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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:10 am

As we rise with the end of BLACK HISTORY MONTH upon us we have to consider now that it is not racist to be about casual banter about how and why Americans were, however, to have been having had better sex during the Bush/GOP administering.

We have to today deal with real currents of events and ebbs and flows of societal proprieties and maybe not too economically.

There seems to be no little blue pill for President Barack H. Obama in his second term to straighten out his government over-reaching and subjectivized “economic” rendings.  A serving of vitual comity not now so comedic with President Obama’s renderings so contrary and rended/set asunder per our p’s and q’s.  A time warp to election day 2000 and the air of an old battling between two southern white men can be moderated with a literal consumption of an economic factoid that DC bartenders prefer Republican reigns in our Washington for Republicans are better tippers than Democrats. 

But this is more about our here and now and less about the election day of 2000 and how then it was a choice between two southern white men.  It is from as reliable a bartender source as one can probably find anywhere that I learned then on such momentous yet “undecided” day of Republicans historically as better tippers.  I believe Restauranter James Carville’s chief bartender’s name was Norm - James and Mary co-operated WEST 23RD establishment whence - Norm is he whom is recalled for this “tipping” factoid.

Bill Clinton is also a southern white male.  If he wanted you to remember him as otherwise he likely would not have had his Arkansas based Presidential Library design too Freudian as if a BIG GUN as so most half bridges naturally appear and covered it in architectural “skin” in Confederate Gray tones.  For the sake of a discussion now about how Americans had better sex during the Bush administration than for the past four years under President Obama it is best to remember the 8 years of the Clintons, and, to remember that you can have it both ways since then it was that rare era of bi-partisanship.

We do need to look at all of President Clinton’s political and economic postures though since you may have picked up bad ways from him while so many were distracted by the unnatural highs of a careless bi-partisanship.

President Clinton is like a third wheel these days and as an ineligible player that just won’t leave the “bedrooms” of politics, and, especially won’t leave the politics of our economy.  There is a concern about “Bill” being allowed to hang around and in a patronizing air of improper historicals;  Bill Clinton still likes to think he was promoted out of the Office of the President and so that he doesn’t have to think he was at all “defeated.”  This is troublesome for Hillary as his Mrs., however, - however engaged improperly in an administration of another man; Hillary Clinton is still by “Bill” as if not as honorable as he as it was he that was forever promoted above her when they were forced to leave the White House by our 22nd Amendment.

The mentioned era of “unnatural highs of a careless bi-partisanship” of at least the second term of the Administration of the Clintons is a troublesome political black hole for economics and social justice streaming now, historically.  For the sake of this airing of a topical perusal comparative between the GOP and the Obama Dems it is better we keep the Clintons out of today’s bedroom banter — too many are likely to just lose sleep if we bring the Clintons back, now - ever.

Bill Clinton is not now, however, our Patronizer in Chief — Nor is his Mrs. our former Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton so consecrated and of a consummated holding such that she while married seems never to be out from under “Bill” her “Mr.” at least as long as he continues to interject himself as if he reigns above after having been permanently promoted out of and above America’s office of the President “holding.”  It is arguable that President Obama had an illegal Secretary of State and that “Hillary for President” was an Un-Constitutional endeavor undermining to the logic of the 80th Congress and its carrying of our 22 Amendment through to its ratification. 

(Nixon was a member of the Eightieth Congress - women and wives by those “standards” were even more subjects of a “set asunder” “holding” trigger writ to render spouses of either sex as an indivisible “two-fer” with our term limit amending to be not just a loophole as with a spousal exception.)

To keep Bill and Hillary now out of our bedrooms of such currents of discourse to proprieties proper and civilly considerated is wise and necessary, much.  She as a spouse of a term limited First Couple rightly is arguably of having been barred by the undecided law of our 22nd amendment and even from any posting however an intimate engagement in another man’s administration if such so bedded down into our constituted line of succession. 

The eightieth Congress waxed sexual and without being of Posterity for perpetuity in a sex descrimination;  the eightieth Congress scribed so such writ and carried it through its ratification to be an enduring bar and not a weak regulatory arbitrary maleable bit piece of lower law;  the eightieth Congress construction of our 22nd Amendment as a Term Limit Constitutional bar is remarkably poetic though of undecided license yet as intimately varied to be sensitive to engagements of unions indivisible and vow not to be set asunder in marriage - of marriage vows standard writs.  To be otherwise is to have our marriage laws set asunder by other laws and specifically primarily superiorly by the Constituted 22nd Amendment.

Bill Clinton was not promoted out of our office of the President — Mrs. Hillary Clinton is not now nor will she ever be First Lady of the World to an unelected superior, and yet by self-decreeing, President of the World Bill Clinton.  There are prudent reflections to peruse about the inseparability of the Clintons and all First Couples, regardless of their sex.  Today we are set about to consider at least that most Americans did have better sex before even the first inaugural of President Barack H. Obama — along Partisan lines - not personal particulars.

Bill Clinton is trying to be in the room again and as superior still to his Mrs.  Bill Clinton with the arguable economic failures of President Obama, though all the while of his own former “experts” and with his wife quite too complicit, is yet still trying to climb to a workable high ground of an air of superiority that can only mostly now be “patronizing” at least much to President Obama, and, even on this last day of BLACK HISTORY MONTH.

If you have not yet even considered the improper design of the PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY of WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON can you even be prudently considerate enough to broach naval matters more now of a union divided along partisan lines and with it not too patronizing if Republicans were to buy full pages and see published a simple progression that explains how the Democrats while oddly united were to the cause and effects that have brought us so about a new Depression like era of a worked Government biased economic suppression long of this most long recession.

It is a misplaced patronizing by the wants seemingly of President William Jefferson Clinton to ask you to bed now still with a ridiculous belief in him (and Hillary - his Mrs.) that all you/we need now is just to have “Bill” back.  As we slide to sequestration it is with President Barack H. Obama conflicted and compromised by both spouses of the Clintons’ “two-fer” - it is that he has been stuck and uninspiring for having dragged out the Clintons as if innocent and free to partronize, however, though these economics as well attest that “IT” can not have been none of the Clintons’ fault.

Is it patronizing at least to President Obama that with a “not sexy” sequestration set upon our otherwise privately workable economics that President Clinton still wants you to believe that you/we just need him back?  Is it at least sexist that such seems in the air now and even patronizing to Mrs. Clinton whom is not now nor ever to be an unelected First Lady of the World to self proclaimed President of the World Bill Clinton - that you/we need “Bill” back so much we should see an entire Constitutional Amendment as just a loophole to use “Hillary” (his Mrs.) now to get him back?

And, yes it seems that from that day in 2000 when two southern white men were battling our electoral rhetoricals and historicals LIVE in the present that at least by James’ and Mary’s Norm as chief bartender it became establish factoid that Republicans are preferred in DC by restaurant staffs as better for their personal economics as said thence as “better tippers.”

While handling your new serving of Bob Woodward of “if a President says it is legal” Constitutional echoes it does complement the Confederate Grey “personalized” “architecture of the William Jefferson Clinton southern phalic “BIG GUN” allegoricals historical for not just the Clintons such that his Arkansas based Presidential Library is, quite, that the Clintons are host and hostesses about DC as residers former in Chief at their personally selected private residence for nesting and Posterity on Whitehaven Road.

It does seem that regardless of how effective Bill Clinton may still think his patronizing is we are of a new day dawning tomorrow all #sequestration irregular.  It does seem that tomorrow dawns a day for a simple global strategy by Republicans and Bob Woodward types even so if kept to historically basic media of full page buys to publish globally a time line of the cause and effect who, what, where, when, why and how that can explain elementarily that the Democrats did cause these long years of an economic new Depression like long recession by Goverment over-reaching effectively of economic suppression.

Cheers!  Happy #sequestration so much as you have a right to manage - have earned a right to have.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:15 am

The Governors are my mascot.  I was publicly educated through the twelfth grade to my graduation from New Haven’s Wilbur Cross High School.  We were/are THE GOVERNORS.


What is too low a standard morally or ethically speaking for a former US Executive to be at without it “charming” while lower than we should expect?  When is a former Executive of our United States exposed to personal suits for having been of conduct unbecoming a former officer of our Executive Branch?

What is a TERRORIST?

Whom are our referees for all this that is of an air of our protections secured for JUSTICE more than a willy nilly of our POLITICS?  Where are the flags from our referees however where ever they are for LIES unbecoming a former officer of our Executive Branch?

Before I graduated as a GOVERNOR from New Haven’s Wilbur Cross Public High School I already knew of “B.O.” of Hawaii of interests in presidential oratory and as well already knew there was a Sarah Heath of a Bush, Conn & Heath title IX basketball passion in Alaska.  I have cousins related to Connecticut’s second Governor after the Great Independence & Revolution & original Constituting.  While a high schooler if I was to asking someone to pick up my down winter coat I had to ask them to like grab the “Jerry Brown” coat - for it is I had/have a Gerry brown down winter coat.

