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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:36 am

As a (political) platypus we should be looking for her stinger.  As a (political) Draculette we should be carrying wooden stakes and not surprised she is not apprised of her self as she wouldn’t be seen near mirrors.  As a new Marie Antoinette it would behoove all to consider her and that which is her’s in historical collateral damage.

Got spit?  She might be splashy and a whale at the tables of the gambles of politics, and, she may most fear the Constitution of the Founders’ original bite, for it seems, though unexpected, to still have its original teeth.

Got spit?  She, however a mammal, and evolved however, has gummed up the body politic about vicissitudes neglected as like of viscosities degraded of essential lubricants of critical mechanisms in the push and pull of governance engineered.

Got spit?  She, regardless, however a woman, has mileage on her, as trumpeted - much heavy baggage and a cacophony in discord, strongly drummed, too - She has eight years on her of consummated parity in Presidency still too lacking a fitting right sized comity homespun.

For scores and for her eight years not too long ago there is that many have been buried and wounded as her consummated powers so intimate and intimated were consecrated and metered.  Her’s is and is a union the Union cannot divide — she is set as protected as an equal partner of indivisible stature due marriage unions, however, this Union is not allowed to set asunder, by Laws.  What feminist angst and envy is tolerable by Law after first so expressed as intimated as Executive heft by a kept equal in marriage First Spouse?  Mustn’t the plates so served upon as of politics of the Executive stay in the Executive - stay to the proper side of the thresholds of democracy as preserved in the Executive’s walls?  Where a team of rivals worked for President Lincoln it now already endures that for President Obama his gamble with an embrace of the Clintons as rivals has been much to the frays causal to his unraveling.

As President Barack Hussein Obama is the proper politician to tag about the past hashable as a said “Messiah” it is that he, not she, has played out more as if a SON OF GOD, and too with an EXODUS - an exodus in Hollywood of at least half of those thought to have been loyal to the Clinton marital union accordance as a set so poised as those their most dramatic friends.  It must rank with President Obama that however possibly as a female gladiator the people of the known world is behooved too to consider that she is more as if a Joaquin Phoenix - a Commodus. She seems to already have failed with, and in, too many “fight scenes.”

Her envy - oh her envy?  But for being like born and bread of Chicago, Illinois, true so through, she otherwise claimed The Natural State as hers.

Her envy - oh her envy?  But as for having been reared and trained to a juris doctorate she as a J.D. seems still too dramatic and lacking in a believable as it is she too seems to want “ORDER” pre ambled to be a verb and not the noun of its writ large People Order original intent.

Her envy - oh her envy?  But how to accommodate - how to moderate - how to justify - how to arrest her insensibilities and properly grid her out graphically and chronologically to meter in digits her past footing, of her beaten, to within inches so more American?  How are any now to properly weigh the existent legacy of she as the equal to her he and of shared intimate and intimated Executive Power - how she a Commodus or a modern day Marie Antoinette?

Among the vicissitudes very publicly incident to her reign is much of personal emoluments and marital entanglements.  The faux she is to be the is she soon of the record for curation for all those fallen and of risings indivisible from the real she of the his her of the Clintons’ Presidency “two-fer” Union - when the Ground Zero Museum opens it will have a curatorial duty to the realm of truth and probative curiousity which she should have trouble long enduring.  When the Ground Zero Museum opens the Ground Zero Memorial will become more a living tribute to truth and towards honoring the memorial as a memorial, however constructed, as a construct to display the real she and he Clinton as the ticker ticks that the priors are for President Bush but eight plus months, and for the Clintons’ Presidency eight years plus eight months plus.

Our Constitution has been shaken.  Her constitution is set to be permanently shaken and likely exposed as truly culpable at least in a shared executive negligence, at least.  The Ground Zero Museum may not be prudent or charged to exposing a “The Real Hillary Rodham Clinton” or at all the she of her of feminine “envy” but it will at least have the justification to undermine a too dramatized she with a timeline chronology showing the attacks of the first 9/11 had plans commenced while she reigned as (a too imperialist) First Spouse.  It should shake her to the ashes, at least to the bones of her “legacy” - it should be an open and shut to a irreconcilable coincidental to shake her truly about a due consideration of a museum curative charge for the people - all people - that there are at least a couple per the Clintons’ administering of a public record that can and can more still incriminate them, and much for the dangers of inaction and avoidance specific to the Middle East and more so Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our truths?  God is in the Constitution as ordained and established as the People’s Order in their forming the more perfect Union so as “done” that Year of the founders’ Lord whence.  God isn’t just established by the Constitution as the God of the New Testament — the founders established the government of the People as so humbly under God and their order to it so as a more perfect Union as “done” so before subscriptions unanimous so effectingly.

