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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:05 am

Developing now:  We have ourselves within a hundred days to discern and judge as citizens still or now as more just “subjects” the dangers of the hot air emitted since the 2008 races commenced and with Speaker Pelosi hot for SURPLUSES.

The simplest way to preface in a more scientific way the post 2009 “I inherited this …” is to maybe look at what happened to the price of gasoline due to Al Gore as Mr. Alarming Science of GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM.  We should look carefully at such subjective politicing not so much with a debate about the “warming” so much as we should reconsider and look at how many other options were actually available then, economically speaking, to address or fix such if so.

It would be too simple to be stupid, quite, though to speak of this now as all Al Gore’s fault with he responsible most for a over-simplified dramatization devoid of objectivism that was far too alarming to our economics and markets - even to the very fabric of our sociologicals.  We shouldn’t look at this forced austerity of us so nearly of a new depression as just the fault of Al Gore. 

We have it as well to be measured reasonably that when Senator Hillary Clinton announced “Hillary for President” she did tear asunder much about our national sense - its historic prudence and modesty.   For now it is more important though just to focus on how besides the subjective alarmism of GLOBAL WARMING over dramatization we have quite that “Hillary for President” and her revolutionary pronouncement to be to seizing all oil company profits after elected still as a quite evident causal factor too.

These are the hundred days, give or take, that try our souls anew.  There may be no Holy Trinity in candidate Mitt Romney’s understanding of the original sins that brought us necessarily to this forced New Deal Austerity.  It may be some a putting of the chicken before the egg now to have already punctuated this analysis as a “forced New Deal Austerity.”

There is mystery about the politics of our time - yet less about how there were more ways to address an actual GLOBAL WARMING or CLIMATE CHANGE than the few partisan and quite political offerings yet embraced by Democrats.

There is a mystery, sure, about how Candidate Mitt Romney may not be to seeing a Holy Trinity in this, but then really how mysterious that it seems to have been a conspiracy or just mess of four - of the four we know of as Al Gore, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Former candidate of “Hillary for President”, and, as well candidate and now President - Barack Hussein Obama?

For the sake of simplicity it might be more dramatic and yet easier to fathom as per these trying days of our O’s zone to consider the about four as of a collusion and conspiracy as if an un-Holy trinity meant to be kept mysterious if only by always allowing a deniability for one of its primary bad actors.

We didn’t have to embrace the over dramatized subjective alarmism of GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM as the end all be all of political solutions to scientific problems.  We have engineers - we had other ways to build a solution, already available and quite well funded.  We didn’t need the socialistic pronouncement of “Hillary for President” by candidate Senator Clinton to hawkish bend orated to us of a time where Americans should have their Government seize “all oil company profits.”

As to this “un-Holy trinity” we can see the workings of their hands towards a crisis upon a crisis to a much higher price for gasoline so that their idealism could have a chance to have political feet if only for a brief early atmosphere of acquiescence while stuck in a fog of the partisan polarizing storm fronts - we can see a simple mashable “taggable” for them as of a responsibility specifically for the spike in gas prices that then set off the collapse of the housing bubble once the hyper consumerism that Speaker Pelosi long defended with her hard to explain belief in the Clintons’ SURPLUSES did have people not able to also afford their mortgages if the did afford the new gas prices needed to get to the very job that they had only because the “hyper-consumerism” of Clintonomics wasn’t yet quite of people actually of spending too much more than they actually had an ability to afford.

Thanks to Senator Clinton, Senator Obama, Speaker Pelosi and their alarmist idealist Al Gore and his preaching of at least bad and limited political solutions amidst his questionable “science” and moral priorities, for his people, where so many seemed  meant to see themselves as less important than the terra firma about them, we now have them much more clearly as culpable for politics as of an un-Holy trinity that did cause the price of gas to spike and therefor were mostly those of the original political sins that caused the economy to go belly up once the funds needed for gas had become the same funds also available for mortgage payments or maintenance of the risky hyper-consumerism ushered in knowingly by President Bill Clinton.

We certainly had numerous other ways for a new doctrine political for climate concerns.  We didn’t need to blindly rush to a unfounded faith in the over-dramatized preaching by Al Gore and while it so devoid of objectivism.  We had ways to add new industries as for a prudent mobilization maybe still too nationalistic that wouldn’t have been so as under a faith in this un-Holy trinity to the same mistakes (?) so to a mass austerity as was already undisputed evident truth in Spain with it known not unknown that such if spread to America so would as well cost two regular jobs for each new “green” politically figured job.

We may all now be so globally of a New Deal Austerity specifically because of this “O” zone or bad science and polarizing idealistic partisan politics where we were told to accept the few offered Democrat Party solutions and not at all stray to consider so many other options that were then also available and even so that we could have been to addressing “CLIMATE CHANGE” by adding jobs in new industries without killing off existing jobs. 

What we know now is that we actually had time to consider other options and to better arrange a new believable economic path forward.  We see now there are many holes in the very thinking of the Democrat Party un-Holy trinity however amassed and yet too few are yet to the very simple causal fact based awakening that could even be enlightening since it seems straight talk sharable that the Democrats caused the spike in gas prices that set off the otherwise forced NEW DEAL AUSTERITY.

It seems an “Ah!” or “O - Oh!” “MOMENT” now with us all within a hundred days to save our nation. 

Please consider this alarmism - and fully.  Please reconsider all recent “CRISIS” based “alarmism” and especially as well the indefensible faith Speaker Pelosi kept and keeps, it seems, in the Clintons’ SURPLUSES and especially towards a personal enlightenment from a new way of thinking economically and not too subjectively that acknowledges at least three so of a un-Holy trinity, politically speaking, too long, now, for sure, where too many were asked to accept blindly that if she said the extra trillion of cuts by the Clinton First Couple “two-fer” political machinations were good then they must be good.

I don’t know what with all the “devil in the details” about all this politics whom of this Democrat Party trinity to deniability we might or should redraw and toss from quarters first in at least our thoughts.  It seems they let it be written and let it be so that we now all be so much to a forced NEW DEAL AUSTERITY even though we can all fairly still question how sinful such may be for it seemingly long of a designed machination and effort worked while such were thinking they could just blame some one or more else.

Yes, we know how to make ice - for starters.  Yes, some entrepreneurs were quickly innovative upon the above alarmism however unfounded to inventions of collectors that could be made cheaply and located discretely at congestion points to capture and store the bad carbon based exhausts. 

It seems we had ways to pace our nation without such politics about a CLIMATE CHANGE forward without killing off old carbon based jobs so aggressively.  It seems we had others with whom we could have kept faith, and sounder economics.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 11:52 pm

It seems to be a unique story of an American up from our western islands.  He speaks now and as so recently of a story not specifically like his Madam Secretary’s of a political nepotism causal to her ascendency to “Senator” Clinton — our President has spoken in a clear and concise manor not indicative of a black man of “negro dialect.”

President Barack Hussein Obama has a story similar to Mrs. Hillary Clinton, his Secretary of State, as of a career that others seem to have built.  In the case of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton we have that her acquisition of a New York Senate seat can be simply tagged as of a political nepotism kind of affirmative action - or whatever.

President Obama’s recent “someone else built it” illumination of his real life story without regular fictional accoutrements may not be as politically bad as Senator Harry Reid’s past remarks that shed like on his willingness to help the career construction for Senator Barack Obama - those remarks of such being affirmable as action would be for a “light skinned” politician with “no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

No to men are exactly alike - no two politicians regardless of sex or skin color or lifestyle are either. 

As all were born equal and subject later to conscious considerations of an “ashes to ashes” exposure - we have the Barry Obama roots of President Obama now to consider much.

You may be late to this story of President Obama’s less about a struggle for freedom than his Secretary of State but not too late to now look at both as “made” “politician” much of constructions for them to a “career” or “business” with it now to a parsing of particulars between “political nepotism” and “affirmative action.”

For the sake of our Olympians and their work at being successful we can for now safely “box” these two “leaders” as bureaucrats more than as cheerleaders.  President Barack Hussein Obama has had it tougher than some politicians in Chicago for troubles related to affirmative action, yes, but complicated for that “half black” or “light skinned” bias as of a “not black enough.”

We know his Secretary of State is a carpetbagger of record.  We can consider that her Senate “Job” was mostly arranged for her with expectations that her husband’s relocation to NYC would continue to greatly favor its economy however actually built.  It is hard to actually see “Hillary” of a success story of her own - it just seems still when there have been successful moments, as few as there may be, others have been actually otherwise mostly responsible.

So what are the “roots” of President Obama the aforementioned “light skinned” with “no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one” — what is his story of success - can he at all be more responsible for his own success than his Secretary of State for her few?

Not all that were born equal have such a story of others shovel ready for them actually with shovels ready and worked - even figuratively.  It seems by President Obama’s recent remarks that somehow he had trouble with “shovel ready” jobs because he was ignorant of where shovels actually came from. 

Maybe he needs some time in his wife’s gardens.

How do we separate the boy from the man - the President Barack from the “surfer dude” Barry?  What are his roots, actually, whom are we best now to compare him to but maybe his own Secretary?

Senator Reid wasn’t alone with his thoughts back whence then while of speaking so affirmingly and actively for his peer that was “light skinned” and of “no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”  There is a story of “political” “shovels” for a young carpetbagger of sorts to Chicago and as well of a political concern similar to recent remarks much as well about his being only half black.

As we have heard there are at least intonations to differentiate similar remarks spoken with business experience by Mitt Romney that mark a true story less fictionalized or dramatized than his darker skinned opponent now in the 2012 Presidential race.

It seems that President Obama has well set himself apart as the “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION” candidate and historically as our first “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PRESIDENT” but as it has earlier applied for those more uniters than dividers.

We have that it is of record that President Obama is “not our first black President” and as well others have been contrary to the intent of such, spoken by more than a few, when of the left handedness of President Clinton and his wants regular at times to grab whatever attention he could by claiming for himself a spotlight as “the first black President.”

Was President Obama’s first problem with businesses and job creators the early problem with “shovel ready” jobs as it seems now cleared out some with his “others built that business” as it suggests he doesn’t still know where shovels come from?

So we have just two to talk about now more than any other - one for a “political nepotism” and the other for a sometimes too fictional story and the actual affirmative action that silently supported and still may support it.