By 1971 I had picked a good career path for myself that was much in my mind in 1983 while near to HS graduation.  My grandfather Arthur M. Menadier was to mandatory retirement as a top “Mad Man” of his day (show’s era) as the primary account chieftain for the consolidated work for Johnson & Johnson then at Young & Rubicam.  In 1971 I asked him to take me under his wing and teach me to become like him - with an agreement of “but without your vice of smoking.”

I am John Peter Hogan as named “John” of the oldest son of my paternal grandfather John W. Hogan Sr. and oldest son of his oldest son - my dad named more for his father as John W. Hogan Jr. Esq.  I wanted by 1983 to grow up to be like both of my grandfathers as a merger of their uniquenesses as responsible contributing honorable citizens.

Today is also my dad’s 74th birthday.  The “B.O.” of Hawaii I have known since the late seventies of when I was to the middle school school wide East Rock Community School New Haven Public School’s Oratory Contest with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s DAY OF INFAMY Declaration of War Speech did become known only more recently for having my same birthday of August 4 though I have all along known him to be four years ahead of me.

I did grow up wanting or needing to be ambitious at least because of my family and our neighborhood and its neighbors and legacy.  While growing up Richard Hegel was of hosting of Holiday Parties we were invited to and while he was New Haven’s official Historian.  It was my old classmate Steve who started dating another old friend who lived across the street from another of BO a “Bo” — Steve Brennen is still a professional artist and now as well a Hamden Fireman, last I knew.  Steve Brennen is the old seventh grade pal whom is responsible for he of “Are you ready for the Oratory Contest? and Are you ready as well to compete in any school wide competition with it also in Hawaii?” queriousness with a like Operator for Hawaii broadcast to all whom might want to compete in presidential oratory against me.

I get it is funny that I have known so many characters for so long and while of interests to a career like both of my grandfathers somehow to a touch as an international marketer of the highest ordering.  I am not sure though it is funny that if you change two “e”s to two “a”s you get “Hagel” from “Hegel” and “Brennan” from “Brennen.”

It is still relevant that I have know Bill and Hillary since 1971 or 1972 and for them of days as students not yet engaged to each other and both to walking my neighborhood with wondering and querying about whether they both might be able to become President someday.  They asked me about such and effectively, to make a long story short and while this is more about Governors today, I like said “NO - if you marry each other be careful who goes first in attempt as the 22nd Amendment should keep you if married to each other from both becoming elected.”  I still don’t know how as a near 1st Grader I was to such a comment - but do get that I was wised up enough to realize I should never let myself forget two people who would ask such a question of anyone.

Is Al Gore a WEATHER TERRORIST?  Was Hillary Clinton with HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT, from near day one, also effectively acting as if a WEATHER TERRORIST?

As our Diplomacy standing rule is like - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERMANENT ENEMIES OR PERMANENT FRIENDS - JUST PERMANENT INTERESTS - Secretary Kerry with “we have now permanent enemies” is maybe more of the “rule” than a practicable reality.

The Clintons were wrong not to proceed against Saddam Hussein in their first term to a full compliance with all United Nations sanctions.  We have that President Bush was wise not to proceed immediately into Baghdad with THE PERSIAN GULF WAR as until the United States of America started saving its own cities like New York City and its Time Square and as well Las Vegas Saddam Hussein had a way to win.  Saddam Hussein had enough cards up his sleeve to turn the world to his side if we had proceeded immediately at him and Baghdad and with sympathetic marketing to ask peoples of his region and the broader world about whether he wasn’t able to better manage Baghdad than Americans were able to manage their own big cities.

Within the first term of the Clintons we were ready to stand up our cities as at least as well run as his and able to defeat his PR advantage and then move at him for a WWII like post world war RECONSTRUCTION with trials like Nuremberg’s but then for him.  In hindsight we can see many troublesome “official” acts by the Clintons different from this and contributive to so many problems that we have had since that were otherwise able to have been checked and addressed better sooner.

John Kerry, Secretary of State, was smart to remark about how well Japan and Germany are after we defeated their earlier constitutednesses and then worked post world war RECONSTRUCTIONS about.  It is remarkable though that his location was a slap at the Clintons of them more like William Blygh or Bov. George Clinton as well as his mention of RECONSTRUCTION good will of at least the Japanese and Germans as proven to not be “permanent enemies.”  Such begets the late query as to how or why the Clintons didn’t prosecute Saddam Hussein for war crimes in a timely manor nor proceed ASAP to a POST WWWIII RECONSTRUCTION for Iraq once we had started our COMMUNITY POLICING & LIVEABLE CITIES INITIATIVES. 

We have our Governors may now want and get their own drones.  We have that President Obama’s foreign policies with Secretary Clinton are suspect and with Mrs. Clinton of acceptance of a “culpability” for her intelligence and leadership failures as per the BENGHAZI FOUR and our 9/11 II. 

If they cannot explain whom is a terrorist as per BENGHAZI acts of war on like a Holy Day for Al Qaeda how can they or we be sure they know a “terrorist” when tasking a “kill” off their “Kill List” by drone(s)?

If we cannot be clear yet about what a “TERRORIST” is or isn’t still - is it because a defiinition of such will tag both Al  Gore and former candidate for President Hillary Clinton of then HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT while Senator Clinton as well as ‘TERRORIST” - but more as WEATHER TERRORISTS?

What is a TERRORIST?


What is “MATERIAL SUPPORT OF TERRORISTS” and how isn’t Bill Clinton’s CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVE while so modeled for “support” like Al Qaeda’s purported “banking system” maybe incidentally or accidentally to casual or real “material support of terrorists”?

Who are our referees?  Where are our referees?  Where are the flags for conduct unbecoming a former Executive Branch Officer of The United States of America?  Where are the penalty flags for all the LIES?

Did I tell you already that today is also my dad’s birthday?

Brennen is a friend - he married the Geller friend once a co-tri Governors swim-team captain with myself and another swimmer David.  This female Geller and other swimmer David were the basis for my musing FRIENDS show into existence as bulwark for friends and a guards against foes.  Bo was and is likely still big into pick-up urban B-ball games though a Professor of Marketing now - as I recall. 

Yes we needed to start fixing New York City, Time Square and some Las Vegas before we proceeded to a prosecution of Saddam Hussein and an attempt to run his Baghdad.  Yes we could have and should have moved to a full enforcement of all United Nations sanctions on Iraq within the Administration of the Clintons’ first term and to a RECONSTRUCTION like that for Japan and Germany after the earlier last world war. 

Secretary Kerry as opened up a can of political worms now with such as in his inaugural speech and with it from the University of Virginia.

What is “material support of terrorists”? 


What is a TERRORIST?

How much has it cost us since the Clintons acted official with an infidelity to our own Justice standards abroad for their eight years as regards Iraq and Saddam Hussein?  How can it be right to have these years be to helping Afghani women and girls and not right for President Bush to have tried to help Iraqi women and girls?  How wrong was it for the Clintons’s official “State” speak to have been religiously bases with a bias against Shia peoples and especially the Shia majority of Iraq oppressed and suppressed by Saddam Hussein and as official speech of “Iraqi Shia are not capable of governing themselves”?


Their foreign policy now also in hindsight is horrendous for a religious basis with sectarian bias contrary to our own established Justice and rights.  It is scary that we let them sell PEACE and PEACE DIVIDENDS while such morally questionable with Middle East region realities quite different. 

It seems we have that Bill Clinton was at least an AMERICAN INFIDEL to our own Justice standards - and that too many are at risk of a guilt by association now as he thinks we and others have permanently forgotten.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:06 pm

Call me J.P. Hogan!

I did not just give my first inaugural address as a new Secretary of State today.  I do not think that I am an Imperialist.

We can all be empirical forwards and backwards now comparatively on some whales of issues paddled by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton versus those now postured for a new rowing by John Kerry - Secretary of State.

We have an obligation as Americans and/or global citizens to figure out what are the important questions that need to be asked if we are to try to get the answers that are not just random talking points.

If you are not yet away of how a new journey has already started today and how from the inland historical helm of considerations of and by Thomas Jefferson - you can accept as a known fact that John Kerry gave his first speech as President Barack H. Obama’s new Secretary of State from the University of Virginia today. 

He as an inheritor of the questionable years of his predecessor’s over-reaching is now of an inaugural addressing of a Jeffersonian quality not measured just by a sextant’s metrics — President Obama’s new Secretary of State (#SecKerry) broached issues quite modern and old and foggy still while Obama’s.

I do not take him to be a maddening Captain William Blygh of a Bounty helmsmanship nor a mad whale hunter for a great white ways.  Sec Clinton could have been as by William Jefferson Clinton otherwise still much the same but how as Mrs. Hillary Rodham Blythe III - as William Blythe III is President Clinton’s original Christian name.  The HMS Bounty however fated to a mutiny as it was did set sail historically so before the embers of our Tea Party styled independence started struggle burned out to an effected Independence of once mere colonies.

I like Thomas Jefferson for many reasons - I as J.P. Hogan one not an imperialist to the best of his knowledge.  He was inventive besides being an erudite and practical scribe of writs that could endure in a Posterity.  He did as I recall invent a coat hanger and as well a way for French double doors to simultaneously open with a push on just one of them for his Monticello manse.  Thomas Jefferson as well that I remember is credited for the architectural credit about having brought sky lights to America.

