krugman, as he licks his wounds, of his not too rosy Charlie Rose match fight, with Joe Scarborough, maybe I should start with it that Democrats generally are missing that what is a void in our economy is the Republican market music we all used to enjoy in an Adam Smith invisible hand kind of way.

We are of and American pie of music that has died with the Democrat Party assault on the Republican arts of good will by pursuit of self interests and how they had been making the world better for others, albeit too much as a rhythm from invisible hands.

Now that the Dems have much killed Adam Smith’s proven theorems, practically, these past four years, with their ideological over-reaching, there are matters so confused, and confounding, to air, discuss, and resolve many about, visibly of a drum beat not musical of or for economic growth.

I guess it is probably best to start with how the Democrats did work specifically to create a polarized and partisan new economic that had them hopefully to appear as if the only good guys in DC, and, that the Clintons are too little considered for which ever of their spousal efforts as foreign or domestic as they were.  If one doesn’t get the confounding of that Bill Clinton while embraced and treated as if another Bush kin would lie and go all “brassy” politically in a polarizing partisan construction standing on a character reference from the Bush friendship and to using such to get away with more than a few misstatements to aid those aligned against the Bush clan.  He essentially would as well call a Bush a liar and get away with using the Bush name as a “good” character reference to get away with “brassy” new lying and bolstering of his old falsities.

There are structural problems now in our body politick not exclusively of the domains of the Clintons.  On about the only light note here we can parlay that President Obama has since a youth felt a need to turn the world to Soviet “socialism” as if to fix his own family - as if to reunite his parents in the here or their hereafter - as if to go backwards to when his parents made him as a Soviet Studies LOVE Child.  Oh, but Paul Krugman went to never never land or no man’s land economically with his less than rosy notables tonight on PBS.

I can be reasoned that though Adam Smith’s economic theorems did get proven to be correct at least at times and quite workable for years we may now be of a time where they were assaulted so much that we cannot use that around the prudence of his premises that markets should let people individually act in their own self interest as if such would benefit all as if a grand economic music for growth by invisible musical composition and renderings.  We cannot now use “invisible hand” theory to get us back to where “invisible hand” economics had been grandly established to a global Republican artful co-habitated earthly era of potential in growth enabling notations.

What there is of a workable sense in spinning by Paul Krugman today, as he asked to only be questioned about today and not the inconsistencies of his body of work and history of past analysis relates to a heard comment about spending cuts not being needed for the next ten years, like. 

Before it can be politically feasible to move forward on such “analysis” it would be prudent to consider that we may have record revenues now only because President Obama didn’t get the vast additional amount of “stimulus” spending he wanted and that markets believe that Republican music will be visibly be allowed to get reconstructed so that our growth economy can return sooner rather than later.  We have to consider that additional stimulus spending now would be dangerous as so much of his earlier supported vast sums were because the marketing arm of Demonomics has stronger messaging to a new conservationism based on the sold GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM of an end of the world as we know it import preciously based on politicking on the emotions and undeveloped intelligence and reasoning of America’s youths. 

I am not saying:  You can only lie to our children so many times in a term, or two!  But, I am suggesting the marketing wing of Demonimics (Obamanomics) has been pushing such a note too long and too hard dangerously in a false advertising no man’s non musical conduction construct not synthesized to “artful.”

Again, it seems now certain that Democrats do not yet have an understanding of the economy of the 90s, and, that the political credit they have long claimed for its successes cannot be due them, actually.  These many mistakes do suggest that they at best lip synced there way along until now and that now it is time to like pay the piper - the actual pipers - however - however invisible.

What the Clintons brought to the economics of the 90s was too much growth and fattening about a good economy they had inherited as improved and taking off that didn’t need what they were selling to be able to sell them to a getting the credit for what they had actually just inherited from many more like of Republican music of growth in Adam Smith’s notation and beats.  Essentially the Clintons instead of selling regular sized McDonalds portions did sell instead the thought habit and addiction of “Bill” as if it were patriotic to also SUPERSIZE two Big Mac meals at least once a day. 