This really though is only about Barack Hussein Obama the career politician and no one else’s actual roots.  We have that he himself with his early autobiography and his keeping of an oral tradition about his tales has been clearly to explaining that he didn’t make or win his first elective office in Chicago.  We have that his “political” “business zone” and all its roads and bridges (if it had any) were made for him in a Chicago back office.

There are many to celebrate and cherish for life stories complete from ashes to ashes and as works in progress, yet for this politician Barack Hussein Obama it seems his success isn’t actually by his own admittance as success of his own works or skill.

When it comes to separating the boys from the men or girls from the women one’s actual roots are to be litigated if a politician in a public realm.  Yes Olympians - you are responsible for what you have built yourselves to.  I am not sure that by the President’s recent remarks he thinks we should say the same about him.

He may say words similar to thoughts spoken some by Mitt Romney and as a “light skinned” with “no negro dialect, …” and as a carpetbagger politician of some sorts to Chicago yet it seems they just don’t have the same heft or intonation as when spoken by someone who has been in business and has business experience.

I don’t know why President Barack Hussein Obama who got his first political (elective) job in Chicago from a back room redrawing of representative mapping so that a sufficient number of people who would have less objection to a light skinned Harvard Law grad carpetbagger candidate could be kind of “relocated” to be of a majority affirmative for him would now be to raising the issue of himself as our first AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PRESIDENT.

His story is his own - and now in question more than most.  President Obama has called himself out as one whose story is a construction by others mostly.  When it comes to having roots of a business actually of the labors of others it seems his story of having a back room redrawing of political lines in Chicago for him to be sufficient to guarantee his election is now maybe his first “shovel ready” work.

I know, I have recalled that I have known him from afar as ambitious about oratory since the seventies.  I have recognized that his ideas of “compromise” are familiar as Democrat Party lines I have long found impracticable and theoretically unworkable.  I do recall as well that his 2004 Convention break out speech annoyed me viscerally quite as of a taking from me of my own works and to different ends than intended and to being as well of an inappropriate usage by other Democrats of original works and cerebral conceptions that were meant to work for more and more equally.

Mr. President - you seem to have made this much about you specifically and called into question your own actual story - might you now while such is fresh in the public conscience explain how you came to 2004 Convention Speech to sound contrary so to your written style and yet too close for comfort and acceptance by me to my own style and original synthesis for modern times specifically and while such works were not “works yet in the public domain”? 

If this if of you having turned bad or rotten from the top down or roots up it seems as well it is of roots of my own story of works for positive change and times that I found attempt to maybe just “imitate” far from flattering yet not far from concerning and as unauthorized. 

I do have a problem with the Clintons and how even with “affirmative action” excuse for “political nepotism” they are still of misuse of much of what is of and in my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM that as well is still remarkable for being more of the style and rhyme and reasoning of your break out 2004 Convention speech than your own published written works, however fictional or composited.

I did here quote others for commentary on you being maybe not black enough and especially Senator Harry Reid unforgettable affirmation, however, for you.  As per that first impression of you from 2004 live speaking I still cannot shake the “how dare they? - how dare you?  that came to mind and with an echo that made me want to scream in protest especially for it of “try to put a black face on his work.”

You are more a master now than then, Mr. President — Please though can you tell me whom may have been more your master then to such I viscerally felt as an unauthorized attempt to put a black face on my own works and those that were meant to maximize positive change and with a new workable bi-partisan political correcting for general language and discussion?  It still annoys me to this day that whom ever such then more a master than you and especially about my own works was and is of the party of those that worked to make my works work for fewer and in a more partisan way and as well some for fewer about such as well too selfishly for personal political gains.

Mr. President - this judgement day is for you - you seem to have brought it very publicly upon yourself and your own story, however fictional.  I do see that if we are to talk about your story as our AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PRESIDENT it will be hard to reason away an equally judgemental studying as well of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton and as least as well as of affirmative action work of others like her Senate job as of a business of “political nepotism.”

Mr. President - this judgement day you stirred for a very public political review seems though rooted in Hawaii rearing to be much about how in Chicago you didn’t build a district and win it by an open and fair election but that you have a hopefully mostly unique American story of having a district worked and constructed from a Chicago back room.

Mr. President - do you have any comment?  Mr. President what do you have to say for our Olympians?  And, for all that have long been or have ever been American?

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When some great men pass little alarmism due - when some great men pass eternally they may be better at pushing up thorn bushes than daisies.  I know a man now near his 85 year that is being laid down today near Concord as a Marine as well from Korean conflicts.  He son did starting in the mid 1980s commence travels around the world with a suitcase of mine.

R.I.P. Bill Lee Sr. who raised his large family in Concord Massachusetts.  

As per my “suitcase” that traveled the globe - the world as we know it - then enough without me to have quite thickened a passport of another to near a thickness of a good book - it did have my name on it though carried by another Lee.

I seem to recall in its first year of travels after my sister and her then just boyfriend found it in our family attic that it spent most of its first year on loan from me in Cairo.  I seem to recall at least one story of my “suitcase” as told by my now brother in law who after his semester abroad with U.S. Embassy and so from before it became a medical device salesman’s “duffle” — I seem to remember that when of Cairo semester abroad and with a Nicholas Burns essentially his boss at Embassy by brother in law, now, was of hearing from such Nicholas Burns a thought of “suitcase envy”.

I am one of those few in America that can claim to have spent a week sailing around Cape Cod and the Islands of Cutty Hunk and Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket as a “camper” aboard a 36 foot all wood Dauntless, in my early teens.  For such “camping” there were instructions to pack in a “duffle” for better aboard stowage.  For me that meant a trip to nearest Eastern Mountain Sports for a “duffle” and to me finding a royal blue nylon bag with I think 7 separate zippered sections (maybe just five) that was soft like a duffle but more like a suitcase when full.  It also had a great shoulder strap.  It was for such “camping” that I wrote “Hogan” on side of bag about EMS label.

By the time my “suitcase” was found in family attic years later I was myself also in college and also like my brother in law to studies in Modern Standard Arabic.  I got my twelve credits from an Egyptian professor at Villanova University in the first year that VU had a Middle East Studies Department and an offering of such.  My brother in law, now, took a semester away from Holy Cross College where my sisters were, both, to study in California before his “suitcase” borrowing request.

Yes, I have a suitcase that fit a “duffle” stipulation for Dauntless stowage when a teenager.  Yes I have my suitcase back now and after it was so favored for so many years that when I saw it again after so many years and with its seams frayed I reclaimed it finally and took to some simple repairs to seams to restore it at least partly so far.  I will have to make a new strap - I have the two inch nylon webbing but will be looking for new strap hardware casually for a while.

Yes it is remembered that the Nicholas Burns that was my sister’s boyfriend’s boss in that semester abroad in Cairo in the 80s was supposedly of “suitcase” envy for this Eastern Mountain Sports royal blue soft nylon “duffle” bag that could roll up when empty to about the size of one shoe - that had a Lee traveling with a bag suggesting he was a Hogan.

My brother in law comes from good stock - R.I.P. Mr. Bill Lee Sr.  I see you maybe pushing up beautiful thorn bushes now more than just Holy daisies. 

The 80s were not quite the days of today’s airport security alertness - but maybe those many places my “Hogan” bag passed with a Lee as an international salesman honoring his mother and his father, and at least my sister.  Yes the Nicholas Burns of such story so remembered is the one I eventually met in DC before we both were to “get out of Dodge” of DC - he is the one then reportedly the highest ranking career bureaucrat - non-political appointee - in all of State - who is now teaching at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Yes I did take twelve credits in Modern Standard Arabic in the school year of my Freshman year at Villanova University in the years of 1983-84.  I did fulfill my language requirement so and respected such though with a decision not to study more of that particular region of the world and be more to being a generalist more fit to my BA in Economics and undeclared Philosophy minor and course about International Organizations and another “math” course in Pascal Computer Programming.

I hardly know where my suitcase has been to - I hardly know but a few places it got to so without me.  I do know I stayed vigilant many years as it traveled without me yet with my name on its side.  I used it just the other day to move a box of fly tying supplies and equipment I have since I shopped around DC for my first winter in DC back during Monica, Monica, Monica earlier days to then be a winter hobby for myself.  I have yet to fly fish with any of the many ties I tied but by tying them then I did learn to relate better to my late grandfather Arthur M. Menadier - to my memories and his own stories of a life time spent with fly fishing one of his greatest of hobbies.  (I started a Wikipedia article for Arthur Munroe Menadier years ago - I think most of it is still available.)

Rest in peace Mr. Bill Lee Sr. 

My “duffle” near a “suitcase” is now closer to a sewing machine for next few minor restitchings - I don’t know when I will find the strap clips I hope to find or maybe if I might some day also recover the original parts that may have survived longer independently as of a great strap as the bag became so worn it stopped being fit for such Lee travels.

I would like to find a replacement EMS label for the side of this bag too - I have already recoated the fabric for water repelling.

I do have a suitcase that has traveled the world - my jphogan.org primary site is an international site now and yet I have been to no other countries other than my own but for a brief visit to Mexico in mid 70s and a couple trips into and about Canada.

I do know some days I have over a couple hundred visits from Russian “.ru” among other noted domain origination markings so twained with simple web stats that do not record individual users or addresses.  I am pretty sure my suitcase must have been to Russia at least once as the son of the late Bill Lee Sr. traveled Hospitals of the world selling and servicing medical equipment accounts. 

I was going to write about today’s politics and the economy and related to my current reading of THE FEDERALIST PAPERS but today seemed better and more proper for recollections of Mr. Bill Lee Sr. on this day that he is being laid to rest.

Hello Nicholas Burns, again, seems at least those currently near you professionally are visiting and reading my blogging about federalism and global affairs.  I don’t know if you remember my “suitcase” - I have made it difficult as a blogger you could say for Condoleezza Rice to forget I installed new closet doors for her in months before 9/11 in her condo when she then was our nations National Security Adviser.

I may myself be thinking that to honor the late Mr. Bill Lee Sr. I might be to giving my brother in law a thorn bush.


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Originally posted at http://2012us.jphogan.org  11/29/11
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     THE GANG OF 50    

Reminds me, I was thinking you all should realize that if you set my blog as your homepage at least on your Ipad you then can go afterwards to Facebook or Twitter login with two fewer moves - that if you set my http://citizenrosebud.org URL as your homepage and then to history showing “2012us” a click on my bold typed Facebook and Twitter pages will offer you a faster way to get to your own identity.

