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This has been a blustery Southern New England spring week.  When we started digging into healthcare debate some moons ago a “doctor” “friend” self proclaimed long of the Clintons announced as per healthcare care saving that if the nation could just get back to its People’s average body weight from just before the inauguration of the Clintons we the People could see a Trillion dollars saved nationally in healthcare costs.

We maybe should mandate that all people of the United States of America if to owning or buying a scale for body weight measurement do buy a more practicable scale that while pronouncing body weight will also after individual mandated personal setting be to broadcasting body fat and muscle mass as well as percent of body water content.

If you have been following my Facebook sharing or my tweets you may be aware of my season starting fitness discussions partly about and around my hitting the roads again with my road bike.  Without a smart scale weight loss and fitness training can become disheartening early on - without a smart scale you may not see that when you lose five pounds and then put three back on you have actually been very successful, maybe, for you may have been so to only having lost then 2 Lbs but then you may have lost 5 percentage points off body fat number.

I believe I bought my “Ironman” scale off the shelf in the Alexandria, VA Sports Authority in mid 2000s.  I am not training for a Triathalon that I know of - I did years run a bike a biathalon - when in DC I had gotten back, after decades, to swimming laps in DC pools - I have never really cared for jogging, though.  I have my scale with me now in Connecticut.

Mom made a big meatloaf the other day.  I now live about a mile away from parents and see them so more than I did those ten years living about seven blocks from the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill.  I did for ten years ten to see my parents and immediate family maybe twice a year and only for a day, or two.  Mom also made a large corned beef with cabbage before taking off conveniently before the bluster returned to Southern New England as another traditional spring to Puerto Rico for a week.

The other day I wrote about a “morning after” of early spring trials for independent and individualistic health bolstering with a storying of how after having lost five pounds within Lent I had then had a day of eating a two egg with bacon and cheese breakfast sandwich then maybe a meatloaf sandwich for lunch and then the first batch of Buffalo Wings I have ever made and then as well a 10 inch pizza I made from scratch after the Buffalo Wings.  I wrote and shared this for I was surprised the next morning when ritually to stepping on my smart scale to learn I had a lower fat content than the morning after a high cadence 16 mile ride about in street clothes.

Well mom made a large meatloaf.  Well I live about a mile away.  Well I cannot say that I have lost five pounds right now.  Well, I can say that with my spring start towards a new year of physical activity and sport cycling as expected has put five pounds of muscle mass back on and helped me already burn off the winter fat increase.  I have lost weight but it is that I have clearly because of my smart scale been able to see that what otherwise could show as only a 2-3 Lbs loss it actually progress effected to a measured loss of winter fat such that body fat down at least 3 percent despite the meatloaf.

My government hasn’t been telling me to do this - not even my own state.  I found it a wonderful proposition that Connecticut’s Merritt Parkway may have enough “Park” about it for its length to have the state of Connecticut adjoin a “Bike Parkway” dedicated bike path along side such “parkway” for automobiles.  It is an interesting consideration that but for such option there are few other areas my state might find a continuous less interrupted route to which to install a dedicated bike route that should be good for sport and recreation but also so if so to green commuting and economic stimulation.

We have our Supreme Court which I did near 10 years live just around the corner from by seven blocks now to consecrating our consecrated and long dedicated.  We oddly have that said “liberal” justices are more at risk of a “Political” ruling if to an upholding of The Affordable Care Act.  We still have that Senator Hillary Clinton didn’t push for a local or state covering in New York state while its carpetbagged Senator a thought champion of “social good” about healthcare - no, it was “Politics” not governance, proper, of Sen. Clinton not having pushed-pulled New York state to finding a competitive method to rival and/or match that of Massachusetts that we tend to call “Romneycare”.

No matter how you measure it now these hearings bolstered with my meatloaf eating that is a story of me losing fat are compromised by Senator Clinton’s true story.  We have that because she didn’t work to get New Yorkers all covered locally or at state level we have a simple detractor from “Constitutional” on governance not “Political” grounds with The Affordable Care Act judging.  We have that since Massachusetts so long ago proved a state based solution was possible and at least New York state didn’t try to find competitive solution for New Yorkers “Obamacare” is more “Political” than “governance” - more ideological than established procedure and practice.

I am actually tempted to do a little cross training today - I am actually thinking about breaking out my skateboard and boarding over for another meatloaf sandwich and maybe for while an errand TV turn-on appreciating new weighty audibles from SCOTUS via C-Span.  I may only have a skateboard now because when the DC-Maryland-Virginia Asylum Wake-Skate-Snow stores I had helped design and build out were closing I asked to acquire one to remember so many years so dedicated.  I didn’t build out all of the then eight or nine stores being closed but I did the first few and then when I had available time did some others too, if not otherwise less to more of those custom welding designs and constructs as store improvements.

We do not need our national government in the coverage business.  We shouldn’t have our national government setting priorities for the pool of citizens of the “able bodied” core of our general American spirit.  We could just recommend that weight loss will be easier and less disheartening if you have a smart scale and can see that two pounds in weight loss might be a great success for being of a physicality change of a better lower fat percentage and greater muscle mass.

It was probably better that I had some meatloaf while still in early new year season starting reconditioning even if it means I am a little heavier “by weight” than I might otherwise be while an independent individual not mandated to which ever efforts I am now towards to maximize my preparedness for a new summer in pursuit of happiness, in fitness with much physical activity.

Again, we have that Senator Clinton stands as a conflict to “Political” for “Obamacare” for those years a New Yorker not dedicated to consecrating healthcare for all New Yorkers.  We have still my memory at least of that once viewed via TV “Doctor” “friend” of the Clintons proclaiming nearer 2008 that the People of The United States of America could save a Trillion in healthcare costs if they could just get back to the nation’s measured average weight from before the “governance” of the Clintons and there “executive” “example” commenced.

If you figure the time on my road bike in my apartment as if of the dedicated riding of a spinning class then with such time not measurable as distance over roads may yet for its seriousness have been at times of such constance and dedication that I may have effected enough spinning constantly to have worked as if to a ride 50% further than if I had been on the roads stopping for pedestrians, other cyclists, cars, trucks, buses, and traffic signals so so so regularly as when out biking about.  And so maybe to another meatloaf sandwich today for it seems I have pedaled enough since near the start of Spring to have already ridden over 100 miles.

It is an interesting consideration that besides that the story seems to be that the Clintons caused America to gain so much weight that if we could now just reverse their “example” and “governance” we could see a Trillion dollars savings for our People. 

It is even more interesting considering that because Senator Clinton, at least, didn’t work for New York the way Governor Mitt Romney had worked for said “liberal” Massachusetts, our justices of my old neighbor our Supreme Court are on spoiled grounds quite inseparable from the “Politics” (still) of the Clintons.

It is quite odd that said “liberal” justices are now at greater risk of being to a “Political” ruling if to upholding ACA (Affordable Care Act) than the said “conservative” or “moderate” other members of such bench have been plumped up as if to ruling against as if our Constitutionality to “general Welfare” not relevant. 

We have that a liberal interpretation of the girth of our Preamble and so the Constitution it as a precatory key/legend prefaces has been politically to attempting a scale as if “general Welfare” were actually writ as “General welfare” or “General Welfare” and not as it has long been defended as “general Welfare”. 

Please see my tweets via @jphoganorg and facebook.com/jpeterhogan status updates over timelines for more flavor.

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What should the penalty be turned out as? 

We have that the world as we know it has been at stake - is at stake in ways not considered by its political authors.

Some matters are not as simple as a “two-fer” of “BOGO”.

We have real legal precepts and the soul of our Constitution at stake and a timely and fair call to consider/reconsider the 80th Congress of our United States of America.  We have 2010 electoral sweep that was great.  We have, I believe, that the 2010 Republican national sweeping against nationalism was greater than the historic clean up by the 80th Congress’.

