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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:55 am

There comes a time when one party rocks on for the kid in the candidate to be as about the incidental vicissitudes.

Sadly the other party has been now long to this JOBLESS RECOVERY as devotees and celebrants of Obama’s Rooseveltian New Deal Austerity. 

His housing and zippiness has long been controversial for Rezko took a big hit for him - for he of another Hyde Park than New Deal Roosevelt.  President Obama may have hidden from taxes about Rezko shrubbery, at least Illinois and Chicago taxation.

Per: http://mydd.com/users/hwc/posts/the-obamarezko-home-a-picture-is-worth-1000-words it seems that the Obamas with their four car garage Chicago crusty lifestyling - their upper crust estatism have seen that their side yard has turned over from Rezko to Rezko attorney.

There are some friends that should feel forewarned from going hunting with Obamas - at least house hunting.  For one of their close friends a whole lot of figural buck shot has been absorbed viscerally at least.  This is no Clintons’ “Whitewater” - it may be worse, far worse, at least for the respective times.

To hunt their pork we have that Clintons’ futures early too were of a days turn it seems of a thousand dollars there converted politically in Chicago merchantilisms into near a hundred thousand.  The Obamas with their Chicago future tied with Rezko did effect near as great a return also on a very limited investment.

Let him be clear - he moved his family into another Hyde Park - another than that where President Franklin Delano Roosevelt lived.  He chose to move on up into a energy monster of a Chicago mansion with a four car garage and a side yard nearly sold off and forever detached from propertied history.  By buying just that 1/5th or 1/6th of their property’s old side yard from the Rezko deep pockets the Obamas protected their side yard with the most minimal taxation upon them figurable.  And yet for such small fraction the “holding” so of Obamas by another’s interests did suddenly devalue from full market price to near half value of listed appraisal.

Though when running on his own re-interpretation of Franklin’s New Deal with an OBAMA NEW DEAL AUSTERIY ECONOMICS it wasn’t so clear that one should consider avoiding house hunting with President Obama.  It figures since President Obama got recently punked by President Clinton, as it seemed, to attempting to present himself as “TEDDY” Roosevelt that something must be amiss with President Obama as a new President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

By buying just that near 1/6th of the former side yard of their Chicago establishment address acquisition so settled upon at a below the general and seeming fair value as evidenced by Rezko simultaneous purchase of less at full value we see that today the Obama’s likely couldn’t get elected to higher office in Chicago or Illinois - at least to “Governor.”  So buy selling just that 1/6th the Rezko “property” did devalue by near 1/2 and to it seems a new classification in housing market of such establishment neighborhood to “sub-standard” holding - it seem just enough was sold off by Rezko to protect the real and apparent value of the Obama mansion and its curb appeal.  By buying just that 1/6th the Obamas were able to have their side yard as if their own and yet be able to avoid all or most of the taxation for such aggrandised grandness.

It does seem that though the Obamas have been able to be better friends to Rezko or his lawyer since their closing back whence they have shown themselves willing to leave a friend strung out or hung out.  Per the linked old article it seems that Rezko lawyer is now that holder of greatly devalued sub-standard empty building lot - aka the Obama’s side yard, legally speaking to taxable appraisals.  And, yet the Obama’s have been free and clear enough to have helped Rezko heal from the wounds of their house hunting excursion.  We have a crisis of valuation here of their pockets/wallets and their morals/friendships - we have that Obamas have been less dependent on Rezko as once whence and fully able to have bought up the remainder (majority) of their Chicago yard and assume full responsibility for their fair share of Chicago and Illinois taxation.

When it seemed that President Obama got punked by President Clinton into that like “I am a new TEDDY” - and so the Theodore Roosevelt of 1910 - it fit that it could come from Clintons’ envy and as well be of unbalanced political thinking as whence original to “TEDDY” for such then was seemly off and too much of compromises, political and moral, of a casualness to prudence with such of a greediness to thinking to over-reaching to third terms.

It is fair to say President Obama got “PUNKED” - for what he said, and how he said it about former President Theodore Roosevelt, then recently back from largest safari ever mounted as a mass killing expedition, in the world as we still know it, and, as well from a tour of new fascist courts and castles about Europe, fit so much as a pro-hunting and pro-gun message that he would better to have been then:  President Obama speaking from the National Rifle Association.