But did Secretary of State John Kerry with his inaugural address bury Caesar or praise him with “Hillary” a “Caesar” put to fade away?  What are the whales of the issues in his inheritance from her that will most unsettle his own crews, and, while however once hers?

I am on board some with #SecKerry as I couldn’t be with President Obama’s 1st Secretary of State for she arguably too imperialist at least while of her crusading days as FLOTUS Clinton of her global dictates and trespassing on women’s rights.  Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as she could have been Senator Hillary Rodham Blythe III otherwise, maybe, did bring too much baggage with her to our ship of State.

Call me maybe “the narrator”?

There is a whale of an elephant still about the china shop of Diplomacy of State as long as the Clintons’ Global Initiative is still operational as if a shadow government or at least a shadow Department of State.  I am not sure if Mrs. Clinton is yet allowed to start lobbying for their CGI for at least a year or if she will immediately put on airs as if the First Lady of the Clintons’ Global Initiative.

I may not be ready to narrate on all of this empirically enough yet - call be a “blogger” for now, maybe?

Did you hear about #SecClintons “JOBS DIPLOMACY” yet?  Mustn’t #SecKerry disband this merry mutinous over-reaching immediately if his helmsmanship didn’t first commence effectively already so?

John Kerry, Secretary of State, the newly “foggy” as of Tea Party common sense sympathies old and now new, has inherited a bunch of new blubber energy snags and turbulence.  I as a “narrator” or just a “blogger” appreciate his freshness as believable, unlike his predecessor, with his ordering and posits of his State of he as no longer “political.”  Legends will be made on all the  ways that the Clintons fogged up our State and Diplomacy spousally in ways that “not in politics” effectively sounded no more believable that “it depends what the definition of is is.” 

I cannot myself abide that there was not a running conflict of interest with Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State while her Husband as if “President of the World” and reigning still “executively” with their CGI.

Today’s inaugural address from the University of Virginia by John Kerry, Secretary of State wafts over those already exposed as a breath of fresh air yet not explainable as part of a continuous philosophy of governance by President Barack H. Obama.  There is a whale of an elephant in the china shop of our State — Has President Obama been liberated by John Kerry and from a tyranny of and by the Clintons and such that now he is free to be his better self?

Did the Clintons have President Barack H. Obama essentially chained to them and their global plots set too much in motion too imperialistically too long ago?

How can President Obama’s NEW #State Top Diplomat now seem so different and already so much more intelligent?

It is now that you can nearly call President Obama’s new Top Diplomat a Tea Partier or a great Jeffersonian sympathizer, and, while the Clintons together seems set adrift to fade away as too autocratic and of too great over-reaching extra-Constitutional plotting and scheming as if they were HMS keeled and “majesties” in their own minds.  So much of the era of William Blygh and his HMS Bounty with sympathies more akin to George Clinton then about as in opposition to the ideas of America as the Governor of New York.

But of the whale of the elephant as if in a china shop about our foreign services left over of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clintons bureaucratic and imperialistic over-reaching such as her JOBS DIPLOMACY empirically heels:

Was #SecClinton mutinous for all of her four years as President Barack H. Obama’s Top Diplomat?  Was her JOBS DIPLOMACY bad economics and not of the spirit of our Constitution - at least as figured by Thomas Jefferson?

You can call me stirred and shaken by her and her JOBS DIPLOMACY and yet consider me less informed than I do desire as we all seem too much of random talking points while back room plots were being hatched and maybe after a special spousal setting keeled by and of the “two-fer” of Clintons as whence thence our reigning First Couple.

I do answer to “J. P. Hogan” and am most easily Googleable so.  But now what of the over-reaching of “Hillary’s” JOBS DIPLOMACY of it empirically it seems of an attempt to usurp legacy global powers of two other cabinet level departments? 

Secretary Kerry can you assure me that you will not continue the imperialistic scheming to bring Commerce and Treasury legacy global yet separated Powers under the “Diplomatic” seat of duty and obedience as however you now find it with as the inheritor of dangerous over-reaching ambitions long of the Clintons’ politics to a new dawn of Powers for them if they could just effect a “Post-Constitutional Era” acceptance as a “new necessary” way?

I will have to bed down tonight believing that John Kerry has liberated President Obama from the shackles of the Clintons politics and decades of plotting as a “two-fer” never not “Political.”  I know not what else there is to believe tonight after Secretary John Kerry spoke intelligently and eruditely as if of Tea Party sympathies old and new.

As a blogger I gander empirically a sense about much of this as if a sea change about President Obama. 

I am more an observer seeing them prepare anew to cast off to foreign ports of call Diplomatically, however.  But as per “Hillary’s” JOBS DIPLOMACY danger lurks deep beneath our keel of State — while it of a too imperialistic heeling and not yet already or soon righted or arrested.

We know “Hillary” wanted the BIG job in the BIG house — and that it figures it would be as logical to close down our Department of Education as to let a Secretary of State be about usurping however enumerated Powers of Commerce and Treasury while of wants hungover to the REAL power of the BIG house.

He is now at the helm of State - he is now the captain of our Diplomacy - he is John Kerry, Secretary of State.

A new day has dawned! - but? - and, yet:  Does President Barack H. Obama have a philosophy of governance?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 12:03 pm

We have that “capitalism” and “socialism” were top keywords for 2012, and, now with 2013 due a grand diligence about “cost consciousness” at least.

We can conclude later that President Obama has corned himself politically with a gridlock of and from his own absolutes.

To be brief, and yet poignant, while a hashable audience is e-assembled, for social media networking, and physically organized gathered as a #smw ecosystem:

We have that these days of President Obama as re-elected with a mandate for austerity and gridlock have us stuck much because of some of these works of the Administration of the Clintons:

If he were to trying to actually sell and effect a new growth economy wouldn’t he necessarily be about a different politics?

It figures that President Obama now owns the down economy and that enough may now be realizing that the Democrats actually did far more to cause the economic downturn than even President Bush’s tax cuts.

Many can easily fathom how to twain a marking of blame upon the Clintons for their eight years after they get over the first condemned bridge about the Clintons’ SURPLUSES as of a trillion in cuts that neither our Government nor our economy needed.

It is hard to avoid speaking of dangers from political ABSOLUTES now for there is so much that relates almost solely economically and politically just to the workings of the Administration of the Clintons.  Obama has cornered himself with his ABSOLUTE “It is all Bush’s fault!”  Or, the Clintons trapped newly elected President Obama with an insistance that he should go again with “WE’RE RIGHT - THEY’RE WRONG” absolutism.

President William Jefferson Clinton knew enough to be aware that he shouldn’t have proceeded with a SURPLUS while he pursued his risky loan housing bubble economic plans as an unfunded Federal social program.  Those two political items should not ever be able to work together or well co-exist.

The Clintons messed up our economics by rigging succession schemes for Hillary to be set up to be asap elected to return them to our Executive seat of “holding of office” of our Office of the President.  There are historical moments to consider as our economy is stuck with a jobless recovery much still that precisely rest about the workings of the Administration of the Clintons.

The Clintons’ SURPLUSES could go down as the greatest economic and/or political blunder of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA of at least the past century.  We had no economic or governmental need for that cutting of an additional trillion in cuts past the trillion the GOP found to cut (too quickly) to balance our Federal budget.

The SURPLUSES linger in these down economic times of us much still in the “ditch” yet hardly as critically as they should.  To understand the SURPLUSES it helps to consider the scheming to successionary Power by the Clintons to as much as possible set Hillary up to asap return them to such seat of Powers for the both of them again.  It is critical that you do not accept or believe the innocent portrayal of Hillary Clinton as in the book or movie GAME CHANGE for she and Bill were of dating compatibility while at Yale Law School because they both wanted to be elected President.  She did not only after becoming “Senator Hillary Clinton” get to thinking she might want to be President herself and as from people having suggested the idea firstly to her.
The Clintons’s SURPLUSES now sit in a lacking safety about a media and politics too hesitant to consider them as contrary and conflicting to the very New Deal spending ideology of President Obama.  It seems as if there are two absolutes that do not and cannot fit together now still to propped up and marketed as if somehow they are actually compatible.  The Clintons stood up an unnecessary cutting of an additional trillion while there was no economic need for a surplus, &, President Obama stands up suggesting so much they said we didn’t need to spend even a trillion on is now actually necessary spending.

There are many condemned levies and roads and bridges and even schools that the Clintons took away available Federal dollars from.  In the case of Katrina and the failure of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MR GO) their surpluses fit with the courts finding of “gross negligence” upon our Federal Government to a date back to 1983 most negligently morally speaking on the legacy of the Administration of the Clintons for them of cutting money by a trillion for a political popularity from a SURPLUS thought most impossible and while it was not necessary economically nor for governance purposes.

We have it nearly as a truth self evident after past the first condemned bridge left to collapse by the Clintons’ SURPLUSES that it cannot have been as ABSOLUTE as President Obama decried with “IT IS ALL BUSH’S FAULT!”