Their Clintonomics was of fattening an inherited economy that would have been better and more stable if the Clintons had not been elected to inherit it.  Someone some years ago presented himself as a doctor friend of the Clintons while about the Clinton vs Obama primary with a statistic that the USA could save a trillion dollars in healthcare costs if we could just reverse the onset of obesity during the Clintons’ guidance as First Parents - this person did “report” that the USA would like be able to save a trillion dollars in healthcare costs if it could be back to the average personal body weight from just before his friends took office.

Essentially it may be easier to take apart Krugman and the Clintons and especially the attempt tonight to offer that in 1997 we like should have thought to consider paying down our debts if we see it as a “fattening” and then so much as the clogging of arteries and such like that which might have killed President Clinton while of actually living like that badly himself.

To address though the proffered posit that economically we now do not need to address spending cuts for like ten years:  It is a loaded postulate proffered coyly - It is offered by Paul Krugman with the condition necessary to complement it of us actually getting back to having a growth economy.  By such we have the intelligence quotient consideration that though we may not need to address spending for ten years if we can get our economy growing again we may need to address it and effect such just to get our economy actually growing again.

This is in many ways someone or someones problem now as it wasn’t specifically before - eg Jack Lew.  Or is it “ie Jack Lew”?  Some parts of this that is of the Dems having polarized our economics in an real partisan visible new tao - for sure.

Odd, yes to think we have to explain to Democrats that they killed the music - a globally embracing not too government of man Republican music that was whence thence synthesized in Adam Smith notations of invisible uncredited hands.  And yet Adam Smith seemed so misunderstood recently with some commentary that had me stirred for speaking of Dem economics without fair enough regard for “costs” of general industry wide numbers for now being figured as the “costs” that are there providing jobs from competition and to the competition that then works to keep prices lower in such industry.  It is confusing to talk healthcare numbers and healthcare numbers if one in talking seizing gross industry revenue figures without figuring which part of such are industry costs that provide the jobs that are to the invisible benefits from a competitive intra-actions that are not redistributable to a government replacement without such removing the cost saving benefit from the competition that such jobs and competition keeps in the industry. 

Odd, quite that Paul Krugman can offer that it was wrong not to have back in 1997 instead focused on debt reduction when instead President Clinton took off dimly to burning our economic candle from both ends at once with his (”fattening”) chase of rare short-term political popularity possible if he did the thought impossible of running a surplus that grandly and also a new massive unfunded federal social program such as his risky loaning pimping was much set about also dimly as.  Unlike Paul Krugman tonight - I don’t mind if you ask me about any of my opinions about this back to the early 90s and to before the Clintons entered the 1992 race;  I do not mind you asking me since I still am much of the same confidence then as now and with little if any changes in my opposition to this mentioned economic “fattening” by Clintonomics even from those days as it happened.

I will have to explain though when it gets confusing like around Paul Krugman’s recent comments about spending cuts like not needed for the next ten years since I have been warning some away from too much cutting too quickly thinking if it is done thinking that the 90s cutting wasn’t of having cut too much too quickly.  These days to cut too much too quickly is actually likely safer that that which was cut so that Clintons could have that rarest of short term political popularity from having cut an extra trillion after the Republicans had found that thought impossible first trillion of cuts to that magical balancing whence.  See, now cutting too much too quickly has already caused the worst of the dangers it could have and a discussion now for these economic times necessarily is fundamentally different than that which is about discussing how the Clintons with Clintonomics did cut too much too quickly and oddly so as a way to sell a lack of discipline good for getting more to fatten up even if also like on two SUPERSIZED Big Mac meals a day.

Detroit types may remember knowing there fears were real after Clintons became our new First Parents without enough economic sense to know to try to listen to them asking for some “marketing” guidance as of a theme or direction for them to work invisibly and magically around.  That President Obama has wanted everything to be visible and visibly from and of him is a different problem than this I remember - than this I remember for having been the one that knew to listen to Detroit types and to offer to them that they should try to anchor around a new styling of 50s & 60s car styles but as compacts to help sell fuel efficiency indirectly with pop culture mashing and subliminal curb appeal. 