Our truths?  God has been bearing witness to the bare she as honestly politically of the indivisible union in marriage with her he the Platypus stinger of her of her consummated and consecrated intimate intimations of the Clintons’ Executive and to as the said rival of a team about President Obama that is of a legacy now of dividing a nation more than unifying one.

Our truths?  God is not alone - God so Constituted is empowering freedoms and too soon by a curated memorialized to it a inconvenient truth that the Ground Zero Museum will have its charges to a duty to float the whale of she - the whale of her issues - as it that such is consecrated as hallowed ground to be forever considerate and a sanctuary for honesty about how such is of an ashes of sacrifice not to be seen at all as acceptable collateral damage for the politics and policies of the Administration by the Clintons will long cascade visuals to truths about them of a culpability.

However madly hatted in a public spectacle, it is sad - not spectacular - that Hillary Clinton has been, and is, a person of interest for so much that has gone wrong.  However madly hatted the Ground Zero Museum will make the sanctuary of the Ground Zero Memorial a living testament to a due queriousness near to and regular as:  HERE FOR HOW MUCH THE CLINTONS GOT WRONG (IN THE MIDDLE EAST)?

However:  Now of a refreshing of the scares of SON OF GOD and the Biblical EXODUS we have to too consider anew the civility and prudence, at least of economics, if to a returned growth paradigm, in how it can still be said that the Republicans are naturally better for a JOB for you for they sell sin, sex, sanctuaries, and justice and/or forgiveness, and, in a simplicity for Democrats they apparently have been too much too slick in just a pedestrian selling of sin and escapism.  The original he and she we are asked to be to seeing is an Adam and Eve as Bill and Hillary of their inescapable intimately consummated soon to be more lively consecrated by their intimations and political intimidations by the duties curatorial expected with all those of charges about the soon to be open Ground Zero Museum.

Perhaps, we can reduce for reader digesting the whale of Platypus, Draculette, Antoinette and Commodus Clinton by using a quote by paraphrasing one whom was of the Clintons’ National Security Council.  Perhaps this thought too should be boldly set and illuminated sharply at least in the new museum when it is open:  Perhaps so:  As written in TERROR AND CONSENT by Philip Bobbitt nearly:  WHEN THE WHITE HOUSE SETS ABOUT WORKING TOO CLOSELY WITH HOLLYWOOD SUCH BEGETS TERRORISM.

Perhaps, we just need to question her wardrobe as if it was ever even magical?  Perhaps the threshold of a “honest” “Hillary” is at just remembering how President Barack Hussein Obama with his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech did tag the Administration of the Clintons’ smartly for having begotten problems by ignoring too much that dangers arise from avoidance and inaction?  It is that President Obama should maybe too be memorialized at such museum and for the wisdom and prudence however 20/20 of hindsight about even 9/11 I of the attacks on 9/11 of the Year of our Lord two thousand and One — Perhaps an @BarackObama quote should too endure by public displays of his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance heedence of credence in proffered his as there are DANGERS from AVOIDANCE and INACTION?

                                        *     *     *

[If Hillary Rodham had married William Jefferson Clinton by his Christian name firstly given she’ld, however becoming she may have become, would have been so too as more just Mrs. William Jefferson Blythe III.]

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 12:59 pm

I should preface this piece in novel yet informative political and historical satire with a recommendation that our discourse need be #RESET by a still timely reading of President George Washington at least of his First Inaugural.  It is important still to understand the so set American basics as by his commencing so with “Among the vicissitudes incident to life…” and how such is writ large for a lasting stoic “American.”

Here is its lasting as a parting opener closer:

  “Having thus imparted to you my sentiments as they have been awakened
by the occasion which brings us together, I shall take my present leave;
but not without resorting once more to the benign Parent of the Human
Race in humble supplication that, since He has been pleased to favor the
American people with opportunities for deliberating in perfect
tranquillity, and dispositions for deciding with unparalleled unanimity
on a form of government for the security of their union and the
advancement of their happiness, so His divine blessing may be equally
conspicuous in the enlarged views, the temperate consultations, and the
wise measures on which the success of this Government must depend.”