If California is to separate into two and yet preserve that of it
“californication” state with “sacraments” homage of Sacramento should Palm Springs become the southern capital? 

I have no idea how your state is marketed or maintained.

These are days and months that have left some untried with souls not litigated or fairly questioned.

Today is a day fit for digging through my archived columns via month(s) in left margin as “archived” - today is fair day to look back and reflect and find the dozen or so songs/poems/lyrics posted and shared - especially my “OUR GREEN SUBMARINE” & “UNDER THE PEAR TREE” (however it is there actually titled).

I don’t know how deserted you may be or feel or if fully embraced and cheered as holidays rapidly approach, and, again:  I have no idea how your state is marketed or maintained.

Take my state as another Constitutional wonderment established around a “Charter Oak” storification as THE CONSTITUTION STATE and now with a Malloy it donned or danned Governor.  I have no idea why our Constitution’s current threatened state of a Statism unsubscribed originally to it now has existent within it loosely an state of CONSTITUTION STATE with a Governor Dan Malloy. 

I have no idea how my own state is now being marketed or maintained. 

I know of First unionized Governor Jonathan Trumbull and second a Federalist Governor Matthew Griswold - but how did we manage to today with a “MALLOY” donning - is a great question I have yet barely asked - asked myself.  Wikipedia has Trumbull listed as our 16th Governor and Griswold so our 17th - this seems very relevant since they are also the
first and second to many.

Is Connecticut so governed with a representation of their fears that their identity and personal powers are being redesignated “State” rather than “state” Powers?  Why and how to a “MALLOY” donning now?

So as Massachusetts’ Pilgrims planted and harvested many moons into their own continental Americana to a more pure interpretation of holy scripts and hymns where they came from originally amassed anew to a constitution accepting of Oliver Cromwell while where they left from gave shelter some to Rene Descartes and his proofs of and too separations, from Holland. 

This is all nearly as related necessarily as that at least our
GANG OF 50 or the International Criminal Courts are now of a
coincidental times, and, equally to a “complicated” historical where now our courts - “our courts” now inclusive of the jurisdiction of some International Courts - are maybe of jurisdiction to study the Clintons and Clintonomics of the Clinton 8 for financial fraud, willful and admitted (maybe), and a governance negligence.

Did you know that our Connecticut capital is also known historically as THE INSURANCE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD?

It may be best that our GANG OF 50 move now expeditiously and to pre-empt a claim of original jurisdiction by Greece or International Criminal Courts - it may be best now in these trying times of not litigated negligence maybe of already admitted financial fraud by specific and willful irresponsible and knowing governance of the Clinton 8.  The Clintons are both in a new world of jurisprudence and while specifically taggable for a fault and purposeful deception with their “economics” of SURPLUS actually too much a gaming and scheming of selfish politics and popularity hunting that can clearly be highlighted with them spotlighted as having hung so many out to all this with it fair to claim it more the fault of their representatives than themselves.

We have these days, months and years of this CRISIS OF VALUATION such that President Clintons new book is nearly a joke for it of suggestions that it would be fairer to have banks claim a paper ownership of half people’s troubled property.  The Clinton economics set so many up to fail with its clear attempts to have a housing growth as an unfunded federal social program, and so with negligence and forethought a priori and willful.

Our current problema is a ‘Problema Of The Clintons 8′ - we have that they did ask banks to find a way to play with and gamble away global financial checks and balances and basically just to buy them unexpected and thought impossible popularity.  They did set most of suffering on this path of failing - they did it knowing they were playing with such risks, really.

I don’t know if your state or my state has marketed itself well enough or maintained itself well enough to now pursue a litigation about years of CRISIS OF VALUATION against “State” powerful - one or both Clintons.  Has our Congress already taken too many rights and protections onto itself so that a fair prosecution of more evidently guilty parties is no longer a protected Constitutional right of states?

We may already as well be in the reach of the jurisdiction of THE
INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT though not as much for a willful governance negligence or intentional financial fraud as at least President William Jefferson Clinton, already, maybe.

We do now seem maybe better to a GANG OF 51 and a constitutional convention for ourselves - but can we or our representatives defend or ignore or protect a past so condemnable and now ever present for its specific workings to hang so many out to dry just because they were high naturally on chasing a thought impossible and lasting popularity that
can be seen now better by some others as too near a financial fraud and governance negligence? 

Can we argue well enough to motives while means seem already covered and entered - can we or other establish they were purposefully willful to this that seems they don’t deserve to belittle or blame our GANG OF 50 however now political or united for faults theirs with a known effecting expecting it could set so many up to fail?

In college and for a philosophy class I did have to read Franz Fanon’s THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH and work it into a paper — I did so and to my considerated think with a presentation as CAPITALISM - THE PATH TO WORLD PEACE.  For another class in a different area I did type out on an IBM Selectric in my college room a paper in economic thought maybe for a class in Urban Economics so as NEW HAVEN AND ITS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.  

I don’t know if we are ready and better to see California now with a half sister government as equal and with may Palm Springs a proper and equally poetic tag - I don’t know - I don’t know.   And why should we let Obamacare and its administering as if states are court eunuchs of fifty to be railroaded whimsically whenever now or forever by State in or from Washington.  I don’t know how at risk of a reach of the courts this all is today and as well of the current and developing reach of THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT.

Stand with your Governor - stand now - stand up for your Constitution preservation of rights from your creator - we deserve to have our Governors all as visible and proud as our President and as well any and all other sovereign state’s leaders.  Stand now before a ruling to supreme dominance for Presidents can be confused as supremely right and not as it more would be to an essential titling and crowning of non-American powers onto future holder(s) of our executive representation.

Save yourself - save your Governor - save our history and our Constitution and secured protections.  It may not be too late.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:46 am

In these trying times that torture our souls with wars, necessary, or of choice, we still have that Afghanistan is a Gettysburg of the Cold War.

If it were more a TV “CRIME SCENE” we might be then more clearly of a war zone of mission creep, and politicizing, by this current administration, of our executive branch in our Constituted loose federation of states.   And, it would be easier to see that it logically is still a battle some between expansionist socialism of a Cold War global geopolitics and America’s shared free market principles and freedoms for all from birth, equal as an American working concept.

Our “NEWS OF THE DAY” isn’t often ours’ to choose - some days it is again sad and hard to speak of.

As per the Clintons’ years we have that their PEACE DIVIDENDS have proven to be as if a GREAT underfunding.

If it were more a TV “CRIME SCENE” we might be able to look beyond the Clintons getting away with one of two-fer saying the other didn’t do it and the other as well testifying, however as well that the other of two-fer didn’t do it, and, we could be beyond taking one Clintons’ defense as innocence just because they say the other is innocent.

Our 1990s were actually a mess.  Afghanistan can be said to be a Gettysburg of the Cold War, and, now we can say that Syria seems to be in a Civil War.  We have from just last night that President Clinton of our 90s and his PEACE DIVIDENDS now feels so guilty about having let a million die in Rwanda while President that he has returned to try to ease his guilt.

That it couldn’t have been “ALL BUSH’S FAULT” has taken flight.  Yet now we are of early steps to a due discerning of guilt for former First Couple of the United States Clintons and for their PEACE DIVIDENDS.

It seems incontrovertible that the Cold War was about at least the United States of America motivated and actively to a guardianship about the globe to hinder and prevent a global spread of socialism or communism.  With Afghanistan as a Gettysburg of the Cold War we have that we most now should avoid a mission creep to an involvement as if now to also being to an attempt to socialize Afghan peoples even short of a neo-colonialism.

It does seem we are through the breached breastworks of the Clintons’ defensiveness and finally to an open field now in 2012 to look back and critically at the Clintons and at least their PEACE DIVIDENDS.  Today we seem bolstered and well enough informed to see that our 1990s were actually a mess and not an era officially able to be in hindsight to justifying peace dividends so.  We have at least Rwanda and Afghanistan to look at - for starters.

There is a conundrum about the Clintons from the early nineties that as well rates as a paradigm at least of those times.

It may have been safer to elect the Clintons in 1992 than to re-elect President George H. W. Bush.  It looked possible that if President George H. W. Bush were re-elected he might not have been able to continue to moderate the more conservative Christians of his Republican Party.  It may have been too dangerous to have re-elected President George H. W, Bush because of Christian Conservatives nearly then in 1992 overcome with pride and excessive to a national expression about such excessive pride.

It is hard to say that a country such as ours with its Constitution of a preamble of an “ordained” and then all those subscriptions by its signers so “in the Year of our Lord …” is not a Christian country from its conception.  What President Bush likely would have faced instead of our long story of a wonderful melting pot of diverse peoples was it seems an overwhelming push by Christian Conservatives to claim credit for a “WINNING” of the Cold War too much for and as of just American Christian values.

The alternative that was the Clintons, now, is arguably with hindsight, maybe the worser of the choices though it seemed more reasonable maybe back whence.  How whether the Clintons were actually a worser choice in 1992 is now quite a consideration for 2012 - at least as per a prudence for future budgeting.

That it couldn’t have been “ALL BUSH’S FAULT” has taken flight.  Yet now we are of early steps to a due discerning of guilt for former First Couple of the United States Clintons and for their PEACE DIVIDENDS.

You may find yourself now reaching for a finding of  THE FREEDOM AGENDA as an intellectually honest safe place for informed decisions and fathomable historical perspective. 

It should seem harder to make any sense of the Clintons and their PEACE DIVIDENDS, at least.  We have just last night the contrary positing of President Obama’s Ambassador Susan Rice trying to make hay at the United Nations with 17,000 casualties as if a high bar, and, we have at the same time former President Bill Clinton in casual clothes on CNN seeming that the little he is now doing in Rwanda is enough to ease his categorically expressed guilt for having let one million be killed in Rwanda. 

We have it seems that Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is the one even more contradictory to global histories just with Afghanistan.

If you want to breach breastworks to a “scholastic” or “scholarly” first won’t you have to consider how as per Afghanistan the last thing we should be appearing to be at is a neo-colonialism to prove that a socialism (communism) can be spread into Afghanistan? 

Should you know of Friedrich Nietzsche and more about BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL than I — should you consider his sister worked him offer posthumously and it seems his “ubermensch” and reportedly had Adolph Hitler at her wedding — Then: Nietzsche may not have been the monster his sister and Hitler can be said to have made him out to be after his death?

