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Who is whose “Commander”?

A President of: of XXII with “No person shall be elected to the
office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the
office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a
term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected
to the office of the President more than once.  But this Article shall
not apply to any person holding the office of President when this
Article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person
who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President,
during the term within which this Article becomes operative from holding
the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of
such term.”

A President of a Congress expected to have so much federal business
such that:  “The Congress shall assemble at least once in a every year,
and such Meeting shall be on…” showing up maybe as the only instructive
sentence that shows up twice in such Article?

A President of “Commander in Chief of the …” and yet a Congress to a holding of right and duty in declaration to war?

Ready for XXVIII?

How to Order anew to a more perfect Union?

To an Order to Posterity for greater domestic Tranquility on regulations of commerce?

To greater domestic Tranquility to “professional limitations” to our
office of the President and all spouses or “intimates” as relevant in
respect to contracts of marriage and such “union” of souls and to a more
perfect “holding”?

Again, in light of the times of the writing and ratifying of our
XXII amending, it helps to consider that such eightieth Congress was a
new Republican Congress of near as large and vast an electoral sweep as
we have just recently witnessed.

Amendment XXVIII ???  A bar to lawyers being sworn in, if elected,
as “lawyers”?  A natural professional conflict for our “Executive”?  A
Order to a more perfect Union respectful to domestic Tranquility and
Constitutional Posterity to a general Welfare so ordained to a willful
suspension of “status” as “lawyer” as an “officer of any court” or bar
association so dedicated to profession code to being prepared as
“lawyer” daily anew each day to be able to argue both sides of each
issue equally?

Can a lawyer sworn in as a lawyer actually profession execute such
duties of our office of the President and not have their “personality”
and “character” open enough to be Commander in Chief and of “the buck
stops here” presider to issues executive in pressing/denting we the

Amendment XXVIII ???  A lawyer if elected to our office of the
President, and with any other “elected” to a co-holding in marrital
“two-fer” to those times acknowledged of “intimate holdings” as another
“acting as President” … shall willingly and willfully surrender their law
license until such time as they are no longer a holder of our Executive
Office and to such time that a “review committee” can be convened
to entertain a petition for new certification?  Such Article to be
expected of any other to a co-holding of office as per full respect
to marriage laws so naturally to an intimate ’holding’ and such as so
many since Martha Washington as acted as President, willfully? 

So our Constitution moved the conscript to a Congress meant to be so
involved that it needed only issue it as ordained to meet at least once
a year and even at such times as writs were issued and approved years
later to just change the date upon which it must meet, that ”once per

Being a “lawyer” is just to great a different “responsibility” or
“duty” than our office of the President that such seems now proven to be
a deterrent to clear and concise executive decision making.  Anyone? 
Anyone also see it a conflict that a President as a “lawyer” distracted
from listening more to the majorities and minorities for a sense of
right and wrong or direction and to a “professional” standard/duty to
rethink and rethink and lose time each day to being equally to both
sides and maybe to no decision?

{I lost my first draft of this post this morning after clicking
wrong icon before having ”saved” – will think about such for edits to
this less “dramatic” rewrite for tomorrow.}  

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:45 am

We have heard from the wonderful and dynamic Condoleezza Rice, Professor of Political Science(s). 

I have acted for two days as an extra from a cattle call screening with Morgan Freeman for Steven Spielberg’s production of court room scenes in AMISTAD.  If you go to imdb.com and AMISTAD credits page I am in the photo on the left about five people away from seated Cecil B. DeMille award winner Freeman - just up the isle in the middle of the isle at the end of the isle next to a lady in a bonnet.

But when it comes to fertility and Oscars and forgiveness I have to think more of Freeman’s side kick Clint Eastwood.

To be as dramatic as the moment was now years after the actual experience may seem to be too dramatic — As Condoleezza Rice spoke last night at the 2012 Republican Convention and to the very moments of her aid walking in and telling her of a plane and then another plane I have the memory of her that may have been her morning thought from just before such.  On the morning of September 11, 2001 I woke thinking I must have been wrong to think our government was missing a threat and since the first term of the Clintons and decided to drive up 17th Street by the Old Executive Office building on my way to Georgetown area to install new doors - new front door and storm door for another client.  I had already installed new closet doors for NSA Rice in her Watergate condo months before.  This was months after I had started faxing the NSC under the Clinton admin and to the attention of Philip Bobbitt whom I had met in New Haven and with some of above concerns spoken to whence.

It may be too dramatic to dramatize that I remember that as I drove up 17th Street by the White House on the morning of 9/11 I had my former client NSA Rice on line in my thoughts of professional relationship as if a reference for today’s client with “you took the heat” and as it turns out very nearly at the very moment the first plane struck first.

Yes I guess I am lucky the first strike wasn’t first on the White House and at that hour or moment.

By 9/12/2001 it seemed I had faxed most of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM newly to the National Security Council and via the number given as a fax number whence for Philip Bobbitt of the Clinton Administrations National Security Council.  And, to then thoughts from Secretary Donald Rumsfeld seemingly in a Cabinet gathering of concern of:  “is he trying to pull rank on me?”  My and there answer appropriately was “NO.”  I had faxed over such as TCONF with thoughts penned somewhere of nearly:  ‘It worked in the early nineties to balance political thoughts - it should now be ready to work again.’

By the time I left DC after nearly 10 full years a resident there I had also by then been to building a doll shelf for Secretary Rumsfeld’s Chief of Staff Da Rita and as well to installing a new bathroom door and some cabinet doors for shelves which I made from scratch to be raised panel cabinet doors.  But, really it was his wife our then former Ambassador to Taiwan that was most affecting the “client.”

So yesterday I via Facebook.com/jpeterhogan and Twitter did share a:  Nixon lives — “DEEP THROAT” explained truthfully NOTE with notes.

But as to fertility and MILLION DOLLAR BABY and as well the dramatization of the only other film Clint Eastwood in such a category has an Oscar for >> I do remember having concern and reasoning as cause to have asked him to make those movies by not asking for those movies but by asking him to make movies to handle such issues.  UNFORGIVEN was asked for more as I realized in 90s that I should need help holding to a position more responsible and safe of a consideration that IBM and its former CFO Metz were to be kept in thoughts as “unforgiven.”   Unforgiving due as a state of “forward” proceeded still each day as it shouldn’t have by my thinking and fuller knowledge of facts related to such worked to be kept from being too dramatic or out of place and/or out of times.  This Metz did host me as the member for the only dinner I have had at his exclusive dining club that Nixon was also among membership of - President Richard M. Nixon, and as well as far as I recall Anne Hearst and members of her larger family.

I have already blogged about Akin controversies and 2012 as for women the year of Republicans of a TAMPA X  FACTOR maybe more dramatic if titled a TAMPA XX  FACTOR.   But I haven’t yet summed the cause for MILLION DOLLAR BABY movie making for silver screen dramatized magic as it was to and for my sister who may have while climbing professionally as a somewhat liberated woman was witness at times more viscerally than others of moments of like cursing away her fertility as too inconvenient for her “professional” soul.  Something happened of my sister when finally in her mid forties of her late efforts to have the children she always wanted, and, from such I realized I should be pulling strings or asking favors for stuff she usually didn’t see as necessary - I realized I should ask someone to make a movie to help her “get her fight back.”

Her “Hillary ’swank’” had to be reset and reworked by Hillary Swank and not by Democrat Party regular think or preparedness.  I did so as when I usually would attempt magic or wizardry be to following on to assure a proper and fit mood fully communicated in the spirit(s) to which it should be received.   There are times though when I might say something and then let go and let it live or die on the merits of itself as picked up by others however.

While viewing CNN hour plus on the life of Governor Mitt Romney it dawned on me I haven’t yet figured out just how long we were moving together sympathetic and united in care and concerns political for Republicans.  I did realize it much predates my having considered many times asking him for a job with the 2002 Olympics - to build some on my earlier years with games organizing in New Haven and otherwise about Connecticut with Connecticut Special Olympic Games events but yet I have not yet figured out the bain of all that of Bain days and how I was about Boston some during his Bain days.

Yes, I remember being sympathetic and purposeful in my thinking when of news of someone running as a Republican against Senator Edward Kennedy.  That may be where and when it started. 

Though it seems from the above I could be tagged as an elitist - that would be incorrect.  If you are aware that I did muse the challenge for seven books for seven years of magic curriculum to JK Rowling than you likely have enough to realize I was usually considering good for good sake and working to market to the masses, to global citizens everywhere.

RIP Robert Urich of SPENCER FOR HIRE >>> Where is “HAWK” today - would he be a better “surprise” speaker for tonight at the GOP Convention?  Would the late actor Robert Urich have been?  Gotta wonder - what a wonder that Boston based cop & private detecting show was.

I have to make this some about my sister Joan Hogan Gillman now a President of Media Sales at least at Time Warner Cable.  For of my story is that I was in a family much “locally” of  party loyal Democrats while me a dedicated Nixon Republican however so closeted as a Reagan Democrat or Connecticut Independent.  I would tire of trying to explain better ways to my sister especially during her near ten years working for Senator Dodd and be then to spiriting at times in the maintained auro of Title IX to Sarah Palin of Alaska whom I had since she was just another Sarah Heath known to be conservative been to tagging only as nick-named “Title IX.” 

You see I have known of Barack Obama since the late seventies and since a classmate asked me if my “readiness” to compete in school oratory contest with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s DAY OF INFAMY speech was also a “readiness” to compete against any or all oratory challengers so asked of Hawaii?  You see I buffered the query and catching of a named older challenger with initials “B.O.” of Hawaii and parlayed the “Hi” from him as an older classman to my older sister who was more his age and had two years earlier competed as well in such schools oratory contests.  You see I didn’t mean for my sister to then like her new distant friend and to give him safe harbor from her brother who meant to get to that challenge another day - another year.  My sister did more ally (wrongly) with this distant friend those years she would rather work with someone older that admit to having needed her younger brother’s help.  I did in the mid nineties warn Senator Joseph Biden when we met at the Joseph Slifka center as he participated in the Yale Law hosted symposium on an evolution or devolution of federalism to be aware and wary of sisters - meaning my sister Joan. 

Some have already been witness to my recent comments that Democrats were left by me to be as good as they thought they were while prohibited from using my works as theirs again - again as if a gravy train they could own and ride on but yet so still without an understanding of how or why it was actually working.  My sister isn’t as much a part of this political machine that failed to understand the “machine” so of their “gravy train.”