Here is a first question:

Could he have written and orated such as the initiating President by inaugural if the Constitution wasn’t the People’s “Order” as to ordain and establish such as an establishment of Government under the New Testament so done by convention humbly by those unanimously by subscriptions under such God so that Year of their Lord whence?


As by “vicissitudes” George Washington, President, initiates the People as by sex & sexuality as if of a genesis by Genesis as of America as an Eden of males and females post a presentation and temptation of the apple - at least.  He waxes a washing of tons though for all other “ups” and “downs” of life as set by “vicissitudes incident to life.”

In opposition to much or most of this we have still a too randy comparative when of a judging of the Clintons.

Here is my preferred link to a superior President as of/for his opening leading remarks:  http://www.bartleby.com/124/pres13.html

This morning by #socialmedia I posted this to Harvard via Belfer Center wall:

“Just wondering by how much Harvard and Belfer
should be to changing their curriculums now as original intent of
founders of the Constitution so constituted as the People’s “Order” so
now more politically accepted as the USG of USC of the preamble
with “in Order to form a more perfect Union” is there with “Order”
capitalized because it is meant as a noun that sets up the later
subscriptions humble under the God of the New Testament so unanimously
of that “Year of our Lord” exclamation in orders so and so as with it
the People Order to a Union in Christianity as more perfect and so then
“done” before they signed and as done whence they so all subscribed it
and while Thomas Jefferson was safely across the ocean in France and
unable so to object or alter such in a timely manner?”


The Clintons example and core are more said already of a curriculum of them too much as contrary to George Washington and more of a want (coincidentally) too as like anti-Constitution like the about thence whence of such inuagural as too like then abouts NY Governor Clinton.  To see Clinton as like Clinton it behoove you be foundational yet categorical as how one Clinton was like anti-constitutional whence Clinton now has been of the Clintons as two too at anti-constitutional machinations likewise but by the broader category now as set in “globally” as like by Clinton(s).

President Washington’s first remarks were really quite unprecedented.  President Clinton though has been at least newly randy by his telling remarks as set indivisible as a mate on any board if his Mrs. say as a Queen presumes a right to be as if a new game of chess to a new reign of the Clintons.

Here is a first question:

As it now is though, however, not yet (clearly) legal, that it would not be unprecedented for Mrs. Clinton, however, to now be so presumptive there are now far more concerning and Constitutionally specifically important unprecedenteds to be to at justified and full probative dispositions muscular pressings about about all things Clinton(s) - especially financial and incorporated, however said like chartered for constituted vast left wing powers.  Right?


These days and the coming days should be quite trying for the Clintons as too as if too much of earlier Clintons;  These days forward are set in a time and place where more people are now of reading and having read the Constitution as the People’s Order with “Order” as a noun inconvenient as not (still like) a verb to many Democrats - where now too many people have again read and agreed with the Constitution of The United States of America as superior to the contrary think or say philosophies of the Clintons.  For the Clintons if of a presumptive Mrs. Clinton anewly it should be already self evident that too many now have and are reading the USC as set with “Order” as a noun in the preamble.

In Following per the People and the Constitution as the establishment of Government for the thus so ordered states by such Order it figures in an affirmation of is so a more perfect Union “done” that day as so as was did in “ordain” and “establish” prefacing that for it done such the tone of “tolerance” as writ by President Washington to Jews of Rhode Island, USA - Necessary per his affirmations about such as of America as like an Eden genesis itself as interpretive and confirming of the Constitution as a People’s Order for a government of subscription unanimously under the New Testament.

For now:

It is considerate that President Barack Hussein Obama, as elected as a First President by the color of his skin, if white likely could have and should have been already impeached for a lacking Presidential in quality of character and so as it seems as well about so quite impeachable for his Vice President all the while he himself wasn’t suggesting such was due and at least for it long considered that impeachments are to be called for when of Presidential cover-ups - when like now long of cover-ups so yet specifically now as for the Clintons - of the Clintons.

For now:

If President Obama were white he so as himself, but as white not black, would have been so intolerable even to a Democrat Senate for an impeachment to have at least have been well advanced and quite broadly and sweepingly as too in the sufferable suffrage appropriate right of Congress for such and technically quite in it us so of US now still too tripping over a failed cover-up of the culpability of the Clintons and them of a negligence that is discernible and entangled in the present and the past - and in the past so foundational to these days as if of chess necessarily as like checkers for as Bill & Hillary have played like King and Queen there is really no boards of precedence for them to have legally been so & American.

