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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:09 am

“This morning we’re asking you - who should get credit for the current state of the U.S. economy?”

>> CSPANWJ asked! Posted recent morning comments on credit for economic growth: February 18, 2020:

>I did advise George W. Bush by fax to not try to fix housing/banking due saw it as triggered to collapse as soon as a fix attempted.

Also Speaker Pelosi wasn’t to letting him at any fix that…

>#TuesdayThoughts #Election2020 #economics

… any fix that had any suggestion in it that Clintons 90s had anything wrong in Clintonomics - even that with $2Trillion cut for $1Trillion in unneeded surpluses - Bill Clinton politics burned the economic candle from both ends …

>#2020Culture #TuesdayMotivation #MAGA #DTS

… Clintons intentionally burned economy candles from both ends at once.

> for short term popularity while expected no negative outcomes expected to yet be expected until the next President’s terms, administration.

Like rigged it …

>#FallOfClintons #PoetJPHogan #HOGAN

… I was proved right of warned #Bush to just try to postpone collapse & crisis and not try at a fix I saw as set up to trigger near complete loss in consumer confidence & little chance then of recovery.

Clintons’ ploy…

>#DrainTheSwamp #Trump #DonaldJTrump #POTUS

… Clintons’ machinations from double burned us down was seen but is now more easily seen as of ploy of set up collapse believing they could then blame next President and be wanted/needed back with Hillary4Prez as seemingly only…

>#WashingtonJournal #Cspan #SouthCarolina #Nevada odds:

… then as those together who could yet fix the economy.

#ClimateChange $4 gas price fix for #GlobalWarming #GreenAgenda of by 2006 #Dems sabotaging #economics & yet blaming #Bush wrongly & …

>… and as #SpeakerPelosi to #Bush chances of recovery was far worse than of killed how #IraqWar was set up to be paid for liberation of #Iraqi as end of #Clintons #AmericanAbandonment by oil profits on #IraqiOil post liberation.

Bush was not allowed to imply Clintons wrong &…

>… yet now it quite noticeable how one thing said in #ImpeachmentHoax #Schiff narative fits so well and better yet to parts of these histories of crimes & maladministration by Clintons & meddling #TextbookTreason during #GeorgeWBush #Bush43 admin - even while of #911Attacks…

>#Economics credit can not go to #Obama - indictments though should and could easily.

Consider #BillClinton, even thou #SenClinton new #NYC #Senator w/ BANKS oversight, did ask Big Banks to pay sought #CarnegieHall twr near $1 Million/y rent as thanks for “all the money they …

>… made big banks with the #DERIVATIVES push with #ChrisDodd & #BillClinton cohorts in unconscionable governance quite judgeable as GROSS NEGLIGENCE at least.

Derivates were asked for to gamble away the known risks of risking lending pimp’n while also of cutting budgeted by…

>… so much in already set up future projects and spending, for that an unneeded surplus - for short term political popularity, to that #BillClinton & banks believed gambling new way needed due Clintons were cutting out the jobs & funding the risky spenders to need to survive…

>#Economics #TuesdayThoughts

…Clintons 90s of knew enough of cut for $1 Trillion unneeded surplus of that picked for cuts wouldn’t be missed until they were out of (& between Clintons presidencies) office.

And that it would take more money & far more years to restore needed…

>… Bill Clinton knew his cuts would only be trouble to the next admin & thought that could be managed to march a call for their return by #Hillary4Prez.

>To @MariaBartiromo years ago he admitted he knew he cut too much too quickly.

Of knew next Prez would have to explain his…

>… Clintons’ 90s selfish malfeasance & maladministration criminally effected just to be able to have a chance at restoring consummer confidence enough for even a slight recovery.

Again: Speaker Pelosi wouldn’t budge to help a recovery due wanted rise of #HillaryClinton by…

>… as if the Clintons were only who could run a growth economy.

Clintons almost only knew where in all the gears they stowed wrenches to created malfunctioning - only knew where the bodies were.

It did cost lots more to replace so much was actually necessary spending then cut!

>#TuesdayMotivation #Election2020 #StrongForTruth

The real questions on #economics is of Clintons burned #economy candles knowingly from both ends for personal selfish reasons.

And of that cuts took far more years at much greater expense to get back budgeted for future jobs.