The greatest economic threat if not just the most dangerous moral threat is that the Clintons’ SURPLUSES were only “necessary” politically to save a queen like plotted and schemed succession workings towards a President Hillary Clinton.  The Clintons needed to politically save themselves and their vast plotting too near to a reach at global autocratic power after the GOP proved that they could find a trillion in cuts to safely balance our Federal budget.  The Clintons would not have been able to sell anyone on more years for either of them then for their second term if they couldn’t prove that they too could find a thought impossible trillion to also cut.

Hillary Clinton much deserves the rapped tag as the “TRILLION DOLLA’ SURPLUS’D QUEEN” in poem FUZZY MATH available at http://jphogan.org and where originally streamed and published via http://citizenrosebud.us.

President Clinton and Senate Banking chieftain Dodd are oddly remembered for having asked a small gaggle of banking heads to find a way to “gamble away” the known and/or expected risks inherent in Bill Clinton’s desire to be most popular by coyly burning our economic candle from both ends at once.  You can call it “a ditch” or that “it burned out” as expected - seemingly.

It is absolutely not now funny that President Obama’s Obamacare ACA was fronted as not meant to cover illegal immigrants while now of he of an immigration proposal that would have them all by their conservative estimate of 12 million to be fully covered it seems as citizens by about the time his Obamacare however costs otherwise is to then be in effect on the promises and predictions about it as affordable without these 12 million covered as well.

Only the Clintons needed the Clintons’ SURPLUSES of them also to a finding of a thought impossible trillion in cuts.  Without matching the GOP efforts of the balancing of our budget their scheming and effecting to line Hillary up would have been bust.

The Clintons’ SURPLUSES did take away the pipeline of Federal Government spending that needed the 4-7 year headstart to have kept enough employment in our economy for the risky lending housing bubble as run yet as their unfunded Federal social program.  The timing of such is nearly enough self evident now though hardly the political absolute it should rank with while incidentally chronological to a set up for economic collapse about 2006 or 2007.  It is that to have seen the housing not collapse the “shovel ready” jobs had to not have been cut by the Clintons’s SURPLUSES during their second term so that they would have been already processed and in the works with all necessary permitting for the “economics” then needed after the Clintonomics of stirring a hyper-consumerism ran the length of its short wick.

It is that President Obama is the President now maybe most trapped by ABSOLUTES of his own orations.  But that said it is absolutely a real concern that the Clintons were offered political protection like of a “WE’RE RIGHT - THEY’RE WRONG” polarizing political partisanship then quite only able to lead to gridlock.  But with these shared it is important to really consider how absolutely correct I am in sharing that the Clintons were the only ones that needed the SURPLUSES and politically to save a succession scheming to line Hillary up for an inevitable anointing more as if a “queen.”

We have all long been paying too high a price for the SUPLUSES of the Clintons.  And it is absolutely contradictory that the Clintons can be economically right for so much cutting, and that President Obama can be so right for wanting to spend so much once cut as unnecessary as if it is still necessary.

The Clintons’ SURPLUSES do deserve to go down in history as one of our greatest national economic blunders of the past century.  President Clinton did know enough to know he shouldn’t have pursued surpluses and his risky lending programs with his Clintonomics of a pimped out hyper-consumerism — but resisting temptations (political) is historically of record a characteristic not as of a “strong suit.”

A while ago while being a partisan political operator against his promises to operate his CGI as non-partisan and non-political he in an interview with Maria Bartiromo proffered an “expertise” about economies needing time to recover science that by his own words and phraseology if actually an “expert” and if such affirms he was an expert while President did condemn himself as knowingly have been of doing what he knew he economically shouldn’t have done while President.

Beyond this we are of a 2013 as much needing a pop trending for key word relevance about “capitalism” and “socialism” still.  We though need to find a way to break down the ABSOLUTES of and by President Obama to get to the realistic realm of “cost consciousness” needed as we also need to really discuss tax reforms.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:53 am

It is inescapable that Bill Clinton is at heart the very politician that gave the filibuster like Democratic Party Convention Speech for the nomination of Governor Michael Dukakis.  1988 was a different time for Americans of the United States of America still in the longest of warring such as our Cold War.  Governor Clinton of Arkansas in 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia, droned on and on, and on, by many reports.

By 1991 we were in a new global state of affairs heralded as a NEW WORLD ORDER.  Many may have been dreading seeing Governor Clinton return to any national dais for another oration.  There is a long story to tell that now fits with a Democrat Party in need of branding help.  Today’s order as per intra-party Democrat worlds has a is segmented to a split about three identities;  Today there are different biases about the brand as of a trichotomy between Bill Clinton Dems - Hillary Clinton Dems - Barack Hussein Obama Dems.

Some are grateful much more than others that Vice President George H. W. Bush was elected in 1988 and that Governor Michael Dukakis was not.  As many may be grateful some about a retrospective that Governor Clinton may have cost Governor Dukakis the election with his convention speech still reported as of an air of a “Will it ever end?”

Students of the politics of the United States of America can hardly be to erudite posits and papers today in these times without having an understanding of the years 1988-1993.  To some it was just the years that the U.S.A. became the sole superpower in the world, and, to others it was the years of a concern that a third world war would break out and be the foretold end - the end of the world as by fire.

Of at least an intra-party Democrat world set about with a dichotomy just between Bill Clinton Dems & Hillary Clinton Dems we have that the First Couple Clintons did leave after their eight years without having left, so it seems, any alternative plan for “bite” as per Saddam Hussein.  We still have a vacuum about our political logic quite dangerously of roll outs of new policies and defense spending concerns endemic to the Administration of the Clintons and how they left President George W. Bush no entrance and/or exit strategy for Iraq and the considerable dust ups about a prosecution due for Saddam Hussein.

There is much hubris about so much over too many of these many years since Governor Clinton showed his true self with the nominating speech for Governor Dukakis that is of reports of some fearing it might never end, like.  From this we have that students of American history of the politics of the United States of America have a dichotomy to consider and scrutinize too much just within that which is just singularly of the known history of Bill Clinton.

Iraq and Iran, logically speaking, now would likely be engaged in a mini cold war of their own with non U.S. global support of quite a different “new world order” than President George H. W. Bush managed us towards.  Without the PERSIAN GULF WAR of President George H. W. Bush and OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM of President George W. Bush it is logical and supportable by known global sympathies that Saddam if still in power would now be in a cold war nuclear power and nuclear weapon race with Iran.  It helps to understand the years between 1988 & 1993 and how so then about a major adjustment for the world to a NEW WORLD ORDER with the U.S.A. emerged from such long dust up with the U.S.S.R. as a sole global super power.

About so much of this is still that Hillary Clinton Dems of the above concerning trichotomy and or dichotomy is that which did the most flip flopping.  She is also the Clinton, and Democrat, most culpable and mashable around a hashable #Iraq for she voted for OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, logically, as one that as Mrs. Clinton the former FLOTUS of the most recent prior administration was of intimate enough “intelligence” to have known if “WMD” was or was not a lie.  She is remembered for being of reports that she was so confident with “WMD” intelligence as former FLOTUS, it seems, that she didn’t even take it upon herself to read the provided “NEW” intelligence estimates.

In light of the recent vast democratic reset that happened when the U.S.A became the victor of the longest of wars - of the COLD WAR - and became in the years 1988 -1993 effectively the only super power it is quite relevant and concerning that logic can help us be to better understandings of our here and now if we dig into the old dust ups of a couple decades ago.  Afghanistan can be said to have been the GETTYSBURG of the COLD WAR - the “turning point.”

In the mashable of our current problema challenging any now “Democrat” as of an “Intelligentsia” we have that we should consider that “WMD” may have been a genius stroke however a “LIE” for still we have that any entrance or exit about Iraq for a prosecution of Saddam Hussein and/or “bite” for United Nations’ sanctions was best to be booted as somehow definitively not of the U.S.A. or Coalition as to a HOLY WAR footing.

Hillary Clinton Dems are now quite past a reasonable deadline for proffering posits positively purposeful politically per prudent possible and probable prosecution of her past sworn officialdoms.  It is logical that Hillary Clinton has been making the same mistakes over and over since she first flip flopped about OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.  When one accepts “Bush lied” it logically becomes both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton whom appear to look worse - worser even that President George W. Bush.

There is a dichotomy taggable as of a Bill Clinton’s Dems and Hillary Clinton’s Dems even from their Administration as the first stirrings of a dust up in Afghanistan had one more a dove and the other more hawkish.  Together they abandoned Afghanistan for their eight years and such that once was manageable as of a too early exit by the United States of American became years of insult added to injury, like, such that now we may be there and for so long because they wanted to sell PEACE before its time and be coyly of an inaction and avoidance in Afghanistan and Iraq so that they could justify, somehow, PEACE DIVIDENDS during known unsettled times.

Yes there is a dichotomy at least just in Bill Clinton that is now still very relevant for it is not logical that he was himself truly while of his 1988 Democrat Party Convention speechifying and that he had been naturally as himself while of much of the exposure since their late entry into the 1992 Presidential race.

OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM would better to have been of ACTION by the Clintons in the first term of the Administration of the Clintons’ “two-fer” and then as well somehow clearly and definitively as of a “war” like posture not footed or booted as confusable as a HOLY WAR. 