A tease:

“Paradise has been threatened, to lost, since she broached the heart beat
of America, as an evil weapon, of mass destruction, whence thence as
she toed in to a crusading circa 2007.  Had she not lost half of her
most dramatic friends these times could be more trying — she is no
virgin.  Her husband’s fidelity is not, on balance, the “is not” issue
at the pep of most of this.”

A closer as an opener Randian:

A closer at how now apropos William Jefferson Clinton by Senator Rand Paul of a new “randy” at least as per interns and cigars as a checking of mate while duly of a just probative of Hillary Rodham Clinton for now still she seems set about again being to presumptious:

A closer:


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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:24 am

She was that stupid: Lawyers were aghast; she is her worst enemy: Presidents have been diminished.

Paradise has been threatened, to lost, since she broached the heart beat of America, as an evil weapon, of mass destruction, whence thence as she toed in to a crusading circa 2007.  Had she not lost half of her most dramatic friends these times could be more trying — she is no virgin.  Her husband’s fidelity is not, on balance, the “is not” issue at the pep of most of this.

Once upon a time back in the days before she had so much mileage on her, and so much baggage, a book like H.R.C. maybe had a chance (legally) at a “REBIRTH” — now as otherwise, at least prima facia, H.R.C. seems too novel to so be FICTION — to so be of a compounding covering more in propaganda than a naked truthfulness.  It seems self evident that she can not have rebirthed herself — Will she only be as if a 3-4 year old now as a candidate if a candidate to 2016 as if now better so to a Presidency?

Her written words, even if written by a ghost, are here now out and visible to ghost her for her words as STATE SECRETS as if a (legal) tease she is supposed to be experienced enough to have been as per temptations yet of a keep as a keeping kept away from.  She really must be her own worst enemy! — However much mileage she has on her now is at least of too much verbiage in a plethora of olfactory assaults on a general Conscience so inescapably near to her, and for Posterity — She is a rival like not other.  We may be prudent to still be gentile and away from asking even such a lady - her age;  If it be prudent to not ask her age, and as she suggests she can tell of state secrets and while like infantile and elementary by a rebirth then it must be that at least we discern an honesty to how - to how she as aged so much.

There should be possible, and plausibly, a new feminist literateness possible as a post she - post her - modern feminist — as an A NEW ENLIGHTENMENT post her.  How she has diminished Presidents already can now but be rivaled in a feminine destructive if perchance she surmounts a due common sense to a restoration for her marriage union as if Presidential - yet — She can now only undo so much of how she has diminished Presidents by being however allowed to be otherwise a President, like anew, to be easily to making them look better - by comparison.

Yet, though, however, she is her own worst enemy — even as so it she can be simply said in an elementary to have diminished Presidents - to date, already.  By her own words, even however of ghosts, it should haunt her to no new Presidency, more hers, that her rendition was voluntary to it now socially condemnable as H.R.C. - STATE SECRETS & THE REBIRTH OF HILLARY CLINTON.  It as she is rather ridiculous, on its face, as it either is a meant public dumbing down, to de-educate the People, or just so dumb as to be evidential that she still is not Presidential.  She mustn’t be to so diminishing the Clintons’ Presidency by such just a tease for, as lawyers too can rant, as a spouse and a member of just the Presidency of the Clintons most STATE SECRETS are still locked away as CLASSIFIED SECRET.  If she isn’t allowed to be beyond teasing at a scandalous of her own Presidency it is only logical, as lawyers too can rant, that she if forbidden to offer any fruit as secrets to now conveniently, or not, diminish, however legal, newer and fresher Presidencies.

As an apple falls by laws of gravity her posits of teased posturing tell a book’s worth about her just by a first shadow cast by her lines — I do not know if or how lawyers may to be aghast about the real H.R.C. as one whom rather would now be seen not as if of a REBIRTH OF HILLARY CLINTON — A real Hillary seems one less predisposed from such an yet still of a puffery of compounding coverage as yet particularly differentiated with a first blush at a REBIRTH OF HILLARY RODHAM.  And:  Now doesn’t it seems naturally conclusive, however of these truly original H.R.C. sins, that she couldn’t have rebirthed herself? — Mustn’t it be as it seems, however lawyers too may be aghast, that teams of doctors must have been involved and even some as if caring as shrink(s)?