As we have masses and masses of citizens engaged now in hearing our Supreme Court Justices and Constitutional scholars and professionals we have a rare consummation metaphysically about privately and publicly expressive not just to our rights but to how they are echoing from kitchen tables all across the world - the world as we think we know it.

Today’s matter before our honorable Justices has been an early serving of so much long anticipated.

This is not as corruptible as a political power coupling consummated decades on decades at a singular dynamic now still as much a threat to “the world as we know it” — a “buy one get one” a “two-fer” where the suitors united contractually as one preface and amend willy nilly to a singularity plating and as well a duplicitousness feasting.

We have that our 80th Congress post haste, did convene and get to business to make corrections and craft protections from the type of “BOGO” that was the Roosevelts.  We have that our 22nd Amendment was maybe the greatest accomplishment of our 80th Congress.  They stuck to proper procedure for amending our Constitution to effect matters specific to rights essential to protect and preserve our home world as it was known by its founding documents.

With the jurist vacuums out offering to clean up our nationalism for a open and free participatory conversation now matter the where or what of your kitchen and its table we have that we are able to hear how our Powers and power resonate and even echo at and through and from our Supreme Court and its jurisprudence and charge.

In matters related specifically to our benches today and our bars we have the differentiation between “tax” and “penalty” and our AIA (anti-injunction act).  This is a little simpler than a “two-fer” amending as of the 80th Congress and its adherence to proper procedure for their work to serve or dish change of such mass and flavor.

It seems that though related at least as per Congressional process we have that our AIA seems appropriate for “taxes” but not for “penalties” so for as with a “tax” the concern to such as an anti-injuction act was to preserve the funding necessary for the revenue sufficient for the specific plan and budgeting deemed politically proper if proper procedure adhered to for matters of such mass.

But our 80th Congress had to find a way to write about Presidential spouses and “two-fer” or BOGO power coupling natural corruptive temptations and risks.  They had a charge and nation wanting to fight back from Roosevelts a with a full on serving of the potpourri that is our 22nd Amendment specifically concocted about a concern of shared Presidential power practiced selfishly by Franklin and Eleanor and even as well some say their daughter.

A “penalty” is not thought to be a threat to the essential revenue stream as a “tax” for a program so budgeted and bolstered by proper process in the world as we know likely is justly considered to be.  A bar to refuse to pay a tax where a process for appeal is set to be pay first and then litigate to get it back if you can establish proper cause is not the same as being of an allowance for a “penalty” such that a failure to pay shouldn’t be a primary and real threat to the massness, especially where process minor to a our major process to “taxes” and as well to amended “rights”.

Our 80th Congress had it more procedure “proper”.  After the Roosevelts multi-term run and excesses with a New Deal Court a national upheaval happened quite about term limits and especially a consideration, how & why, as to spousal rights.

We seem to have our 22nd Amendment to secure a right for women of a marriage to be electable to hold our office of the President - as to be expected by such an honorable Congress as our 80th.

We seem to have that though a right for a spouse to be electable to our office of the President works for either spouse it in the world as we know it seems specifically as per our 22nd Amendment to be assured to respect the laws of unions of marriage and all laws specific to husband and wife even to home ownership and nesting and so ratified to be a right for either spouse but not for both spouses.

Again, in the world as we know it, we have that a “penalty” as per AIA import as per “in the same manner as taxes” is a much lesser dish served so with questionable process for the purport of Pelosi Congress deed of “Obamacare” and so for it needed be of “injunction” reach for it so separated to “minor” realm as if not a threat that a refusal to pay “taxes” would be to thought essential nationalized budgeting.

I don’t know how they could have written a single sentence or paragraph for a proper amending of our Constitution to effect an actually legal vast expansion of federal powers so otherwise of their over-reaching with Pelosi Congress’ “Obamacare.

I do admire the 80th Congress for its common erudity mastering for our 22nd Amendment such that when consumed time and place historically rendered such that with use of “hold” and import of “holding” did parse for their world and our world as we know it that a spouse has a right to be elected to a holding of our office of the President but that both spouses cannot have same right after two terms for one as if a “two-fer” or BOGO kept to being the is that of the is it was meant in it is.

Hillary Clinton was an illegal candidate for President?  Goes to figure?  If she had been the named holder of our office of President for eight years then “Bill” as her spouse secured in their rights in marriage union as one for many specific and general jurisprudent factors would have been of those eight to having been by election to a holding of our office of the President - maybe even so soulful of a legal union in marriage to “one that acted as President” during such time at least in times of sickness and health.

And so in yet another related legal conundrum concern we have that we can illuminate the Clintons’ “BOGO” and as well the Roosevelts’ “two-fer” as per a Constitutional and general legal practice where one law cannot be to undermining another established law in the world as we know it.  We have we are touching on the knowing personal “holding” of marriage and all the selfish and temptatiousness naturally quite unique and special at the level of holding of office of our Presidency - our White House with its home office situation.

To allow both spouses of a marriage union to exceed the eight years expected of two term limiting even if not as of such selfish political power plotting and machinations of either the Roosevelts or the Clintons is still too great a risk in this the world as we know it - or think we know it as “proper”.  We don’t have to set all our kitchen tables to discussing the natural temptation of granting a married couple too much power - the power of a separation unreasonable due to the 24-7 nature of our representative expectations for all holders of our office of the President.

To allow our 80th Congress’ masterpiece that is our 22nd Amendment as to respecting all marriage union laws with its ratified language reminiscent of married vows as appropriate for its charge from the excesses of the Roosevelts is to a wise and prudent jurisprudence.  For it is that to be to not undermining or violating any other law we have that our 22nd Amendment isn’t allowed to violate the sacred laws pertinent to all matters of commerce, privacy and rights specific to protections and rights for married coupling.  We have that our 22nd Amendment speaks to a person elected to hold our office and yet our marriage contracts has a spouse regardless of their sex in such marriage to having also been to a holding of office of presidency.  We can not separate that a spouse is also only by the election of the other spouse to having been due to the marriage laws oneness of a contracted also holding of our office.

It seems the “penalty” is not a “tax” and that we have much Un-Constitutionality still to discuss.

It may help to understand the echoes of Un-Constitutionality arising like as if from Roosevelts and their New Deal Court machinations.  It may be that the Clintons plotted and plotted and effected political machinations for decades thinking they would be allowed extra-Constitutional temptations far more dangerously to our world as we know it than even the Roosevelts.  In the case of the Clintons we may have a need still to look into such machinations for they may have long considered and then effected attempts to hold on to executive powers of our office of the President in the interim they thought would be manageable and brief.

It is a rare opportunity for a nation like ours to have an American Spring or even an American “RESET” such as this courtly nationalized and globalized airing is mashing.  We have that there are other related matters maybe even more concerning and now though easier to a mass a fair and broad general discussion forthwith about.

We have that it may only make sense that our 22nd Amendment is meant to be appropriate to a determination that Hillary Clinton was an illegal candidate for President and may now be an Un-Constitutional holder of an office within our line of succession to the primary holding of office of our presidency as it is allowed so uniquely and specially within our White House and home office “kitchy” attitude.

We have that it is a related matter that our 80th Congress carefully did follow proper procedure for Constitutional amending.

We have that Pelosi Congress with “Obamacare” thought they could work around proper procedure.

We still have that the Clintons were both as per a reasonable interpretation of our 22nd Amendment term limited when the named holder of office became term limited for by marriage the other spouse was legally and contractually inseparable from their marriage union.  A spouse regardless of their sex is also to by election to “a holding of our office of the President” - a very personal and important and intimate holding in sickness and in health through all the times that try their soul. 

It would violate our marriage laws to otherwise consider that a spouse regardless of their sex, and with all these related matters, is separable from the holding of the other.  And, we have that we are talking about our White House and all about its consideration as proper to a home for both with a home office for our “parenting” 24-7.