I believe my sister Joan Gillman keeps her personally autographed copy of a picture of Condoleezza Rice, my former client and my first client known to be a member of standing with Augusta upon her desk at Time Warner Cable.  I don’t know if my sister Joan is now a Republican or considering finally changing parties.

I did ask Clint Eastwood for a movie to be produced and directed with enough energy in production at least to help my sister, this sister, get her fight back to try again to become the mother of the children she wanted, and so so late in life.  I am the proud uncle of her two children - my only niece and her son my fifth or sixth nephew.

And, well if you like MAD MEN - that has a conception from another family in cable company tax ID status.  I have an old friend also a “TAD” like my brother otherwise is also named “TAD” and was to this friend upon our last reunion on Block Island was to our future and best feet forward to consideration the best way to celebrate our friendship forward would be to base it more on my grandfather’s era at Young & Rubicam but not on accounts for Madison Avenue men quite as serious has his were.  This Tad is family to the Dolan family of Cablevision - we started out more humbly together, much so and as old volleyball and mountain biking pals summers on Block Island of Rhode Island.   I don’t know how or when he met his bride Dolan, specifically.  I did suggest a retro show for Madison Avenue ad business as that was still most where I was heading or professionally focused though wrapped up in so much more of political crisi of our days.

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Rarely in the regular course of daily living of our history do we
get just five minutes to twenty minutes, let alone four hours to a whole
day entirely available for righting wrongs of historical record falsely
held in political opinions.

Today is such a rare occurrence.  How much, how much of today
available for ”social justice” not yet certain nor if til tomorrow’s eve
its rendition.   Justice is in the air!

I don’t have children, but I can sympathize and empathize. 
Mommy this, mommy that, mommy dad say I could have ten pieces of
candy…and stay up until 11pm…

The greatest problem, at least with 2008 elections, was how
uniformed or misinformed most of America still was around both the
Clinton and Bush years, especially regarding Middle East and Iraq
policies and politics.

You could surmise much of problems of Bush’s eight years also like
“all the fault of the past eight years” and maybe be closer to “truths”
than most even now want to consider.

You could bring up differences between Bush years and Clintons’
“two-fer” years and compare and contrast, and yes all the while with a
sense of wonderment and feeling like a pioneer with such
discussion/consideration.  We still haven’t litigated the Clinton
“two-fer” years let alone don’t the “re-litigating” President Obama
played fast and loose with so orating to suggest a “litigating” had
actually happened, satisfactorily if not “thoroughly”.

Well 2010 is not 2008 - many fifth graders have more knowledge now than most voters in 2008, and now maybe their parents do too.

Yes, it was an acting in many intentional acts by Democrats to keep
the discussions around 2008 electorate to the dumbed down and way
over-simplified presentations they heralded as whole truths.

You can, today, think that Bush was a bad president and didn’t know
how to run Operation Iraqi Freedom and was ill prepared for what he

You can also look at Bush 43 and say he was the proud son of a proud
father, President Bush 41, willing to take up the charge and its
prudence of the policies and politics abandoned by Clintons so once of
Reagan and Bush and then Bush and Quayle.

You might still ponder if Republicans were behind 9/11 as an excuse
to go into Afghanistan for oil and pipeline reasons, even though
Bush/Cheney pursued policies around Afghanistan more specific to just
prosecuting a group called Al Qaeda that started near Iraq, in Saudi
Arabia persons, in response to Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait.

You can still though compare and contrast Bush years and Clinton
“two-fer” years and see how Clintons politicized and polarized thinking
in Middle East and let Iraq fester and fester in growing feelings of
abandonment by United States after Persian Gulf War.

You can still though compare and contrast these two as few have done
near new elections and wonder, perplexed, still, on how Afghanistan
during Clinton “two-fer” years was also festering in similar atmosphere
of abandonment by United States.

Seems Democrats now in trouble - seems more than five minutes available for “social justice” with justice in the electoral air.

Cost of war?  A war that Clintons Bush had no
entrance or exit strategy for?  No plans to help other Ba’athists just
quietly replace Saddam Hussein and quite nearly just continue in his
governance style?   A war that Clintons Bush felt
justified because Clintons had kept santions on Saddam Hussein for all
of their eight years?   A war that Clintons left President Bush as
“necessary” but without leaving an entrance or exit strategy and after
having spent past eight years proclaiming to PEACE DIVIDENDS that left
United States with new “wars” but without even funding for body armor in
budgets for our troops in such new era of expectations to such new
“urban” conflicts?

It is worse that a couple years ago, or maybe just about a year ago,
that a TV show hosted a panel discussion around healthcare reform and
with a doctor reportedly a friend of Clintons oddly of mentioning that
if the United States of America could get back to average personal
weights on record for before Clintons became first couple that we
Americans could save a trillion dollars in healthcare costs nationally?

Yes you could maybe decide Bush didn’t know how to run Operation
Iraqi Freedom and that it took longer and cost more.   But, you cannot
say so without it a fact that many Democrats after voting to support
Operation Iraqi Freedom and President Bush with such were of “pulling
the rug of confidence” out from under such operations nearly as soon as
President had committed our troops and with coalition troops.  But you
cannot judge Operation Iraqi Freedom simply without so noting that
Democrats actions so soon after voting to “support” did undermine
confidence in Iraq such that many Iraqis became afraid to cooperate out
of fear that Dems would succeed in effecting a sudden cutting and
running again leaving them at mercy of Saddam’s revenge.

How much to blame the Clinton “two-fer” and still for not just
objecting then but to years and years of helping perpetuate lies and
over simplifications much in CYA mode?

Seems justice may be in the air around here a while, and even well
past tomorrow’s decisions.   Have you asked yourself how much longer
Operation Iraqi Freedom took because Democrats were so quick to
undermine confidence in America with Iraqi people wanting to help but
then too afraid to risk it?

Have you asked yourself:  Are we there yet?

Have you even just asked how is it Clintons seem still the only
American politicians that truely benefited from 9/11 attacks that made
their new home of offices globally more relevant and with them necessary
still on world stage?

I am just of reading A MATTER OF CHARACTER and DEAD CERTAIN myself while wondering what opportunities to greater “social justice” and
educating may be in the air.  I don’t remember being aware that Senator
Clinton was of knowingly lying on 9/11 about her daughter with
reported telling of a tall tale that Chelsea had been out jogging at
time of attacks near towers and Battery Park and nearly had buildings
fall on her, all the while actually comfy at friends on Park Ave.

Don’t believe how A MATTER OF CHARACTER ends with last paragraph(s) - I for one was of concern for such when helping Clintons become electable towards 1992, it is even partly in my title for such collection - THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM - a collection of letters & political poetry.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:57 am

A real:  ‘Who is he and why is he here?’ new low for politics in America is still loitering about.

This all may be about MONKEY BUSINESS or MONKEY POLITICS of said new “BANANA REPUBLIC” governance “from behind.”  This though too is of a long overdue fuller consideration of the political pathology of “MACACA” that is likely to show Bill Clinton more of monkey business than George Allen ever was.

There are busts of all types about still of this era not an accidental NEW DEPRESSION.  These are times, it can be said, of an economic suppression by Democrats for CRISIS governance excused by convenient CRISIS - CRISIS - CRISIS busts to excuse and permit a NEW DEAL AUSTERITY.

There are busts of all types about still maybe much specifically now more due a consideration of economic and monkey business of Bill Clinton - of his “two-fer” in its first sale, and, now as repackaged and sold as if new while not.

Our Senate starts off every roll call with Mr. Akaka - with “A” - with “A”s but for our political business not purposefully for monkey business.  Nearly every day our Senate convenes it does start with our Senator from Hawaii and sometimes so quickly it sounds as if they are starting off with “M… AKAKA”.

Before we offer up an overdue defense of George Allen and apology that he wasn’t able to be Reagan as much as Reagan could have been Reagan at that “MACACA” moment it seems we should talk about Bill Clinton - President Clinton - and his new and old monkey business and swinging fore and before much of the “now” as well of our new BANANA REPUBLIC.

Though the pathology of that George Allen “MACACA” moment got tagged as “monkey” slurring or demeaning it was quite a story of our Senators and how each roll call is commence with nearly a “M…AKAKA.”  Before George Allen was thought to say “MACACA” like a swear or slur to be as thought demeaning he had asked the opposition researcher to tell everyone his name.  What happened next was George Allen thinking he could be more Reagan than he was capable, it seems — it still seems that what happened next was he proceed to think he could use Senators and the Senate roll call to try to divine the young Hawaiian looking young man’s name if he could figure out whom his Senator was and if his Senator knew his name.

That President William Jefferson Clinton who was born William Blythe III and was never to knowing his dad is set to keynote at a political convention is quite democratically and Constitutionally concerning and a mess for all chance of political and diplomatic clarity for our governance all around our known world.

Yes, George Allen though of a thought “MACACA” moment is not of the party of monkey business and a NEW BANANA REPUBLIC with success in creating the necessary CRISIS moments to effect and affect a NEW DEAL AUSTERITY as a torrent from the top down far from balanced as a trickle down approach better would have effected.

George Allen wasn’t, it seems, of “MACACA” but of “M…Akaka” starting with “A” and considering his spot-lighted opposition plant there had dark skin enough to maybe be racially Hawaiian.  Reagan probably could have pulled this off, though - pulled off trying to publicly guess a political operatives name by figuring out whom his Senator was - that is if his Senator knew his constituent then so about politically.

But as for William Jefferson Clinton, former and term limited President as well of a promise to operate the CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVE in a non-partisan and non-political way:  THIS IS MONKEY BUSINESS - MUCH OF THE RECENT TAGGING OF US NOW OF A BANANA REPUBLIC.

That President William Jefferson Clinton just as a former President with a wife now barred from “politics” as per the constraints on our Secretary of State is set to keynote is quite concerning and so much so politically regardless of how bad or good his past administering was or wasn’t — it is so concerning that it opens up a can of MONKEY BUSINESS really as if we should see and be worried of treachery even treachery near treasonous.

It seems there are no “chains” of “commands” in the Democrat Party anymore.  Really, however you consider such - there seems to be a mess about any “chain of command” in the Democrat Party.

The real pathology of our “BANANA REPUBLIC” is really about the monkey business of the Clintons and their “two-fer since their law school days - even more so than the monkeying around by President Barack Hussein Obama.  Their monkey business has already too long been our “MONKEY BUSINESS” as little known is that for them it has since they became engaged, it seems, have been:  BILL CLINTON AND THEN HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENTS OR BUST.