>This morning: The Clintons did cut too much from necessary spending of already approved and budgeted to be of level of government spending at least needed than then had to be rushed back into budgets - well had to eventually get put back in at much higher costs - not including how missed much set up later housing and banking collapses.                                                                                  

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:45 am

Spring is now weeks away; To some that may yet mean more than 40 days left of winter; Let us consider the meek.

Willie Loman was in the selling traveling business. Kobe Bryant traveled - selling life.

His last establishments are now his ordained living forever acts - his & Gianna of immortality eternal.

So much of life is about being meek and knowing patience for single file community copacetic.

So much of eternal immortality is that of the jurisdiction of the disciplines long of religiosity where each soul is recognizable of rights from their Creator though falls to depths of Hell is on each to guard take point on. Religions are firstly tools and disciplines of and for self-governance - with a healthy backwards keep to fewer need reinvent the wheel of life.

Helix of Leonardo DaVinci long ago set out a belief in helicopters - humans also of flight - and of stairways to heaven.

As of traditions and generations reared for of “the meek shall inherit the earth” there this is meant to be struggled with and if possibly understood? ”To wait upon the Lord” associated is not be of servitude to waiter or butler but a willingness to be vulnerable while trusting in Faith and being patient - of patience to now right from wrong - to meekly choose to seek peace - an understanding of Lord’s way? To be “meek” is more to be “patient” and “believer” to an educated understanding more to that “believers shall inherit the earth”?

While these are the times of politics that try our souls, and patience, Kobe and Gianna next act is their’s of their established last acts of living purposely and fully.

Sooner or later Spring will be here and there and new life to overwhelm most souls of splendor and natural grandeur.

We need not ask of Bryants if of these times of the trying of political souls if they were giving back enough.

Our politics are of Kobe Bryant’s struggled with and overcome - his story a living example - and yet the politics of now is following on our recent with questions across our country also of successful other blacks of if today’s problems can be said of as if successful blacks are not giving back enough to their own.

This is no purgatory for the Bryants. The Bryants live forward as a standard set high - very high - quite very tall.

Some, many, may still require and/or appreciate having near 40 days to recondition their mind and soul. To all there are stages of grief and loss that just when loss is fresh and traumatic there can only be months traversed for comity.

Tall standards are not new and yet our politics for communities to have room to be unique and of which ever colors and splendor and grandeur of their Edens - the gardens and forums of local compassionate life - are in these times threatened by some who want single file compliance to be less original and less of rights from our Creator.

Can there be a real freedom if you must believe in a living distant leader as if of all the answers to your existential ‘local’ and preparations to be of faith for being a ‘traveler’ as if one not to be insulted with thoughts as if other than an infallible Supreme Leader - of flesh and bone only? 

The sport in life is of where there are rules - rules of play!

The sport of life is of how there is prior agreement so need not risk chaos by reinventing a “community” wheel!

The sport of life is where the why meets the law and order - of the why first self-interest is ’safety in numbers’ “got team”!

There is no I in meek - the “got team” of life is sport of believers - of for travelers to have the rules already pen’d. The second self-interest figures for His & Her of smithing Adams & Eves to that it prudent to realize after a first self-interest primarily generally ’safety in numbers’ (got community) the second reasons to be to choose to be moral in network - to choose to recognize the passed down already learned and living laws of morality.

In America travelers - souls set out to be about strangers - have a constituted Peoples’ “Order” (noun in preamble) of the ordained and established of rights from your Creator is that constitution to be individually owned and able to be so brief for it like leans on Lord’s Law of scriptures as the ‘living document’ ‘living law’ to that the Peoples’ “Order” can be the ordained and established CONSTITUTION of the “more perfect Union” is formed - “done” and “in the Year of our Lord”.  Educated reading is of “in/Order/to form/a/more perfect/Union…/done/in/Year/of/our Lord”! The constituted Peoples’ “Order” follows on King James as new then and a first English copy of the scriptures bound as Bible - to the founders the first English a King James Bible is admissible as established of scripture the ‘living document’ ‘living law’ to that it prudent the constituted that formed “done” to the “more perfect Union” much that the government is secured by the People as to be also under our Lord and but not allowed so to be theocratic.

Alexander Hamilton, however liked, is whom wrote it out in Federalist Paper #1 that this to become the Peoples’ Order is as a constitution to be for “inducements of philanthropy” … and “preservation… of property”! To it reasons none of a given constituted right to say that that which is Kobe Bryant’s is firstly or officially actually possibly your’s.