As per “penalty” >>> Really!!!  If a BOGO sold as an is a “two-fer” shouldn’t it stay legally an is a “two-fer”?

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{Reposted - Originally blogged on 10/27/2011 via http://2012us.jphogan.org}


Yeh yeh yeh - so what - yeh so a person acting in their own self interest blah blah blah?

Well Ok!  So you like Stalin?  Did you hear yet that Moscow wants some of its past grandness back and now while near about one third its old size?  If you like Stalin and just want to be part of a greater socialist system it seems President assumed Putin is looking for more citizens.

He is likely not the greatest threat to America right now so a move there under Clinton “RESET” “overcharged” sympathetic “diplomacy” - Altruism may actually be an idea threatening the global economy more now and freedom as collateral damage.

Russia is arguably now higher on Iran’s “anti” lists if you consider historical developments and “losers” that had Iran in past believing they would be winners.  Now does seem a good and fair time to move to a new Stalinism by Putin - reports are he has the most number of billionaires in his smaller city than any other in the known world.

Yeh, but Governor Cuomo may usher a new CCCP for New York staters now as never before and not even pushed or attempted by carpetbagger Senator Clinton.  Soon he may have no choice but to finally attempt to compete with Massachusetts and their Romney Prototype and maybe with a CCCP - Cuomo Compromised Coverage Plan.

Well that would be interesting - are you already in New York - are you sure Putin can’t or won’t offer you more home and Stalinism though?

You have heard of Adam Smith and his “Invisible Hand Theory” of Economics and his arguments for rational and free people that a pursuit of self interest is best way to global peace and fair trade and freer markets?  If you have heard that not all of it may actually be attributable to Adam Smith.

To simplify lets attempt to look at a very complicated con now ongoing seemingly as necessarily organized altruism - let us use the dangers of a CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE for example.

It simplifies some of these issues to reference supposed “altruism” of CGI that it isn’t seemingly allowed by charter to operate domestically.

It has been a while since I once tried to compare and contrast some of Adam Smith and many others especially Ayn Rand and originate an thinking some new and some anewly specific for different times.  That CGI seems to be a Virtue of Selfishness and therefore a global and/or American “greater good” means that it may as well be more dangerous and a vice of selflessness.

Yes, I believe they do have skating and skiing in Moscow area - I know USSR had such but I do not know their actual geography and amenities locations.  I have no idea about the state of their schools today.

Well these times are different!

Sure, with different vices apparently related to unique opportunities tempting at least those educated enough to see them.  We know that Clintons must be selfish and of a selfishness political in their calculated appearance as altruists.  We know that while Senator of New York Hillary Clinton was not of local federalist efforts to get state communities busy finding county friendly alternatives or state options to avoid a centralized socialized nationalized health care entitlement.

We know from many other moments in our history that Clintons have been heavy booted to a political selfishness and another, yet again, arguably unearned “comeback.”

You still awake?

You betcha.

So about Bill Clinton with CGI appearing to be altruistic when it was basically the last foot ware to heavy booted Clinton expansionism left him - when it was his last and maybe only option to selfishly hold on to as much executive global power as they could try to manage:

What now - pick your “Stalin” - pick the “greater of the two evils?”

Ok, you are definitely awake.

Well, on economics this rare appearance of otherwise less explainable “altruism” has to be “selfish” behavior by political power couple (”two-fer” if you prefer) masked as selflessness.  It exists aberrant to our economic structures and general foundations - it unbalances a normal and common main street fairness with willful clouding.

So Putin as Stalin better than Bill as Gandhi?

You’re funny - we should have started hanging out years ago.  So you see that for all the altruism of CGI it is maybe the most selfish attempt to appear selfless and economically stands unbalancing a global think of hold that used to hold markets together and nurture economic growth?

How is it even legal?

I mean how is it lawful for such to exist while his spouse - his other half of “two-fer” the “one” not a “half” as they like to legally suggest to a Descartian “separation” to allow them unbefore imagined legal latitude on otherwise unreasonable propositions - while “Hillary” is Secretary of State?  Shouldn’t one have recused themselves or the other ceased and desisted?

Hey we should put this up on the net at least in a gallery of writing somewhere.

So are you going to move to Moscow instead?

Surely President Assumed Putin can offer a better Stalinism, right?  I get that the Clintons have been acting much extra Constitutionally to compete with such and by selling themselves of a selflessness have been of a “vice” to such more a selfishness and dangerous economic and political thought for Americans — but clearly they have been losing ground to Putin as socialists, and well our United Peoples of these United States of American don’t need to or seem in a majority to want to move to a future globalness as competitors needing to prove themselves all to be better Socialists.

Maybe for the summer months:

Do you think Moscow and Russia will welcome us all - and with open arms and equality?Let’s not complicate this just yet.  Gotta go for now, been a pleasure.

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THIS IS FROM THE 227 COLUMNS NOW BRIEFLY AVAILABLE AGAIN AT http://www.jphogan.org/5722.html
 early blog site.

Sunday, March 28, 2010 {NOW REPOSTED }


The problem with SOCIALISM is that if you “elect” it in you find you have elected SOCIALISTS that will forever think you were just voting for them, and for them to make just socialist decisions for you forever.  Take President Bill Clinton for example: He still is more a Socialist than generally credited for the overlap of old Reagan/Bush policies that kept working for years into his “deciding.

To bring SOCIALISM in by “election” creates monsters of those elected!

You could say President Clinton was afraid to show his “true socialist” but not as much able to hide his cravings for Autocracy of Clintons.

This is a copyrighted photo here pictured.  I have likely had fewer than three dozen coffee cups made as gifts with the image on one side and fewer of such, of this total, as also with a poem of mine.  Gwen, I still am disappointed in memories of you from days around adjusting after Governor Clinton was elected President.  For the record I do not know if you are a member of any Socialist party.

Tiger, hey look there’s a waitress! --- Got ya!  Yes this photograph of my egg is from that memorable breakfast in New Haven in early 1996, and yes it does still look more like The Masters logo than a Rand McNally rendering.  I forget how long ago I emailed you a single copy with some of my old political poetry of THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM.  Hey, look, a waitress, oh what beautiful hazards...!

Steven Spielberg, you hopefully did get the mug I sent you with both this image and a poem on it after being in your AMISTAD court room takes for a couple days.

Senator Orrin Hatch, yes you were lead on Judiciary yet maybe it was just having “hatch” in your name that had you one on such a short list.  Was it the mouse pad or very small puzzle I gave you,- I forget?

I left one photo mug at the Chrysler Building offices of Partnership for a Drug Free America for James E. Burke, as well.

Afghanistan, don’t fret these American Socialists too much.  Our troops will be using the same techniques to build federalism and more equal rights more equally as they did in Iraq and especially with the SURGE resembling strong refederalist technique of ‘COMMUNITY POLICING’.  To get to attempts at socializing Afghanistan as Soviets did these American Socialists with their ’socialism revolution’ will have to use federalist military methods to get there, you should have at least until we elect a new president before they could start to socialize you too.

See Federalism is more like butlers!  More like listening to local law enforcement and building department officials and just wondering what Washington is doing with their free time, than listening to Washington and wondering what your local law enforcement and building department officials are doing with their dictated time, socialist.  See Federalism is about first wondering if there is a local solution, and if there is or could be to why then even spend much time thinking about Washington.

The American Egg picture is of one of two of the eggs I cracked onto flat skillet that came with GE stove; The American Egg picture is of that cooking for a two egg sandwich on Country White Bread, that  morning I was pacing around some wondering if I really had had the effect on all of American in the 1992 Presidential race that I thought I had.  I had also maybe just decided not to keep watching Willow Bay that morning on GMA.  Willow, do you still have the small key chain frame with photo I sent you?

I did nothing to the egg but see it suddenly take that shape, and first worry if “there was film in the camera, and if the camera was still in the next room.”  I think it was a Connecticut egg, but I cannot confirm such.