But the Obamas have been slamable about the vicissitudes of Chicago property values and Illinois taxation reach for their enbeddedness with Rezko shrubbery.  They long now have been able to buy out either Rezko or his lawyer and step up to paying their fair share.  I don’t know why they keep letting friends suffer so just so they can avoid their fair share of taxation for the curb value they desire and crave for themselves.  I don’t know the math but I do consider that all these years they could have been paying full taxes for the full market value of their side yard and not otherwise to a 1/6th portion that is still as of an essence of “controlling interest.”

President George Washington spoke to our nationalism as he started off our show with his famous and important loaded words “Among the vicissitudes incident to life” as if a centralized National healthcare inappropriate to a being of “American” and also did speak economically contrary to how we have heard President Barack Hussein Obama.  President Obama came in and suggesting their should be no vicissitudes incident in an American economy - that there should be a boring flat line of planned top down national redistribution an not the “ups and downs” of our Washington amongst our natural state of a regular incidental vicissitudeness.

President Abraham Lincoln when earlier of his Cooper Union Speech stood up as if a Black American and fully of the “Black Republicans” of such speech - he stood up and dared any to argue for “slavery” personally and as if they if to such an attempt they would have to argue why they had a right to enslave any other human being - why or how they had a right to enslave him.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 5:47 pm

A renewed mission is afoot and indiscriminate for our gang of 50.  It is more a time for each state, that you can make change with, of having opportunities best kept local - a time of calls for “globalism” that states’ realms are our best preserve.

Despite whether you yet understand that President Obama, by whipping his carriages of state just so, has been complicit in forcing a suppression economic, and, so personally liable politically for so many who see the value of their quarters down - and down even near 40% or more: 

He did not “inherit” this economy he as a Democrat participated in a primary with messaging and promises that threatened our economic foundations.  He did ask for and work to get this job - that is not “inheriting it.”

If he were a “Mad Man” it would be as if he had the account for America to celebrate and renew states all with a quartering one and all - a state quarter for each state - and then tried to operate as well with an attempt to sell and pimp just a hammer and sickle quarter without thinking he had a conflict of interest.  He would seem to be a character of character for sure but the one you just new was likely to be written off with a story of bankrupting his agency, so it seems.

When the British were coming - when the British were coming our colonialists were facing forced quartering.  Yes we had a Tea Party, and then after our revolution and Independence commenced and inaugurated with “Among the vicissitudes certain to life…” the Bounty set sail with Captain William Bligh.  I don’t know how historical THE MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY is but I do recall that President Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe the third.  Our Independence was of from a protest against crowning edicts of a practice of requiring colonial subjects to board and feed British soldiers in their own quarters at their own expense, so I seem to remember.  It has been a few years since I read of our Sons of Liberty.

{Posted to HBR Facebook recently by me} > Remember it was President Clinton that wanting a popularity for unexpected and thought impossible “surplus” and as well a unfunded federal social programming with his ‘housing bubble inflating” who did ask the banks to find a way to let him have both that went against economic sciences when together and so was specifically to asking them to find a way to just try to gamble away the risks - to so to the every risky derivatives schemes.

Straight up: America is maybe more competitive now for having had this unnecessary CRISIS OF VALUATION. 

For this to have been beneficial it must have been purposeful by our politicians and not a colossal accidental crash.  We haven’t had the upside presented in President Obama’s regular remarks as far as I have discerned - we haven’t had the requisite politics demonstrative concerning the great devaluation of quarters.

Since as far back as Speaker Pelosi with her starting her politicking hopeful that either junior Senator Clinton or especially junior Senator Obama would find a down economy to succeed with we should have been better to be hearing the economic arguments to our United States of America better to a RESET with a revaluation of all quarters so that our competitiveness globally could be of nation wide lower costs of living.

I have heard all of the GOP Presidential contestants speak loudly and clearly to so much of this mess unlike most or all from earlier days for our young country and specifically of a discernible fault evident to a guiltiness of national political leaders and their intentionally worked governance.  I have heard the Republicans explain some at least of how this mess was actually made by American Democrats.  I have been explaining some of such publicly myself for years and off www.jphogan.org blog pages either from http://myblog.jphogan.org or http://2012us.jphogan.org or now here from http://hogan.jphogan.org.  I have as well a new medial archived past for sharing thoughts about such as J.P.Hogan on politico.com and huffingtonpost.com and as well washwire.com and newsbusters.org as far back as 2006.

If all of now greatly devalued quarters have made America of a new footing to a renewed competitiveness it seems it might have been accidental by our national Democrat Party leadership.  If it were purposeful and our best path to a renewed economy I believe they should have been explaining and working in a collaboration with such economics to see that a reduction in cost of living be explained as an upside for so many upside down homes - it seems we should be of a coordination national political message to effect and acceptance not of a lower standard of living for Americans but a lower cost of living with such revalued quarters.