Are you already educated enough to know that supposedly Pakistan was organized as a sovereign nation with a new National identity for its people with the poetry of Iqbal and his attempts to create a “Pakistani ubermensch” more likely on the ideals of Friedrich than the perversion by his sister after his death?

I am not a scholar in these areas - but then I only worked to be a top student much to a BA in Economics and an undeclared minor in Philosophy.  I may hear from the Iqbal family some though since part of above may be remembered from near my sophomore year at Villanova University while a grandson of Founding Poet of Pakistan shared some of his family history as a classmate palling around in same clicks/circles.  I did find suggestion of that wrought by Nietzsche’s sister elsewhere.

We have that the Clintons and their PEACE DIVIDENDS are now more suspect than due a celebration.

We have though that it may have been safer to have elected them in 1992 just because of tendencies to excess by a Conservative Christian pride too proud and so that it seemed it was possibly amassed enough to overwhelm any further moderation by President George H. W. Bush if re-elected.

As per the Clintons’ years we have that their PEACE DIVIDENDS have proven to be as if a GREAT underfunding.

As per the Clintons now it is high time we stop letting them be their own character references and great proclaimers of innocence - That it couldn’t have been “ALL BUSH’S FAULT” has taken flight.

Our “NEWS OF THE DAY” isn’t often ours’ to choose - some days it is again sad and hard to speak of.

As per the Clintons’ years we have that their PEACE DIVIDENDS have proven to be as if a GREAT underfunding.

If you want to breach breastworks to a “scholastic” or “scholarly” first won’t you have to consider how as per Afghanistan the last thing we should be appearing to be at is a neo-colonialism to prove that a socialism (communism) can be spread into Afghanistan?

You may find yourself now reaching for a finding of THE FREEDOM AGENDA as an intellectually honest safe place for informed decisions and fathomable historical perspective. 

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President Barack Hussein Obama may be happiest when successful at getting you to think of him as a “David” and not a “Goliath.”

I don’t know how he has managed to still have so many not see him as a “Goliath” and while of these global days much of a new world ordering.  Even our states of our United States are some “Goliaths” more than “Davids.”

Before, long before, Thomas Friedman wrote for his THE WORLD IS FLAT works mine in strategized thinking were wrought towards a sharing and effecting such that an international “more level” playing field could be striped, marked & refereed.  America then was already a “Goliath” yet not so much now as President Obama affects.

We can keep this or at least try to make this an IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ECONOMY - SMARTIES.  We can try to discuss David and Goliath in our time less politically for now.   We should be able to discuss economically enough issues that can be measured and balanced as per global markets now without getting into how our being either now a “David” or “Goliath” is effecting our domestic politics, at least.

If we are now to foreign markets an oppressive “Goliath” just for the size and independent influence of some of our states then how can the collective whole not also now be also an oppressive “Goliath”?

President Barack Hussein Obama still doesn’t seem to get how much was worked to help make the world as we know it as “global” and “international” was long worked to even out the fields of play - the playing fields for fairer economics.

Yes that was meant as an alarming “economic” comment - not as a strictly or mostly “political” comment.

If you are a “David” - where are you? - how are you there?  Is the ground wooded and uneven with an advantage for a giant that Sun Tzu would have seen as sufficient cause to retreat or to battle another day?

It seems it would necessarily be political to discuss President B. H. Obama as a globally “apologetic David” or otherwise as a “apologetic Goliath” - we likely can avoid that for now and focus more specifically on sensitivities of markets - international markets not exclusively, though.

If we are to others of the world now as an Obama Goliath then what might such be begeting?  The Clintons National Security Council official Philip Bobbitt in his TERROR AND CONSENT did document a view that if a governance from Washington be too much of and with Hollywood it has so been known to beget terrorism. 

If we are to others of the world less free, however, now as an Obama Goliath then will they address us, however, as “Davids” in level markets in a global economic or might they think that if Americans persist in presenting itself as an Obama Goliath then it should be met squarely by reorganizations to “Goliaths” of their own, however?

Yes, it seems a fair assessment of our current predicament much still of President Washington’s first words “AMONG the vicissitudes incident to life…” that some of our states are now quite and internationally quite so as “Goliaths” in their own mass and attitude.

If a former Clinton NSC expert can document a concern that a Clinton Administration may have begot terror by governing to close and intimately with Hollywood then therefore now we must be more a “GOLIATH” than the “David” President B. H. Obama would rather be over estimated as.

The trick now for our current problema - our current politics - might be to move to an open and full discussion of a rightness or wrongness about OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM as of “economic” not “political” import.  We have as well the jurisprudence about finally having offered a prosecution of Saddam Hussein and a trial of and by his peers - yet that can be put aside now for a while if to an “economic” give and take more civil now than a “political” bounding might.

As per RACE TO THE TOP messaging of this administration of Barack Hussein Obama - it may be too early and still developmental to separate how such is and has been about the worst political and economic education platform imaginable for these economic and political times.  It may be better to avoid just how bad it is now, and especially now that we are as well of diatribes from on high that one’s success isn’t to be seen as their success.  It may be relevant to our economic problema now and not just theoretically but it may be far too large as a political issue to battle just now.  The two are contrary - quite.

There is more than the workings of the FREEDOM AGENDA to dig up and sift through theoretically to see how mountains were moved in just the past couple decades strategically towards better future with more level playing fields less of “Davids” and “Goliaths” (a Goliath).  We as Americans had our lots suddenly reworked by our times without much premeditation or chance to plan - we as Americans became citizens of a sole super-power more by defense and our times than by a grand plan.

I don’t know if I am being too political or not sufficiently objective economically speaking now with:  President Obama didn’t need to say or be to affectations for a NEW FOUNDATION for global economics. 

I do remember that great efforts had been afoot long and much by “Davids” more of our Republican traditions and affiliations and that maybe they were hard to see or posit - and maybe so for Obama Democrats were off to set themselves off as “friendly giants” yet still as “Goliaths” not “Davids.”

2012 is much about a politics of two very different choices for governance methods and methodologies - 2012 though now is at least as much about choices economic that may be best made however and whenever with a consideration to avoid a tagging or stirring as of a U.S. as a “Goliath” organized to stir others to be “Goliaths” themselves, however, and while they all mostly and much for strictly individual and economic reasons are rather to more peaceful “Davids”.

If there isn’t a sense of justice and a chance for property rights protections and then as well an environment for peace treaties and alliances for security then there hardly be an economic level playing field.  Without the very late prosecution of Saddam Hussein such as it was OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM there wouldn’t have been a chance for our old foundations of justice and economics and especially not for President B. H. Obama’s “NEW FOUNDATION” affectations.

Saddam Hussein was, economically and politically speaking a “Goliath” more than a “David.” 

The USA, with coalition states so involved, towards the long overdue prosecution of Saddam Hussein, at least for his global effrontery to standards of jurisprudence in international commerce among civilized nations, such as his invasion of Kuwait was, is now still more to an economic mash up as a “David” than a “Goliath” as per Saddam Hussein and his effrontery to civilized progress at least for his pillaging of Kuwait in such time specific.

President Barack Hussein Obama while now so contrary betwixt his education message of RACE TO THE TOP and now his most revealing positing that your success isn’t now nor will it ever be actually “your success” is more dangerous for such also contrary to so much leveling progress that economically speaking towards better international free markets that is now still dependent on our specific standing with the Iraqi people - Saddam’s peers - for the still quite late prosecution of Saddam Hussein.

It does seem that though some of our states now internationally can rate as “Goliaths” we have a greater concern about our national politics much effecting our economics now as of their America a “GOLIATH” still though they hope, and hope, their over-reaching at home and abroad can be sold as them though a bully as yes a “friendly giant” - not a “David.”

This could all be moot if we hadn’t finally been to that extremely late judicial prosecution of Saddam Hussein that was and remains some OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.  We may fight and fight as “Davids” more than a “Goliath” when like with such we are fighting for a more level economics for all where and when an establishment of property rights or a reestablishment is calling.

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Originally posted at http://2012us.jphogan.org  08/22/11

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So you know me, mostly, already as a
Citizen Rosebud. That said do you know how to read or re-read these
following paragraphs now presented out of original order and all from
just before collapse of U.S.S.R.?

August 1991 had me of two political
letters written to Washington and following on a letter to the editors
from June 1991, attached so though original to New Haven, CT

That said something written for New Haven with Yale so
much of such can be said by those who at least attempt such to actually
be knowingly have been written though as of New Haven as really a useful
global metaphor.

The trick in starting out to challenge
our current politicians and our media of such day was much in part to
intentionally avoid yellow journalism. I may have erred too much to
another extreme with some flattery or golden journalism, not quite yet
earned by those seemingly being spotlighted.

President Obama was about such time,
still hardly out of Harvard Law School and much an unknown Russian
Studies Love Child named Barry, maybe more of the dreams of his mother
than his father.  I don’t recall where he was living by August of 1991. 
He was born to salt and pepper parents as collatoral from their shared
passions then from meeting as students engrossed in Russian Studies. He
may have had an Oedipal need to RESET with the Russia of his weening
while his Secretary of State had a personal an autocratic need for her
two-fer sustaining.

So for me to still avoid Stockholm - a syndrom that would have me now liking and needing the Clintons that should be avoided:

From 1991 and the pen of J.P. Hogan - then a little known closet poet:

*Have you considered that Bush may not
want to be reelected; at least not with one hundred or probably even
eighty percent conviction.  He, himself, shortly after his election
visited the Lincoln memorial and said something to the effect that he
wondered if he too would be tested by the fire as was Lincoln.

Now like Lincoln he has and he has
come to international fame for helping to unite the world, not just a
nation.  We have a new world order and now our nation needs to undergo a
type of reconstruction.

I am at this moment reading KINGS OF
THE HILL by Cheney.  The chapter on Thaddeus Stevens.  At the top of
page 63, Cheney wrote: who had given the president the right to
determine the terms of reconstruction?  Stevens wasn’t alone in thinking
the matter belonged to the Congress and in resenting executive

*With the reconstruction needed in
America to ready it for the increasing global competition the Executive
will need the ability to work effectively with the Hill.  We need a
strong democrat.