Saddam Hussein was like a father or godfather figure about Al Qaeda.  How much this was strategic and purposefully politicked by Saddam Hussein to a consideration that he would be able to keep Kuwait despite the U.S.A. of treaties because Americans wouldn’t risk stirring up radicals known to be of geopolitical sensitivity and pride - like Al Qaeda.  We have that we are still deciding politics with still too little consideration about how our 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT is flawed for having looked back only ten years at Al Qaeda all the while it was nearer 12 years old and formed specifically to be a response/reaction to politics and warring by Saddam Hussein.  Saddam Hussein may have well like rocked the cradles of Al Qaeda against the United States of America towards gains like of his efforts in seizing Kuwait.

And today there is at least about Iraq and OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM an intra-party trichotomy among Democrats as of either Bill Clinton Dems - Hillary Clinton Dems - President Barack Hussein Obama Dems.  These three still have different histories related to so much of what is now too effecting to our politics and these years of gridlock.

Logically there wouldn’t have been a 9/11 I or 9/11 II if Saddam Hussein hadn’t invaded Kuwait.  Logically it seems 9/11 may have been kept like as a HOLY DAY for Jihadists of Al Qaeda 2001 sense of justice and so if as well an attack by them to being only then interpretable of an “intelligence” of a motive nearly identical to 9/11 I.  There is more in just the broached “dichotomy” concern about Bill Clinton that relates to some of his earliest moral short comings of his first steps in the Middle East of his first year of his first term;  it is actually mashable and logical that Al Qaeda attacked us on both 9/11 days as acts of war in a HOLY WAR or Jihad for a sense of justice related still to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.

And today there is still a concern about “LIES” of “WMD” and yet hardly enough discussion as to the religious and geopolitics variables that were better worked around to assure that any due prosecution of Saddam Hussein wouldn’t and couldn’t be seen as of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA of a wagging of HOLY WAR.

Again, there is a dichotomy just about Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton for their years of the Administration of the Clintons as per Afghanistan and Iraq.  Again, most reports still are of us as having had power shift from the Clintons to President George W. Bush without there having been a plan of the Clintons’ eight years left for entering and exiting Iraq. 

It seems that “BITE” for United Nations’ sanctions on Saddam Hussein, as an issue, as our history, does divide the house of Clintons still.

And, still we had the clock running.   We were some to a new way of “liberation” for the United States of America, as of a new world order, and expectation to “police’” as a sole super power, as it became an expected way for Americans that had risks of the U.S.A. becoming punk’d by other nations to such while to such.  We the People of the United States of America were uniquely fortified to a new way to “liberation” of other peoples where we had been compromised/engaged before much some just because we had (still had) an all volunteer force.

And now though with two acts of war by Al Qaeda on 9/11s are we to measure and consider the current intra-party trichotomy existant about a logical and historical divide between the politics of Bill Clinton Dems - Hillary Clinton Dems - President Barack Hussein Obama Dems?

And, again:  It is remarkable that as the discussion goes from “Bush lied” to an acceptance that “Bush lied” it is the Clintons however similar and intimate and different are two that each are to politically looking worse that President George W. Bush!

So:  Did we get attacked on both 9/11 because Bill Clinton failed to sufficiently prosecute Saddam Hussein per the sense of justice reasoning of Al Qaeda?  Was the second act of war on such that may have been kept as a terrorist HOLY DAY then for Bill Clinton returned and not penitent so when again in a Democrat Party Convention - when at Charlotte as the charlatan yet of a history of having been of an Administration of the Clintons now proven to have been too much of an avoidance and inaction as per Afghanistan and Iraq? 

We can accept that it is logical that Saddam Hussein fathered Al Qaeda by his violation of Kuwait - Right?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:07 am

Can we be better off a year from now than we are presently after 2013 rap up of 2012 playing under President Barack H. Obama?  How is it more likely that the JETS will carry NEW YORK and all the JETS fans all the way to SUPER BOWL XLVIII?

The JETS have as much to tackle as an organization as President Obama claims he should but at a national level.  The JETS while of, as a team, most of the same issues in Obama’s colors will have to find local and real solutions.  They cannot expect to have a cloud nine political top down national solution disrespective of sport competition and fairness that could last a whole game let alone an entire season.

For the JETS to be America’s TEAM in 2014 as victors of a season of putting it all on the field as an organization capped with a SUPER BOWL XLVIII top rings they will have to be the GREENEST of GREEN MACHINES and yet as of a way of a new federalism of practicable community based workabilities.

I think it is not too early to write off the GIANTS as possible 2014 SUPER BOWL XLVIII participants or victors.  A home team advantage for them seems written as if as poorly figured as the nationalization of so much about even just MET LIFE by President Obama.  If their is to be a GIANT rush and standing with for contests of 2013 it seems that towards 2014 the JETS have the mantle in GREEN MACHINE to be jolly and nutritious GREEN GIANTS OF MET LIFE.

It seems President Obama is fixated against the likes of the GIANTS as too much evil “giants” of “healthcare” evil corporate non-people monoliths in a rude and callous capitalism.  The President, if not impeached by late 2013, should find the JETS as irresistible even though as a team and organization in sport they have to find local solutions in lieu of national solutions and be of doing the compassionate and hard work - personally to a person - as corporate and involved organizational persons.

It seems the JETS have an opportunity to win with and without the President as a fan.  The JETS have to walk and play almost all of his key issues - especially immigration as long as quarter’d as of Sanchez back’d.  The JETS cannot escape playing to the sympathies around healthcare insurance and healthcare costs reform by its home field advantage and its team ownership with “Woody” Johnson.  And, again they already have the sport mantle to walk and play as THE GREEN MACHINE.

This doesn’t bode well for President Barack H. Obama even one day after his 2013 State of the Union speech.  New Yorkers are going to want at least one of their teams in the SUPER BOWL they will be hosting.  President Obama will be on the edge of sport and local spirit of our competition model about community organizing and community togetherness at least.  It is arguable that President Obama’s “new nationalism” centralizing attempts are not sporting and/or fair.

These are the days that before he strutted to a class warfare he at least should have strapped in about a tackling of the new paradigms of wealth and income fairness of these days.  These days are different from so many of the days he matured and developed in non US territories informatively to “Barack”.  These days before there should be a class warfare we have the black on black to compare just to the old white on white unfairness.

Footballers are a good place to start.  New York Footballers are hardly different in these aspects than any others that have been as successful personally across our National Football League.  Many of each of every team are now of a conundrum about the class warfare of President Obama “The Nationalizer” in a black on black “distribution” or “redistribution” social justice “fairness” conundrum;  before our President move to outright “class warfare” inequality politics he should have first established the differences now between even just old white on whites disparities and the current black rich athletes and entertainers chasm of social injustice related to just blacks of low classes.

With JETS of a SANCHEZ as QB they have to play sensitive to immigration issues where ever and however.  I am not sure this can help the JETS - at least during this new administrating by President Obama.  We know that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as long harbored interests and ambitions to being the Commissioner of the sport.  Today she is out on the field of United States contests as per immigration as of news of joining a new team ready to be towards tackling the tough issues involved.

GREEN MACHINES are here to stay.  THE GREEN MACHINE at least as a New York team should by the 2013 start of season for the National Football League should have a community about it of its tri-state area as “green” as any other - and maybe quite to a “best in green” GREENEST.  Much of this will depend on how the peoples of all the classes President Barack H. Obama as set off to being in a national class warfare see a way to find local and state based solutions that allow them to keep and hold a “community” spirit and fandom specially specifically.

There are old days of inequality in New York City like those of the days of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall politics.  But for the GIANTS and the GREEN GIANTS of the JETS - THE GREEN MACHINE - New Yorkers seem inoculated about such as it seems such is now the new nationalistic ways of the Administration of President Barack H. Obama.

But are there to be by the start of the 2013 season of the National Football League any “individual” recognition that isn’t but for a “RACE TO THE TOP” jack booted marching to a NEW NATIONALISTS assimilation?  By the start of the next season will community organizing be out at least as per the “competition” and “sport” lessons long fundamental to the development of new soldiers in peace, anywhere?

How will all the teams be trying to balance this towards such?  How will all the trading to GREEN - to GREENEST - possibly now proceed?  Will every team now want a SANCHEZ of their own?  Will every team organization now try to find a way to sell itself as however of backing by evil corporate non-people monoliths Insurance Corps as a “good” - “GREATNESS” - contrary to slights and trash talk of the Administration of President Barack H. Obama?

It has just been like a political amateur hour seeing these plays attempted to a CLASS WARFARE before all Americans were at least asked to consider these still new days of there being enough/so many very rich black Americans the if and how the problems just of lower class blacks is now because their kind having now “made it” aren’t themselves giving back - giving back enough at least by the President’s fairness fuzzy math.

And to help the JETS maybe more than President Obama, again, it seems that our upper class smart people who did their homework whether to stadium specialized trade labor skill and traditions or to the more that of paper pushing as needed for architects, will all be able at least around the JETS and its TRI-STATE area be celebrants in a GOOD of the JETS as a GREAT GREEN MACHINE by fall as now even jets are iconic in a new greenness to carry all to a greater more eco future.