Kobe Bryant’s legacy is that his is his and due our constituted Peoples’ “Order” is that which was ordained as to ratified established to that what is “Socialism” of today was then already scribed in laws as unconstitutional. The “compassion” game is secured where it belongs to the jurisdictions of the mysteries of faith.

However Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina build up Super Tuesday we have our game is of “community” secured as a protected jurisdiction for neighbors to still be able to care for neighbors in their own neighborhoods with that scripture for then rules of the road also for when travelers.  That of “compassion” angle in selling “Socialism” is of religious freedom - of Congress is to make no law to change the established as Lord’s Laws. 

Among those living now facing such tall standard there our trying politics served the points to guard to sport of offense and defense disciplined preparedness while now our times beggard on if there is before a “Socialism” battle an actually community and faith based conundrum of if successful of community are not quite giving back enough.

Lord knows the taxes Kobe Bryant must have paid - but likewise our establishments in laws are of an innocent until proven guilty presumption where to then high taxes must be unconstitutional as imply as presumption of guilt.

Ashes to ashes - dust to dust - his old dust ups will live forever - where his sporting tall standard to reign on.

       *     *     *     GOT TEAM?  GOT SPORT?     *     *     *

[Note: To of 4 daughters Bryants there perspective in my whiteness of though never thought of being Kobe’s father I yet by 1988 was to processing being possibly to actualizing dreams of if could, at my 5′ 8 1/2+”, be willing an able to be a father to as dreamnt two taller black sons. And, well this is a big history due such woman first seen on entering Grendel’s Lair in Harvard Square seated at a table with her back to the roaring fire in the bar’s fireplace has now been the first First Lady to have been a former dreamt with, now succeeded by the first First Lady actually younger than myself. Michelle Robinson (Obama) was a sight there seated looking at a table with a table cloth much as those of my own height seem. Though when her actual brother rose and came to bar next to me for their refreshment of refreshments I learned he was taller yet than being a tall black man obviously while seated as with legs visible. I have long learned to live with having emoted to this beautiful woman seated with her actual brother visiting from Chicago of that offered her then in 3rd year at Harvard Law was one could become President some day. Michelle when leaving became a puzzle for I hadn’t considered. due she reminded me of other black beauties from Wilbur Cross High School days, that she could have at least 6 more inches in height in her legs up until then hidden by the table cloth. Okay, I already knew in 1987-88 that both Bill & Hillary wanted to each have their own named presidencies - by that they told me as much when incidentally of a first impression from a public encounter in New Haven near Yale in the early 1970s. The big history I have learned to live with as so supporting can be a female president and a black president is yet of my strategery in career moves was of a tactic with “Michelle” in “you could be President some day” as her as fit’n being a foil to Hillary’s selfish aims to a goal set in early 1970s to be to arranging a “President Hillary” with sad and bad methods of more selfish of means to end to be trying to not be right for times - of a calling - but like Bill more to be of wrongfully trying to make the times - and thus the People - fit their designed schemes.]

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 5:56 am

2020 and beyond is now less about Donald J. Trump, Sr. and Bernie Sanders than about the days of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. Queens Protestant New York Presbyterian Trump and Jewish Sanders have competition.

John F. Kennedy is dead, let the Kennedys rest. This is more about Theodore Roosevelt and a Catholic American.

A rising from the ashes, to Americans, is supposed to not be of a partisan political convenient crisis used yet to rise more lawless & even unconstitutional.

The mark on these days that try our consciences in courts of public opinion such as elections are is a deja’ vu - a been there done that yet of generations before and a little time altered.

Brooklyn Jewish Bernie Sanders is not now the biggest threat to New Yorker Donald Trump POTUS.

The real historical character now in these modern times is one who grew up quite underneath the building of a great bridge - actually grew up a New Yorker poor Irish American and of family residence quite beneath the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Republicans & Democrats risk irrelevance now if try to make the great battle ahead between 2 New Yorkers - Trump vs Sanders - as at all about any Kennedys! These are the times again fit for questioning Theodore Roosevelt real history.

It may not seem natural to historically now compare Al Smith to Theodore Roosevelt more than and over Franklin D. Roosevelt but such is the nature of real unfolding drama - and how we Americans already have characters cast quite historically now to haunt any political narcissism of today’s needs.

Besides there is they have a common enemy in the Clintons due their reckless & unnecessary $2Trillion cut for $1Trillion in surpluses and in Hillary Clinton history of maladministration and campaign bullying Trump vs. Sanders is to be much of Al Smith bridge builder vs Teddy Roosevelt & a bully pulpit.