Right - It was the type of advice to Detroit one shouldn’t expect could or would have come from Bill Clinton as so then of SUPERSIZING life style of scandals as if of too many big car back seats recreationally used even if officially a State vehicle. 

Right - Bill Clinton as President was not at all naturally inclined to suggest that he could be involved in selling smaller back seats. 

Right - I may know what I am talking about when talking about the Democrats not knowing how the economy of the 90s actually worked but where it was being “fattened” by public visible efforts of the Clintons to provide a way for them also to be able to stand up and take credit for all of it - even that which they still seem not to understand that was inherited by them as a fix and ready to take off economy of real Republican invisible rhythmic notes and good beats.

Before it would be prudent economically to say that we don’t need to worry about spending cuts for the next ten years we have the category more to sociology to worry about as a real concern around us needing spending cuts just to restore market confidence enough to get the markets moving again - but only if we can either proclaim that President Obama has already successfully and heroicly saved the entire planet from GLOBAL WARMING or that we didn’t need to worry about that so much for tens year, as well.

Right - I have already shared in earlier recent columns some how the Clintons didn’t enter the 1992 race until after stuff I was already saying semi-publicly was tested with the Carville and Begala campaign management for Harris Wofford in Pennsylvania.  I had sent letters to Representative from Missouri offices of Richard Gephardt with concerns and a confidence that Dems could win in 1992 if they took to sounding like my shared notes and reasoning. 

Yes those were the days that George Stephanopoulus and Charles Koch’s son worked together side by side as equals in Gephardt’s office, and, that I was of a local connection long in New Haven wise to that my neighbor Stanley Greenberg was a political pollster while married to Rosa DeLauro.  At this time though she was no longer Senator Christopher Dodd’s AA and she that gave my sister an entry level opening as a receptionist when fresh out of college a couple years ahead of me.  By such time my friends’ step mom was our Congressional Representative.

Even Jack Lew should consider flushing all or most of what Paul Krugman is saying now - and try to ignore that Bill Gates even quoted him recently.  We seem stuck both by the Dems for having tried to polarize our foreign and domestic economics in a partisan new Government Handing, and, for that Dems seemed to have confirmed that they cannot yet know how or why the economy worked in the 90s but that by the “fattening” artery clogging “math” so “brassy” of Bill and Hillary guidance as our First Parents, how so our First Couple, indivisible in their “two-fer” co-holding of our office of the President.

Did I make my point in not too too ad hominem a way so suggesting just that so much now should just get flushed, and, that though we if we can get our economy growing again may not need spending cuts for ten years do definitely need them not towards getting a music of growth just playing softly again?  And, yes we are at a different kind of risk of cutting too much too quickly now than of my comments of the 90s economy of a historical remark that the Clintons did cut too much too quickly then and so by at least maybe an entire trillion.

If you are trying to sing now about Lew you may yourself be catching yourself wishful for days passed and missing what was much an invisible chorus of Adam Smith “invisible hand” (Republican) art magically working inspite of Clintonomics - knowingly.

And on heathcare ACA - Obamacare:  Yes it seems it would be wise to unfund it at least until the economy can start growing again and have time to get to where it is even possibly affordable.  Yes, it is reasonable to consider that our states all can find a way to compete locally with Romneycare in the mean time while Obamacare unfunded for National Security reasons.  Obamacare is an alternative system to an existing system that provides care more expensively - it is not a necessary system like much of our defense and intelligence securing budgets.  We should defund Obamacare as long as our economy is stuck and unable to afford it, and, because as well our states may actually be able to come up with a better way to resolved their local healthcare coverage neighborly and community inefficiencies if just given the time that a necessary defunding of ACA might afford.

This is just some of what President Obama has seemed to stick Lew with.  Does Congress yet have the Power to flush clean enough of this, and in time?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 4:41 pm

The high drama of the SEQUESTER has its roots in the first round - the FOOL ME ONCE round - of the politics of the Clintons in the second term of the co-Administration of the Clintons.  This is the shame on us round now - the round two - of at least the Republicans no longer able to say “shame on you” as round one tolerates - or expects.