*New Haven is a great city, with
problems yes, but none that the culturally diverse and talented peoples
and businesses of the greater New Haven area can’t address and solve

*It is getting tiresome to listen to
the candidates for mayor speaking of an either/or world, one in which
the problems are seen in black and white simplicity.  There is a NEW
WORLD ORDER emerging and what it amounts to is that if we, the people of
the greater New Haven area, are to survive let alone prosper in the
world economy we have to, out of economic necessity, resolve our
differences.  We don’t have to like each other but we do have to learn
to respect each other and our different backgrounds.  It is our great
cultural diversity in New Haven that already make the city great,

*It is no wonder then that campaigning
has become negative when the democratic party and the republican party
instead of worrying about the needs of the community, state and nation
have instead focused on how to make themselves appear different and
better than the other party.  It is about time that they realize the
voters want substance in their representation.  We know what we need,
and we know what we want.  So Candidates, if you want to succeed show us
you know how to listen, and know how to lead.  In a Democracy we aim to
elect the candidate who will best serve our needs. [Yes, this is out of
place in original letter for being of a GLOBAL or NATIONAL while
structure of letter seeming just about a mayoral race]

*It is because of our successes as a
nation that the dollar sign is such a powerful and important symbol.  It
is a pity that so few people know where we got this symbol.  It is
nothing but the abbreviation for out nation… It represents capitalism,
its successes as well as its failures, but most importantly it
represents our leadership in the world.  The power behind the dollar is
WE THE PEOPLE, the democratic ideal. {I learned of dollar sign origins
from reading Ayn Rand}


*(FLATTERY???)  Personally, I think
you are the only democratic candidate that can defeat George Bush. 
Though I want to help you accomplish this feat, I’ll wait until later,
after I have proven my usefulness, to take up such an ambition.  For now
I’ll just try to offer encouragement. (Yikes, this is one of the
funniest political sentences I may ever have written so slanted to be
about Rep. Gephardt yet statistically because he was the only one that
had run before still left from Democrats A team to not seem maybe an
afterthought.)  (I was a Reagan and Bush supported then and much of
concerns mentioned in blog before this one.) (My use of lower case
democratic when a upper case Democratic seemingly desired and vice versa
was intentional and poetic/telling not a typo.)

*Unless we get a democrat in office we
are likely to lose our role as leader in social structures.  Now that
the world is copying our example our job becomes more difficult.  We can
no longer rest on our laurels, other cities, states, and nations are
now closing the gap and are eager to try to show the U.S.A. a better
way.  We are history if we lose this lead.  Unlike our position in the
market which we can regain, I fear our social lead if lost would be lost
forever.  Let us never fail to be the greatest union of peoples united
through self-interest!

*It seems people are getting tired of
hearing about our great international relations and benevolence.  WE THE
PEOPLE will soon demand to know what’s in it for us. I just hope it is a
Democrat who can tie the big picture together and communicate it to ‘we
the people’.  To borrow a phrase: We must think globally but act locally, in
the cities and the states.  (Maybe even funnier.  My hope for it
Democrat not to favor a Democrat over President Bush and Republicans but
specifically because our greatest threat may have been that the
Democrats seemed furthest from and near incapable of such at such time.)

*New Haven, Connecticut is a city to
watch.  There is a subtle movement underway that might just set an
example for all cities to follow.  The people are standing up for their
rights and beliefs and are striving to improve their lot.  The city is
becoming a team which is also just starting to recruit the suburbs. The
Greater New Haven Area is just starting to realize the issues are not as
simple as black and white.  There seems to be a growing understanding
that in order to protect our local economy we will have to all work
together as a team to compete globally.  The local paper has gotten
behind this effort.

Note:  I have now finished KNOWN AND
UNKNOWN and appreciate that such memoir neither confirms nor denies nor
walks all over or walks much at all over my story from same years.  My
story does fit uncontested yet untold around all that I have just read. 
My story though is complicated for all of above was written to play
politics, Democrat Party politics, for my Dad and my sister then on
Senator Dodd’s staff, without my playing politics, and bipartisan and
Republican politics being a hindrence to my efforts to help them enhance
and improve so politically at risk, and while the Mayor of New Haven
was its first black mayor and like me also a Villanova University
alum. Bud Connolly was Joseph V. Connolly Sr.’s son and a Block Island
Times columnist those years he and his wife (bride) Violette hosted me
summers as their SUMMER SON.  Bud Connolly had a big band while his
father was still alive and running much of Hearst during those years
around dramatization of CITIZEN KANE, but I had already been at least a
year into calling myself: More a Citizen Rosebud than a CITIZEN KANE. 
Joe’s (Bud’s) father JVC Sr. suggested there were not enough old
successful drummers for his son to keep up his (successful) big band
leading days as a real career - Joe’s father died early, and maybe from
efforts trying from turning around Hearst in the years its founder was
fading and passing and being treated as he was with CITIZEN KANE. If you
want to understand CITIZEN ROSEBUD better you may have to ask both
Patty and Anne Hearst and about hopes and alliances for good kept since
near about 1983, I can only give you my side. 

Oh, yeh, Donald Rumsfeld, and, Bush
Admin were offered this collection drawn from here, in complete, both to
help America after 9/11 and as well to fix so much that the Clintons
had gotten wrong, and dangerously wrong. It wasn’t an ordained solution
already ready but it was American and reusable from days of its original
conception as about mostly same balances and issues around days of
PERSIAN GULF WAR.  We may have known who our enemies were by 9/12 and
maybe a already worked out once way to check their ambitions and

Once written and shared, though, the
above was best to be kept from ever helping my Dad or sister try to pull
rank on me, they just think differently and may be incapable of
understanding all its nuance at once.  Such though is more a real
criticism of political skill specifically deficient in Clintons, and
their mea culpas.

Also:  Recently it was Senator John
Kerry who seemed to actually confess to war crimes in a Senate hearing
with him near of (to Republicans & world): You have us on our drone
use and lack of due process.

Democrats and Republicans are very noticeably different and distinctly so these days, thankfully.


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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 2:48 pm

If we could just all go back in time and have a great big Clinton do-over lighter times these could be.

Once upon a time in Washington DC the Republicans came into power in our Congress and worked to show the new President of the Democrat Party that change was actually possible.

Oh!  Oh the verbiage that would flow? - flow quieted to within the Clinton White House, with all the adjectives, and perjoratives?  

If you bore witness might you now have a tune to whistle or “share”? 

Were you there - what did you see?  Were you there - what did you hear?

Can you remember the times of the reign of the Clintons?  Can you remember how Democrats thought a balanced budget near impossible?

Those were the earlier but not the earliest days of the reign of the Clintons.

Those were the days nearer whence to weening days reportedly for Howard Dean as of the Hamptons from his youth with a rearing their born with at least two silver spoons for his hands.

There were days for less taxing writing and times when taxing writing style not needed for taxing times.

From the days early of the reign of the Clintons aren’t we to recall how it was the Republican sweep that brought in the possibility of a balance budget?  Wasn’t it the Republicans that scared the political wits out of the Clintons by proving that a trillion dollars could be found for cuts in spending necessary to reset our federal budgeting?

If you were the Clintons and either or either of the sides of their political union/marriage/”two-fer” then those were scary days indeed - seems reported and considered and incontrovertible.

If you had a time machine maybe you could go back and get inside the White House of the Clintons and hear some of the verbiage that must of spilled unrestrained as a political beat down was so wrought early then in the waking years of the reign of the Clintons. 

The book GAME CHANGE fails to portray Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Yale Law student Hillary Rodham ambitious enough to think she should become President someday.  Such book speaks of a quiet innocence inappropriate for Mrs. H. Rodham Clinton whom was documented as having been raised from youth to hit boys and to hit them first.

This isn’t as taxing a subject now as it used to be - this piece doesn’t need an extra question mark or “the the”s as a worked and due “too taxing” writing style for really taxing concerns - this piece is more about is being an is and other is and thought originally the real “is”.

The Clintons didn’t tax enough!  The Clintons cut too much and cut too much too quickly!  With the Clintons’ tax rates now an issue so must be a very public discussion about how the budgeting to SURPLUS so that they also found a trillion to cut was maybe felonious and of a gross negligence!

I do wish you had a time machine that could go back in time.  REALLY?

I mean did you read BLOOD SPORT? 

I do hope you at least read WE’RE RIGHT - THEY’RE WRONG!  Since we cannot go back in time to get the first hand timely dispositions of those dangerous political times for the Clintons we can at least look at these times and consider that the attitude of “we’re right - they’re wrong” is now a considerable problem of this administering of or by Barack H. Obama.

In these times we can look back on earlier times, yes, yet we cannot it seems actually go there enough for the hardest litigation that is possibly desired and due now.

I do hope tweeting isn’t ruining my grammar or yours.  Beware an extra poetic question mark and a taxing style maybe too taxing - it may be worked intentionally and purposefully.  Be forewarned!

These Democrats are much like their earlier Democrats.  Some of these Democrats specifically don’t want to be seen as the old Democrats that they particularly as an individual were themselves whence then.

Yes this is more about the economy - yes they can be said to have executively been stupid about economics.  These times now sit hard as proof more of their shortcomings of the earlier days than actually a bad hand and stupid economic card play by the administration of President George W. Bush.

Yes, actually, this is more about the economy and an attempt to speak some late to arrive truths than it is meant to be particular as a work of a partisan scribe.

Some of the unheard verbiage spoken pensively here would have gone to how Bill Clinton would have been in trouble with bride Hillary Rodham after the Republicans proved they could do the thought impossible when they found a trillion to cut to “balance” our federal budget. 

Bill had to keep his promise it seems to Hillary that he could run first for President of the United States as long as he made sure she would still get her own chance to drive their “two-fer” extra-Constitutionally in the seeming American Dream of the Clintons towards possibly effecting a power grab globally nearly to an affected “autocratic” Power.   Yes, it is possible - REALLY!

Before the Clintons did all this damage I write of hopefully in clear and concise grammatical long form they might have stopped and decided the country and maybe the world needed them to let go of their dreams to hold the executive power of the United States hostage to their whims at least sixteen years.

Was there timely and loud verbiage full of adjectives and perjoratives back whence when the trillion the Republicans proved could be found for cuts to “balance” then already may have been of a “too much cut too quickly”?  Can anyone remember and now attest even if with a whistling somehow?

Once upon a time in the 90s America hadn’t cut too much too quickly and had unrealistic budgeting for the actual global conditions and for the areas of unrest at least simmering due to an American abandonment. 