That the Clintons’ marriage was conceived as I recall from a first impression to a “BILL CLINTON AND THEN HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENTS OR BUST” may best explain now why so many “busts” are about our economy and failed governance and politics.  That they were conceive and consummated to all those years of plotting to put for them a “both” can be “President” above other more prudent interests may explain only partly how much they put the “infidelity” into “Infidels”.

But this isn’t about that type of “busts” nor about how for them as Christians what has been or thought to have been and for so long was not and is not polygamy but adultery.  That type of political “monkey business” is not what this is about though - except as you may get to considering it may have inhibited their governance, both.  We seem to have more tolerance these days about such - this is more about how their was treachery from their governance maybe mostly for now of a gross “negligence.”

This is how I know the Clintons and so with my knowing of them rooted with a first impression of each of them from when they were both Yale Law Students not yet engaged, legally.  I know they conceived of a political future to put their both becoming President some day ahead of most that others may more prudently have prioritized.

But for more on what to some more than others is them of a ‘treachery’ or ‘treasonousness’ here are some thoughts I shared as with Facebook as http://facebook.com/jpeterhogan morning updates:

BILL AND BUST(S) ??? next column - now under consideration.  Seems Bill Clinton with it as Constitutionally and politically wrong for him to revive himself with Putin dreamin’ by accepting key note speaking is due a fair consideration that if he uses it to finally apologize to the nation and the world some healing and bipartisanship might result.  Yes it seems he wanted as much as a come back as Putin and as more Hillary’s “Russian Bear” Bill but still his speech if allowable can be used to finally apologize for all that is actually mostly his fault.  We have all the soldiers who died because the Clintons didn’t fund body and truck armor in their times of new types of conflicts on the known horizon.  We have that bridge that just fell down and killed people that should have had some of his extra trillion of available funds cut to chase surplus popularity.  We have the failure of MR GO (Mississippi River Gulf Outlet) during Katrina much so for he had the money to finally be the first President since 1983 to attend to it as necessary work and especially since he was a climate change guru supposedly already aware of dangers of more and larger storms.  We have as well all the school children with schools falling down and books beyond otherwise national top standards.  Yes, Bill can maybe actually do some good with his speech if he steps up and frees President Obama from these years of trying to cover up for the Clintons and so that he by apologizing for his own gross negligence in governance and maybe as well with a nod of apology for it seems his underfunding to the tune of an extra trillion might be deemed of a causal negligence that stirred or caused 9/11 at least more than Saddam did.  Bill shouldn’t speak but if he does maybe some good can come from it and an apology to the entire Bush family for false accusations and cheap politics for so many years of lies.

> More on the “loveable” Bill
>More maybe for BILL AND BUST(S) >>
Well we have he could apologize for pimping America into the hyper consumerism of maxed out spending that caused the housing crash as once Al Gore started trumpeting inconvenient “truths” with global alarmism and the price of gas spiked those that trusted the Clintonomics found they no longer had enough in their all American fixed middle class incomes and lowe
r class wages to pay both for gas and for the mortgage.  And, that Bill did ask Bankers to “find a way to gamble away the risks” he wanted unwisely for his ‘Housing Bubble’ economics - he asked them to come up with the new grand scheming that grew out from what ever had been before to be too too too big just to try to gamble away the risks of Clintonomics of willful attempts to be popular by burning our economic candle from both ends at once. He didn’t have to run the risky loaning as he did essentially as threatened and doomed from the outset as most it was set up as an unfunded federal social program.  And, then of course there is Iraq >> I guess the Clintons never had “Bite” in sanctions on Saddam > It figures for by all reports to date that I know of there have been no reports that the Clintons’ left Bush any “enter and exit” strategy ready and worked out as should have been expected.  No it seems the Clintons never bothered with a “what if?” as per Saddam Hussein and just kept passing the bucks — it is hard to believe that for all their 8 years they never figured out at least how to enter and liberate Iraqi to enforce the UN sanctions or even better figured out how to enter and then exit so to be prepared to keep America and coalition states drilled as liberators and not occupiers.  That and this is really how the Clintons should be now already in our history books, right?  At least how they now should be in all our news for the next week?

Please do help figure out all the MONKEY BUSINESS about 2012 and our future before it is too late.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:24 am

Whether she is a Helen a Penelope or and Isabella she might still be your Helen of today, or your Penelope, or, your Isabella.

In this year of the women of our politics and our political battles over them quite (unnecessarily?) partisan and polarizing we have some sensitivity to women to talk about with all the convening about to convene. 

Regardless of whom you hold out HOPE most with and with whom it may be that Mitt Romney is a Mormon that has him now predisposed as per this election season as more sensitive to women.

Even when of his inherited Mexican machismo he may be more of Columbus than of Odysseus.

Some of all this polarizing political partisan politics may be of pols too much beating around the bushes as per all the women issues in 2012 that may have President Barack Hussein Obama as clearly “sensitive” but all the while Mitt Romney as a Mormon and Mormons of a polygamist history as more sensitive because of such to women today.

President Barack Hussein Obama may have been more to selling or pushing elixirs and snake oil as if a Greek God more than a Gypsy peddler - he may have been wanting use to see him of vast left wing supplies of nectar and ambrosia but still it may be the fare of Romney’s Mormon rites and sanctuary that has Mitt Romney of a Church of polygamy history now as more sensitive to women and their maternal powers.

If Obama - President Barack Hussein Obama - were actually a Muslim he might be able to claim from multiple wives as well an understanding good and maybe better for 2012 discourse and deciding.   There is though in the Mormon side of Mitt Romney a wisdom from his Church related maybe to polygamy that there are times Christians shouldn’t believe first in a father, son & Holy Ghost.

I don’t know why President Barack Hussein Obama decided as Senator candidate for President Obama to go all Greek and then to march - attempt to march - all forward to a new Greek-ness for Americans.  I don’t as well yet understand why he bowed and apologized for Americans around the world and when at home could be heard telling Americans that they needed to become more like the French - even all the women.

We have that though Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been more like a Secretary of War devoid of “diplomacy” and first concerns for human rights - she hasn’t been the “Helen”,  “Penelope” or “Queen Isabelle” she thought wrongly highly of herself maybe as.  She may have been a good Hun though - it seems.

If President Barack Hussein Obama were actually a Muslim and of a sect still strongly in living support of families of man with multiple wives could he now be as writ sensitive to women in 2012 as Mitt Romney seems like baptized?

That he seems to have inherited some Mexican machismo may suggest he hankers to be chiefly more Catholic?

Can you only find answers you are seeking if you first find the questions?

If in a Jeopardy round you see “OEDIPAL” - You answer with a question “What is President Obama’s affinity/relationship with Secretary Hillary Clinton?” - LIKE?  I mean like really how could he have tried to live on Mount Olympus without her - doesn’t he have a “mother complex” specific to strong white mother figures?

I don’t know which “religion” today may have the best arguments and writs and rites for a lasting polygamy way - if any. 

But enough about Bill and Hillary - LIKE?   No, seriously, is the polygamy of Mormons the reason they spiritually have dwelled more sensitive to women (, and still,) since otherwise a FATHER, SON & HOLY SPIRIT not living with sanctuaries akin for a “Holy Trinity”?   Well maybe:  But enough about Bill and Hillary.

For the record I believe I recall that Hillary Rodham grew up essentially quite a Chicagoan raised since a little girl not just to hit the neighborhood boys but to be the one that hit first.  I believe she is still a Methodist and still married to a Baptist, maybe a Southern Baptist.  (You can check them and balance this yourselves - and should.)

I am not suggesting that Mormons because of a tradition are more sensitive to women than President Obama or his Secretary of State of his Catholic Vice President. 

I am not suggestion at all that the once new President Obama who wanted to hold courtly weekly large banquets in the White House for 2-3 hundred “political” power figures on Wednesdays was trying to be “God-ish” in a Greek way.  I do remember that he did start out to have weekly grand political banquets on Wednesdays and maybe held two before the heat was on.

What can we learn from Sidney Poitier - especially from the IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT?  Or/and THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER?  Is there a lesson in race relations and about “rape” in one more than another of these reflections on earlier souls of America and Americans?

The grand weekly Wednesday banquets that started off with Kobe steaks near a hundred dollars an once or pound, if I recall correctly, were set to bankrupt probably at least three of DC’s top power eateries if allowed to continue.

The grand weekly Wednesday banquets that started off as a way for President Barack Hussein Obama to reign over so many with expectations of dangers from refusals to show and be seen were quite insensitive considering as well that we were nearer a new GREAT DEPRESSION as we know it from him to have been declared so.

The heat was on for those nights by the second of his thought inaugural banquet reigning new ways to rule delights.  I remember dishing out some heat about such my self - and maybe writ far more sensitive to a new depression era so than his orations or/and dictates of his (at least) early days.

No - Yes >> I mean as per Mitt Romney - MORMON:   a FATHER, SON & HOLY SPIRIT “trinity” was not a callous way of a Church of polygamy whence.  We can hold out hope for a sensitivity from polygamy pasts wherever as of a greater sensitivity to women at least in some ways spiritual. 

Yes, with polygamy and families of multiple wives and children of other mothers so, as sanctioned and of an “under one roof” we have that that there was no embrace of a “HOLY TRINITY” there is a suggestion that a sensitivity was and may still be there for and from and of an awareness that with polygamy essentially it is more a:  FATHER, SON(S) & “POLITICAL” WIVES LIVES.

Even when of his inherited Mexican machismo he may be more of Columbus than of Odysseus?  Even so he still is less of Troy or Achilles?  And less of heights of Olympus and nectar and ambrosia?  He is a Christian and not a polygamist as a Mormon - LIKE?

With five wives of five sons and ten in-laws, as well, he likely has to be more “sensitive” to women than at least Bill Clinton or President Obama - right?

If in a Jeopardy round you see “OEDIPAL” - You answer with a question “What is President Obama’s affinity/relationship with Secretary Hillary Clinton?” - LIKE?

Can you say “HEY ZEUS DAYS” ten times fast with a Mexican accent?  President Obama or candidate Romney?  Can you supporters all say it as well at least ten times fast?

Do you see a problem anywhere with “hey zeus days - hey zeus days - he-sus days - je-us days - Jesus Days?

Yes, with polygamy and families of multiple wives and children of other mothers so, as sanctioned and of an “under one roof” we have that that there was no embrace of a “HOLY TRINITY” there is a suggestion that a sensitivity was and may still be there for and from and of an awareness that with polygamy essentially it is more a:  FATHER, SON(S) & “POLITICAL” WIVES LIVES.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:09 am

It was a time of less than great expectations and a time of
great expectations. 