Can she sell herself, however yet — yet so as innocently reborn as if removed from her past — yet so as if a naive but experienced maiden gay?  If she is so to be consistent, as lawyers should be aghast if not, perchance a use of a maiden as if a gay light hearted good time with her spouse William Jefferson Clinton is now possibly less scandalous. If she be now to of a relations with William Jefferson Clinton as if just a maiden of a gayety then (at least her procured esquired lawyers) legal minded should concur that she can be reborn and even still renamed — say of her mileage, baggage, and yet still… — her REBIRTH.

Some lawyers may yet not be aghast:  She seems to have been so stupid:  Her history cannot be so novel to be fiction and herself not, at least by lawyers not in her pocket, too, however, so near to being at a criminal fraud perpetuating to not herself be at a criminal fraud (newly).  As diminished as some Presidents now are by her a crusading feminist (of too much envy - at least) she shouldn’t be allowed to now sell herself as if worth the tease of being able to talk a walk of STATE SECRETS;  It, however, may yet be too late to protect William Jefferson Clinton, and the Clintons Presidency, from her, as herself, even if reborn as either a young and maiden gay, as if by an is as an is not as Hillary Clinton, reborn!

She was that stupid; even her lawyers are likely now aghast and wanting to also rant;  She, you see, hasn’t, at all, been reborn.  She cannot possibly succeed now as if a maiden like Monica Lewinsky say of her gayety as devoid of actual, and properly named, sexual relations — She as his spouse isn’t allowed, still, to reveal any of his “state secrets.”

                                           *     *     *

[Historical note:  Better if not now enlightened in a post Hillary Clinton smarting to at least recall that the Monica Lewinsky scandal of the Clinton Presidency as their dirty laundry was broken by those whom had mostly made the Clintons electable in 1992, and, is of its braking of such whom knew what seriousness of those trying days was still critical and while of a consideration as per “scandalous” like of a predisposition to (predatory) Clinton behavior in a negative as such seemed, like myself, aware that the Presidency of the Clintons was not then at a taking of their times as the times that got them elected seriously enough.  It seems behooved for all to remember the (predatory) Clinton behavior was exposed after a concern generally was in the air that he wasn’t paying enough attention to the job - the job more specifically that he was elected to be at as others most concerned were voluntarily whence, and as it then as it his duty.]

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 11:02 am

A first metric to a state of the current politics should be from an asking and measuring regarding how and if President Obama has been successful in his attempts to broadly cover-up for the presidency of the Clintons.

How long has it been since you wondered about the bank bailouts and T.A.R.P. and honestly queried if President Obama didn’t render an unfair politics about the housing crisis and economics of so many in mortgages to seeing near about a 40% drop in wealth valuation?  How long has it been since you honestly queried if the Government didn’t get the recovery all wrong?

To speak to economics today is complicated - is complicated for much irony in its recent mash ups.

To speak to economics these days,intelligently, near all need be fully considerate of corrupted politics deeply rooted, and dichotomies and trichotomies in cover-ups tangentially, at least, about every twisted official logic.

To speak to economics just now of New York City and proclaimed progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio one need first to think about the minimum wage, maybe, and how an increase now is justified ironically even for Republicans but because of truths about how the Democrats with their convenient uber-high green energy political pricing for energy have been both much to having caused the housing collapse, and having necessitated a higher minimum wage to balance so much of new costs of living. 

To simplify all economic discussions:  It likely would be simpler and better to undo the economics mess caused by the Democrat Party tunnel vision affectingness justifying a new and much higher minimum wage - it would be simpler to fix the too political economy than now to add “fixing” the minimum wage upon such mess.

For this, likely to most, to make any sense we should broach the concept that the Government also got the housing collapse “fixing” very wrong.  As we do such we are likely to have to consider it so advanced was more a needed partisan political CYA fix than a best and most intelligently considered “economic” fix.  As we do such we should be necessarily to having to consider that the way the “fix” was “in” was considerably of a politics at effecting at least a cover-up for economic culpability of the presidency of the Clintons.

President Obama is now five long years into such much still too much a JOBLESS RECOVERY, at best.  Isn’t it that the politics of covering up for the Clintons now best explain how and why so much is at best daily collapsing on itself anew?

President Clinton is hardly as good a politician as his political legacy public relations machinations maintain him as;  President Clinton now, as if firstly about Mrs. Clinton, is seemingly of a hope that he can offer an energy superior to President Obama. 