There were days after the Republicans found the thought impossible line items to cut where it would have been wise to stop and re-asses whether maybe they hadn’t been rash and of a cutting of too much too quickly.

The Clintons couldn’t abide this and could rest politically speaking - they first needed a political save for them as Democrats and then second needed the personal work over of such save for their selfish political spousal ambitions long to wants to grab and hold US executive power somehow for at least 16 years.

Again, I speak of these Clintons differently than the soft and flattering choice portrayal of “Hillary” as a selfless hero only late in life as told by GAME CHANGE to hearing the people speak up and ask her to consider for the first time in her life the thought that she low and behold might want to be President herself someday.

Again, Bill and Hillary and I first met in the early seventies and with them asking me specifically if I thought they both could become President of the United States some day. 

Yes, as GAME CHANGE was written it has left me wondering on how fantastic part of its story is - I do not know if the Clintons’ duped the authors and kept them seduced as of the heard rumors of a Clinton Press - I do know personally and now for quite a long time that I don’t need a time machine to know the Clintons needed to find another trillion to cut and then unavoidably to SURPLUS just to rework a save for their dreams to extra-Constitutional executive Power holding.

The Clintons’ SURPLUSES are arguably of a near felonious gross negligence - they needed to also have a political score of also being able to find a trillion to cut - and now we in these times are paying because they did cut too much and cut it too quickly and dangerously while with their irresponsible “economic” programs have too many sad tales of woe and hard times.

Yes it certainly seems that the only need for those surpluses was to save Bill’s promise to Hillary that she would be able to get her own eight years if she let him go first - even though I tried to warn them in the 70s that if she married him only one of them likely could be sold to an electorate. 

Yes I was only near a first grader - I KNOW!  Funny what you think of when two strangers ask you as seemingly or self announced as Yale Law Students are to polling you kinda of so whence when they with their “can we both become president some day?” question whose answer changed oddly in my young mind then in a neighborhood know for its lawyers and law professors - odd how they asked the question as two not married students.

{SAD NOTE:  Yes Hillary Rodham Clinton - former FLOTUS and now arguably the worst Secretary of State our United States of America has ever had as long as “diplomacy” the charge of such job - my answer that day when the “young school boy playing alone in school yard” now long remembered was “YES” at first when question seemed for two that were not married legally.  It is still sad that after you turned to the other law student of equal right to dream big with a Yale Law degree that is still that “Bill” and said “then I will marry you” and thought you heard me say something that you were right I did say something for then I upon hearing you change a critical political variable not at first introduced my answer however inspired did suddenly change to “be careful of term limits - you might want to go first” to “no - not if you two get married.”  Yes it is sad to this day that from our first meeting I still remember your Bill of a lie with the first words he spoke to you after you of “then I will marry you” seemingly dependent on my answer.  Yes I still don’t just remember you asking your Bill “what did he say?” after you changed a critical variable of your query I remember that he look you in the eye and told you a lie and led you to think I hadn’t changed the answer to your question.  It was worse that he, your Bill, looked at me and expected me to lie about his lie about my asked for a got honest truth/opinion and as if a junior “wing man”.  I don’t know, Hillary, if your Bill has ever told you the truth - that is sad, really.  I do remember looking for you two again for weeks so that I could make sure you heard what my answer actually turned out to be.  I don’t know if the semester was over and you both left town - I don’t otherwise know if he just made sure not to walk that way again lest you discover you decision to marry him was based upon a lie by him.}

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:14 am

{WARNING:  This is written with a style that is supposed to have been worked well to be as taxing as the subject “taxing”}

At least after Pres’ comments towards CLINTONS’ TAX RATES yesterday the people should not be the “oversight” committee to finally lead us to the long needed and much seemingly avoided discussion of how the 90s were a mess with the CLINTONS’ SURPLUS more to a financial GROSS NEGLIGENCE and the budgeting to balance and then to surpluses an eight year bi-partisan story of too much cut too quickly.

If we don’t go after methodology of Clintons as per their tax rates and with a discussion of whether their spending cuts were irresponsible we will be moving forward reinforcing the very behavior we now need to get over and past.  We shouldn’t reinforce the behavior of the politicians in Washington of the 90s regardless of their party - yet especially if the Clintons.

Were yesterday’s remarks from President Obama a cry for help?

It is bad enough the THE BIG GULP TWO BIG MAC A DAY WITH LARGE FRIES FIRST COUPLE tried to upstage elegant new Democratic Party “mother” the still FLOTUS MICHELLE OBAMA back when she first announced a new compassionate program to help curb the laxity and sloth encouraged and supported by the Clintons - so with her diet and “move” commands. 

Yet, however, as per that day that was supposed to be the Democratic Party’s successor to FLOTUS CLINTON “BIG DAY” it still seems reported that President Clinton scheduled a duel for press dominance by electing to schedule elective surgery for his clogged arteries or veins. 

Maybe it was a “biblical” day where he felt the guilt pangs for his irresponsible guidance to great advances in obesity - yet still it seems reported that Bill Clinton elected an elective emoting with elective surgery to steal the show from the Obama’s and Mrs. Clinton’s successor.

It seems yesterday is a cry for help from President Obama - It seems as if he has figured that he and his Mrs. cannot handle their rivals the Clintons, and is now trying to stir up allegiances against them by drawing their years out and finally into a current political mash up.

As it is possible that Bill Clinton, former President, may have had a “biblical” moment with guilt pangs either at the four points of max emphasis for all those years he promised his Mrs. with an “I cross my heart and hope to die…” pledging as maybe with a X-ray overlay possible to attest with some physical traits observations if we were to get Bill to “cross his heart” again for his Mrs. with a pledge of honesty.

And, so the recent heat wave reported more as a “HEAT RELATED” storming maybe as well “biblical” for its timing and pathology across the Obama White House netherlands might have been more “HEAT RELATED” than of a “CLIMATE CHANGE” and “GLOBAL WARMING. 

I don’t know if we have any experts in such area in America anymore.  I do get that ministry studies of all faiths and foreign language studies have the greatest potential now each as growth industries - as areas of and for job creation in and about a growth economy hoping.

Federalists v Republicans is now as if Democrats as Republicans or Federalists or maybe if Republicans aren’t now yet enough Republicans and still too much the new Federalists that Democrats would rather most not see them as.

As it is possible that Bill Clinton, former President, may have had a “biblical” moment with guilt pangs that day that was meant to be FLOTUS MICHELLE OBAMA’S big day to step out and above Mrs. Clinton and with a better diet and physical example for all the world as us expanded to “GLOBAL CITIZENS” — It still seems reported that President Clinton elected that day to try to upstage his Mrs. successor to Democratic Party “motherhood” with his dueling scheduling of a stirring of emotions “Oh, SURGERY” and “HOSPITAL” trip for PRESIDENT CLINTON.

Yes, it does fit that story could have been reported that THE BIG GULP TWO BIG MAC A DAY WITH LARGE FRIES FIRST COUPLE PATRIARCH CLINTON and his health concern could be ’supportive’ of his Mrs.’ successor to Democratic Party “motherhood” as an example to learn from - as an example of costs of walking President Clinton’s walk and talk.

Were yesterday’s remarks from President Obama a cry for help?

As we consider how much of Obamacare has to go as per a due reflection upon Federalists and Republicans of our original quite fully considered condition and wisdoms we do have that the greatest danger of the Party control duel by the term limited FIRST COUPLE CLINTONS even so was that the message from the BIG GULP TWO BIG MAC A DAY WITH LARGE FRIES FIRST COUPLE was that free healthcare and free healthcare coverage was their solution for the American people and that Michelle’s dieting just shouldn’t be seen as COOL.

Federalists v Republicans is now as if Democrats as Republicans or Federalists or maybe if Republicans aren’t now yet enough Republicans and still too much the new Federalists that Democrats would rather most not see them as.

At the time of THE PERFECT STORM - the actual storm that took out the first floor of Kennebunkport that storm could have been reported as a HOLY mess maybe not “biblical” enough.  Those were the days of fears and storification of a possible end of the world by fire third world war originating out of the Middle East and with George Bush, President, the target of angst “biblical” (also) as the BIG tribal leader of an arrogant suddenly “sole” superpower of the world.  That storm was so upon Bush’s Maine manse as that of three storms converging - as I recall.

And for these trying days with President Obama braving a “re-litigation” or “first litigation” of the Clintons’ 8 and the tax rates of such years, however:  If we are asked to look at the tax rates then we are smartly it seems heralded to a querying as well as to the conditions of the budgeting then and all the spending cuts that did or did not justify such past tax rates.

We have as a starting point for this likely bi-partisan attack line at the terrible 90s that the BUSH TAX CUTS were justified by the CLINTONS’ SURPLUSES and passed in pre-9/11 budgeting parameters.

Were yesterday’s remarks from President Obama a cry for help?

It is amazing now in the same calender as our Constitution was ordained within yet now to us at the Year of our Lord two thousand ten and Two that Americans and maybe most “GLOBAL CITIZENS” are actually now fit thinkers already stirred enough to be maybe the most informed set if voters for 2012 than maybe since the days of Publius.

It is amazing now in 2012 that Americans can intelligently discuss so much that the Pelosi Congress tried to ram rod through without respect to a Jeffersonian Republican grounding or a respect actually of the peoples intelligence as per such.

2008 may go down in history as an election year for the record books where it was a whence with the electorate the most uninformed and misinformed ever in America’s still short story.  Senator John Kerry may have to carry the cross about such the most for he seemed more interested in having an ANTI-WAR REVIVAL than an intelligent discussion of issues nearly ten times more complex and pressing.

America we seem to be oddly smart enough this year to handle the over due litigation of the Clintons’ 8 as per their TAX RATES and all their SPENDING CUTS and to the crucial points we have been being distracted and redirected from that may turn to be more a problem of Dems’ spending cuts than GOPer’s cuts and so to a new dawn where we can see that the 90s were a mess and much a bi-partisan mess with GOPers’ nearly as corrupted as Clintons’ Dems and the BIG GULP TWO BIG MAC A DAY WITH LARGE FRIES FIRST COUPLE.

It is amazing that we seem informed enough and intelligent enough for this stirred and overdue scrutinizing of the Clintons and the budgeting of the 90s and to us all thoroughly to a litigation even to consideration of whether that decade wasn’t dangerously of careless budgeting too political (even if bi-partisan) of a cutting of too much too quickly.