George Benson nearly said it seems that the children are our future to equip them well for school and let them be made agile and free - the children are our future teach them well - and keep them free from tyranny over their minds - the minds of children whom are best when free.

As a halo around the embronzed Thomas Jefferson as per his memorializing in DC we have his BPF (best phrase forever):  “Upon the alter of God I pledge eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

I don’t know yet if “GRUNGE” is a new refreshed due styling for American youths post a HOPE & CHANGE reset to a President Mitt Romney.  For every action there is usually by law - by natural laws - and equal and opposite reaction.  And, yes I do wonder if young Republicans are those best to embrace a new “GRUNGE.”

These times of less than great expectations have been times with great expectations not completely lost or forgotten.

The times of the late 40s that became our early 50s was a similar time of too much similarly courtly change.

We all should be rightly alarmed as it seems these times have the hounds out and the Dems half baked towards their Convention convening — We all might be best to be prepped and readied in fullest of our “metachlorian” potential in defense of the least tyrannical force we can yet hold and defend.   These are the days it seems our American ways are threatened and visibly like Dems’ key noter is Bill Clinton as Sith Lord Bill Clinton.  And, that we should be alarmed that his young apprentice in the dark arts and politcal ways Apprentice Obama has asked his Sith Lord to introduce him so publicly.

These may be new days for a rage with bow ties for more - a day for many to walk more Constitutionally and visibly against tyranny all over the minds of men and women, and children everywhere.  Our SCOTUS has spoken for and against and stirred a new consciousness even greater than the prudence of our 41s. 

How can a Benson be governed newly for the mash up civil, however, and its results past November decidings?  Are we too, all now to “GRUNGE” and Constitutional Hip Hop for even young Republicans and as well a Benson reset of more bow ties form more, and with narrower ties and thinner collars?

Where can our music now go?

It is a time of less than great expectations and a time of
great expectations.

Our your “troops” trained all now for a public grandstanding of one as if a Sith Lord Bill Clinton?  Are even your local truant officers ready for all the soon maybe do round up charges?  Have your truant officers all passed what recertifications writ?

We had days of less than great expectations like these when original New Deal idealists had and held power - and held it as well for too long.  By 1951 we even had Young and Rubicam publicly buying huge ad space to speak up against a too corrupted Washington politics, maybe then too tyrannical too.  As per McCullough’s TRUMAN you can learn that Y&R in 1951 put out copy with a united front to say this specifically:

     “With staggering impact, the telecasts of the Kefauver investigation have brought a shocked awakening to millions of Americans.
     Across their television tubes have paraded the honest and dishonest, the frank and the furtive, the public servant and the public thief.  Out of many pictures has come a broader picture of the sordid  intermingling of crime and politics, of dishonor in public life.
     And suddenly millions of Americans are asking:
     What’s happened to our ideals of right and wrong?
     What’s happened to our principles of honesty in government?
     What’s happened to public and private standards of morality.?”

{I don’t know which year in my to be admired Mad. man (Madison Avenue ad man for short) career of my maternal grandfather Arthur Munroe Menadier he joined Young and Rubicam specifically.  I know it was likely of the time this was their public face but not whether he helped write it or maybe helped move more of Johnson & Johnson accounts all together more under him to Y&R then in part because of such.}

George Benson nearly said it seems that the children are our future to equip them well for school and let them be made agile and free - the children are our future teach them well - and keep them free from tyranny over their minds - the minds of children whom are best when free.

As a halo around the embronzed Thomas Jefferson as per his memorializing in DC we have his BPF (best phrase forever):  ”Upon the alter of God I pledge eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

And can soon all Jedi about us however be seen either out in robes of old or in a new “GRUNGE” sheik to rival or complement those all stirred more Constitutionally and towards leadership otherwise of a new bow tie set at least for our youths stirred all by our SCOTUS and liberating Republicans, Independents and Tea Partiers?

And properly and necessarily also due when then about our 40s we had a domestic tyranny on the rise our 80th Congress was a sweep like ours recently of 2010 and maybe 2012 too.  It was our 80th Congress that may have been stirred much too by Young and Rubicam however consciously or unconsciously — It was our 80th Congress unlike our first Obama Congress that followed proper procedure as per “rights” and worked out and for a new Constitutional Amendment - for our term limiting 22nd Amendment.

With Sith Lord Bill Clintons set to so publicly be seen introducing his apprentice in the once earlier checked FDR dark arts as he is set to introduce his Apprentice Barack Hussein Obama are any or enough girded and educated enough yet to see this as like an earlier unwelcomed and balanced “socialism” too tyrannical of our 40s?

Like again:

“And suddenly millions of Americans are asking:
     What’s happened to our ideals of right and wrong?
     What’s happened to our principles of honesty in government?
     What’s happened to public and private standards of morality.?”

And as a halo around the embronzed Thomas Jefferson as per his memorializing in DC we have his BPF (best phrase forever):  ”Upon the alter of God I pledge eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

What is “GRUNGE” to you - can a President Mitt Romney be a Hip Hop King?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:00 am

George Washington was from Virginia, one of America’s - the United States of America’s - first states.  When he married at some point after that his in-laws library some became his - his in-law’s sex books became his/theirs.*

Lower on the river earlier in his youth it is told of “George” and cherries not that he was cheatin’ with eating of cherries that were not his nor a tree he had full rights to but that he somehow was not able to lie about having “cut down” or “not cut down” a cherry tree however possessed.

I am not sure where Mitt Romney is actually from.  There are stories near enough of his origins of acceptance and localities that it seems at time he was born in Mexico.  Do we have to celebrate his machismo like as if a Mexican?

There is construction and dramatic writing of good and better grammatical construction - and deconstruction and abortive writing.

The politics of the moment are now prefaced for the Democrat Party Convention beggarly in reality but for now rank without clear “rank.”  It seems out of order and sans chains that President Clinton can or should key-note for President Obama.

Period!  The Democrats have a women problem this election year.  Period!

Since it seems the Party of Obama has surrendered to a Clinton we should be vigilant not to presume or prejudge that he as prostrated himself to both Clintons. 

Though President Clinton as key-noter politically can be carved into history books for a coup and a successful playing to get President Obama essentially at least “on his knees” it seems if so we have the “machismo” and chauvinism of President Clinton most to also celebrate.

Period!  The Democrats have a women problem this election year.  Is it “Bill” more than “Barack” - though?

Period!  This is not the old story of George Washington not being able to lie.  Period!

Our 22nd Amendment is not the Women Suffrage Amendment.  Our 22nd is supposed to chain President Clinton.

An akin comment now may be more stressing - even after the fact - even long after the facts.  It can be a matter of kin and a killing of family as soon as one moral moment has passed with a life accepted as a life and so as kin to the kin but how.

The Democrats are heavy booted now even though of imagery of bare footed and in chains.  The Democrats are like all:  IT’S ALL JUST EVOLUTION BABE OR DUDE!  The Democrats seem devoid of lobby or belief that there is still potential at least - at least unexplainable in “miracles of faith.”

I am not saying the Democrats have now prefaced their 2012 convention with a suggestion that they would also have crucified the Virgin Mary.   I have heard there can be droughts and deluges - hot and cold “seasons.”  I figure you can say of “rape” or “rape” grade “assaults” that such may be one of few times one can be completely alone though not really alone.

Period!  The Democrats have a women problem this election year.  Period!

As EVOLUTIONISTS first and “just take a government pill” second we bare witness to the Democrats quite out of sorts at least on chains of commands as per their convention.  Is it President Clinton on his knees beggarly for his wife to be able to keep her job?  Is it a visual aid that Obama has been a victim of a coup by the Clintons and essentially and “legitimately” raped of his “higher” power?

Period!  The Democrats have a woman problem this election year.  Where is Hillary Rodham Clinton - really, politically?

I don’t know how if when - I don’t know why if how so - I don’t understand Democrats embracing just being “subjects” as “#s” either.  But, can they actually legally and legitimately legislate away miracle of faith?  Can they remove the BUDDHIST FROM BUDDHA and the “golden” from “GOLDEN BOY”?  Can they treat us all as if needing union cards as papers to travel and exist?

Akin to all this is still that miracles are not always on time and faith may be better than socialistic obedience to a distant and cold government too nationalistic.  Also a kin to this again is that though a “legitimate” rape may or may not cause pregnancy the power talked of intelligently some though of mysteries of life mostly is still of an Evolutionist and Creationist purview.

Period!  The Democrats have a woman problem this election year.  They more than most seem subjects more than citizens.

Whether a physical triangulation needed or a spiritual one - a physical triangulation can be Government with just a pill.

Whether a physical triangulation needed or a spiritual one - “There is no God” by Congress violates our First Amendment as being clearly if a law or in a law an attempt at “establishment respecting religion.”

Whether a physical triangulation needed or a spiritual one - Women regardless of your parties - this year is for you.

Akin, again to all this is that a “rape” however might just as well increase the chance of pregnancy as it might self abort - so I would think.  And, again as per “rape” or “rape” grade assault one may never be alone but not alone but when.

And still akin to all this timely as 2012 for both parties seems a year made for women or at least their issues:  The power to prevent a fertilization however if only a magical power of higher human development in faith and seeking may also be evolutionary as a concern that women who curse that they can become pregnant and again and again have been evolving to be less able to become pregnant if they actually curse in ways they would better be not too as they may put cold or trying work above a holistic faithful attitude about whatever they may be employed about doing.  If there is a “power” not even “super” or “magical” and like as if a human internal “over-cooking” or “drought” then women have the power to curse themselves to being less fertile - so it figures. 

Period!  The Democrats have a woman problem this election year.  Period!

And akin to all this raised up unexpectedly by Senate candidate Akin, besides the trying decisions about abortion after even just one moment of carriage morally as if kin however, is that some remains that if this “selectivity” exists for women it may be the norm more than a new normal and be a general attitude for some when entwined but not in rape - when with their husbands in the usual course of affairs. 

Period!  2012 is a year at least for women’s issues - Democrats have at least political problems convened for Hillary.  Period!

Was/is George Washington parable about lying or laying - about cheatin’ and cuttin’ and running?

Seems we have at least now to figure is it towards the Democrat Convention that President Obama is on his knees and not term limited President Clinton even as he should be billed for being there on his knees to beg for Hillary to keep her job - like?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:42 am

Well, we had the COSBY SHOW years ago with the “Huxtables”.  Today it may not be too soon to think about OBAMAS’ show and now what his future employment options might be.