Hillary Clinton was not an alternative to this.  A President Clinton, as irregular and ill advised as it was, would have been of these same polarizing partisan politics but more clearly as a round two now longer a shame upon the foolery of the Clintons on the Clintons.  She wasn’t born to this polarizing harkening to Soviet styled socialism as President Barack H. Obama was as born so salt and peppered beautifully as a Soviet Studies LOVE child.  Hillary Clinton made nearly all the same impossible spending promises that “socialist” @BarackObama did - Hillary Clinton started off maybe more “socialist” than he has actually has been with her first parlay her promise to seize all oil company profits if she is elected.

Yes this is an era of political high drama.  And, yes, this time around for the Republicans to play “bi-partisanly” well with these Dems they would now be the party of the shame of round twos as of “FOOL ME ONCE - SHAME ON YOU — FOOL ME TWICE - SHAME ON ME!”

I really don’t know how much of this I have to explain to new or old and loyal readers of my blogging, now.  The era of an administration of the Clintons as “bi-partisan” would have been over as soon as if it were actually she that got elected.  There are serious concerns as too how much the spousal husbandry of the Clintons’ political strategizing to have successfully lined both of them up each for their own Presidency did get in the way of regular and prudent governance and did undermine our general stability - economically, at least.

Some perspective to how similar, not dissimilar this all might have been, if yet otherwise and successfully of the spousal “two-fer” power grabbing political machinations, so also of global plotting, of/by the Clintons, is achievable with a consideration of 2008 all over again.  Simply the Democrats and especially the Clintons wanted and needed gas prices to be high - much higher heading into November elections.  Simply President Bush, and the Republicans, if “stupid” and “unelectable” as “liars” for OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM cannot be thought to have been so dumb that they are considered have wanted higher gas prices in 2008 or that they would have worked to effect such without knowing they were effectively making Republicans unelectable in November.

It is hard to decide which aspect of the roots of this high drama about the sequester to now broach next.  There could not have been a repeat of the Clintons’ “bi-partisanship” of their second term had she been elected and promised to as much irresponsible nationalizing of so much “governance” as well without a workable philosophy.  She campaigned to polarized Washington along the very same idealistic “spending” lines as President Barack H. Obama. 

The Clintons are remembered for seeming to think at least by their second term that they now had the technology to fool all of the people all of the time and had the advantage of incumbency and newness of such to the order of thinking that the Republicans had to get on board or get left behind forever.  There are enough public statements by the Clintons and especially from the years afterwards that are yet before much of this mess, but about it all, and of those days they said stuff more defensively as their plans for reigning seemed most to be falling apart.  What is less considered is how much fell apart because it was considered and affected of a plot by spouses to line one up to be intentionally different than the other publicly while of the Powers of incumbency.

But how to be brief now about so much that isn’t now an alternative to this gridlock of prideful and defensive NEW DEAL AUSTERITY - how to talk about any “alternative” while realizing the Clintons are not and were not actually an “alternative.”  It is some that he was born “Barry” Obama as a Soviet Studies LOVE child who then had to twist and turn thorough at least his developmental years about what went wrong between his ‘ebony’ and ‘ivory’ parental Soviet specialiality melodies.

There is the objective lesson of LOCATION & LOCATION of the Clntons and yet hardly with enough curiousity even as to how Senator Clinton become such as if by political nepotism and patronage as a carpetbagger to New York.  Of the “LOCATION” con, shall we say, we have that one can discourse on how Harlem did save at least Bill Clinton from himself.  He did not choose to locate in Harlem - I seem to recall he was dragged up there crying or whining - and after having gone to his banking friends he made so rich with his derivatives “guidance” as a back up plan to such bastion of Power basis he sought originally high above the Russian Tea Room in the then new Carnegie Hall Towers near Time Square. 

I don’t know why or how Arkansas couldn’t have still been good enough for Bill or Hillary.  But oddly there is LOCATION and ‘architecture’ now more to be discussed as the PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY of President George W. Bush readies to finally open.  It seems by his first choice and his remembered (reported) fights with our government for massive annual sums for his post-office holding convenience in excess originally of the sum of all past President’s ‘allowances’ combined for first year expenses that there must be a lot he wanted from the sought most regal location still available in CHT and that it to him may have been one of the last bastions of white male power holding that was domestically available to him.  It seems too coincidental that by his words and designs he has raised a due queriousness as to his own true “evolution” and reputation.