There are problems in believing, at least firstly, that President William Jefferson Clinton is at telling the truth - a even telling a whole truth.  There are serious political problems now about President Clinton seeming of puffery about remaking his shadow(s) every day.  There are serious political problems now in the air as the Clintons to “position” Mrs. Clinton seem to be presenting themselves as able to offer a new and better energy as a Democrat Party energy and leadership different from President Obama.  The biggest problem with such now in the air is that for it true be truthful and believable it then is able to be simply concluded that they must have for these past five years have been at holding out on or even sabotaging the presidency of Obama.

If it is possible now that the Clintons can offer a new and better way Democratic, already, firstly we should consider such can only be possible because President Obama has been successful enough in his, since day one, cover-up attempts for the Clintons.  Secondly we have to doubt - doubt - DOUBT! — Secondly we now necessarily have to consider that the Clintons can only, it seems, be of a different “hope” energy now if they for these past years have been at holding back and/or willful undermining of the presidency of Obama.

There may be too much at first to digest if at the entirety of the bull as one broaches that the housing crisis & bank bailouts were seriously flawed as effected too much with a CYA for the Clintons as a too affecting political a partisan bias.  It is that the energy in the air now as supposedly to launch Mrs. Clinton this time as actually inevitably the next President can only be of their “hope” if the Clintons did put themselves first and towards such for at east these past five years as if a keeping of their powder dry as said real rivals of this administration.  This can only now be a workable Clinton “energy” if the Clintons were these years to having held back economic solutions just so that they after President Obama could get the credit for any “fix” themselves.

As to the irony of the proposed increases in minimum wages as due now as if needed cost of living increases to adjust for the vast reductions in spending power since the first successes of HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT as of the Democrat Party intent to be to green energy politics:  IT IS MORE SADLY IRONIC THAT MAYOR DE BLASIO IS, TO ME, JUSTIFIED TO HIGHER TAXES ON THE CITY’S WELL TO DO BECAUSE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WORKED AN INEQUALITY QUITE UNFAIR WITH THE OBAMA LEAD “RECOVERY.”

Essentially a great truth rests in still measurable and considerable worked through economic and statistical metrics as to how the Democrats, more than the presidency of George W. Bush, did set up and then trigger the housing collapse.  It has been unfair how there has been a gross inequality as by saving the banks and while all eight GOP candidates for the Presidency had been of a personal innocence while of proclaiming that the People’s Government had caused the economic crashes so newly like a new DEPRESSION.

I have already pressed out treatments on economics to the effect that a minimum wage should in one hour in the USA economy be to being sufficient to like purchase three gallons of gas.  I am only getting started to a now needed series to how it isn’t just that so much is necessary and justified, and even tax increases in New York City — I am only getting started at a seemed necessary public stirring to new mash-ups to how such now is almost only necessary due to so many problems caused mostly justly (though not justly) by Democrat Party politics.

If you are new to finding my blogging and economic treatments perhaps you should firstly find the sampler at http://CitRB.net convenient.  It is our current conundrum that somehow a TEAM OF RIVALS worked for President Lincoln and the People and yet now has arguably been to not having actually worked for President Obama.

The Republicans, at least as by eight of GOP of the last race at the Presidency, have been to posturing the truth that the Government caused the housing collapse.  To understand such it helps to remember and consider their innocence in such tagging  and that such is a due condemnation on the Democrats and their tunnel vision too long about their green energy political economic ambitions.  In New York City now with its new mayor Mayor Bill de Blasio there is an politically rendered deep inequality from how President Obama effected such about troubled asset recovering.  Mayor de Blasio is, by my thinking, justified in raising taxes because there was so much inequality about the Democrats caused crash and recovery almost exclusively secured for valuations within the banks.

To understand how culpable the presidency of the Clintons should still be considered, perhaps you should start with SURPLUS’D QUEEN at http://JPHogan.org.

It should now be better economically to rather be at fixing the economy by wisely reversing so much so too much newly at a political and federally politically economics than to have to raise the minimum wage and to support higher taxes in New York City.  It is sadly ironic that what now seems necessary and justified is yet not known intelligently as only justifiable because so much that the Democrats have effected hasn’t been working - working as promised or proffered of “HOPE.”

I do not recall, at the moment, nor have I yet checked, if it is my LEGALLY BLACK - FREE BLACK? also of JPHogan.org that speaks more specifically to how President Clinton can be seen to have set up blacks more than most for failures economic and of the housing bubble hyper consumerism he pimp’d out dangerous while unfunding jobs creating and saving with the presidency of the Clintons reckless trillion in extra cuts for surplus.  Somewhere among my easily available already written is such a piece - I hope you can find it promptly.