Gwen Ifill, after 1992 Democrat win I think it was I judged you to be way too selfish and only some excused such as of your “pioneer spirit” and based on climbing on race.

I should talk to my old classmate from Villanova Bert Jacobs at LIFE IS GOOD about merchandising around my copyrighted image of such egg that absolutely cooked itself into the shape of our United States of America continental 48.

Senator Judd Gregg, I forget if it was only one of the homemade refrigerator magnets that I left for you in your Concord Office.  I probably gave away fewer than three dozen refrigerator magnets as well.

Yes, visitors to New Haven and its (old) Koffee Shop on Audobon Street may know the image for “random mugs” and of a vast collection of “gift mugs” was their SOP.

My THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM was always from the start about human energy and even human mental energy and maybe about having too much for any one to think about after America became a sole superpower.  You could say it became about ‘A Thousand Points of Light’ not being enough, maybe.

Note:  DHS (Department of Homeland Security) taken with “community policing” refederalizing is in fact a Federalist System.

Electing a Federalist is more like hiring a butler or home improvement contractor/builder as when the building/election/service is over they expect to just turn over a key and walk away with their work really still yours.

President Clinton, we largely could do without your governance of your’s and Hillary eight year reign as First Couple.  It still seems, and now becoming more broadly seen, that you did more harm than good.

I still love Federalist “wild and wonderful” West Virginia too, well I think I still love West Virginia our “wild and wonderful” hopefully still for state’s rights of “federalism revolution.“  Not ‘butlered’ WV, yet still for federalism?  Will Tennessee have to change from “Volunteer State” to “dictated to state, too”?

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Waiting for President Barack to work his messianic further now may be as fruitful as if our waiting for him to release his college papers were as if we were still waiting for books of John or Matthew or Luke.

We should expect nothing less now than an Obama “Bible” as a Book of Barack, or just a book of a “Book of Barack.”

He has waded rudely into bridging long historical for community and global morals, he has fired off crass remarks suggestive that early Declarations not at all as he would have then or would now have written them, if he could have written them.  We have still to wait, and wait, and specifically especially for his early works when more a disciple of Harvard and Columbia.

President Nixon is proving to have been more prudent and diligent when of dramatized “If a President says it is legal then it is legal” far more than President Obama could rightly suggest or publish truthfully if to parables of a ‘Book of Barack’ necessarily of these recent years of 1st Amendment over-speak still not supported with his or our written texts.  He, President Obama, has been recorded saying near:  “I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to dictate on these matters once President.”  Hmmm?  He has been long as President, tortuously long, economically speaking, for of “supply” social spending hardly related to “economic science.”  He has walked and talked as if people should fall before him as disciples even in economics though he more than Nixon of the negative side of “If a President says it is legal then it is legal” supposing.

If President Barack Hussein Obama who wanted to be of a “Personality Based Presidency” where his “story” was not his “training” was not necessarily his study or actual work experience - then surely as our Supreme Court readies to hear the Un-Constitutional push back from many non-Obama Statists statists more themselves, the and we will expect some actual “principles” from President Barack Hussein Obama.  It does seem impossible that Obamacare can actually lower costs as it claims - yet there are the “principles” that should be of Obama’s new foundation for healthcare that are to be expected and as legal and admissible.

I have already pondered that like our Declaration of Independence President Obama has been disregarding at least the Bible and institutions so otherwise based.  I have already suggested “Bible” was taken so a book by President could be “Trible” or “Ible” but really we have that he is suppressing faith and offering pill based morals.  So, it seems a book, a “Book of Barack” could be titled “Drible” for “Dr Ible” a way of Obama (Barack) by chemically altered states, legal and illegal.

The other day while at a Social Media Week event with Jermaine Dupri I did realize I am taller than he is, physically.  He may be taller than the President spiritually - he announced something about a “G-BOX” for his Global14 web/communities.  The President is taller than I am - by inches, and yet has my same birthday but from four years earlier.  Did you know Jermaine Dupri likes “Blondie”?  I saw him get all posie near a strip.

A “DRIBLE” by and of “BOOK OF BARACK” to explain his past anti-Independence statements and his efforts of dictates to Congress suggesting they should make laws establishing his sense of “religions” should also really deal with “drugs” and dependence on “entitlements” and/or “chemicals - recreational or self medicatory.  Such now would need hymns and chapters on his capology of seamless rubbers and any “principles” he might have to explain why and/or how such can be “free” - economically speaking to his belief system(s).

I did meet Jermaine Dupri enough while at Hearst Tower on 8th near Columbus Circle - I do wonder if he appreciates it as well for maybe being the most socially conscious and phallic architecture in building for anywhere currently in New York City.  Around its base is its history and legacy with eggs cradled with care for the ages above its original six, from within such rises straight up and proud a spire wrapped and structured most obviously in diamonds but as well of a consciousness in triangles.  It looks well ribbed and uniformly covered, and with Monks or maybe Jesuits or other Brothers less than gargoyles standing pensive near or next to feminine concerns similarly there drafted and carved for New York minutes and daily blank pages of all ages.  I have not studied architecture - I have read some but not studied any where near a majority of even a minority of Manhattan’s architecture. Hearst Tower may be so new that it is still “green” and “greenest” new building - its ribbing is deserved and appropriate for all “green” concerns and global or local consciousness using acceptable natural inspiration and yet about 25% less carbon based steel.

It does look like if it were stepped on by a giant it would pop right back up - Hearst Tower, that is.  I may prefer to work in new Tower One at Ground Zero some day and so that I could daily be reminded of what a mess our 90s actually were. A re-election of Barack Hussein Obama without a “BOOK OF BARACK” or a sufficient basis for his “DRIBLE” has me now already on issue so with such if not just from an apparent lesser of two evils erudite and measured and check democratic foundation and as so about such as an issue of our today with concerns for what it might say bad about too many Americans.

It is still a ridiculous American condition that the pre-existing legacy of the Clintons and their “two-fer” First Coupling hasn’t had citizen people of these United States of America and global spectators being wise, prudent, and/or consciously cautious in our Post Clinton Presidency - Post 9/11 years of learned lessons and a guarded deciding.  It is ridiculous already that a Clinton can be any how now a part of any post 9/11 administration, conservatively speaking to basic street sense and “live and learn” pragmatism.  A re-election of President Obama is nearing as bad a “ridiculous” and “dangerous” that would speak poorly of “American” common sense and so as if it has all been lost - that American “common sense” has been lost. 

We have “innocent until proven guilty” (now less globally and locally thanks to both Clintons?) and we have our 90s to look back on daily with guarded concern.  We have these truths already self evident in public realms and yet not accepted as politically relevant.  We have indivisible that the Clintons acted politically as a “two-fer” Washington power couple and shared, and shared, and shared.  We have the Church taking issues with them while taking issue now with dictates from President Obama & Book of Barack (or “DRIBLE”) still unpublished. 

The three seem inseparable. 

Without DRIBLE or at least a BOOK OF BARACK we will be left to be of a blind faith in President Obama and still the Clintons by association - a re-election of President Obama may be more concerning for what it would or might say about those that voted for him/for them. 

We have still that by November 2012 we may have to take sides and yet still below our best standards and high holy hopes for America as conceived and subscribed whence - we have President Obama has positioned himself as anti-Independence and, now at least it looks like Republicans are of establishments historically hopeful and honestly already superior than a fate for US anew of “lesser of the two evils” as if already in shades of “evil” more than hopeful shades of “good”.

We have it as a possibility and existent that “OBAMACARE” may find its “Un-Constitutional” basis soon measured and judged by nine to a no by
nine as citizen people and their experts are stomping it daily with a rap and beat down for failing publicly already on 1st Amendment turf.  We have it now exposed of dribble for a DRIBLE of at least a BOOK OF BARACK necessary to an explainin’ as it seems to be becoming common sense and measured to side with parties of and for steppin’ tuned to an appreciation that OBAMACARE just doesn’t look like it can or will reduce healthcare costs.