Again, President Clinton did not want to end up in Harlem.  Harlem was the nearest we would afford him when after our Government accountants realized we couldn’t or shouldn’t afford him that million dollar a year rent for life depression was setting in after he sought and then fought publicly and privately to be high above Time Square and able to dominate our Forth Estate however it then may have been still a last great bastion of white male power.

I do hope you will soon participate in a due intellectual and patriotic exercise about comparing and contrasting the LOCATION and ARCHITECTURES of the libraries of the Clintons’ Administration and the soon to be open library of the Presidency of George W. Bush.  I do not, again, understand how even his Mrs. would have signed off on the Clintons’ legacy so for it phalicly like a gun, at least, and seemingly forever clad/skinned in colors of Confederate Grey.

With the banking and housing crisis what it has been and now this sticking NEW DEAL AUSTERITY we all can consider how lucky both Clintons have been that Bill Clinton did basically get dragged kicking and screaming/crying up to Harlem.  Had he been situated as hoped and long fought to be in CHT the story really should maybe be now that the BIG Bank FOB (Friends of Bill) are paying his rent for life at near a million per year in thanks for all the money he made them with his original guidance to and of derivatives cons. 

I see that President Obama is not a Hillary Clinton and that she as of ODYSSEY DAWN broaching of America’s legacy to be not the “offensive” “first striker” may have been more just a tool of a died in the wool Clinton Democrat, however otherwise.  It is the Obama administration not the Bush administration that set out to a new frontier of global “politics” of “first strike” “offense” as to be to a willful hunting of “monsters” without regard for regular American due process.

The Republicans and George W. Bush cannot be as stupid/dumb or corrupt as Dems have suggested.  A point to such case is that it is ridiculous it seems to think that they would not have lowered gas prices in 2007 & 2008 if they could have to so save or prevent the economic slide from subjective & political market affectings of a “GREEN” and “PARTISAN” idealism.

The fastest or only way to have stopped the housing crisis as it broke was to get the global price of gas back to normal and more objective rational basis and as the successes of the Bush FREEDOM AGENDA was then of having made possible and reasonable.  It was from the higher prices, and how they kept climbing, that those who had bought into CLINTONOMICS, and their (political) hedging, and its a “patriotism” of spending far more than every penny they had, and while on fixed incomes, that the domino effect started to the full blown housing crisis and then the related CRISIS OF VALUATION. 

These are days where the Republicans can still say “Shame on the Clintons!” and/or “Shame on the Clinton Democrats!” for round one as it of those days too much of them thinking they now had the tools and technology, so it seemed/seems to fool all of the people all of the time. 

There is no alternative now in the Clintons - this is much an economic mess of CLINTONOMICS II as not at all likely to have been less “polarizing” and “socialistic” in a unnecessary “New Nationalism” than OBAMANOMICS.  The Clintons have enough water under the still too condemned bridges of America for most now to not see that CLINTONOMICS II if Hillary had been elected would have too been devoid of “partisan” balancing of CLINTONOMICS I.

Yes, we are kinda of stuck now with too few ‘alternatives’ and some not because the Bush administration could have lowered the gas prices from the spiking of the market supply and demand subjectivity from GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM in time to have prevented the housing crisis above scratched at that then did cause too great a loss of consumer confidence in banks and Washington based Politics. 

We are still of the CRISIS OF VALUATION and in ways that our Republicans cannot step back from with having let themselves all be played out as fools.  Please remember it would have been dumb for Republicans to support higher gas prices even privately with investments then for Hillary was the “inevitable” next President of very strongly of promises to seize any or all oil company profits - especially those then conveniently of unnecessarily inflated market pricing.

And, Please remember to consider how you would now be thinking of the Clintons if his back up plan to have had those BIG BANKS “friends” cover his million dollar a year lease had worked.  It is remarkable that in a consideration of his “architecture” of his own library he sets us up now to a discussion of his life of having until Harlem been able to stay “white” and “chauvinistic” as a master above most of it personally while able to stay a white southern male above such movements. 