The People of The United States of American near universally experienced a 40% drop of a crisis of valuation that has been sadly ironically too convenient to these years too much newly at a political economics.  To see much of this and the Clintons in a greater nakedness one will have to look and some because what I press about is itself less visible due to successes, some, I have now long had at defeating what may have been a worst of it.

The Democrats and especially the Clintons are worse than they appear.  I do believe that the T.A.R.P. was a wrong way to fix the housing collapse and of a great and vastly lingering inequality on the People generally.  Because, as Republicans have proffered, the Government caused the collapses the better and more fair way at recovery would have been at cost of living cash stipends, some, as like a rise in a minimum wage now posited but then when it should have been a more prudent and equitable mashable economic recovery strategy.  The convenient high price of gas to Democrats towards 2008 and beyond did trigger the housing collapse, and mostly only because President Clinton had undermined sound economics at least with the trillion in cuts of his unnecessary surpluses.

It seems now in the air that the Clintons are suggesting they can be better than the presidency of Obama and only now as possible likely if they were really rivals day and night and to being quite like of sabotaging the economy so that it wouldn’t recover until it could recover as by them.

There is too much to how the People of the housing devaluations should have been directly revalued as part of the “recovery” and how the Clintons, however, much are most to blame, and far more than however much blame so far due upon President Bush, to also now fit in here.  I have said some of it for the record already within my voluminous and available archived collections of artful at times blogs - I will consider now, and for a while, how much needs to said newly now and how much such now needs to be said with more clarity and specific metrics.

Again, I write about such as one who advised President Bush to step back from thoughts to “fixing” the housing/economic problems whence Iraq seemed to have stabilized and with a warning to him to do no more than work to postpone a general collapse for, to me, it seemed the economy would crash as soon as he attempted a “fix.”

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 11:33 am

With the shadows of doubt seen so about President Obama a fable of he still shouldn’t be (yet) that he should have stayed home and say vacuumed/cleaned.  These are days that are darkened by Mrs. Clinton, however, as too long yet of insufficient common sense possibly from not having enough stayed home to bake even some cookies.

I do not advise Republicans or even GOP women to be now at a WAR ON WOMEN.  I may not advise them or any of them to be so at war politically yet, however, I do have a history of progressive feminism and effected political positive change specifically for women that allows me latitude for attitude myself as if of a WAR ON WOMEN political punditry.

This February 2014 as the second month of the Year of the founder’s Lord two thousand ten and four as a new BLACK HISTORY MONTH is economically historical of a politically long dark shadow about President Obama that much belongs to the girth of the effectings by Clinton - by the Clintons.  President Obama, it seems, is now mostly of a culpability by association with an inherited darkness now affecting like a black hole made by the inferior orbits much still too polarizing of the Clintons’ presidency.

I may even now be near to cherishing a natural role, myself, for a WAR ON WOMEN open discourse about feminism and a guilt due political feminine.  We all need an emotional empowering to the days before the Clintons’ unexpected 1992 showing and placing to yet find a sufficiently empowering as like finding the leverage - as like finding the spot to move the world by a simple lever.  I may be uniquely of a history to generally discuss a Welfare of feminism of the science medical and as well a socio-economic of the politics of change at least of the early 1990s.  I may cherish a timely WAR ON WOMEN if only to air out as dirty laundry some issues about any progressive feminism now of a darkened economic shadow as if of a incomplete grading as I should be able to recall in due time many ways at how it seems women have avoided finishing some of their movements.

But really this today is supposed to be satirical to how it may yet not be fair for President Obama to be so blackened and trapped in a long economic shadow vacuous primarily made of the baking of the Presidency, at least, of the Clintons. Though we should be (morally) concerned about President Obama as seemingly of his own pen and powers at apparently self darkened by a Presidency violate of the ten commandments but by nine - it seems yet he hasn’t proffered at adultery and so all ten.  As a Constitutional Law Professor it is odd he proffered at all near that it could be Constitutional for Congress to make any Law respecting that there is no GOD.  As a Constitutional Law Professor it is odd that he as a “messianic” was as it still appears of a attempt at a bright aura as if a messiah of more than one GOD - and yet now of a darkened shadow at least about Christianity.