It doesn’t reside only among our most learned that President George W. Bush while with “Commissioner” aspirant Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (still some a CLEVELAND BROWNS fan) had to have been a practicably “GREEN” President.  It is like “street” for all that Dems couldn’t have “changed” so much in just a year or two unless the administration before it had been strong and steady funders and supporters to such themselves. 

But what about SANCHEZ?  Will every team with a national bi-partisan move to reset our immigration policies be now necessarily looking for their own “SANCHEZ”?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 1:05 pm

We have to accept that POTUS to SOTU as specifically #SOTU2013 is limited to fashioned stylings for now or this fall again pointedly so quite as if whether he will or will not wear a flag lapel pin this Tuesday to #Congress in appropriate dress.

I do not want to have to read THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO to be able to understand how foreign or domestically born the expectant vacuum of political anticipation filling, with as if “intelligent” and “considerate” oration, POTUS’ SOTU will covertly or overtly wax on spectacularly, however.

I do not remember how much of THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO I did read when decades ago I read just that much.

America and Americans are now in grave danger from having listened at least to Paul Krugman too much.

There are presumptions postured as if of a Posterity posit in a possible while presently pressed and presided by POTUS practicably proven politically polarizing as too partisan for of limited or minimal pragmatism. 

America and Americans are still in a grave economic political POTUS’D rendered Government New Nationalism too much of the experienced excessive centralizing less “economic” than “social planning.”

We may be better to hope that Russia has a twelve step program to beat addictions to old Soviet styled communism and that we can get our POTUS treated - and that we still have time to see that our POTUS gets the treatment our economy really seems to need.  It seems we are wiser now to listen to Russia’s V. Putin than to President Barack H. Obama’s Karl Marx.  The Russians may have been right at least in that six separate regional smaller unions is something modern America could fall apart into.

We have that it would have been simply better if President Barack H. Obama came into his first term more like the Chinese economists thinking for China as of a move to capitalism from socialism and not as he POTUS did with attempts to paddle up stream all tweedy professorial as a political dandy to socialism from capitalism.

The easiest way to explain how and why the Democrats of Obama’s and Clintons’ iron grip have been unable to restore us to a vibrant new growth economy may be to start with how they brought back a centralized political policing bunker mentality even though it was a more convenient for our People era of decentralizing that is the milk or honey of what remains of popularity for or of the Clintons for our 1990s. 

We have that their droning as it undermines our foundations nationally of a system of laws above governance by man is illustrative of an endemic problem with them about a “management” skill for growth economics.  We have that we can talk comparatively of a Chicago grandmother figure of say one of such cities worst neighborhoods that just won’t move because it has been her home since before it was so troubled.  We have that by the “kill list” politics of Obama’s like new manifest destiny foreign policy by remote hands off joy-sticking is so questionable and worrisome that it is as if “collateral damage” for “hot zones” would even have such a Chicago “Grandmother” figure GUILT BY ASSOCIATION by a proximity in location and as if such doesn’t need to be a consideration of humanity or souls at risk.

It seems it is reasonable to suggest that we all economically and socially even could now be better off in 2013 if President Barack H. Obama had listened to and or emulated or imitated the Chinese and Russian leaders of his day more than as he did, as it seems, just the dead Karl Marx.

With anticipation building to #SOTU2013 and how such tweedy professorial Presidential dandy may yet fill an expectant vacuous political new hour we are all maybe best to being to constructs of mental and emotional breastworks of an immunity to and from a new oration of impracticable idealism.

The first step may be best to remember and better realize that the supposedly “bad” Bush Tax Cuts were actually then fair and just as justified by the Clintons and their unnecessary SURPLUSES.  As long as Bush wasn’t allowed to put back in the necessary spending the Clintons cut while signing off on the prudent trillion of cuts to balanced proffered by the Republicans or that of the extra trillion Dems found rashly there was nothing then that was needing higher taxing than that of the Bush Tax Cuts.

Right before there should be a second step each should realize that the crass Clintons’ SUPRLUSES justified the Bush Tax Cuts.  There is an atmosphere about too much of this still excessively vacuous.

Again:  Re: our Budget now:  Our best NATIONAL SECURITY posture now is like best for us of America and the United States of America to be to a real renaissance in state’s rights.  A renaissance in state’s rights is our best hope for regrowing our economy and maybe even jump starting a frozen global economy.  A renaissance in state’s rights now would reset us to the decentralizing that was central to what worked and sold during the Clintons’ 8 of our now too little discussed seemingly missing years 1993-2001.  A renaissance in state’s rights would be our best foreign policy posture as if also of a dominant global trend and yes as a reset to what had been the trending before the Obama call for a “New Nationalism” centralizing too much also of a poorly considered evangelizing about a supposed need for a “new foundation.”

President Barack Hussein Obama is due a historical tag as a professorial tweedy dandy.  He is also still it seems too stuck on old and dead (former) socialists than freed or liberated/cured by successors mostly from such now of new ways such as of modern leadership in Russia and China.

For our POTUS to SOTU now again for #SOTU2013 new media social media speedy media interactiveness we have that he should feed our demands with a supply less vacuous than the “vacuous” now expectant from him.

Can President Barack Hussein Obama - the RE-ELECTED - proffer on Tuesday night a professorial intelligentsia new attitude sufficiently erudite and in a “modern moralism” if only for his now more “subjects” than “citizens” of these no longer loose enough states?  He managed to remain after 2012 contests a American Bolshevik - though seemingly only with a mandate for austerity.

How will he step out as “FRESH & NEW” this week - what talk will he walk as styled right for these times and even for this Fall?  Can he offer us anything new?  Can he offer a promise of new jobs and a jump started economy if he doesn’t learn to wax on carefully layer oratorical polish for a return to decentralizing from a bunker mentality?

After your first steps about this - if even to be supportive to President Barack Hussein Obama with he braving first steps - to get to breaking an addiction to old Marxist styled socialism or old Soviet Communism one or all should consider that more taxes at the national level is not arguably the most idealistic taxation change of the still too purported idealism suffered now too long these past four years.

For our tweedy dandy professorial President even now especially as many fear a vacuous new political hour for Tuesday night we have that ideally he wants to punish wealth variances not mostly earnings as with which our federal revenue streams flow.  A renaissance in state’s rights now would be our best way to reset our economies and to be to finding the much needed real cost savings for healthcare.  A renaissance in state’s rights would be more marketable as for with such though contrary to 1st term of #Obama it would be as if Americans were also for a “spring” for Arabs - as if Americans also wanted a “spring” at home.

Well, we are nearing the release and steppin’ of/for the 2nd Term - of/for the NEW President Obama if not a old and tired return and rehashing just of a too old idealism of a “THE OLD OBAMA.”

How will he dress?  Will he wear a “power tie”?  Will he wear a flag lapel pin of our Stars and Stripes standard of our not as loose as they could best be United States of America?  Will he wear a flag lapel pin dutifully and/or proudly with faith in our Constitution kept?

And of such professorial tweedy dandy of a modern American “politics” is he to offer a new attitude for a developed intelligentsia with specifics to a “GREEN MINIMALISM” as a new political correctness to supplant all discussion as to “poverty” and or “poverty levels” to a workable new base line for any “ideological” new utopian “governance”?  Can he or will he step out and wax on not too vacuous a rendition in erudite and modern oration with a practicable and pragmatic philosophically discerned that can fit with us now best to be to a renaissance in state’s rights or the “falling apart into six separate regions” proffered by a living modern Russian leader?

And of such too:  What about the Chinese?  What about how as President #Obama started his first term he moved to march as if a drum major too many to socialism from a still workable methodology nearer Capitalism, and, how so while the Chinese Government seemed to be effecting more democratic bottom up changes to Capitalism from Socialism?

Mr. President there is an intelligence vacuum about your politics and social engineering.  Would you please explain how now still it would be better if we reset to the decentralizing workable economics but now as if also to a renaissance in states rights like a “spring” for Americans?  Would you and will you at least explain the philosophical “intelligence” that your “fairness” concerns actually are best if addressable as of a venue civilly more appropriate as of state not State jurisdictions? — Will you explain that economies are frozen because you were wrong to try to revolutionize with a social engineering in ways that needed wealth based taxation not income and earnings basis like that our our Federal Revenue streams?

It would be dandy if you could wear tweed and be professorial with practicable and pragmatic posits proffering even for #SOTU2013 and to be informative and instructive as to how a renaissance in state’s rights for our fifty states would allow your own idealism and attempts at “modern moralism” to be workable and more just and fair for our states do have the taxation powers for community redistribution moral concerns with their Power to tax wealth and property.

After twelve modern steps a “tweedy dandy” could be a good thing more than a bad - than still a bad - tag.  We have that it would be more moral to have attempted so much of the revolutionary ways of President Obama at now higher or greater a political level/jurisdiction/community size than that already Constituted with wealth and property taxation Posterity Powers - than that like our fifty states - right? 

Do you concur?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:46 pm

President Barack H. Obama exited Iraq prematurely and for partisan political gain.  The President left not for military or economic greater good as he moved of a cutting and running retreat such as he did.

For starters this is what we should be talking about and thoroughly considering and debating. 