I think it is safe to say we won’t be seeing any time soon a THE COSTHAHS SHOW starring the Obamas as the “Bucksfrieds”.

With the Obamas out and a chance for a economic boom back could there be a new SANFORD AND SON starring a reflective Obama often wondering:  If only I hadn’t bashed American cars as “clunkers”?

Barack Hussein Obama rose so quickly from near obscurity - a shared obscurity in our Senate as one near as junior and insignificant in its seniority traps as Senator Hillary Clinton.  “Barack” had then some “IT” factor as black and better looking than Senator Clinton, and, a desire to try to run the world on the whims of his “personality” whether he thought he already had enough or nearly sufficient experience - real life experiences but as a follower.

What might the Obamas do as ousted “PERSONALITY BASED LEADERSHIP” failed leaders?  How low are the standards at THE CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVE?   Would another ousted by their failures, Hillary Clinton, of his TEAM OF RIVALS that didn’t quite work out, beyond letting President Clinton offer President Obama any job that wouldn’t clearly have him junior to him and much subjected to being as well junior to EVP Hillary Clinton of the CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVE?

This may all seem a perfect world for President Clinton now.  And loss for President Obama may be the greatest thing to politically happen to or for President Clinton since President Obama decided he could trust himself with a TEAM OF RIVALS.

There is much “popularity” about the “personality” at least of First Lady Michelle Obama that should be allowed to be free even after a stunning defeat of her husband’s “PERSONALITY BASED LEADERSHIP”.  That said, and so now as we bear witness throughout this long, this very long, re-election attempt:   Our society is enough commercialized that there should be a place outside of office that the Obamas will be able to carry on the good they have been doing that they didn’t ever need the office to see done.  Will the Clintons allow them to be free - will the Clintons find a way to get “chains” of The Democrat Party of Clintons on them?

Really there are many places the Obamas or Michelle could carry on as socially responsible citizens with a healthy message even if too austere for most.  I am not saying they could carry their own cooking show - I have no idea if they could get by on a budget now the size of the new Leno show austerity.

What is POLITICS?  How could a President have so many times as a “POLITICIAN” asked other “POLITICIANS” not to be “POLITICIANS” while asking them to do the job of “POLITICS”?   How could he have thought himself capable of managing a TEAM OF RIVALS?

It seems a future as a pitch man or lobbyist for American car and truck companies has to be out of the question.

President Obama had trouble with shovel ready jobs, yes, most certainly.  Have you figured out at least partly the how and why?  It cannot be as simple as he didn’t know where shovels came from for “shovel ready jobs.”  Maybe it was the bashing of American cars as clunkers?  Maybe he just had no sense of MOOD.  But, really, he couldn’t afford to approve road and bridge jobs without undermining his attempt to sell fancy new cars that cost twice as much with a promise that they would likely cost just as much to operate even though “GREEN”  — If he fixed the roads or bridges he would have been fixing them for American clunkers and so that owners would have found themselves more economical with their “clunkers” due to better roads alone.

President Obama had trouble with shovel ready jobs, yes!   Do we need now to have a SAVE A CLUNKER era to restore American PRIDE and to reboot or reset the after market automotive industries with “chains” off proud Americans as the top down beat down on classic American cars get run out of Dodge?   Sure, he couldn’t fix the roads or bridges even with STIMULUS funds for he would have then undermined his selling of new fancy cars that were to cost much much more and use maybe half as much “fuel” or a third as much but while his energy policies were to making sure that “fuel” would then cost twice or three times as much.  But, did he have to so beat down on clunkers and father and son pass times of car talk and car pride about combustion engines and pipes and horsepower - and when not father and daughter sharing or mom and child(ren) rearing with practical lessons and shared enthusiasms for American power cars and trucks?

Is a job under Hillary Clinton at THE CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVE the only real next job for President Obama?

I can’t see them doing a reality show or a sitcom, myself.  A cooking show or gardening show has potential.  Could a show of people living idealistically on a commune in America selling austerity and back to field work gardening and “healthy” cooking be sold as a “reality show”?  I don’t think so - I do realize it might at least have enough do gooder-ness to help sell at least soaps. 

With the Clintons now so POLITICALLY positioned after years of being careful partisan polarizing “RIVAL” pols to the Obamas while intimately both part of the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION there cannot really be allowed to be an OBAMAS GLOBAL INITIATIVE to rival them.  Will they offer him a job under Hillary?  Should they as thanks?

Yes that is right - the Obama energy policies and auto industry takeover couldn’t abide fixing roads because of clunkers not quite clunkers for so many.  They couldn’t spend to do road and bridge work without making too many older cars seem good enough for so many for very much longer.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:03 am

Who manages your “tunnel” of “LOVE”?   Are you agast when instead of local you are statist or global?  Are you out of sorts in the am as stirs your dams?   Are you in a small and intimate game of monopoly, or, are you just short of balls and chains of State?

As your am stirs dames and dams yours or not, however, each dawn about you and your “community” how much liberalism lives now uncorrupted?  With a “One Nation Under God” and yet with that nation a “State” left to its states more of “God” is the booty of today just a game?  Might Neil Simon be needed to dramatize the Democrat Party coming Machiavellian Convention as a farce or are the Democrats all doing well enough all by themselves?

What happens in New Amsterdam stays in New Amsterdam? - What happens in Amsterdam might stay in Amsterdam?

It seems the stages are being set nationally and on schedule.  The BOOTY times may not cooperate.

If anyone this August actually knows what it means to be a “liberal” or “Democrat” in America now please show yourselves - you are definitely a small majority and maybe due extinction protection.   How do we pine for the times of old when “liberalism” first may have served to broaden tolerance and broaden purview for an richer civility more of our shared “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY” base tagging about our governances and pass times?   How are we now to 2012 with so much federal so corrupted at the top by Democrat “Machiavellian” greed such that now “liberals” seem the first to violate - to violate due process?

As bad as the lack of prudent consideration that seemed about the march out of RACE TO THE TOP, if only in economic considerations of God’s Adam or Adam of Adam Smith, it is still that President Obama emphasized a “TOP” and a “RACE” while stompin’ as an ‘Austerity President’ of irrepressible New Deal wants that may be his “DUMBEST.”

It is not a convention set to celebrate prudent governance by Democrats by Democrats.  It is now a convention set up to show the TOP Democrats of RACE as “Machiavellian.”   There are two parties about the ‘ART OF AMERICAN’ still in 2012 to lighter local governance even ever am as per stirrings about dams or dames and such even as of a New Amsterdam now more like Amsterdam.

I do think Neil Simon isn’t needed for dramatizations in FARCE this convention season.  It seems the Democrats as obviously out as Machiavellians have their race all locked up.

Are you agast when instead of local you are statist or global?

Fresh President Barack Hussein Obama didn’t want people to go to Las Vegas in days early before now where he seems so set up to seem no more than a “Fresh Prince” to more “GLOBAL” and “Superior” Clintons at his own convention.  It may be that he wanted his “HOUSE” - his White House - to be the “house” that always did or could win - ya think?  There was no room for actual “competition” in “betting on America” for “Fresh Prince” (just “Prince” (to Clintons)) - for President Obama?

With the “TILT” or out-ness of the top “liberal” Democrats now set up and being staged itself so outed we might be better already to looking past the coming “Machiavellian Convention” to the days of hope ahead where a defeated mass of Democrats might be back to basics and a willingness to play within the rules or to change them in the legal ways and procedures preserved and protected by such rules.

What can again be likened to a “MAD DONKEY DISEASE” seems to have only have been affecting Democrats or left of center Independents these past few years.  Remember our Secretary of State isn’t supposed to be involved in politics, too.  And, that some things are actually indivisible and limitable.  If you wake in New Amsterdam who are you going to call?  If you wake in New Amsterdam or Amsterdam as an American aren’t you supposed to be like “in Rome” and doing as the local laws dictate for those in the “localities”?

Have you had enough of the Clintons thinking all they needed to do to keep the masses in line enough to stay those of the real power at its highest available levels, however, was to be hedgers less sterling than Mitt Romney?  And/or “lawyers” of it is the client(s) that go to jail not the lawyers or the spouse lawyer of the other spouse or vice versa?  Have you had enough of the Clintons being exempt from the actual past of the Clintons?

And with all this talk of taxes and redistribution beyond the “FARCE” - “OUT-NESS” - “CORRUPTION, MACHIAVELLIAN” - “TILT” of the above we have that we are of two different theories of “game” not “civility”.

As per some of the “booty” that Democrats want the State to be able to take willy nilly and share however some of it is more “GAME” than “WEALTH” and more like being able to beat “The HOUSE” in Las Vegas, too.

As you consider the coming conventions and whom of either is better now and in the future for your “booty” (your “booties”) it seems that Democrats have abandoned their charge as keepers “liberal” to ways still wise of a “force” towards realms preserved in republican arts to civily permit more not less “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY”!   And, that the Clintons  are champions of hedging but not nearly as “sterling” so as Mitt Romney has been said publicly to have been.

It seems farcical especially that with a RACE TO THE TOP regardless of how inappropriate it has been for down economic times when an recovery would been better have based upon local community reflectiveness of a slower and more thorough with more attention to deeper learning and understanding.

As the Democrats now march carelessly away further from their heroic at times past we all are bearing witness to the “redistribution” efforts at least about so much tax talk as quite Machiavellian and hedged in an elitism itself, and, so towards their convening,  their “booty” isn’t necessarily properly your “booty” however, right?  First you must wake each new am actually in your locality of the moment whether a New Amsterdam or a new Amsterdam or the old Amsterdam.

The “GAME” now too “TILTED” isn’t so much of “wealth” for redistribution but of fouls too near a governance by peeps elite and too little still of laws - of a governance of laws.  The “redistribution” is actually it seems farcical for being an attempt to change the rules of the game so that those that enter whichever race (races) are not allowed to keep the “winnings” that motivated them in their own racing to a top.

And in Chess - a loss if still a “check mate” - everywhere?

Obamanomics = an economic theory where people are “subjects” not “citizens” and are encouraged to “race” as if a promise of “to the TOP” had “winnings” and benefits - BUT!!!  Obamanomics is an economic theory where those at the TOP hedge and hem and haw and promise “winnings” that you are supposed to be motivated by which then are supposed to be removed from you by BIG GOVERNMENT nearly as soon as you may win - place or show — if not actually back in chains.