This economic mess is much so of a vacuous morality nearest yet to a lacking morality as to be expected by a statist polity by polarized partisan politics so shared intra-party in a Socialism like New Deal Austerity.  How such is a blackened shadow of Democrats girth and casting is still to be parsed and metered — President Obama may be as a black shadow yet by an associated it may be us all so blackened by a darkness about a general Democratic Posterity.  Mrs. Clinton, however, need be looked for a culpable darkness of such girth and extent as like for not enough common sense from like enough time at home and baking cookies — it is palpable how unsavory these economics of the Democrat Party New Deal Austerity in an olfactory premonition for visuals have now too long shown that Mrs. Clinton doesn’t per intelligence at least know what things can or shouldn’t be mixed together.

Again, I, though of legs for feminism myself, must advise Republicans, and even GOP women, to think, to think twice, before also entertaining a likewise, or eitherwise, conjoining of a WAR ON WOMEN refreshment of political relativity. 

I have likewise a consideration for economics that I am one whom shouldn’t be expected to make a next move or even a request to others as per my history and vast successes I have a Posterity that need others to at least presuppose a political condition that I am one who should be reached out to and not waited upon.  There is that for what I know of my own past means, motives, and used opportunities for effecting economic growth and even a feminist progressive there is so much in such recollections that to see my affecting shadow and as truly relevant a capacity factor necessitates a protocol to waiting on others.  It seems that I must wait until approached by at least written email or phonography and a due protocol to preserve a capacity for sufficient detail remixing.

The politics or civility for a fair exposing of any long shadow as mine and made by me is of a necessity it seems for a sufficient capacity for Posterity because until others try to explain my story even to me I won’t yet be able to adequately discern a say leverage position towards rendering a new progressive bi-partisan affecting.  Until some others approach me either by at least written email or phonography it seems it would be self-defeating to public hopes even if I were to make efforts to ask to be more broadly read of my blogging yet so now of a brightness to expose Democrats of a darkness as their shadow economic and political. For now my blogging isn’t supposed to be of the answers but to a corralling or desperado range of miles and miles of fences to keep — for now my blogging is for justice and history as it seems a necessary politics that a justice for the darkened shadows by Democrats needs a public rendering firstly.

The Clintons can be said to mostly have affected a vacuous economics of the darkened or blackened shadow at least now economic of President Obama however if mostly yet of only an associated culpability.  How blackened is this vacuous now in an inescapable personal and political guilt for President Obama?  How now isn’t President Obama the THE ESTABLISHMENT and so of a liberating not occupying affecting for the Republicans?  How now isn’t President Obama mostly culpable by standards of leadership for even so much a trapping vacuous economics rendered primarily before the Presidency of George W. Bush by the too political and opportunist economics of the Clintons?

Again, I, though of legs for feminism myself, must advise Republicans, and even GOP women, to think, to think twice, before also entertaining a likewise, or eitherwise, conjoining of a WAR ON WOMEN refreshment of political relativity.

Speaking personally and yet politically to not get in the way of the first black President at his desires and attempts to have a personality based #OBAMA PERSONALITY presidency:  I speak personally of how I will not knowingly help even President Obama help the Clintons succeed in what has since their 1993 inauguration seemed too much to me as if of them of thieving knowingly in a clever (spousal) lawyering from me.  There is that for the vast past effected capacity and length of a shadow I cast economically and for a progressive feminism it is too that I am in a position that has me needing to wait on others to be firstly to attempting to assuage my past volunteered economically mused affecting generosity before I could have a chance yet to be to a restorative economics however with any reset using specifically that of the past successes.  There is that until I respect that President Obama wants to live or politically die by his “personality” and that for such too I am politically wise to avoid any reboot of my now off-line synchronicity for economic growth at least unless asked specifically by parties sufficient in a political girth for there to be any progress not too self defeating per any gross efforts.

I do have to some blame President Obama yet it really is the culpability of the Clintons for such a darkened economics and polarized partisan politics that I must most and most knowingly tag.  It is that however the Clintons may have thought justified in their unauthorized use and misuse of my past political and economic effectings - including some still quite empowering of progressive feminism - I personally have and still feel justified in tagging them of at least imprudent and unnecessary unwise thievery of that once more mostly my originally timely figured business plan an the greater ambition that still better explains it.

However Mrs. Clinton, however, now is of a history of failing at a proper intelligence before and after Benghazi it remains that such can be said as of her at least of not having enough time at home and baking — Mrs. Clinton, however, just seems for Posterity a public figure who hasn’t yet figured what can or shouldn’t be mixed together and/or cooked together.

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