Yes there are different ways to look at the obvious and historical trails of Bill Clinton.  By marrying Hillary and with her legacy as a feminist and her willingness to subjugate herself with a putting of his career first he never really had to become a feminist in practice himself.  As well it is quite remarkable still that such can be said of “race” politics too as now later in his career he has left enough record to bring questions out at least as per his library “design” and their choice of Washington residence on Whitehaven Rd that he talked so much as he did about race (until in Harlem) as a southern white male who in his day had stayed ahead of being less than an accepted “master” - right?

How much is in William Jefferson Clinton’s public displays and those reports about him like as if he had been dragged kicking and screaming/crying all the way to Harlem, and, now how that has actually saved his and his wife’s political street cred at least until this #sequester started? 

#Obama #FORWARD has to be out the door - thrown from the train - whipped to death!  We/he now are engaged in a new conflict much of old days now to be reconsidered and finally judged in a due litigation or a re-litigation.

For the record here it seems still that so much of new President Obama’s early pleading to be of us not “re-litigating” the past was actually politically and judicially of injustices that had hardly yet even been litigated once.

If this were Nixon’s era and that Congress we likely already would have impeached Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton and be still about or done as well with one for President Barack H. Obama.  So it seems.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 1:44 pm

Bob Woodward’s complaints of censorship suggestion of the Obama Administration seems petty while I remember feeling the wrath of Bill Clinton from during my days of defeating HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT with my public blogging.  I know what it is like to be grateful for having enough friends in law enforcement from moments like two I can not yet forget of the visceral blasts quite destabilizing of hearing President Clinton say like “I want him dead with every bone in my body.” 

“An enemy of my enemy, is my friend” comes to mind now as President Barack H. Obama seems now the one person who most benefited from those days of my defeating the Clintons during the primary between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton.  For the record I was able to keep the Clintons from sounding much like they were remembered for sounding well and together about their unexpected rise in the early 90s by having the officers of the Bush Administration appropriate to the protection of intellectual property keep the Clintons from further inappropriate and unauthorized use of my own intellectual property.

But this isn’t about the wrath of Bill Clinton and how it was of the unexpected rise to such heights of Hillary’s novice challenger Senator Obama.  This is more as if President Barack H. Obama should be wearing a Superhero costume like from THE METEOR MAN.  I cannot forget the first time I felt such wrath of Bill Clinton and how I decided I better get up from my seat on Capitol Hill in my apartment near Eastern Market and walk as best I can with the visceral fearful blast and out over to the eatery with take out oriental buffet a few blocks away on Pennsylvania Ave. 

This is about whether President Obama has earned any street creds as a member of an “Intelligentsia” or if he is still stumbling and recovering while moving forward without a workable plan.  There are problems now about this SEQUESTER that suggest there is no philosophy of governance but just a lot of stubbornness proving to be counterproductive.

I will try to be objective about so much so contradictory in the “governance” of the Administration of Barack Obama.  He did embrace the Clinton “two-fer” after I had stoicly stood up to them to keep them from misappropriate further use of my intellectual property of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM rhyme and reasoning that was leading when penned in days before the Clintons entered 1992 race and then critically again after 9/11 I as I offered it as having been refreshed for another go around to President George W. Bush and his administration.

I have problems with ACA - Obamacare though I accept that our Supreme Court saw a way to pass it as bad Constitutional law as still of a realm of war powers and taxation about general Health concerns.  We have that our Governors are all capable of finding alternatives to Obamacare at local or county wide levels and that ACA is an alternative not a necessary system change.  As long as we let Obamacare stand we have that we should be wondering how bad our own towns and counties must be such that our Federal Government had to step in and help our neighbors.

As I recall it seems that Senator Obama had some of his greatest break out primary moments against the vast Clinton political machine about the same times I was standing strongest to keep them from using again and misusing again that which was originally mine - originally my most marketable “change” to a new “PC” as of a better balanced political language with unique rhyme and reasoning.