Really?   The want to take your/our “booty” away from us and yet have us think we are supposed to wake each am respectful of local ordinances?  And, not be so to people watching now under Obamacare where as we walk and look about have to wonder whom is covered by Obamacare and to then a reflecting on community even in the pm rightly of a conscious concern heavy about:  How bad must our community be if our National Government had to step in and take care of our neighbors?


And, what is yours?  What is your “booty” from earnings your’s as part of a civil game and not so a measure of others choicing other also available “games” about our ways of life and pursuits of happiness in our pre-Obama economies?  What of your “booty” is supposed to be kept private and off limits - personal - not public?  And which of your “booty” so stresses all levels of governance yet hardly more than the 100% and which so has you civilly liable of fair contributions at least annually?


With all the hedging by Clintons (and Obama) less sterling than by Mitt Romney it does seem this am or pm that Neil Simon might have been able to help keep the Democrats from staging such a FARCE as seems outed and publicly set up as our first truly “MACHIAVELLIAN” Democrat Party Convention.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:27 pm

Things are not always as they appear to be.  Governor Chris Christie became the Governor who stopped a tunneling.

What is black and white and panned all over?  Conventions are coming!  Conventions are coming!

Whose jersey will you be wearing?  How many will be to new jerseys this Convention season?

What is black and white and already panned some all over?  Obama and Clinton - Obama and Clinton?

Some may agree and some may not.   And how is Trenton “THE PORCELAIN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”?

What is black and white and ready to be panned or not?   President Obama - President Obama?

Whose the first?  “The first black President” - President Clinton?  or “The first black President” - President Obama?

How is the convening set for North Carolina not prefaced to be racist?

How is the convening set for North Carolina not about “race cards”?

Surely not with peanut jokes nor gas lines and rationing levity or comedy - right?

And did Al Gore grow up on a tobacco plantation - with a child’s sled named “SMOKE IT”?

And did Al Gore grow up a young master of a tobacco plantation - and not pulled from his sled early enough?

Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?  Where did that trillion of budgeted necessary spending go - like?

What is black and white and ready to be panned or not?   No!  It was not all Bush’s fault!  Not even half so! - ?

Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?  Where did that trillion of budgeted necessary spending go - like?

Whose jersey will you be wearing?  How many will be to new jerseys this Convention season?

How is the convening set for North Carolina not about “race cards”?

Things are not always as they appear to be.  Governor Chris Christie became the Governor who stopped a tunneling.

And things are looking up for New Jersey now.  Many now may be this year to new jerseys - political at least.

Are we now clearly - as clear and black and white, say - to more a eco boom if state by state made?

Are we now better than “MADE IN USA” to at least fifty “MADE IN ______________” (YOUR STATE HERE)?

Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?  Where did that trillion of budgeted necessary spending go - like?

What is black and white and panned all over?  Conventions are coming!  Conventions are coming!

How now this 2012 to the THE TAMPA X FACTOR regardless of his jersey - his state?  Like?

What is black and white - read all over - yet hardly panned at all or enough?  A:  “The Clintons cut a trillion too much?”

Are we now clearly - as clear and black and white, say - to more a eco boom if state by state made?

Are we now better than “MADE IN USA” to at least fifty “MADE IN ______________” (YOUR STATE HERE)?

Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?  Where did that trillion of budgeted necessary spending go - like?

Some may agree and some may not.   And how is Trenton “THE PORCELAIN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”?

What is black and white and ready to be panned or not?   President Obama - President Obama?

Whose the first?  “The first black President” - President Clinton?  or “The first black President” - President Obama?

Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?  Where did that trillion of budgeted necessary spending go - like?

What is black and white and panned all over?  Conventions are coming!  Conventions are coming!

How now this 2012 to the THE TAMPA X  FACTOR regardless of his jersey - his state?  Like?

What is black and white - read all over - yet hardly panned at all or enough?  A:  “The Clintons cut a trillion too much?”

Things are not always as they appear to be.  Governor Chris Christie became the Governor who stopped a tunneling.

What is black and white and ready to be panned or not?   President Obama - President Obama?

What is black and white and already panned some all over?  Obama and Clinton - Obama and Clinton?

Some may agree and some may not.   And how is Trenton “THE PORCELAIN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”?

What is black and white and ready to be panned or not?   President Obama - President Obama?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:03 am

The ACA - Obamacare flow chart must go,
Romney teases and off to a good start.
Romney is for lovers - Romney is for lovers,
Mitt down and low - no “Buckner Tunnel” to ruin a series.

Wisconsin’s big guns were “present” and showing,
Who is on first - where is your team?
Where is your Monitor - how is your Wisconsin?
Whose Naval archives are you freed by?

Whose your Governor?
How’s your Parks and Recreation?
Are your sewers kept clear Mr. Binks?
Ja Ja Binks too - he quite a Gunga Din?

By the Virginia of Jefferson,
A Madison and Washington,
A District of Columbia - A Columbia of Columbus,
What team is yours - Where is your Governor?

Virginia Is For Lovers,
Wisconsin too!
Who is on first,
How is your team?

Florida is for Romney -
The ACA - Obamacare flow chart must go?
How is your Monitor - where is your Wisconsin -
Cat scratch voters - Romney is for lovers?

Phone tag for Floridians?
These are the times anew to dial up -
To dial up your Parks and Rec before your Prez -
To dial up your Mayor of Governor not your Prez?

Cat Scratch Voters,
Romney and Ryan -
They are for you,
Virginia Is For Lovers…

Who is on first?
ACA - Obamacare - struck out?
Who is your Governor?
Which is your team?

The ACA - Obamacare flow chart must go,
Romney teases and off to a good start.
Romney is for lovers - Romney is for lovers,
Mitt down and low - no “Buckner Tunnel” to ruin a series.

From the shores of Tripoli
To the halls of Montezuma…
How about your Monitor - Your Wisconsin -
Romney Is For Lovers - Romney Is For Lovers?

Of the pig skin battles - civilly fought,
Who is your Mayor - Have you got “Community”?
Is Mitt Romney just a referee in stripes -
A:  Call your Governor or Parks and Rec - First?

How now Floridians - do Floridians know best -
What is Federalism - have you got a team -
Where is your Governor - what about the Monitor -
We’ve seen “Socialism” - we so “NO” to centralization?

Cat scratch voters,
Cat scratch voters,
Cat scratch voters,
Cat scratch voters.

Born free,
By nature and creator,

A Constitutional Confederate Republic -
A flow chart of freedoms unlike - unlike:
An American Socialist Society.
ACA - Obamacare flow chart must go!

Oh Maryland - THE FREE STATE?
How about Saint Mary’s and Solomon?
Are you a state that reads?
Baltimore reads - Baltimore is for lovers, and Poe?

From the houses of Babe - Mitt is down and low,
Who is on first - Have you got “Community”?
Who covers the pig skin - the civil American battles,
And, swish and swish of “PIG” or “air ball”?

The ACA - Obamacare flow chart must go,
Romney teases and off to a good start.
Romney Is For Lovers? - Cat scratch voters?
Mitt down and low - no “Buckner Tunnel” to ruin your state?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:08 am

No this is not a reenactment.  It is here - it has started - no “battles” may lead to bloodshed - it has started and hopefully will be a civil civil war.  It has started - stop back later for more reports.

We have that these are passing civil moments as much like our founding and confusingly with the Lincoln Republicans now much like the Jefferson Republicans you would have thought Democrats would be trying to be and yet with Democrats seeming not the worst of our original Federalists but the worst of what was feared of Federalists then.   It is too early to predict when Americans of color and legacy of our Buffalo Soldiers are likely to again side with the Party of Lincoln.

There is a catch about this not quite Yossarians of other wars.  From where I sit I seem to share a victim hood with President Bush as much related to how truths have been held hostage for years.  From where I sit I can be sympathetic with President Bush’s victim hood but only so far as where it becomes heavy with his not being understood because I have not been understood.

From the MONICA - MONICA - MONICA composition still too near a telling has been partial of efforts to philosophical modernization in my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM having been worked three times for three different municipalities.  That said this piece is picking up with a victim hood suffered as truths have been held hostage and to address how since MONICA - MONICA - MONICA an honesty has been stirred in me to figure out if 2006 blogging as “uc” mostly on http://newsbusters.org to argue for the Iraq SURGE and then still strongly in defense of it was either a fourth or fifth customized reworking of such philosophical modernization. 

I could be quite the MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR somehow quite if this and so much of an actually fundamental truth some of our past two decades and much related to years of economic growth were publicly known.  Especially now in the Obama era of oddly worked NEW DEAL AUSTERITY.  And, President Bush could as well escape the catch as well that some is related to similar truths long having been held hostage.

That I have written enough columns in the past five years to qualify maybe as an “asset” this has all been worked as part of my principled striking as truths have been held hostage at the expense of many so that the Clintons could spread the lies they are only some known for and what to them has been no long convenient lies.  I have enough written since 2006 to fill dozens of normal sized political works published as books, quite it seems.  And maybe enough written to be organized with different Governors each with a “selection of a top 50 or 100 articles” so that I could have a book or e-book for each state and its then modern individuality and working spirit.

I might say this is all more like MILA 18 novel but at this moment I forget what I found in that book when I read it - And, did you know CATCH 22 started so I read somewhere as CATCH 18 but so close to the publishing of MILA 18 that publishers or literary agents insisted on a new title?

I am not knowingly labeling myself an eligible “bachelor” so to be paraded about to max out a catch of a different type.  I am speaking of being of a victim hood and partly trapped wondering how I may feel and be if finally set free after all these years of so many truths being held hostage and at the expense of so many.

How do we not now proceed as independent bloggers to cover 2012 but as a “CIVIL WAR” - REALLY,  HOW?

I can report that whether an actual fifth rethinking of a philosophy of governance and or economical modernization the year of 2006 remembered much for a mirror on TIME cover remains a year in which I did again work a customization of such original broad considerations of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM and then yet newly as then of the first time I worked it after waiting to see if any others had been of such thinking and were now then employed and proficient enough.

The best way to move forward now may be to help President Bush with his victim hood by helping him help me past mine.  These are times that likely will remain civil in a civil war to be quite heated and contested.  These though are days anew of many of these and others truths still too long held hostage.  

I cannot end my strike by asking a media house for a job - no I don’t see how I could possibly do that.  I do have that material of amassed compositions in blogged independent punditry can amount to an “asset” if I ever have them appraised at least as “art.”  I cannot at least consider asking any of the established media houses (of corporate people maybe unionized as socialists) as long as there still remains such a hostage keeping of truths to much for convenient lies of and by the Clintons, at least.