I have earlier, and many times before, explained how it may have been too many liberal cooks working Democrat policy priorities at once that actually caused this economic downturn.  I have explained that the GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM caused a spike in gas prices with its subjectifying of fuel markets with consumer guilting and that such spike had no place in the hyper consumerism economy still a hangover from Clintonomics.  When the GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM spike the price of gas the hyper consumerism of Clintonomics still be celebrated by Speaker Pelosi realized itself for most regular Americans as a crisis that first showed up as a shortage of funds to pay for fuel to get to work - and then to reducing the needed hyper consumerism that then left employers without enough demand so that soon the didn’t have the jobs to pay for the houses.

Straight up:  The Bush tax cuts and deficits had little to do with down economy. 

Speaker Pelosi and Democrats wanted a down economy to succeed in 2008 again with a “it’s the economy, stupid” advantage at our polls.  Speaker Pelosi by being devotee and celebrant of the Clintons’ surpluses did more real damage to economy than President Bush - she locked out most of the options President Bush could have used to attempt to save us from such crisis earlier.

We have that President Obama may be a good orator - an above average orator - and yet a bad pitch man or salesman.

We have that our national politics of the past years now of the Presidency of President Obama have led us now so long without explaining so much.  He is in a mess with more than Catholic institutions for his attempt to over-write and over-reach over our Gang of 50 - our governors.  He is now of a time when even revalued missions of local and community worship are contrary to our President and of an opportunity to refresh their own semi-public quarters as of staffs fit for our Jobian times to help “global citizen” development with educational and informational programs in foreign cultures and faiths and even maybe foreign language studies that could help parochial footing in new internet economies better in a new competitiveness if of Americans knowledgeable and linguistic in others languages and faiths.

Straight up, again:  President Bush’s tax cuts and deficits did not cause the economic down turn - the Democrats had too many cooks messing with our economic science - the Democrats caused a subjectifying in our fuel markets that undermined the hyper consumerism at the corrupt core of Clintonomics.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:47 pm

By now we are actually safer because of the Bush administration - not the Clintons’ 8.

We have that the Clintons still had the option to act more responsibly as per Iran and Iraq and move forward in their first term after Saddam Hussein had at most three years to fully comply with United Nations Sanctions.  We have that the Clinton Administration had eight years to prosecute Saddam Hussein and nip the Iran nuclear program in the bud.

It is a simple political consideration that the Clintons’ by nearly letting Saddam Hussein out from under the bite of sanctions were to increasing a sense of need for Iran for nuclear development.  There is little also in hindsight I can yet figure to explain how we gave Iraq of Saddam more than three years for full compliance.

I am not here being a war monger or hawk, even — really you could say that above broaches a dovishness where action earlier would have seemed more honest and believable.  I don’t know if the Clintons reworked Central Intelligence Agency efforts to lie about peace to get the popularity they wanted from “PEACE DIVIDENDS” — I don’t know how to explain their governance and especially concerns already pressing about Iran without thinking they must have knowingly been lying about peace.

We could have convened a new international court at least for Saddam Hussein - though an earlier effort such as Bush’s Operation Iraqi Freedom likely would have been better accepted and so for sooner being a stand with of the United States to facilitate a jury of his peers for Saddam Hussein and complicit Ba’athist Party regulars.

How one so comfortable hashing around a political psycho-babble, as was President Bill Clinton, could have let so much time pass as per Iran and Iraq and nuclear power and weapon vicissitudes is a great puzzler.  Iran can be said to have felt an irreversible need to move towards a nuclear program largely because of the inaction and avoidance as per Saddam Hussein by the Clintons’ administration.

We heard that Saddam supposedly was a threat for having an ambition and effort to reconstitute his old nuclear programs.

We heard that Saddam had been at war with Iran - a viciousness his where he as a Ba’athist minority could send his country men of Shia majority off to Iran to kill their Shia brethren or be killed by their Shia brethren.  I don’t know how we weren’t of hearing either Clinton of the Clintons’ 8 wax their psycho-babble about this as like genocide and a duty for a speedy prosecution.