But is it actually too much for you now - do you need likes of Speaker Pelosi to make all your decisions for you?

And yet you/we at least seem to understand this paragraph by Ron Chernow in his biography of George Washington from WASHINGTON and page 671 of hard bound edition in its time:

     “Before long the two factions took on revealing names.  The Hamiltonian party called itself Federalists, implying that it alone supported the Constitution and national unity.  It took a robust view of federal power and a strong executive branch, and it favored banks and manufacturing as well as agriculture.  Elitist in its politics, it tended to doubt the wisdom of the common people, but it also included a large number of northerners opposed to slavery.  The Jeffersonians called themselves Republicans to suggest that they alone could save the Constitution from monarchical encroachments.  They believed in limited federal power, a dominant Congress, states’ rights, and an agrarian nation free of the corrupting influence of banks, federal debt, and manufacturing.  While led by slaveholders such as Jefferson and Madison, the Republicans credited the wisdom of the common people.  Washington and Hamilton believed wholeheartedly in an energetic federal government, whereas Jefferson and Madison feared concentrated power.”

Were yesterday’s remarks from President Obama a cry for help?  

Did the Clintons’ corrupt both parties so much in our actually terrible 90s such that our labels and party tags are now more part of the problem than the solution?

Were yesterday’s remarks from President Obama a cry for help?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 12:39 pm
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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 9:15 am

It goes to motivation. 

With all working to let Hillary get away with so much why should any or many want to play fair - want to be informed?

Your inheritance may be safe as a “jobless recovery” likely not too relevant to such.

It was completely unfair and inappropriate that any Clinton got a rise with Obama & his Bush’s inheritance faulting.

Rightie Oh!  That is a recollection of what was left President Obama as an “inheritance” from Bush.

Rightie Oh!  That was not a commentary on any of the “inheritance” left President Bush by Clintons’ “two-fer”.

Hillary Clinton does not deserve her current job - she may have been the most dangerous possible appointee.

If she hadn’t been a Senator - hadn’t been a Senator from New York - on 9/11 things would have been different.

She doesn’t deserve her current job - and without Senate seat - may have faded away in Senate mess since 9/11.

9/11 was an “inheritance” left the Bush administration by both Clintons and the Clintons administration “two-fering”.

Most of the media went along for the ride with the Clintons - most don’t want to have to discuss this.

Most of the media went along for the ride with the Clintons - most don’t want to implicate themselves as per Hillary.

If Hillary hadn’t been a Senator from New York and so the “GROUND ZERO SENATOR” she would have faded away.

Don’t know why the general media doesn’t want to cover Hillary well - but for that professional incrimination embedded.

It goes to motivation - as long as Hillary gets away with it they get away with it,

And our Congress suffers - and our Congress reaches lowest level of public respect.

And yet if now tagged of “Clintons’ inheritance” left President Bush our media could help our Congress & country.

If you have been involved as long as I have been then you too could maybe say:

If you have been involved as long you too might be able to say you thought if they went that way we would get attacked.

Hillary does not deserve her current job and did not deserve the Presidency.

Hillary claims her Clintons’ 8 qualified her for such - yet that it a Clintons’ inheritance incriminating not admitted.

The general media went along for the ride with the Clintons - and still - and still way too much.

If you like me involved so long you too might have said early:  If the Clintons go that way America will get attacked.

If you like me involved so long you too might have said finally on 9/10/2001:  It time to admit you must have been wrong.

If you like me involved so long you might on 9/10 have decided to finally move on accepting you must have been wrong.

Hillary is about the most ridiculous occurrence political in American history - all of our short history.  RIDICULOUS!

Hillary is about the most insane survival story and inappropriate appointee ever - it was a Clintons’ inheritance.

It was a Clintons’ “inheritance” and Hillary claims those years as “qualifying” and yet inadmissible for incriminating.

Hillary was no ordinary First Lady - she besides being a globally inciting crusader was of a Clintons’ “two-fer”.

Hillary was no ordinary First Lady - she insisted as being officially involved and publicly credited - BUT!

is politically insane that Hillary is in another administration -
especially insane to be of one of “Bush’s inheritance” lies.

It is illogical that so much of “Bush’s inheritance” of just a Bush’s inheritance - and not as much a Clintons’ inheritance.

It is insane that Hillary is a Secretary of State and that the “Clintons’ inheritance” coddled away by general media, still.

We have that the media cannot quite incriminate “Hillary” without also incriminating themselves.

We have that Congress now looks ridiculous as so un-popular and yet it may be “institutional” for Hillary - for Clintons.

It goes to motivation - I did say early in Clintons’ “two-fer” days that if they went that way America would get attacked.

It goes to motivation - I did admit, necessarily on 9/10/2001 that I must have been wrong and wrong for a long time.

It goes to motivation - The Clintons’ “two-fer” went a different way early - and so that I thought we would get attacked.

It goes to motivation - The Clintons’ (since Hillary claims experience qualifies her) have 9/11 their “inheritance.”

A nation that embraces a return for one or both of such a legacy and “inheritance” deserve a diminished motivation.

A nation that embraces a return for Hillary is also insane, some — 9/11 was her “inheritance.”

A nation that embraces a  return for Hillary while media trying to avoid incriminating its self - is a lesser nation.

Hillary and Bill did go a different way early and so that such as it was a diversion from my assistance - set me free.

Hillary and Bill did go a different way early - they did so and left me to conclusions that they were going to get us attacked.

Hillary and Bill don’t deserve a “return” - on 9/11 I was proved wrong for thought of 9/10 but not about Clintons’ “two-fer.”

It is ridiculous and dangerous that Hillary survived just because she was conveniently a New York Senator.

It is ridiculous and dangerous that Hillary didn’t become buried in our Senate and its seniority ways, of committees.

It is ridiculous and dangerous and quite insane that one of such a history and “experience” now back at Exec. tables.

Look at Hillary - besides that the general media concerned with incriminating themselves - look at Hillary.

I so thought on 9/10 that I must have been wrong and imagining too much for so long I drove by White House on 9/11.

I so decided I must have been wrong that if first plane on 9/11 hit White House and at that time it might have hit me.

I had thoughts of Condoleezza Rice that morning and minutes before attacks about closet doors I had installed for her.

Look at Hillary - on 9/11 I was proved right - right so that it now is better all as “Clintons’ inheritance.”

Look at Hillary - on 9/11 I was on 17th Street by White House on way to install new doors for another.

Look at Hillary - on 9/11 just moments before first plane struck NSA Rice was in my thoughts while on 17th Street NW.

is insane that Hillary is in another administration.  It is still quite
insane that 9/11 Commission only looked back 10 years.

I’ld wish you a simple “Happy New Year” now that it is 2012 - but our government has gone to “insane” much.


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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 11:35 am

So yesterday July 4 in the Year of our Lord two thousand ten and Two I hoped a new Metro North commuter train car with a bagged lunch - dinner and snacks.  For the day I took two PB&J sandwiches, Lays chips, sliced carrots and mixed nuts with raisins.  I drew some attention it seems for use of Igloo freezer packs the way they are marketed - I drew attention for drinking from my ice packs as the ice to protect my food melted.  I did have many opportunities throughout the day to refill packs with new water from free drinking fountains while much ice was still present.

Yes I was in New York City yesterday for nearly eight hours of constant walking about.  I saw old sailing vessels and some of the newest and fleetest - I saw cops galore along the Hudson waterfront and the most interesting “beach” across from their staging area near their repair center.  I don’t have to imagine two bikini clad gals lying upon a sidewalk as if a beach with 300 in blue standing huddled just a New York City small side street width away.

In light of the recent pal that has started befalling our “country” I did see New York City yesterday as it may not be for quite a while now - I don’t know how much longer “Mayor Mike’s” money will hold out. 

It seems times have changed for “CITIZEN ROSEBUD” — It seems instead of Puerto Rico loosing its “Protectorate” status and become a newly also loose state in our Union our fifty otherwise once loose states are now more now “PROTECTORATES” full of “subject” more than “citizens” and as if more to “of a distant see of Obamalands.”  “SUBJECT ROSEBUD” just isn’t catchy!

What did the first day of the first DARK AGES look like - feel like?

I have blisters on the soles of my feet - not diamonds.  Did I tell you I packed a bagged lunch and dinner and with five dollars as well was able to return home with the old standard 1/2 a “saw buck” still at least looking the same and still mine?  But then they didn’t have the beer carts operating in Grand Central Station on this now passed Wednesday in early July.

We are all ‘SUBJECTS’ now not just of new TAXING power - but of a new over-reaching system more as if of a distant political see of us bound not even as free New Yorkers but as of their ‘PROTECTORATE’ and whim.

As goes a motivation for CITIZEN ROSEBUD and with “SUBJECT ROSEBUD” not catchy I am busy now making changes to my blogs and attitude to fit what seems now commenced as a new DARK AGES.  WWW.JPHOGAN.ORG with a limited selection for the few soles that may brave a visit to it maybe a e-breastwork for a lost “democratic era” is now “NEW AND IMPROVED” also with less for more, supposedly.  All my domain roads - e-roads - may now in a day or so lead you just to that which I choose to share or not share at www.jphogan.org.  If you miss “CITIZEN ROSEBUD” from freer days take it up with Washington - with your new “protectors”. 

I don’t know how long “Mayor Mike’s” money will hold out - I don’t know how long it will be before signage once proud as of “CITY OF NEW YORK” or “Borough of …” go dark to Precinct # __ of the Protector of the See of _______________.

If you haven’t considered that Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton now of bureaucratic duties ruining another travel office can only be running our State Department to “Political” ends - you are likely not awake to simple and endearing truths of a complicated times - these times.   With “It is a TAX” we may now be best to ask that our local drivers licenses be sufficient to supersede and need for New Nationalism PASSPORTs.  It seems our Passports are now necessarily “political” documents and so we likely better under likewise “It is a tax” military or police powers to attempts to assert that our local drivers licenses be acceptable for international travels in lieu of documentation by a Protectorate “political” state (See?).

What did the first day of the first DARK AGES look like - feel like?