I could as well be quite civil about all this even more so myself with a quick book even with recipes for like a new WALDEN on MILFORD - for who knows how popular to Obama NEW DEAL AUSTERITY babes I might be if it were found out how green and efficient I have been and since before President Obama was ever just candidate Senator Obama with a chance to defeat the “INEVITABLE” CLINTON fountainhead of Hillary of HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT.

In the coming days of our more civil CIVIL WAR such as it is pre-staged it seems  we will have to contest the Clintons and for their convenient lies now much at what has been so expensive for so many.  We are to days soon so contested that the new Democrat Convention Platform maybe be preserved as a “good work” but for 2016 and a:  MAYOR CORY BOOKER FOR PRESIDENT - Help Rebuild Our Failed Party - PLEASE - HONESTLY.

As we move to clearly defined battles ahead of the Americans versus The American Socialists and those other less teased contrasts economic and governance related we will be towards the seeds of the problems much of a planting by the Clintons affectingly within their first days and when then to presumptions of rights to use the work of others as if their own, as if them both of a right to use it because they then were THE GOVERNMENT and lawyers who thought they could get away with having their “success” actually be otherwise and different as building of others with different morals and designs.

And the war is off!!!  How can President Obama now explain his long held false belief that a money tree existed, and so how his Clintons’ economic expert team chosen by him - not inherited - actually never had a reasoned rational economic strategy that could actually work?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:58 am

When you hear tales of my having moved to Washington DC and into a one bedroom apartment on Capitol Hill and then so to stocking when stocking such for beer almost always with Milwaukee’s Best you are to be transported back in time.

There was a “Monica Beach” in DC when I moved there.  I moved there after deciding while half way across America in my new but used 1988 Dodge Ram B250 white cargo style van.  I moved to DC after time in New Orleans while I had a rebuilt Dodge 318 engine block switch in.  I decided to stop my trip to move to Los Angeles as the next and third step of hope in my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM and move instead to DC to be closer to all fifty states.  The year was 1997 that I decided and then it was 1998 when I found such apartment and moved.

We cannot now move forward without reconsidering those earlier years of changes about municipalities towards a renewal from “COMMUNITY POLICING” and brand new attempts to fight blighted areas even with “LIVEABLE CITIES INITIATIVES.”

To understand how some of this is more a tale of success for Republicans though many local Democrats were leaders in local municipal efforts to get away from the bunker mentality of centralized policing you may just look most at Democrats today.  We have in New York State that its new Governor is the Andrew Cuomo that was a part of “Clinton Initiatives” related yet now he is a Governor having to find ways different from what were the Clinton way while he was with the Clintons.  But really it might be simpler and not too Ayn Randian just to offer:  Democrats if they understood the importance of decentralizing policing then they should in these past few years at least have known as well not to over-centralize our national governments however.

The benefit of Milwaukee’s Best beside the red, white, and blue cans was some that it was cheap but much more that I was there in DC to work a third processing and widening for positive change following on start as written to focus on New Haven and then second processing to focus practically the air of such more widely then about the changes others and specifically some Republicans were working about New York City.  It was a toss up between Los Angeles and DC then as to which municipal area I should integrate a new in a third processing specifically related to similar blue collar networking of local governance - because of Clintons’ scandals it seemed DC might be a more needy place, politically speaking.

Most of this that I speak to of three different efforts at processing my thinking, writing and strategizing about all the positive change I hoped to assist with my focus kept about my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM has stopped due to a maturity of initial change evolutions.  That said much also had to stop when Hillary announced “Hillary for President” as with them it was going to get corrupted any ways and to very different ends.

Paul Ryan, Representative from Wisconsin turned Vice Presidential nominee,  is about five years younger than I am young and did move to DC after the elections the fall after I moved to Capitol Hill about the time of the “Monica Beach” media stake-outs about the Clinton and Lewinsky scandal.   I moved to DC an owner and operator of a privately licensed white Dodge cargo van with four wheels that I think said “WILD TRAC” on their sidewalls.   Milwaukee’s Best seemed Randian and in character for my outward appearance even though I thought of my van as a “think tank” and kept a small skiff inside most days.

Here is where in my story I move past that I moved to DC instead of Los Angeles and to DC being the next place I would spirit a marketing madly or however, due to the scandals about the Clintons who had been having an easy ride so far while others had actually been the leaders and intellects for their easy ride.   It seems the Clintons both still actually lack the same leadership instincts of those that new what to do then and how important it all was to far greater levels of detail than most yet have considered.

I did in DC and some with consideration of an old friend Jim Wareck who moved to town months later that as well is likely now of the first ever Presidential ticket with someone younger than he is young.   Jim Wareck moved to DC from New Haven and not to go back to work for Senator Dodd but to be far more “local” and “grassroots” with a former New Haven Alderman who had represented his Yale ward as a student while Jim’s father had been the President of the New Haven Board of Alderman.  Jim moved to DC some unknown months after I did and took to the “Williams for Mayor” efforts and much with enough responsibility that after the victory he was regularly one of just four pictured behind the new mayor of DC.

I do not regret having decided to move to the District of Columbia to think for it with my marketing sense and core philosophy worked with THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM that proved well enough thought through to have been enough reworkable though with lower standards to help the Clintons seem electable for 1992.  It did annoy me that while thinking President Bush 41 deserved to have someone to run against not a third tier scrapper that I kept thinking I needed to rework my thinking about the philosophy modernized with THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM to have it have a decisive fit for the Clintons. 

Again, I had worked to help the Clinton have the courage to enter the 1992 race and then to many many months to make them seem electable, and, that with that said again I should say I didn’t think I was giving them enough to actually be electable and so to a fine line where it was important even with the Ross Perot entrance that they look better than I thought they were.

For me now I am at a crossroads.   For me I have this team of Republicans enough of similar thinking that I may feel free to pursue old entertainment and media minded economy and positive change stimulating - to pursue the private sector profits I likely would have already had much of if the Clintons had been more honest with us all.

For the politics of our day and all our challenges municipal or federal revenue based this team of today’s announcements have me thinking I could if I wanted to help publicly again but actually so that the public is aware be better to find Governors to work with and so for it seems logically they are those best organized and situated to spearhead a new growth economy.

We have again that these are days we should look back at “COMMUNITY POLICING” and even “LIVEABLE CITIES” initiatives of the early 90s and also look now and consider that if Democrats actually understood the essential good sense and political wisdoms of such they never could have been to such grand national new centralizing attempts.

I am at a crossroads not to try to pick up a tangled mess and un-knot it so that it can work again to municipal and economic improvements but to consider where and how I might privately and in “media” somehow be to building anew with all new people/artists and for maybe a longer term benefit than was possible once the Clintons rose again and to obviously try to centralize after decentralizing had been quite an important “marketing” factor at the core of the successes that were had.

Yes I did rethink and relocate my thinking then leading thought first based around New Haven to then be formulated in a media way to work to support efforts of so many others about New York City and then I did decide to personally focus more on a reworking of the spirit of such again from a local blue collar hands on ready to pick up my Milwaukee Sawzall by day and a cold Milwaukee’s Best by night but how with all the thinking for change and hope I was at since days President Obama was still in law school.

Yes, that I reworked thinking so that all the artists and benefiting others for DC and so to daily thinking of Chief Ramsey at least every morning I slid a Leatherman Multi-tool onto my belt was also balanced still with my knowing of William Bratton since about 1988 from a Boston wiring of two of ambitions that hope and change were quite possible. 

Whatever it was I did it is now in the hands of others actually with constituents.  It may be now most for the shoulders of our Governors and municipal leaders and more possibly so if this now announced new possible team are elected.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:41 am

AA+?  And now a:  HOW LOW CAN WE GO?

I could start here with a rant or diatribe about how the Clintons aren’t living in a world that actually politically exists.

I could enhance such clear and concise reasoning with a suggestion that the only good political decision presumptive nominee Obama made was to select his senior “experienced” peer Senator Joseph Biden as his running mate for Vice President.

And for this Joe I could offer that he likely never stood a real chance to shine.

It seems a safe conclusion that none of this is Vice President Joseph Biden’s fault - unless he should have called Congress to competency hearings to try his boss out of higher office.

The world the Clintons are living in that doesn’t really exist is the same one we and the Vice President are also trapped within especially speaking economically.

As long as the “media” embraces the Clintons or our economy with any of the old “Clintons’ seduction of the media” then no real improvements can occur for our economy nor our politics.

It may be too late to free Vice President Joseph Biden.  Vice President Joseph Biden in the lights of the 2012 election cycle can now be shown too much of a lack of ambition since he didn’t ask Congress to impeach his boss.

Yes, these seem the days to consider that things are so bad that we should have already considered that this election could have and should have been for a re-election of President Joseph Biden or President John “Woody” Boehner.

As this blogger of independent political punditry was sharing with http://facebook.com/jpeterhogan updates this morning we are still trapped in an unreal condition - an unreal economic and political world - because of the Clintons and that their corrupting seduction of “THE CLINTON MEDIA” lives on still extra-Constitutionally to Un-Constitutionally.  Much of my morning postings via social media may also be available at least partially via http://twitter.com/jphoganorg but not at http://jphogan.org.

If you don’t know how the Clintons seduced the “media” originally you are hardly prepared to adequately consider what is holding back our economy and our politics.  If you do know how they corrupted a THE CLINTONS MEDIA you likely aren’t now as willing write to support either President Obama or Vice President Biden.

If you do actually now consciously understand the Clintons’ corruption of much of our “media” through their worked “seduction” you may not be subconsciously trapped in a world that isn’t supposed to even exist.  A promise of a future for “media” where stories would just write themselves if such were particularly to floating an extra-Constitutional bypass with “we just need a Clinton” obviously was tempting - too tempting - as tempting nearly as if promised one would never again have to do homework. 

The essence of the THE CLINTON MEDIA corruption tagged a “seduction” was in itself much Un-Constitutional and such that it asked the “media” to stop being a bulwark for representative democracy and to be more to writers of fiction provided extra-Constitutionally by the Clintons nearly as if accepted as autocrats.

{{{  I am taking a break now from new column - posts linked via social media can fill out thought for now - I may need encouragement to return to this in a few hours to work more much due to contrast or breach the bulwark reworked by Clintons against prudent representative democratic politics and/or economics. }}}

[[[ that’s all folks — disregard last {{{ … }}} I will leave it as it lies regardless of their penalty points due ]]]

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 1:45 pm

A sign that a country may be in decline might be evidence - evidence that even after eleven years from a major moment a preceding administration still has a bubble about it so that it seems even 99% of the country hasn’t even asked themselves or been asked to consider that such “preceding” could have had a culpability.