We can let the Kennedys rest - the Clintons & Obama politics have perverted a real understanding of Catholic American John F. Kennedy too much for such to be intelligently mashed about before election day in November.  We have 2 “un-Clintons” now squaring off as if in old Greek amphitheater as if Al Smith’s story had to be compared and contrasted with Teddy Roosevelt’s.

The Clintons are not out of this - not yet! The aren’t offensive - well not in that way - there story is offensive, but they are now the ammunition Trump & Sander need in Trump vs. Sanders Republicans vs Democrats.  Independently both sides owe a dissection of the mistakes of the 1990s and a thorough deconstruction of the Clintons cuts for $1Trillion in surplus in lieu of caring and as for peace dividends before their time. Ashes to ashes line items to line items the guilt of the Clintons is real, and, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is condemnable for party to such & worse still for having defended surpluses after 911 attacks even over helping President George W. Bush needs for policies for economic growth for recoveries. Speaker Pelosi, in defense of Clintons, did during the Bush years actively block any policies that would have suggested the Clintons were less than 100% perfect in their past administrating. It was not even half Bush’s fault.

Ahh but these deplorable Democrats played their tunes and keyed wrongly to Kennedy legacy sentiments while yet marching mislead souls to diabolical partisan politics unbecoming Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and John Kennedy, for starters.

It seems Theodore Roosevelt grew up not just with a silver spoon by to New Yorkers & establishment life styles a maybe the 5th most highly polished silver spoon of the city. Al Smith grew up poor with a father running a trucking enterprise with horse drawn carts while living under the mysteries and wonder of the construction of a great bridge.

Trump & Sanders can’t honestly debate their sides of the philosophical without the historical of these days problems were much solved already over a century ago by a Catholic of Tammany Hall an Irish American who both was New York’s first Catholic Governor and American’s first Catholic nominee to be President.

Trump vs. Sanders is now about if Teddy Roosevelt as President got it right!

Trump vs. Sanders is now about the rise and success of Al Smith and how much he did get right - not just for his times!

Trump vs. Sanders Republicans vs Democrats is much those mashable on the question of vanity and narcissism of if the Theodore “Bull Moose” Roosevelt after 1910 was a different animal politically and one, after his long safari of so many kills in Sudan towards Egypt that most natural history museums across our country are still stocked for displays of his kills as artifacts. From what I read years ago they actually tied a big chair to the front of the locomotive for his grand safari and he sat there in front of it all with rifle(s) and ammunition at the ready.

Tammany Hall Catholic Al Smith must be historically seen as a feminist? His employment & support of issues cannot deny him such an honor?

Bernie Sanders vs Teddy Roosevelt is a tease to the real bridge building necessary forward vs Trump Republicans!

It seems Bernie is for the Teddy that developed after his safari and to then the hosted of the European parlors then of new fascism the pop thing. Bernie Sanders must be able to intelligently differentiate the “Teddy” of “two terms only” volunteered though only elected to one to whom then came back after the toast of the new fascists all across Europe who then around 1910 forward was more breaking from William H. Taft and towards a narcissism of wanting a 3rd term even if he then had to bring the “new fascism” to America.

Donald J. Trump, Sr. does now, even if it seems odd and hard to believe, as he more the real bridge builder and whom is and will continue to carry the mantle of Irish American Tammany Hall Catholic Al Smith.

We really due have the tales of truth forward of 2 un-Clintons squaring off against each other.

New York Saint Patrick’s Cathedral was still newish when Al Smith laid to rest - but by then he was managing the near still empty new Empire State Building and the Catholic Cathedral was no longer the tallest building in New York - (in America?).

Democrats must be able to intelligently now mash out the essences of Roosevelts - not Kennedys - due it seems Al Smith, Catholic, must come first - he much made Frank - Franklin D. - while it seems the story of “Teddy” born with sets of silver spoons and maybe the 5th most polished in New York City only worked due there were others like Al Smith dealing with the politics of keeping it real. Was it more who grew up rich or more who grew up under the construction of a great bridge (an enterprise yet made possible by established society?)?

To Republicans vs Democrats Bernie Sanders accomplishments are still of he of rise from Brooklyn but the lessons to be learned are already in our books? - the bridges over these times are already established?

         *     *     *     GOD BLESS AMERICA?     *     *     *

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