I can wait ten years or more to “publish” my political works here or so blogged in e-ways for years.  I know the Clintons are most responsible even for claims of “It is all Bush’s fault” and yet insult upon earlier asserted stupidities to dumb down and bend compliant a general mass of subjects regardless of international border distinctions.   I don’t need to fight to tell the story - I know it to be so and have no motivation now to tell it yet another way.  I don’t know what “motivation” I might be tempted with to decide otherwise from a wisdom as of maybe I should wait ten years or more to “publish”.

See it is now personal in ways that it was never supposed to be - and could only get because the Clintons misappropriated use and intent and portent of my intellectual property in ways contrary to the intended preventionals and protectionals writ there in.

It seems yesterday was celebration of the birth and the passing of our United States - a:  THEY CALLED IT INDEPENDENCE DAY ONCE - LIKE.

And so with confidence today as I busy myself wisely to hiding most of my past columns but from a limited selection to be maintained for now at http://jphogan.org I do so with confidence that I am right now to have little confidence in either side of 2012 contestations (political)!  From where I sit in a town called Milford knowing newly as of yesterday that a Biden driver lives on a Milford Street in another borough of the new “Protectorate” See of Obamaland - with sympathies to all those in uniforms that now may at least deserve more honest patchworks.

“Joe” and I go back at least as far as New Haven encounter at the Joseph Slifka Jewish Center at Yale when his son Beau was still a Yale Law Student.  I don’t know if this is what he was speaking to when as I remember he concluded:  “FEDERALISM IS DEVOLVING.”  I do know and remember he while presenting asking me while accepting I was “waving him off” from a line of thinking to he of:  “Do you know what it means to wave me off?”

“Joe” and I go back at least to that time with he of “FEDERALISM IS DEVOLVING” and me for having missed the first day of such symposium asking for an “evolving or devolving” conclusion to knowing the full context of this remembered “Joe” conclusion that sounds as if it can be a great thing and then oppositely a terrible thing, equally.  He did the “Joe’s” right hand on my left shoulder “Senator Joeism” and I warned with a “watch out for sisters.” 

“Joe” and I actually go back further and more specifically to a regards however for our Supreme Court.  “Joe” and I were of earlier moments of me “waving him off” from a line of political thinking during the Clarence Thomas hearings.  He seemed ready to go with thoughts that America was not a great country and I was while still then of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM spin doctoring to work a better possibility forwards of enough intellectual stature to “suggest” he speak otherwise than planned to a “this great country of ours” - like.

I still have no idea what “Joe” meant by “FEDERALISM IS DEVOLVING” as a conclusion after participating in the Yale Law hosted symposium:  FEDERALISM - EVOLVING OR DEVOLVING subjected then whence in the mid 90s when Beau Biden was maybe a third year law student and public were invited.

It does seem that with “it is a tax” upholding even your small hamlet or shire of the North American continent at least is now more a “protectorate” in a too political New Nationalism in a new DARK AGES now of a POST CONSTITUTIONAL ERA.

I don’t know how long “Mayor Mike’s” money can hold out for citizens of New York as a fog of denial of a new situation for all as first “protected” and “federal” before “neighbor”!

Again, I so know the Clintons are most at fault and even for most of the fault that they have acquiesced or initiated as if projecting or of a grand false transference.  Again, I know this and now don’t feel a desire to be famous for telling whomever newly or again.  It has shifted to mostly personal for me and with “it is a TAX” too much to CITIZEN ROSEBUD as if expected to be a smiling SUBJECT ROSEBUD or whatever (not whomever - that implies individuality).

What did the first day of the first DARK AGES look like - feel like?

Yes, I have blisters on the soles of my feet - not diamonds.  Yesterday besides the walking of New York City from 9:30 am until arrival in Grand Central Terminal for later departures near 6:30 pm but with maybe one hour plus off my feet and all those miles my day after packing my bagged lunch, snacks, and dinner and 1/2 a “sawbuck” started with a three mile walk to the Milford Train Station and then about 8:30 pm the commencing to the three mile walk home from the Milford Train Station.

Don’t forget to consider “cause and effect” intellectual honesty or “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

{To find a newest column now more irregularly and however you will have to avoid “via” “citizenrosebud” links and look directly to http://hogan.jphogan.org — “Citizen Rosebud” links will now act more dormantly as if to cryogenic “on ice” or as a tear jerking prefacing to a full and revealing but limited selection of honest truths more than partisan politics as is what is available via citizenrosebud links to content sited at http://jphogan.org — I don’t want to confuse what I know with what others want to be “just politics”!!!}

PS:  Did I finish that thought that I am confident from my past two decades of political assistance and such as per our economy that I am right to have little confidence in either party now - and yes but so stipulated with far less confidence in Obama and his Clinton hold overs?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:32 pm

I could go on here about how as Washington became our first President and with only one of his own teeth left and as an argument against Obamacare.  I am now as July 4, 2012 approaches making my way through our early days while reading Ron Chernow’s WASHINGTON.

I do wonder about all the “Doubting Thomases” about today and whence.  I expect that Doubting Thomases predate Thomas Paine and help so explain his perspective and common sense groundings.

We have ourselves all consecrated as well by President George Washington’s First Inaugural with its “AMONG the vicissitudes incident to life…” and so with that such spoken with such import the suggestion that healthcare was not to be an American Constitutional right.  I have learned from Chernow that George Washington seems to have inherited books about sex from his parents in law.  I learned from reading the First Inaugural of our United States how grounded our first President was to a new land so with a new government and all the ups and downs of its citizens - all the “vicissitudes incident to life…”. 

The best piece I may have yet heard orated (for its irony from the whom orating) about the wisdom of limited terms for Power holding is still possibly one performance by Senator Clinton years ago where though projecting other meanings she did very well celebrate George and Martha’s foundational wisdom.

Oh, and were now to start about the political and common sense governance problems with ACA - Obamacare? — where now to start a full and deep discussion still of vicissitudes incident to life but to the “wisdoms” about shortcomings of Obamacare?

To jump ahead to Abe Lincoln and his COOPER UNION SPEECH?  To try to be of the common sense of George and Martha and how our First President commenced our Union with special oratory to proclaim Martha all the “pecuniary” or “personal emoluments” he needed from his new Country? - to how he pledged fidelity to Martha and in lieu of becoming a tyrant or conqueror taking for himself all he might be able to?

That Bill and Hillary have tried after decades of plotting and scheming to try to work around the wisdom of George and Martha to a taking of more terms for their “two-fer” nearly ‘however’ we may be here more in a down economy because they also took liberties with the wisdoms of Thomas Paine and especially with a looseness for pecuniary responsibility in budgeting as their two trillion cut with that extra trillion to SURPLUS pops up now AMONG the “most likely” and “simplest” explanations and as a most tagable and mashable conceivable to a first couple to a fiduciary “GROSS NEGLIGENCE”!

It was ironic when Senator Hillary Clinton spoke of President Washington to a wisdom in limiting power whence.  It still is, quite.

We have that the economy is suffering from too much “progressivism” and as a new revolution too soon upon an earlier revolution - and by ten years at least so.  We have that much that happened in the early 1990s was revolutionary and necessary as a “NEW WORLD ORDER” was quite a vicissitude itself.  We have that the Clintons inherited a boom time and then with their works developed a instability for our future economics.  We have that the very Clinton economic “experts” more then free riders on a boom economic inheritance for their inability to effect a repeat boom economic are now too suspect - we have that we should be doubting the “experts” of the Obama economy especially for being the “exerts” of the Clintons and now specifically for a failure to repeat a performance that as “experts” should have been a home run guaranteed.

We have as I above mentioned that we can look at our down economy as the fault mostly of the Clintons or at least their “experts” and much for an excess of progressive or liberal policies pushed and pimped out unsynchronized in a haphazard over reaching careless much for it of attempts to do too much at once.

We have President George Washington’s lead still to follow.  We have the attempts by the Clintons’ “two-fer” to work and exceeding proposition against the charm and democratic distinction of George and Martha now still much as a real concern.

We have that the speech I remember by Senator Hillary Clinton may be the first piece I would look for to show others an argument orated best to guard and protect our Constitutional wisdoms embodied for us by George and Martha as a check and balance ding ding ding alarmism to forewarn but maybe too late of a subversion and extra Constitutional wanting of and by the Clintons.

As we look now to understand the ARAB SPRING we have that the Bush FREEDOM AGENDA better explains how America didn’t get caught on the wrong side of it with much still to be shamed and guilted about related to an abandonment of Afghani and Iraqi peoples (during the Clintons’ years).

That said America would be better to recognize that the Obama administration has been with Clintons described by their Brookings experts at least as having been surprised and not prepared for the economy nor for the ARAB SPRING.  We have that we have an administration now that seems to have sought office expecting one thing and maybe offering ideology for a new governance potentially then acceptable that but for the surprises they have been documented now as unprepared for now a sore subject since it seems what they planned for stopped long ago being appropriate or at least considered enough.

We have us as a nation that until the Obama administration could still be said to have quite nearly only waged defensive wars.  With this administration and it so to offensive warring we have that a national healthcare morality financially in a governance wisdom and prudence therefore seems best left to our states and not moved to our State.  We have that if to offensive warring so we should avoid a national healthcare morality commitment so as not to then become beholden to all the peoples of any foreign state we may be in with enough force to effect and occupation - enough say as proven to be about 150,000 troops.

Our states and the National Guard units are most considerable in these times for never maybe has each state had so many ready and salted with sands of time experience to a state power from an armed and ready citizen guard all COMBAT READY.

It seems with our current vicissitudes incident to our times we have that besides neighbors still being best to care for neighbors and with neighbors that are doctors or healthcare professionals of a community known for the others of their neighborhoods and streets it is a moral danger to suggest or consecrate that if America is in control then all controlled by the United States therefore are due the same healthcare provisions and to a matching level of care, especially as we are in odd new times with a young administration quite a first for offensive foreign operations more of choice than necessity.

Whose pain is your pain?  Is our Paine your “common sense” too - or also did it just used to be?

Would a good Samaritan under a kept Obamacare become a traitor to his State if again to good Samaritan deeds?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:23 am

1.  COMMUNITY ORGANIZER >> with Obamacare comes your right to blow your leaves onto your neighbor’s lawn accidentally or intentionally though maybe then without illness upon you like guilt pangs as injuries pains and then to having a right to call for a federal solution to your pain instead of a say a neighborly wising up and healing within “community” by realizing it would be better to just go out and pick up your leaves that got onto your neighbor’s lawn.


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