It does seem that there is a 99% of America that just hasn’t asked themselves or others if the Clintons could have been behind 9/11 specifically with at least some serious gross negligence.

It seems either that most Americans keep walking into closed glass sliding doors or that there is a cancer about America because there exists such a mass of 99% that just hasn’t processed such a natural consideration. 

And, yes, it is remarkable how prepared and ready Michael Moore was to lead a charge to blame everyone but the Clintons.

Might it be Hillary’s siren call?  Was it a distraction of her as held out for idol worship or fearing as a First Female President that kept off the quiet queries due after such a disaster and towards a consideration of all that might be masters of disaster?

There are complications to this condition that might explain a depressed economy and a loss in consumer confidence.

There seems to be clearly too much corruption at the top and such that immediately has both Clintons snared as well.

How has it been nearly 11 years with so few even considering that the Clintons’ administration must have at least been seriously negligent?   Was Hillary’s songs so alluring all captain journalists and sworn officers crashed hard and became dissuaded?

It is such a more simple consideration that I won’t even bother now explaining how ridiculously simple it is.  I will, though, add that it may have been so simple a consideration that some thought the most obvious answers couldn’t actually be the right conclusion.

For the sake of this piece and for it to be more an awakening in thought provocation please read on just with a consideration that at least 99% so have still hardly been to a reasonable consideration that “it” must have been at least just half the fault of the Clintons.  Please allow that this piece will posit that it may still have been half Bush’s fault and without offering any substantiation for such.

What can come of the next Democrat Party Convention?   Isn’t the booking of Bill Clinton suggestive that Hillary is submissive and dutiful and that Dem men have to stand up strong in front of Dem women however titled?

President Barack Hussein Obama now has afoot that he either was ridiculous to think he could trust the Clintons as “rivals” or that he was naive to think he was smarter than them and able to manage them.

Maybe this Convention isn’t now set up to appease Muslim men around the world with “Barack” and “Bill” to show up all the women and submit them all to their lower political places - hard to say.   Maybe this just escaped a due consideration of prudent messaging.


Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?  Really - have you?  Have they lost their innocence yet?

Have you heard of the brass ring?   Have you seen enough TV or read enough books to be wise to a condition about many crooks that they like to return to the scene of their crimes?

That President William Jefferson Clinton was born William Blythe III is maybe relevant to a split personality or suggestive of a conflicted persona.   But that he has returned and been seen to be reaching for “a brass ring” is suggestive of an innocence for the Bush administration than maybe less than 1% has yet considered during all of the past nearly eleven years.

There is so much more to look at and consider.  So much of it should be so simple that I needn’t mention any of such here.

It seems President William Jefferson Clinton is showing a confidence that he is getting away with at least something he shouldn’t have.  He has “returned” and “reached” for a power grab that in most countries would be seen as mutinous by their leader - yet it seems President Barack Hussein Obama at least has been caught with his hands tied.


Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?  Really - have you?  Have they lost their innocence yet?

I should be clearer about President Clinton’s “return” and not leave it to chance that you will think I am speaking strictly of the approaching Democrat Party Convention.   No, in the past months BC has made the come back thinking confidently but testingly it seems that he was getting away with a plan - THE PLAN - the Convention is just another bold move that doesn’t really make sense.

It may be necessary to suggest a plan is “THE PLAN” and with a prodding to all to even think to consider that “THE PLAN” is a plan of both Clintons and one hatched and developed towards a reach to rare power grabbing that dates back to when they were just dating law students.


Have you found the missing years 1993 - 2001 yet?  Really - have you?  Have they lost their innocence yet?

It seems either that most Americans keep walking into closed glass  sliding doors or that there is a cancer about America because there  exists such a mass of 99% that just hasn’t processed such a natural consideration. 

And, yes, it is remarkable how prepared and ready Michael Moore was to lead a charge to blame everyone but the Clintons.

If you haven’t considered that the Clinton “two-fer” consummated their “PLAN” and maintained it for decades towards dreams of great power - of power so great they might even become extra-Constitutional global autocrats should you even be reading any mysteries?  

After eleven years of not looking at them - can any corners be cut to try to cure this that seems a cancer upon America and especially a confidence in its economy?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:02 pm

Who is the pooch now?   It may be most inappropriate to label these new days of New Deal Austerity as a “depression.”

Though President Clinton and President Obama are putting on happy faces as if of an amicable and agreeable politics we have that calling these days since the first moves to a new New Deal Austerity even nearly a “NEW DEPRESSION” is like using a wrong verb.

For the sake of clarity to this historical economic discussion let us postpone an attempt to understand the very contrariness and innate hypocrisy of this new relationship - of this pre-convention paradigm or conundrum of those contesting “head of Democrat Party” steppin’.

To preface a much overdue breakdown of the dramatic related to how we have been of a GREAT SUPPRESSION to these economic downturns and less so if at all a new GREAT DEPRESSION.

When the willful polarizing of political and partisan issues specifically commenced is generally answerable as though it all started about the moment Hillary for President kicked off for 2008.  We have whence a clear expression related to means, motive, and expected opportunities.  Yes, Dems of Clintons’ set and ilk were proven wrong about “inevitability” of Hillary.

We should for clarity also look past that before presumptive nominee Obama embraced the defeated Clintons he was of “CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN” and then suddenly he was simply more just “UNITE FOR CHANGE.”

Enter CITIZENS UNITED.  Oh so contrary?  This is a dog that barks with bite? 

With this a story of a most junior Senator with no real experience and so set against another most junior new Senator again we may need to postpone a consideration of some of the drama.  

Our Senate is supposed to be our greatest national bulwark of breastworks secured by a most traditional seniority system.  I get that 9/11 gave Senator Clinton an extreme makeover to a risen untouchable international sympathetic figure and that such worked for her as per our Senate like a grand trump card, but, I don’t recall for now how Senator Obama beat his most junior status.

With President Obama recently of claiming that his plans are working - we are wise to wonder exactly which plans and if they were actually his plans more than the Clintons’ plans - reallocated or redistributed some for a limited use by that whom beat them, such as it was.

With CITIZENS UNITED in the yard and with so much still to preface so late about an actual history of this economic downturn it is wise to introduce a “grandfathering” respective of the decisions of CITIZEN UNITED as an allowance for the reported colleges united and their hopeful speculating about 2008 elections some have questioned as “shorting.”

If you look at the shorting that happened as having been a few hopeful economic blows thought not quite as severe when commenced that then proved to be hits that were too hard to recover from you can glimpse that a suppression more than a depression.  If corporations are now permitted to spend then it seems how COLLEGES UNITED or acting competitively in a common but separated interests are not to having grandly acted illegally and as per campaign finance laws, at least.

To keep this as simple as possible it seems the President we think is the actual current head of the Democrat Party has some “truth” in his recent comments that his plans are working.  Bill Clinton, a former President, may actually be now more just a show pooch and schedule so.  It seems however whomever - this is what we would have also been to economically speaking if the Clintons had managed to be as inevitable and legally acceptable again as they thought.

At first the gas prices spiked and in ways the Republicans couldn’t have wanted though supposedly evil for wanting oil company profits maybe as much as Hillary of Hillary for President did.  Then the gas prices, that Republicans had no use for since a win in 2008 was more important for their agenda, and their political compassion, didn’t go back down.  Then the gas prices settled in to rise and rise.


We are in an economic mess in part set up by the rise in gas prices that Dems thought could be the perfect economic crisis for a 2008 electoral sweep.  We are also quite of such as an economic time where the Democrats have barked and barked and barked again about all the important socialistic things we need to do because of this unexpected crisis.

For the 2008 Democrat Party victories the national Democrats needed a down economy to secure a win.  As a hypothesis or theory we then are reasonably to a questioning of:  Then how might they suppress the economy in time for a win - for many wins?

CITIZENS UNITED is still in the yard — it may or may not be of a grandfathering protection for the possibly separate but seeming united shorting of at least some of Dems’ strongholds and their endowments.  We seem to have by their actions a COLLEGES UNITED to a suppression for the fullest expression of their political wishes and maybe no way not now considered legal “corporated” expression because of CITIZENS UNITED.

So if they did it all on purpose for a timely suppression of our economy it is not intelligent to call it a DEPRESSION, right?

So what went wrong?  Or with President Obama of “my plans are working” expressions and a new embrace of President Clinton what exactly is now going right?  My “THE O ZONE” that now follows this piece does help preface this piece - especially as it is with addendum with posting at http://jphogan.org .  President Clinton and President Obama are in the yard together again and yet so contrary to have such for their own past barks quite a hypocrisy.

It seems what now gets away safely and freely but for how now we are of a contest more as if “subjects” than “citizens” than ever since our Declaration of Independence is what had been still until recently shackled as a “all Bush’s fault.”

For simplicity we might just assume for the next near 100 days that this economy would have been addressed just the same way with much the same ideology if by the Clintons, and with more flexibility in this a new term for them and not a first term so.

We now know what the Democrats wanted to accomplish and have them enough times speaking to how CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS alarmism may have been necessary as a strategy for such as their agenda.

Now we may only be to needing to talk about them and these times not as a GREAT DEPRESSION but more accurately and simply as THE FIRST GREAT SUPPRESSION.

It does seem that the spike in gas prices was the first convenient crisis and then then as November approached that it might not prove to be enough to secure positive election results for the Democrats nearly enough.  I don’t know the full story of the reported “shorting” of endowment funds but do see it much as a type of corporate contributions likely now legal by CITIZENS UNITED. 

Was this meant to be a manageable “suppression” not nearly thought then to be enough to bring on a GREAT SUPPRESSION nearly like a new DEPRESSION?  Was theirs an innocence and idealism of a HOPE for either the Clintons or Obama thinking that it would be as easy to reverse a slide as it was to start one or two for a convenient political crisis?

However now we are here.  President Clinton may be scheduled just to be a show pooch - but then these times look as made for him as they seem to have been made for President Obama.  And, yes it seems, also in hindsight that there were moments after the Democrats with the White House and both branches of Congress did think they would easily be able to stop the slide after those convenient crisi, and that then a sense was about that maybe when 2008 became possibly not the easy win they expected they may have hit the economy too hard with some of their partisan idealistic shortings.

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