Somehow this is kept from being racist.  I don’t know that President Obama can do the same with a due “DRIBLE” at least.  He isn’t the “New York Minutes” he hoped to be - hoped to be while contrary in his ways.  We could use a BOOK OF BARACK now, it seems necessary at least for his defense against the “Un-Constitutional” review soon of SCOTUS bar.
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There is one thing I took from DREAMS FROM MY FATHER early autobiography of an un-minted lawyer — From President Obama’s early autobiography I was able to discern from his own words that though he was a “community organizer” he didn’t like being a community organizer.

We have that “Obamacare” has near 52% percent of those polled nationally regarding its need to be repealed as a majority against it.  Among Democrats that was reported as about 19%.  Among Republicans it topped 80%.  How it is disapproved of by a more specific subset of Americans - a set of actual taxpayers - is a puzzle though presumably much higher than 52%.

I won’t dwell on law student Barry Obama early autobiography with its import that he didn’t like community organizing if only about community organizing.  President Obama can explain his own negativity there scribed with his own words near:  I’ve got to get out of this place - if only I had power - if only I had real power — I’ve got to get out of here.

It seems that though he is four years my senior to the same B-day in August it may be fitting he wrote an autobiography before me, but come on!  During the same months he must have been writing his life history I was of writing politically and journalistically with political poetry as a form with rhyme, rhythm and reasoning about an international time fit for a new federalism.  I did leave a law school a couple miles from his the spring before he started - and I did withdraw after first year and remain an accepted student then for the next seven years able to return without needing to reapply.  I was wanting to be more entrepreneurial and creative but wanted at least one year of law school to further discipline my thinking and writing, but not more.

The Affordable Care Act that we have a bad habit of simplifying as “Obamacare” is bad for American communities.

We have that among those that pay federal taxes the 52% reported as still thinking “Obamacare” should be repealed are of a much higher percentage when of a poll just of “taxpayers.”  And, with that said we are left to ponder that those that are already paying for the care for those in their communities that have been and still will be providing care are strongly and definitively against “Obamacare.”

It really seems that we may have over 80% of the people currently paying to cover the less well off and their healthcare expenses specifically against The Affordable Care Act attempts to get them to pay for the same social good another way.

There may be no contest by states contesting The Affordable Care Act as per “healthcare” as being of a national market.  That doesn’t mean that if it is embraced as primarily of a national market it won’t do harm to the communities still of neighbors providing care for neighbors and without needing to think a distant Big Government Big Sister/Big Brother needs to meddle - especially as per preventative care.

I stand on my opinion that we are better to consider reforms for healthcare around communities not State and with a new frontier for some areas to a county wide (not Country wide) basis for “coverage.”  I stand now still with my thinking from that first year of publication of Barry Obama’s early autobiography checked after near a year working as a citizen canvasser with ConnPIRG and then CCAG (Connecticut Citizen Action Group) with petitioning door to door evenings through a winter, too, on clearer air standards and healthcare reform.  It was from checking my thinking and public opinion amidst being aware of a neighbor Ted Marmor that I was to my individual conclusion that we should avoid national healthcare and look to fight “spill-over” concerns with community policing revolution and treat county basis not country basis as our best new frontier.

With march and beat of “Obamacare” you will be not to thinking you should thank your neighbor who raised a doctor nor the neighbor raised to be doctor or others besides them in your neighborhood and community at least party to keeping your area a place a child of such after learning international medicinal ways would desire to stay or return.  With “Obamacare” you will be expected to thank your national leadership, primarily, and supremely.

I described my writing from same months that Barry Obama was of his early autobiography as of writing journalistically — that said so for I was more to calling myself a political poet practicing spin doctoring to encourage and maybe embolden professional journalists to a better writing for community and international issues.

It may be easier to consider that The Affordable Care Act is bad for communities if you consider that most of actual taxpayers already paying for the social good of covering costs of medical expenses without healthcare coverage are those that seem a vast non-partisan set of those paying for services already for some reason not wanting to pay for same social good this way.

Costs for healthcare may now be out of control because medicine and healthcare has already been allowed for too long to be too considered of a national market.  We have that the nearer healthcare stays to a community and county basis of neighbors being cared for by neighbors the more reasonable the costs of caring are respective to be.

When I left Suffolk Law School that spring just before the Obama fall commencing at Harvard I was already to saying:  “I want to be a caboose to the Reagan Revolution” & “I am more a citizen rosebud than a Citizen Kane” & “I wanted at least a year of law school to help protect me from lawyers and insurance companies.”  The same time of Obama fall commencing I did have a brand new custom ordered Ford F-250 4×4 Pick-up truck ordered through Stoneham Ford and a Villanova classmate from our class of 1987 asking for a ride to Chicago to move him from inner city Philadelphia to the University of Chicago to start his full free ride to PhD in Education.  I did agree - today he is a head of school in Philadelphia area.

I have been against all nationalization of general healthcare coverage at least since 1991-1992.  I was against it while writing suggesting best positioning for business and politicians and journalists for a community and international political correctness, new, for the trying times then of the great recession of the early 90s that as well had us troubled with global warring.

I think it is a very fair interpretation of Barry Obama’s DREAMS OF MY FATHER that he didn’t like community organizing but did like thinking about getting real power and as quickly as he could.  And yet he is celebrated as a former “community organizer” and yet now with programs that seem to be bad for communities, but not his quest for internationalism.

They didn’t have B-corps in Connecticut to my knowledge when I became a sole proprietor of a CT S-Corp doing business as J.P. Hogan Enterprises.  I was of a letterhead meant to be a marketing play on “Carpentry and Remodeling Services” for of my long term primary ambition to be like a “Mad Man” like my maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier had been, and to without having had a degree in such before becoming near the top in such.  The use of “Remodeling” services was always meant to also be to a practical skill to “remodeling” business - & maybe politics or government.  It does seem that it has been our governments that had to change and allow said “B-corps” so that our capitalists could finally be free to legally be as good as they may want to be, fairly within “capitalist” philosophy fit for their community existentialisms.  My paternal grandfather John W. Hogan Sr. was a lifelong Democrat and a member of Knights of Columbus and the inspiration for use of “Remodeling” to be about local or national politics as well.

And now we are to a time of easy internationalism but only maybe so for the hard work of Reagan with his Reagan Revolution and Chief Justice Rehnquist with his Rehnquist Revolution - his work to keep the law and justice professions from the very high legalese Barry Obama had just been trained in at Harvard - his work to bring a new “lay man” language and simpler legalese to United States Jurisprudence and practices. 

It does seem so, yet I haven’t confirmed so, that President Obama was maybe of the last class of Harvard Law School trained and graduated in the old school ways before such started complying with the new better standards of the Rehnquist Revolution to simpler and more accessible legalese.

This said, and again, I feel it important to explain that “community organizer” President Obama with The Affordable Care Act is to a irreversible over-reaching inconsistent with Justice Rehnquist’s Revolution and so as implied with a national program that will be if left to proving it is bad medicine for all of our communities.

I just now found this link:  http://www.concurringopinions.com/archives/2010/07/the-federalism-revolution-did-not-take-place.html — I don’t know how creditable it legally is but it may be a good second step from this column.  Nearer 1989 I did write out my own “Remodeling” services contract to the type of legal atmosphere I thought best - After the official legal changes about the national redu of The Rehnquist Revolution I did not have to change a single word in my contract to be to new “compliance” - I did surprise the lawyer who suggested he should look at it due to such revolution in our jurisprudence for he (dad) was only able to conclude that his son’s contract - the son who had left law school after just a year - had maybe the only existing contract he had seen that didn’t need to be changed.