It seems we now are talking sequester and defense cuts because he as our top Administrative Executive has been of a great and vast economic failure. It seems we are talking about defense cuts now in part because he as our President has not been able to restart a growth economy.  It follows as well that such is of a problem now if we are to defense cuts because of ACA and as for it as Obamacare as not actually affordable.

With our Congress of the Power of the purse it may be that there has to be a reserved and implied right to effect an injunction upon Obamacare as UNAFFORDABLE during these unrecovered economic times.  Our Congress must if of the Power of the purse must be of a sworn duty to protect defense spending and defer other budget items more idealistic than practical or necessary if and when it comes down to looking at reducing our security by defense cuts as now broached.  Our Congress must, it seems, be of sufficient Power someway already to “postpone” as by “injunction” with budget powers spending for Obamacare if it is threatening our defense - and yet only as long as an economy is such that both are not simultaneously affordable.  Our Congress must, it seems, have the implied responsibility not to overturn ACA but to suspend its spending until something so idealistic is actually economically practicable.

Are we though now only at this point because President Barack H. Obama exited Iraq too early?

Are we now here because we cut and ran of a retreat about Operation Iraqi Freedom just before it could have started economically working better for all Iraqi peoples and all of the involved Coalition?

It is real that we are of a time where it seems our nation is of a continuously depressed economic time and such as from a failure in Government economic leadership.  It seems we cannot afford to stay secured enough and prepared enough and yet be of a way to afford a fancy new way to Nationalize otherwise still carried community duties and costs such as with Obamacare.

You must now be among those remembering that Operation Iraqi Freedom was originally supposed to cost the USA much less and as well any or all member states of the Coalition of OIF.  It should be fresh now in most peoples’ minds as for the scheme became refreshed but pushed coyly as if new when we heard first of ODYSSEY DAWN as if it would be paid for by compensation from Libyan people’s oil profits.

There is that Operation Iraqi Freedom was planned to have been paid for not by the “credit card” scheme President Bush is tagged with now long since Democrats in Washington successfully politicked to work USA out of the “benefits” and “compensation” that costs of “liberation” were thought justly to an earning.

Many of the same Democrats that took away USA plans to be compensated for the “liberation” of Iraq with Operation Iraqi Freedom though didn’t mind a similar process for “funding” a “liberation” under their watch as with what started as their ODYSSEY DAWN.

We have that this is more about how we cannot seem to afford so much that President Obama was of promising as well with his then opponent Senator Clinton while also just a candidate to this our highest executive office.  We have that OIF was started with a plan for compensation from freed/liberated Iraqi people that seems to have been able to have worked - it seems Democrats wouldn’t have tried to use the concept as new and their own in Libya if not so.

You are likely among those that are already realizing that we left Iraq too early for even economics of liberated Iraq.  By leaving when we did it seems President Obama is culpable for the Iraqi oil capacity having been left more stagnant and nearly half possibly what it could have become if we hadn’t cut and run so prematurely.  It seems that with what the price of gas became with the ill advice GREEN ENERGY agenda of this President that Iraqi oil profits had become of mulitiples many fold than expected to have been of an affording of “liberation” “compensation” as first conceived.

The math of the Democrats premature partisan political “war” meddling such as the too early retreat from fuller operations in Iraq is such that if we had stayed even one more year the Iraqi people likely could have doubled their oil output and exports and at a new higher price such that it would have cost them may a third what was originally considered to compensate friendly nations that participated with them about their liberation and prosecution from/of Saddam Hussein.

You too must now see how elementary and near even “stupid” President Obama’s abandonment of Operation Iraqi Freedom has turned out to be and that now it by itself is much what is threatening his own idealized Nationalization by ACA in Obamacare as unaffordable.

We have it as a puzzle without a solution yet for public consumption how what Republicans were thwarted from implementing as their planned and affordable way to see that Operation Iraqi Freedom was a justly funded “liberation” engagement is what then became like a NEW & BOLD Democrat Party concept for funding a LIBERATION from Qadhaffi of Libya.  I do not know at these moments of writing this if USA has been successful in collecting the promised compensation from Libyan people and their oil profits.

But what of the Power of the purse of Congress and that Defense should be well above as a necessary and higher budget priority than a over-reaching substitute method of caring such as centralization plans of Obamacare?

And, Mr. President what of that if you hadn’t retreated from our commitment to securing new freedoms of the liberation we stood for and with in Iraq with your premature cutting and running it seems that a year or two more there would have had the Iraqi people of 2X to 3X the oil export capacity they then did and then with the spike in gas prices much caused by your GREEN ENERGY AGENDA so that President Bush’s Operation Iraqi Freedom would have been able to have stayed “paid for” as planned and yet quite economically conveniently as a year or two more of OIF would have likely had Iraq able to cover all “costs” at at most one third the involved labors or “work”?

Mr. President mustn’t Congress now have to consider an injunction from funding or implementing your ACA of a substitute centralized Nationalized healthcare “reform” largely because you left Iraq at least just one year too early?

I mean it figures that if we had stayed and developed more standing with “securing” the Iraqi economy could have been at least of 3-4 times the ability to pay compensatory “liberation” costs of all of the involved coalition states. 

And, that such logic now also implies a guilt upon you Mr. President for your abandonment by premature retreat of your USA cutting and running did then stifle economic development in Iraq and such that quality of life and healthcare for Iraqi people then was left to be depressed so by a similar multiple but inconveniently in what has been what has been missed by them that didn’t have to be missed - right?

I have a BA in Economics from Villanova University — I am not an economist.  That said:  Though I suggest a multiples of 3-4 times to an Iraqi economy ability to easily have paid “liberation” costs an economist can probably confirm that Iraq with just a year more of USA “standing with” of OIF would have been at the Obama economics oil prices to a factor nearer 10X - 20X as their economy did have because of Obama’s retreat.  And yet so a real economist may figure it even much higher even than 20X.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 5:51 pm

What pray tell is one’s patriotic or civic duty in the year two thousand ten and three?  What is a “reasonable expectation” to have and to hold as a bar for a “leader”?  Where, if you are a community type - even a community organizer - are your Ps & Qs best registered, and how?

A sober reflection now may be best not to be encouraged.  To look back may for too many now still be too traumatic.

It is not just Americans of the United States of America whom experienced very personal and devastating devaluations somehow about the standardized record established nearly to a mean of 40%.  Untold numbers lost their American Dream holdings and even with company with those more of humble/basic subsistence quartering of by ownership not by leasing.

May the HOPE for CHANGE of the new team of the refreshed administrating by re-elected President Barack H. Obama be of a rekindled Americana not about a too treading upon those upended by the crisis of valuation now at risk of being a new too permanent victim class.  It was the Republicans that stepped up as the 2012 lot of Presidential Candidate most as of a promise as “guardians” for those effected by what they all stated clearly was a economic crisis of which their Government was most responsible.

It is only fair now to want to hope in the newly re-elected most challenged President Barack H. Obama.  It is quite fair to be hesitant in offering him and even his new team much trust.  It is possible and of hope that his new team is likely to be (much) better than his old team.

There will have to be a work around his first stepped hopes to be able to just run our vast Governance on the strength and limited range of his own personality.  There will have to be more honesty moving forward in this second term as it seems he doesn’t have a personality fit for a growth economy.  The Clintons were blessed by a growth economy beyond their own similarly (lawyered) limited personalities in ways candidate Barack Obama should not reasonably have expected to be yet again available and so available to him if he were to be elected.

And, what about Jack?

Are we in need of a self conscious new memoir from our newly re-elected most Executive of our leaders to offer a bankable reflection on how he did or did not turn out to be a new Jack Kennedy (JFK)? 

And, what about Jack?

Would he have also pulled back from shovel ready road and bridge work?  Would it have also been inconvenient and too of an idealism to a new GREEN ECONOMY if he by fixing roads and bridges with shovel ready Government made jobs then too of a counter productive political policy for BIG CHANGE?  He also couldn’t have used vast stimulus to create infrastructure jobs to fix and better roads while of energy policies to get people to dislike their “old” cars and ready for “new” “GREENER” cars without such “shovel ready” options having made “old” cars even with their inflated energy costs newly more tolerable with new Government roads and bridges to be on or soon look forward to - right?

When you decide to try to play at being a reincarnated Franklin Delano Roosevelt and as also as a man from a Hyde Park are you not being to much possibly and unstable Jekyll already?

It may have taken a Ronald Reagan or yet a Richard Milhous Nixon to clarify a “politicians” personality as if defined as: Politician = one that is able to create shovel ready jobs.  It had long been part of our American dreaming to consider that if one is a politician then such one must be almost predetermined to be inevitably able to like divinely create shovel ready jobs always.  It likely is Reaganesque now to have to consider speaking publicly of politicians unable to create shovel ready jobs - to speak of any politician as re-elected that couldn’t do the “politicians” most basic task of creating shovel ready jobs.

Of our President’s Predator predilection about drone use - he as either a stable man of Hyde Park too, or as a quarky mutant Jekyllized reincarnation, is lucky his Predator drones are not President Reagan’s Patriot missiles that were best if not even attempted of a single shoulder firing use.

What about “THE NEW JFK”? 