If you were Iran and lived through the Clintons’ 8 with inaction and avoidance and near a full forgiveness of Saddam Hussein, and so with a population over 50% under or near the age of 26, would you be remembering their used to be near a million more of the generation that made up that for these fathers?  We do have President Bush and his associations that considered and governed with a greater sense of reality as per Iraq and Iran.  We have that he stopped related to Iran and nuclear developments from a jack booted callousness to some diplomatic soft shoe politics seemingly with the hope that by dealing with Saddam even so lately the United States of America would be visibly of a renewed moral character such that Iran would see a greatly diminished motivation to so work to nuclear weaponry.

Yes, I was of old medium of faxing when President Bush so stressed to find another well moderated new balance and position.

As long as it looked like Saddam Hussein could get out from under sanctions and essentially forgiven by more than U.S. Democrats and some other leaders from other countries it looked even to some in America as if Saddam Hussein would reconstitute his nuclear programs - and with suggestion that the “west” like us needed him to to balance Iran.  So it would have been either that Saddam first moved towards nuclear power or then did only because Iran was and then so he would have global allowances in abundance to do likewise.

Because of President Bush’s moderation we have that by helping Iraqi people bring Saddam Hussein to justice and that trial by his peers he did remove most if not all of the fair or seemingly moral cause and justification Iran could consider towards cause to justify a nuclear weapons program.  Because of the Clintons 8 of inaction and avoidance Iran may have feared that such wasn’t reliable enough to balance the contrary and whimsy possible again if USA back to Clintons and their psycho-babble selective politics.

Because we were so late to prosecuting Saddam Hussein - so late to assisting his people to prosecuting him,  when we did finally move with a standing with as we did with Operation Iraqi Freedom and so that much of such hard work should have removed most of the moral cause or justification Iran otherwise might claim it likely may have not been soon enough.

Personally as per all this:  It seems utterly ridiculous that former First Lady Hillary Clinton is at all now allowed near the issues of Iran and Iraq and especially as our top “diplomat.”   Neither Clinton can offer a confidence that sanction can have bite unless you go as if “good cop - bad cop” scenario with an expectation that she could play the mad woman, madly.

We are safer now because of Operation Iraqi Freedom!  Without it now not only would Iran also be having such nuclear ambitions, but as well without it Saddam Hussein would have had international support to be rebuilding Iraqi nuclear programs as well — this is simple political psycho-babble that must have been of the intellectual capacity of both Clintons during their 8.

As it is Operation Iraqi Freedom was a standing with towards liberation and not an occupation and so has President Bush administration creditable for a moderated Middle East policy where how we acted specifically regarding Iraq should have greatly reduced any sense for Iran to an continued or actual future need to possess nuclear weapons.

I don’t recall the specific numbers but seem to think it was near a million of Iran’s fathers that Saddam Hussein was responsible for eliminating by sending his Shia subjects off to kill or be killed by their Irani Shia brethren.  I do recall that the Clintons did almost let Saddam Hussein slip out from any real prosecution.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 3:00 pm

{Welcome!  I am now developing a new blog location here, still much to be done.}

It is the year 2012 and with the prevalence of Jobian Tablets it is ours to ponder English as the American official language.  We have these true days of new media and incredible portability about an e-world to ponder and divine a “global citizen” walk and talk.  We have that because of our Tablet revolution and so many now so Jobian we are at a crossroad or river where in and across all of the United States of America the hot tip for future employment is to suggest that divinity and languages are now a new frontier.

As you personally look to making your big leadership decision this primary season and then general elections of November for American elections we are likely to be learning of fault lines for religions and of still and economy quite otherwise Jobian as well.  We have that Democrats long have seemed to be fogging lines between religion and state and with efforts to ride Watergate to a secular popularism they could lock up to a selfish political popular secularism truly partisan and with efforts global as well as local to such.

We seem to be in a State at a state where communities and businesses all across our country as well as afficionados of social media and its internationalism are now to us all of a need for more linquists skilled in foreign languages and customs and with a new broad full spectrum erudity as well of cultures and rituals of all the religions of the world.  We have a Catholic versus Mormon headlining now about - and yet with each to postulating Republican politically for all religions and their preserved and protected rights under our governance.  We have while so the furtherance of a secular fog by a Democrat administration.

For to be prepared and confident as borders blend via global social media and internet hook-ups now with so many tablets having so many wondering and marching quite Jobian our national government as per “global citizen” messaging and attempts to a new growth economy and yet alas we tread on many as an English language country yet while our instincts to internationalism using and consuming e-world near in a borderlessness it is remarkable that with all the “socialism” we haven’t already heard dictates to advise that individual Americans hopeful to our future should be now studying foreign languages and the divinties.

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