President Barack H. Obama of Columbia and Harvard degrees is maybe in need of a SUPERHERO costume/armor and an actual philosophy of governance that isn’t contrary to our Constitution.  His RACE TO THE TOP education messaging is troublesome for he hasn’t yet established a base line like of a “GREEN MINIMALISM” from which a philosophy can be grounded for practicable political effecting.  “GREEN MINIMALISM” with a “RACE TO THE TOP” would be the new “PC” to replace “POVERTY” & “POOR” at least  — he has suggested that his “TOP” has to be our Presidency, it seems.  A green costume could work for President Obama as well, maybe.

President Barack H. Obama seems to have missed a necessary consideration for any fiscal responsibility about his ACA - Obamacare for a philosophy of governance to be workable since it figures simply with mathematical logic that he should not have pushed for such vast left wing healthcare alternative system while a working local caring still available and without first having pushed through the massive immigration reforms and border securing needed.  It is figurable that President Obama should not have pushed through ACA until first having succeeded with immigration reforms and as well with jobs & economy reforms to reboot a reformed growth period.

I have intellectual problems with his seeming lack of a workable philosophy of governance, and, how his machinations seem too much to be revolutionary in too contrary to our Constitution ways.  But it is as well that as an admitted illegal drug user that he even dare offer his RACE TO THE TOP as a guidance for all children within the United States of America while his days of admitted criminal usage was of tuning out instead of in during his academic years.

I have many many problems with his RACE TO THE TOP messaging as if it is fitting for education motivation while so much of his “governance” machinations have been so much about it being bad to be above any middle.  His admitted criminal use of such illegal drugs as he used is most troublesome as of those years of his school days.  And, today we have that such as his troubles with “governance” may have roots in his having tuned out when he should have tuned in - tuned in more.

It was HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT troublesome early messaging about using BIG Government Powers to seize all the profits of all the oil companies if and when elected.  This would have been to the Clintons being even more polarizing than they stumbled as partly being when of their first term in the early 90s.  Clintonomics would have been dead with bi-partisanship by the hands of the Clintons as well or more definitively than they have been otherwise by the governance of President Obama.

To be brief:  President Obama needs a philosophy of governance with an established and defined bottom and a top for there to be his #sequester Intelligentsia movement and for there to be an effective RACE TO THE TOP.  He is arguing that redistribution is necessary and a new GOOD and that our Federal Government is better to be running all education, it seems.  President Obama is now at risk of angering his Intelligentsia base by disarming them with powers too like those a President Clintons was promising to flex if returned for a third term.  President Obama now should explain how it could be right to seize profits of all oil companies and yet not seize all the private endowments of his Intelligentsia base and their private institutions of higher education. 

To be brief:  For the #SEQUESTER to be fair it seems necessary to explain how it wouldn’t be fair to amass all education dollars even if it means seizing those private endowments of the Obama Intelligentsia Base and to the fair and equalizing redistribution of “education” dollars by his national Department of Education.

To be brief and before we decide if it is wise or safe to root for President Obama now:  President Obama should need to have a fully thought through and worked out philosophy of governance with established base lines and “top(s)” as if a SUPERHERO garb earned not just adorned for hoots.

President Obama cannot be an island of idealism now with this #SEQUESTER - Right? 

President Obama must have details ready for us all and even about a fairness for his base and their private education endowments while he stands up there supposedly truthfully of honesty in advertising as if the general thinking is workable and smart/wise.

To be brief:  There really is too much to talk about here about all this just already broached.  It is President Obama that is asking us to believe his is #REALINTELLIGENTSIA?  Mr. President how can you be right and your base not wrong for so many years before you?  Mr. President how can it be fair not to equalize our education institutions if you are to not closing down our national Department of Education, as it could actually be now done as part of a cost savings and stream lining necessary due to your sequester?  

Mr. President it does seem you have opened a can of worms that might better have been addressed by closing down at least our/your Department of Education - and at least since you of such a contradictory “above the middle is bad” general guidance and other philosophical and sociological problems with your RACE TO THE TOP spin and messaging.

Mr. President are you at risk while trying to sound as if a #REALINTELLIGENTSIA really quite at risk now of alienating your base?

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