I have been fighting attempts to nationalize healthcare reforms a long time now,  so long that President Obama was likely maybe hardly through the writing of his early autobiography while I was so and so as well to the international concerns also of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM attempts at needed “remodeling” change.

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                                                       J. PETER HOGAN
                                               MAY 12,1992

A note:  Though this poem was inspired to be my piece covering Rodney King incidents, and issues original to Los Angeles, it was worked as well to fit into my collection of political strategized change thinking of THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM.  “WITH A BUSH,  ON FIRE,  WHAT DID WE SEE”  is meant to be a stanza as window to President Bush having to think about issues about Middle East in such years and as well to possibilities we should be fully pondering as per threat to life of President Bush as part of Saddam Hussein’s strategizing.  If you read “IN THE STATE, OF SAINT LOUIS, AMERICA SPINS TRUE” your are to consider that year’s population distribution “balance point” for the United States of America was in Missouri and that some of collection of THE CHARGE… are two letters of mine to Rep. Gephardt’s office that were when George Stephanopoulus was a top aid and one response that flew back in just a few days from them.  Such August letters were of thinking about Presidential contests and issues but also the world and of concern for how US was to position as people around the world were trying to be better than us yet by becoming more like US governance.  And that I related “balance point” to bicycle wheel truing.  Then I was nearer to old thoughts of biking across America and with skill of truing bike wheels developed in part for such a practical consideration.  George Stephanopoulus had a co-Gephardt equal at such time so that did shortly afterwards marry Dora Bush and bring her into the infamous Koch family.  Such August letters predated change in Russia by just weeks and yet seem still to have been correct from me on a pre-positioning even for such - that was of an “energy” not a specific geo-specific understanding.  If you want to suggest this is about sex or dirty politics and Hollywood romantic charge - you can but that is an entirely separate lay of this work that though seemingly here was here for those few I was sharing thoughts with to be of a charge to help me keep it personally from such - but that is now an old disappointment with President Clinton and too many Democrats.  Of complications from my voluntary assistance came times fictions I had worked as if marketing fiction were treated as if non-fiction actual concerns yet when not and to leaving me to write new fiction to cover old fiction being taken as non-fiction and to find people that could benefit from the unsolicited “help” as “thanks” from Dems being directed at me without it being at all correct or appropriate to may actual non-fiction.  I stand on my expressed opinions that Madam Sec Mrs. Clinton is near our worst Top Diplomat ever - she may have skills for such job but she is wrong for these times and wrong for of her previous times recent as preceding to such time she is now most wrong for, for U.S.
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Recently I asked:  How did we get from the Six Million Dollar Man to the 16 Trillion Dollar Women?

To read Maureen Dowd today one seems to be asked to forget President Obama Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech and its admonition of the “avoidance” and “inaction” of the Clintons’ Presidency as it seemed about women’s rights and their talking it but not walking it at least as per Afghanistan. 

We have now just to see Ground Zero and even with all the beautiful restoration about it and the splendor planned to be to an instinctive reaction to a pronouncement thought at least that our 90s must have been a mess - that the Clintons’ 90 were really a mess.

President Obama now persists with his attempt to cover-up for the Clintons inaction and avoidance yet when he actually did seem to so admonish them so.  We have historically that Obama’s Iraq position though oddly unchanged as history more revealed begets a contrariness as per Madam Sec Mrs. Clinton and feminism.  As per Clintons’ 90s and feminism we have that now by President Obama’s own edicts that we should have helped women of Afghanistan but ignored the women of Iraq.

We have that the Clintons’ “globalism” now is to spreading the big “D” not the small “d” and with their big “D” for Democrats and all the while President Bush’s Operation Iraqi Freedom was about spreading small “d” democracy, and as well his trading of school and road construction for permission in Afghanistan to trespass their sovereignty in our chase of about 50 Al Qaeda members thought to be camping in their country.

We have, looking to Tampa Convening, that even Candidate Mitt Romney is running to be a better democrat than the Obama administration has been and the Clintons’ administration actually was.

There was not majority representation in Iraq until after President Bush stayed the course, and, stayed the course some more.  President Obama still today held to his cobbled “foundation” on his own otherwise shifting sands that is his dedication to an elementary premise his, about Saddam Hussein and the regional geo-politics involving Iraq.

As per Thomas Friedman and his waxing about capitalism and communism it is still plausible that we are now engaged in the last battles of the “Capitalism v. Communism” entanglements as those at “home” have been teased/drawn out as Obamacrats too socialistic.  We seem amidst the battle between the “Communists” sympathies thought about our sixties and seventies at “home” and the survival of the “capitalist” free market traditions now still kickin’ it quite well.

The Clintons’ 90s must have actually have been a mess!  By Tampa their “X” factor likely to be on parade as much as the for being of an entirely separate school of thinking as Obamanomics is from economic direction Republicans are of a new promise.

We have a simple allegorical to suggest Obama has problems with Saddam Hussein still:  If Saddam Hussein were a Chicago crack lord as much a tyrant to his turf he too then under Obama likely would be as deserving to escape justice.

We are now to a Democrat suggestion that the Clintons were right to avoid Iraq and Afghanistan even though their intelligence estimates likely defied their public messaging suggestive that we of America were to a moral right to have PEACE DIVIDENDS.  We have by the suggestion that Iraq was a war of choice that Obama’s choice to war on Afghanistan more than just in Afghanistan belies the Clintons’ avoidance and inaction and raises queries as to how or why we should be fighting for the women under the Taliban and not have for the women under Saddam Hussein?

And we have the “feminism” example of “rouge” Sarah H. Palin too as Tampa X  Factors rear near.  We don’t have an all or nothing hit the roads with “Hillary” or just hit the road - we have striking comparisons just between “Sarah” and “Hillary” as per feminism and action, family values and politics, Title IX & Title X, and, two parties with different foreign policies and economic options separable as two remarkably different schools of thinking.

It may help that so many men are still contesting for the Republican nomination since it seems the Tampa 2012 Convention could be much or mostly about women.  And, why President Obama was willing to try to cover-up for the Clintons with his elementary white paper speak suggestive that Saddam Hussein was to be allowed to fully escape justice from his subjects.

As I recall, this now may be part of “rogue” Sarah H. Palin’s Southern Strategy.  And WOW I really still cannot believe that we have Madam Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton our first or last line of defense and over-sight over Mr. Clinton, former President, and his global initiatives and mass money moving efforts that to some at least somewhere are likely considered “material support of terrorism” and all the while it seems the Bush administration pushed small “d” democracy and the Clintons both more to pushing a global partisan spread even with US tax dollars of big “D” Democrat machinations to global partisan political support and development of Clinton power.

Separating Saddam Hussein from crimes against his people and war crimes is like separating either Clinton from PARTISAN politics.  I still hold to my complex thinking about Operation Iraqi Freedom and that where it was a Bush Freedom Agenda that such was to spreading equal rights more equally and without it being “religious” or “partisan” as per American Republicans or Democrats.

 I was though back in 2007 maybe that I did explain it best and as that Operation Iraqi Freedom was necessary like because the Middle East could be having a democratic awakening that if we were not to first having attempted to remedy our past entanglements with Saddam Hussein could have US forever on the wrong side of Middle East peoples wanting as much freedom as we claimed for ourselves.  But this memory is of my conversation with Ivan Vujacic, Serbian Ambassador to the US after he sat down next to me at an American Enterprise Institute lecture and we got talking over lunch and with me to offering this as applicable for Serbian interests too.

Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton (born William Blythe III) was to official first days as President Obama’s Cabinet ranked official for diplomacy to saying near:  “We won’t be making human rights a priority.”

I don’t know where this “Hillary” has come from - and I have been wondering if she were dressing herself.