As one also of Hyde - another of a Hyde Park - and yet a NEW DEALER WANNA BE - is it reasonable to call oneself a politician if in fact time as proven that you are not seemingly capable of “shovel ready” job creation?

As one of a cocky pride walked of talk of being able to run the most established modern global Power on the “strenght” of their personality and it as he just of a hodgepodge of happenstance of times spent beyond U.S. territories “on in America” personality development how can he not now be queried at about his “decision” not to capture and question Osama Bin Laden?

He is accepted as a representative of Harvard Law School sense of jurisprudence while yet of his claims that his “personality” should be sufficient.  Can he now be seen as a SEEKER of justice?  Is he just for his kill orders more just a seeker of vengeance?  Can we let him go as a Hyde not a Jekyll just as per the kill not capture and question orders as per Osama Bin Laden?

What about Justice and Posterity?  What about due process and Americans of a call to walk what they talk and breath?

Can he be a “SEEKER OF JUSTICE” or must his first term be our new lower norm?  With justice out the door as once we kept it more at home and abroad but when clearly of a known war time, however, aren’t we wise as of a civic and patriotic duty to at least asking:  What pray tell might the Democrats have wanted to hide by not seeking Justice better with a capture and question standing priority even as per the supposedly most informed of our current most modern enemy?

Can we say for certain that a Republican administration of John McCain and his steady but unsteady hands would also have ordered a kill on sight order even for Osama Bin Laden?  Is it fair and of our civic duty now to deeply probe if our Democrats were afraid more than our Republicans about what Osama Bin Laden might say if he were just captured alive?

And, again:  What about Jack?

And, again:  We can HOPE that these CHANGES to a new team have us able and ready to presume and believe:  THE NEW TEAM OUGHT REALLY TO BE BETTER THAN THE OLD TEAM - right?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:42 am

Perhaps you have heard of the long day ride of the nominee of President Obama Chuck Hagel!  Two lanterns may be needed, or just one, for that guardian charge many are being asked to allow as a trusted duty his.

How many candles can he light - need he of Nebraska light at least metaphorically - how wicked or enlightened be he in old lights for Posterity as a candle otherwise maybe lit as our beacon of defense?  William Golding of Brasenose College - a perhaps idyllic or iconic in life and death for Chuck Hagel and his comraderies?

We were nearly all the boobs of the threat considerations of the 2006 SURGE dates — Senator Chuck Hagel, whence pressed, and probed, those moments lingering on, still as “complicated” relationships hung over much, with fogs of ignorance and naivete horned yet not seen, was figuratively a Paul Revere of Nebraska biased to measures scaled to relations foremost considerate of natural law erudity flames or sparks.

“Among the vicissitudes incident to life”* start stands as a prophylactic of earlier days governance commencements quite so whence Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska was charged of considerations of personal emoluments of official duties and which ever pecuniary costs for skins or pounds of flesh, however Solomesque, the peace of the dates or the spark of threats had embedded particularly.

It is considerate to not relate or report yesterday’s pounding of President Barack H. Obama’s first choice to succeed Sec Def Panetta as Republican on Republican hate.  He may have been a silversmith to only a second place though for himself, now.

When Senator, he, Chuck Hagel,  may have wanted to see a Clinton PEACE as not a “PEACE!” before its time and been too much to a bosomed embrace of our Houses as united while still divided by actual wars and their political costs and histories.

There were ways to buffet such dates of so much warring thought not to have been to becoming our fate or destiny but not to run from the light of the actual candles/beacons of truths of the ages in which all was bedded.

The pounding and pressing of President Barack H. Obama’s first choice even if it leaves nominee Hagel now of a silver of his own wraught - is good for the President and for us since it was an airing of shared SURGE naivete still long over-coddled by the Administration of Obama.  What was lit yesterday for all to be forewarned from is that his shared pinings and sympatheties on review as also those long fronted by our current President are now no longer “historical” or defensible - that they are not now “reasoned” nor “reasonable” as most now shed their innocence and naivete of the “it’s complicated” old dated relationships as per threats not as simple as such that a warm embrace could fix or settle.

Among the vicissitudes incident to the SURGE Senator John McCain and myself and maybe all that I wrote publicly in 2006 as “uc” has been much confirmed and affirmed as our actual histories for and about the SURGE for Posterity now as a candle/beacon of and for fact based governance (and defense budgeting).

Strategically speaking so much of such past dates were really always political then of “it’s complicated” near to a maximus, and, still of a more reasoned understanding for motivations as justifications by the seats of Al Qaeda to 9/11 I quite that more should be considerate that our Senators at least had their judgement compromised by our 9/11 Commission Report as it was/is a flawed bedded and binded mess for having only looked back ten years all the while Al Qaeda was known to have been born nearer twelve years thence earlier.

Of nominee for Secretary of Defense beaconship we can be considerate that Senator Chuck Hagel when given the right histories or facts is likely of a capacity and accomplishment in governance to make a good or right decision.  It is arguable that his hot seat flaming is lit by embers of ignorance and naivete official bound by our 9/11 Commission findings.

The incident vicissitudes particular to the erring by nominee Hagel now so historical as lacking in “historical” correctness are of days and threats against America that had long passed Nebraska thresholds as of a bosom and soothing or settling by coddling, it seems.

We have too long been blinded by the worked ignorance upon the minds of just Americans by politicking with our histories such as two Clintons have too long done.  It is considerate not to report yesterday’s ups and downs so incident as Republican on Republican HATE.  The bound bedding now long pertinent to the bad dates so rehashed with discussions of earlier Republican possible partisan betrayal is buttress’d covertly too much in a false narrative not a rap enough of the false yet convenient rap of two of the Clintons. 

As per such as the important and incident actual histories of the relative past twenty plus years of ups and downs foreign and domestic it behoove all to remember the Clintons’ are by their “friends” still fresh of taggings as “BIG LIARS”! 

By the lies of the Clintons - the known and the unknown lies of the Clintons many leaders have fallen or slipped as BOOBS!

William Golding was of erudition by way of Brasenose College and Senator Chuck Hagel to politics of vicissitudes of incidents domestic and foreign by way of Nebraska. 

His hesitancy whence to be of Republican Party loyalty as to the proven sound reasoning of and for a SURGE is not quite as bad a faux pas as that which have made Clinton loyalists and the Clintons themselves now nearer to a record as of a actual historical global naivete - of an embrace to much of “PEACE” before its time.

But of his Congressional Senatorial review - it is good news that the President’s seemingly intimately shared naivete about histories now better understood than whence thence to political hesitancy and dangerous inaction and avoidance posturing have been aired by his first choice for Secretary of Defense charge.  We now may all be able to GET SMART and start moving forward with intellectual honesty and a reset to US Governance along fact based actual histories.

We may all be at risk if we don’t check nominee Chuck Hagel’s rendition of SURGE political bedding/binding.  Whether by across the seas or by lands American of the United States all are now still too at risk of also becoming BOOBS of the Clintons at least if failing to consider that Saddam Hussein gave birth incidentally to Al Qaeda by his invasion of our Ally Kuwait, and, that Al Qaeda likely attacked us on both 9/11 as a political or thought just act of “Jihad” against first the failures of President Clinton to sufficiently have prosecuted Saddam Hussein, by their radically so sense of justice, and, then with the second 9/11 maybe so for the same reasoning then of an abhorance visceral to their ideological theocratic group think as President Clinton of Charlotte charlatan posturing like a pouring of salts into their wounds, the wounds by their conception kept open and sore and misunderstood at least by those that trust our 9/11 Commission findings.

It may be that Nebraskan nominee Chuck Hagel came across as a BOOB of Obama’s preference from a trust in the history as bound by his old Congress’ consdiration of Al Qaeda by way of their 9/11 Commission and its ______________ for having only looked back ten years when the group know to have actually attacked of their own wills and sense of justice was yet then nearer twelve years old.

A better embrace of history is now available for many - for many more than whence thence now of old wounds reopened:

Al Qaeda was formed to be a Muslim answer to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of neighbor Nation State of Kuwait and was so chided and long abraded by the USA and coalition states having been otherwise chosen to be the just warriors.  It can be said that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 but likely only by way of having incidentally having been the father of Al Qaeda by way of his inappropriate violation of Kuwait. 

There is real and historical “cause and effect” now more publicly consumable such that fewer need be BOOBS still about our own trying times that followed on so much of the Clintons’ “PEACE DIVIDENDS” of ups and downs like of lies of a “PEACE” “officially” before its times.

Nominee Chuck Hagel might be a candle of naivete too much - I hope our Senators figure out such in time.  As more than a time of natural law biased “PEACE” where coddling too long thought a way to bedding for Posterity Nominee Hagel is still at risk of not being embraced if he rests with President Obama like of a innocence from ignorance and naivete disrespective of incidental histories that relate to Saddam Hussein legacy and motivations seemingly of a confidence that he thought he had a way to defeat the United States of America - globally, and, specifically with traps set about an assault figurable against Americans of the United States by way of cyber or global public relations warring spin.

These hearings now are for Posterity with us now to trust that our charged Congress will be to greater good discourse to be a prophylactic for endemic naivete imprudence.


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