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I wrote a full column under this title last night - and then did something that accidentally deleted it.  May write another for today - haven’t decided yet.   I was to mentioning Alexander Hamilton - Aaron Burr - Benjamin Banneker and the shape of Alabama and Mississippi as if two men back to back ready to pace off required paces with chins proud and brows furrowed.

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There is a drudgery and attention to detail essential to incidents of life.  Among many vicissitudes incident to existence we have our banks and our body politic.  Banks “as too big to fail” defies that they are cannot be too big to be wrong.

As Abraham Lincoln with his premises and discerned thought of his Cooper Union Speech we have that he laid down his slavery platforms to come upon a Constitutional foreplay espoused to keep his house from being divided.  Mr. Lincoln with his Cooper Union posturing did purport a threshold barring slavery.  Mr. Lincoln set us all to more fairer play and party relations, but so, as per his postulate that if a local government could and did legally declare that something was “wrong” that then an national government like ours then couldn’t stand up body politic asserting that slavery was “good” for “all” as its interpretation of State Powers.

Does Obamacare assert a Power to consider peoples’ bodies as State bodies and so that guns are limited contrary to our Second Amendment rights to bear arms.  If our arms, even our bare arms, are so State arms than how can they have independent right to bear arms?

I may have hands and heart with a penchance for mechanic specials - I have owned a motorcycle when near past having turned 30 years of age and did myself consider some Zen about my art of motorcycle restoration and maintenance.  I have only owned such a ride and ridden so to near 5,000 total miles.  Peter Fonda I have learned still has a penchant for riding and also shares a sailing passion.  My sailing interests though have been dormant or superseded now over four years.  My bicycle is a mechanic special as what started as stock of one branding has over decades become “street” as a road bike with parts and accessorizings now from near a dozen different establishments.  There is though still a Shimano prominence about it, and yet with a considered like disloyalty for thinking my next bike will have Sram instead, maybe even SRAM RED.

But what can you bank on - and if a Big Bank is so big that it cannot fail how do we protect that it isn’t too big to still have been wrong?

Washington did shower or bath are forebears all with his cherry of a first inaugural so with such talk of sex to be for him enough in offerings American that he could pick fruit from as a conqueror and yet so caressed with a pledge of fidelity to Martha as all the pecuniary and personal emoluments he would desire.

I have known that Chase bank had employees if not an entire department drilled already in 2006 such that when I became aware of them I became aware of dangers and bad practices the foretold doom for banks.  Our founding fathers were inventive and practical - Washington even to a round barn for milling grains and Thomas Jefferson for a coat hanger design, a gear and chain system that allow his double doors together equally with just a standard careful caressing of one door. 

I did try to learn as many practical skills as our founding fathers had needed more necessarily due to their times.  I may have exceeded the number of their individual skills but not maybe the ratio of skills to production and mechanization time to time.  They may have known more for their time of what was common in their time, maybe.  I have had more than two cars that were also “mechanic specials” with myself their primary mechanic.

I have split some wood - some firewood - but hardly near as much as Lincoln must have - I don’t know that I ever split even enough for a quarter of a cord.

The gall of that remembered department of Chase Bank that I cannot shake yet from my discovery of their bad practices and hostility of a abuse of powers and arrogance with excessive power all first exposed about 2006.  Now I do remember that it was President Clinton that asked banks to find a way to “gamble away”  the risks that would be certain with his wanting both a housing boom bubble and as well a mass underfunding and defunding that would likely undermine the former - the Clintons’ trillion dollar surplus.  But this behavior practiced by employees of Chase Bank so remembered was of such an arrogance that when I stood on banking law and harmony with banking lawyers as just a customer may only have been of the early days of desperation for banks where they had to step up bad collection practices to try to cover the losses looming from the corruptions related to President Clintons loose political economic guidance - Chase may have been behaving so before needing to because of mortgage messes.

As per Chase Bank and my remembrance it was a small matter of confusion from their mergers and acquisitions per a closed account number for a close credit card started with a different bank.  In my case I seemed to have become aware of their corrupt and bad banking practices in 2006 over a possible $10 balance and then a year of penalty and interest fees that still have now clear chain of title.  It was over a $200 dollar dispute with Chase where all but $10 was fees and yet for the year before their claims so I had no record of an earlier bank having been mailing or calling me for an open account with such account number - an account number which I had sent a full payment to in 2005. 

In 2006 I realized that at least one Department at Chase Bank was acting as if Chase was too big to be wrong.  I still have that they have failed still to today to have provided a clear chain of title for the account number they called me upon for above mentioned pennies that was like all my known Chase accounts paid off a year before.  The calender gap of a year between pay off of accounts with Chase and a mysterious new account showing up still is a mystery as per chain of title and yet the year suggest it must have been that I performed on a pay off amount by due date as per post office posting dating and that that bank then the credit card company processed the payment for the day it was received leaving a near $10 dollar remainder, that for some reason I for a year went without an awareness as account moved from one bank to another and then to Chase somehow, so that ten dollars after a year became over two hundred and yet with Chase department unwilling or unable to explain where their “title” and “claim” traced from.  If  the practices and standards I became aware of hadn’t been so hostile and blatantly corrupt with an arrogance of power seeming to exempt them in their own minds from having to explain a “chain of title” I might have been of the decades of good experiences otherwise from relations with Chase.

When they threaten you and refuse to consider fair standards they are trying to steal from you.  That the banks all fell to bad practices and trying times is evidence sufficient now yet without as much discussion as appropriate for them having fallen to bad collection practices just because of the binds they got into as accomplices to President Clintons request for bad lending and mortgage risk managing.  Their bad lending practices though only partly can explain their bad collection attitudes.

As an economics major I welcome that collections is a needed department with special skills, and, was so of such ethos while hearing from and relating with more than a few from Chase as per this from 2006. 

When an employee of a major bank hears you tell him that he/they are acting criminally and instead of denying it says instead “we have the right to - everyone is doing it” it is best to start hunkering down and readying for bad economic times fast approaching for the economy.

So I guess you could say I expected the economic downturn because of my knowledge of how President Clinton had conceived an impossible economic but then you could as well say it is so because I realized that Chase Bank was acting desperately and criminally as if they were too big to be wrong. 

A chain of title is still a matter of law for all to be standing on - and yes Obamacare may be violating your second amendment rights to have free arms for free bearing of arms.  And otherwise from an everyday State arms of only State arms.

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Despite what you think you are hearing today it may not be as autobiographical as otherwise.  In spite of what you are reading there may be another Georgia still in the news.

These are the days to worry about, and wonder yet, to a consideration more gestalt about Madam Secretary Mrs. Clinton’s hotspots.  Is there no essence of the whole in the current global totality?

This is not our first rush about contraception and the defensible of Georgia during the challenges of the Obama Administration.  An early thought V. Putin rising about Assetia - query South Ossetia - was a Sam Power’s hotspot as well as Madam Mrs. Clinton’s embarrassment, of sorts - of globally graphic sorts drawn out.

The way it was earlier drawn out visibly hot about contraception so to it was about oil pipelines but so it was and is with just one of the …stans.  Afghanistan has seemingly been all hot about either Kandahar or Helmand with each graphically as poignant as that which stirred V. Putin professionally earlier.

Our Georgia is like a Massachusetts of The South with a concern for the breadth and beam of a bounty of the Atlantic and all about proper consummation or consumption.  The Georgia of earlier piping stories or rights to a South Ossetia was clearly one cast as it laid as well as one of contraception and Power for though separated it was as if discarded by Mother Russia not dismembered from Father Moscow.

I don’t know how much was a proper governance of and by V. Putin then or how much was a timely Dmitry Medvedev intervention with import due.  Their prudence to shape the issues by offering to reshape their discarded Georgia from what still now lays as if a spent Trojan into more a “seat of the pants” uncovered was moderated as well thence with governance issues about oil piping.

And so Ayn Rand left her Mother Land of the old Soviet Union whence and didn’t care to return to un-American ways.

I have to jump to conclusion offering here that as President Washington did seem to allude to such all as per the shape and vicissitudes of “American” when of his First Inaugural and his light tough poetic suggestive to a day already of use, rinse, and reuse skins or hides for pregnancy mediating of his days. 

But seriously how and why?  Seriously what about all the …stans about Madam Secretary Mrs. Clinton’s hotspots?  I get that Helmand is like when Georgia could be fully proud and covered and that Kandahar could be a quiet and cold moment even one of shrinkage concerns - but what about our Ohio too?

Now I have read all of Ayn Rand’s books and found them as formative to my thinking near as Leon Uris’ very informative historical novels.  But it was in the mid 1990’s that twelve uniformed Ukrainian General marched by me in Cambridge - in Cambridge of our Massachusetts while a public speaking event at the Kennedy School at Harvard my draw, not theirs.

How can those far nearer the Caspian Sea and north of Afghanistan such as these …stans:  Tajikistan - Turkmenistan - Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan - Kazakhstan be so insignificant while so strategically situated?  How can Obama’s State Department not be priming us all daily with a …stan story or another …stan story or yet another …stan story with Afghanistan & Pakistan and Iran all otherwise posited as important?

It seems President Obama The Hopeful never really had a chance.  With the Clintons embrace so (unwisely) he never had a chance to over-write or over-ride their decades of selfish spousal plotting.  He may have been sold as The New JFK but it was President Clinton who got to be (trite) as the hero in the Bay of Pigs sequel set up by Al Gore with his spies that trespassed North Korea.  It was President Bill Clinton that got to be the new JFK and the hero of such (trite) sequel THE BAY OF BABES.

How are we to Democrats with so little imagination?  How aren’t we already to a new super spy secret agent man from Dubai or Saudi Arabia and dramatization parrying whence yet as a 700 tnega man theirs however best cast or alludingly named properly as if a “James Bond”?  (700 tnega - if writing right to left and reversed is more familiar as “agent 007″)

I don’t know what the Clintons and Obama must have against the …stans.  I don’t know how they could have been so publicly biased against them as if in comparison to a “RESET” button for Moscow they dished as if not actually “alive” or “relevant”.  I don’t know how we can be in Afghanistan, another …stan a decade now and with a “RESET” button for Mother Russia without any visible concern for the …stans.

Is it that Madam Secretary Clinton being of the …stans today as if actually “living” - is she an anti-Randian but so?

And if you catch my usage to “un-American” as per current contraception over-reaching or sub-par legal briefs it is as if a serious black electrical switch of a barrier of prevention to being “un” (to “off”) in “un-American” as for being of a usage of a barrier to your full humanity as American. 

If you fear I am waxing to Communist or Socialist perhaps you should look in the mirror. 

I am an American - we are alive.  I have had international influence in numerous fields and with original innovativeness - I will respect that I have an international basis - though hardly known or celebrated with coverage yet about so much.

I don’t know why those of the Obama administration have been publicly and comparatively treating Tajikistan - Turkmenistan - Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan - Kazakhstan all near as if they were not alive or relevant while so near to so much that is.

I do view contraception as a “barrier” to ones full humanity, that may be all I have to say on the matter.  But!  Well!  If cost of contraception is an issue for Congressional review than there must be a “we” in the “living” and another that could go dutch.  If there isn’t a “we” in legal medical and health defenses than there may just be a hoarder.  It may be that all this gets too close for Ayn Rand and that it would have had her objectively educating as she might want to stirring dramatic moments suggestive that such could be only if ones body was actually their State’s body.

The way I see it Madam Secretary Mrs. Clinton has a lot of explaining to do before I dare parry/say more re: hot spots.  So I leave it now for others to decide their own fates and bias and as well how and if to fair usage of readily available “barriers.”

Again, some may be lost in translations but for Americans at least the fastest path to a new robust/growth economy may be to be of a new baby boom.  Where we have learned through this austerity to get by on less there now may seem enough around soon for more children for yourself and even on premise child care at law schools for parent students.

In defense of my late maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier the above mentioned former Mad Man - he was of the side of Madison Avenue business that had to hold the highest of standards for he was near 25 years of running J&J advertising and marketing accounts, not the lighter accounts I think are of Mad Man show I may this new season find myself to catching my very first episode.  But that is not how I would have sold his industry to friends and others of marketing interests.

Rock on!

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:55 am

The anti-communist Rush Limbaugh got himself into a rumpus this past week.  And, yet, it seems President Clinton trumped him in chauvinism, at least.

We have our “Super Tuesday” approaching fast and furiously, and with such an import and specific concern for “American” that President Clinton’s recent public spanking far bigger news than yet exposed.

It is elementary yet quite confusing a calculus or algebra that we are now about - we have on its face that if we were to color all our states blue we would, today, end up with a red State. 

I am not sure the recent rash behavior by President Clinton comports and if it proper to say that his projection of authority on XL red lights was just a spanking of President Obama and not also a “spanking” of Hillary Clinton a.k.a. Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton.

Secretary Clinton has to still be raw from the ripping (ribbing) such a public “spanking” of her authority (to her authority) is sitting as.  It is elementary that Bill Clinton, former President, was specifically showing a clear attempt at a subjugation of Mrs. Clinton’s official capacity and authority.

Rush Limbaugh’s comments so worded for the absurdity of the current Congressional political dramatization (drama) may be less chauvinistic than Former President Clinton’s are - are specifically towards his wife.

It is a complicated calculus or algebra now on its face though seeming an elementary puzzle of if all states now to blue than our one State would turn red.

What is “Super Tuesday” in this Year of our Founding Father’s Lord Two Thousand Twelve but both a concern about the over-reaching by President Obama to a centralization unmistakable from socialism and as well a base political concern for many for President Obama’s otherwise economic mathematics have been near exactly as if staffed if we had been of the misbegotten return of the Clintons to the White House.

The clear chauvinism by President Mr. Clinton with all its little covered personal drama more likely expected to be still now playing out in his “home-courts” where so he publicly subjugated Secretary Mrs. Clinton’s authority and professionalism is likely just what a misbegotten return of the Clintons to the White House would have been regularly of rashes of or for (from).

As we move now quickly with countering attempts to keep all blue states from turning our State red we have our red states engaged properly with attempts to standards at (for) red, white and blue.  It is elementary, politically, that President Obama did near exactly gather those for an economic team as such a misbegotten return for the Clintons would have.

We may have been spare more chauvinism of (and by) President Clinton yet this week it seems clear that he has trumped Rush Limbaughs reactions to the quantity and quality drama on parade with our blue in Congress as if already to too much red.  We have that President Mr. Clinton was clearly chauvinistic with his subjugation of Madam Secretary Mrs. Clinton’s professionalism and authority. 

It is fair to cover this as a recent “spanking” of President Obama - yet maybe not without being clear and revealing (dramatically) of this rash behavior both for it of President Obama of essence of ode d’ Clinton specifically economically with his staffing, and, as well for us only partly saved so from a Clinton “soap opera” that could have been, otherwise.

It does seem that President Obama did just get spanked.

It does seem that President Obama has been getting otherwise spanked since day one of “we need a new declaration of independence…” and that the reds now about are for the red, white and blue.

It does seem that if the Clintons had succeeded in achieving their extra-Constitutional machinations to a fuller return to “executive” power we would now be of blues as much now or even now greater than as per President Obama.

The mathematics of the Clintons may suggest an air of calculus and algebra while really quite elementary and insufficient.  We are now to a “Super Tuesday” with “Hillary” as red as “Barack” and with it clear that Mrs. Clintonomics inseparable from the essence and stink of what now is “Obamanomics.”

But where does President Clinton come from with himself thinking he has the right to cast the first spankings?

{If you are now reading this - then I am still thinking of adding more to this column - and yet with a “but when” now - stay tuned, I may return with more later this morning.}

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