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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:38 am

Oh neat, I get to play Pontius Pilot.  Hmmm, what should I say belongs to Caesar, like?

Dear gathered I don’t know what to make of the three crosses present but still empty - have you heard anything?

I heard whispers that Vice President Joseph is safe from prosecution for as of a history like time already served - from beating himself up regularly - laugh!  –  Laugh!!  –  LAUGH!!!

The crowd stirs though worried about the three crosses present but empty - even though a “Pontius” seems to claim he knows not what or whom they are for.

From the crowd a rumble can still be heard - chuckles really.  Chuckles still rolling through crowd after mention of Vice President Joseph free for time already served beating himself up - with echoes of “did you see his speech from NYU Law the other day?” and, like “and that the audience thought his claim that the President has a backbone - ‘a backbone like a ramrod’ was meant as a laugh line?”

Is there an innocent among us tonight?  If this “Pontius” doesn’t know the cross may toll for him might it be tolling for him?

When since whenever has another Governor been more a divider than a uniter and so actually bad for Rome? 

When has one been so worthy to be crucified along side Mrs. Clinton and President Clinton on a more minor cross if so to a decision that they were criminal enough to be crucified or at least the first found in a town - a liberated progressive town?

I don’t know where Da Vinci is - funny I can remember Dan Brown asking me for rights of a story in about two stanzas in my old code/poem about Leonardo titled DRUMS ROLL — If the to be a “V” between President Obama due a minor cross compared to the Clintons at a “Last Supper” it likely would be with Lady Michelle of a visceral aversion, right?  See:  http://jphogan.org for DRUMS ROLL poem sharing.

Pitty the Middle East Leaders of the first steps of First Couple “power two-fer” Clintons if they are actually still alive or in power - it seems with President Clintons recent most political and partisan stepping out he is near criminal but worse for it seems besides playing the Bush family for fools he is also high streaming a playing of them too as fools.  Beware US for again even with Bush leagues we have the old adage “fool me once shame on me - fool me twice shame on you.” (Hmmm?  Is that how is goes?)

President Clinton new high streaming could land him in the Supreme Court as another “over-reaching” current event to discuss an Un-Constitutional basis and designs, and yet as per the Mrs. Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton it could rate her a rare honor near a modern crucifixion - an impeachment to match her husbands.  Really there seems to be no way with “limiting principles” our standard and cave core that one or both of Clintons are not due a very public shaming and review.

Dear gathered we are not here to be so petty to just discussing the gauche and private uncouthiness of President William Jefferson Clinton born William Blythe the third.  Dear gathered we have bigger matters as well of Presidents as dividers more than uniters our charge and worriness tonight.  Dear gathered we have to look at the betrayal, personal, and petty so uncouth and gauche that is the back stabbing of the Bush clan by the Clinton patriarch, yes, but as per a crucifixion and mysterious three crosses we seemed all charged to look past the simple turning of patriarch Clinton on the years of offered unearned kindness and friendship by the Bush clan and look more globally for him being “criminal” and as well a dangerous partisan politically dividing and more devilishly meddling past domestic whispers of current sovereigns as fools, too.

Yes gathered we are all supposed to still be charged with an honor and pursuit of truthiness and to news that may fit our times however.  Yes gathered if there are three crosses and this “Pontius” is honest with a claim of ignorance might he still be criminal - as criminal as say Mrs. & President Clinton - yet as in a minor complexity - a lesser guilt or devilishness?  We are charged still with at least looking at their issues from one other angle - aren’t we?

Rumbles are still rolling through the crowd — “I know how funny was it when Vice President Joseph got laughs with his meant as serious line claiming his boss had a backbone like a ramrod?”

It is clear that the Clinton patriarch has started streaming a high line that puts all that has been of the Clinton Global Initiative into the long arms of the law, like for being now a seeming on its face Un-Constitutional operation at partisan and political unlimited cross purposes. 

It is clear that the Clinton matriarch should recuse herself if there is still time - her husband shouldn’t be mixing a selfish and personal dividing partisan politics while she of charges due a cabinet member with jurisdiction over his operations of CGI chartered with an understanding that it and they would not be to partisan or political domestic or foreign designs and reaching/operatings.

Three crosses?  REALLY???  And two maybe due for a seeming recent grand scheme to global criminality revealing itself for Clinton patriarch couldn’t help himself but to be this very public returning to an scene of crimes of an economy like a crime scene and his reaching for THE BRASS RING as so can only be interpreted to be to a playing of the Bush clan at least as fools and his reaching clearly to a ring of power grabbing that would be to near solely benefit just the Clintons.

We cannot walk back from this inappropriate RETURN by Clinton patriarch our term limited past President and how it crosses lines regarding checks and balances and limiting principle precedence.  We cannot walk back from this daring by former and term limited President for it puts us all to actually questioning and finally to looking at President Obama’s efforts from more perspectives than the one he offers - the one he has long offered as if it were a cover-up for the Clintons we were not supposed to see or discuss.  We cannot walk back from this inappropriate and dangerous new gaming by Clinton Patriarch born William Blythe the Third.  We cannot walk back from this supper without wondering if in another day these three “Pontius” all would deserve themselves to be crucified under Roman laws.

Let me be clear!  I do not know whom or what these three mysterious crosses are seemingly here present for or to suggest — Neat, I get to be a Pontius - cool!

The crowd stirs anew - do wonder - hearing whispers and cajoling - seems there are queries about asking if Justice Kagan like Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton are both now women best to recuse themselves “for life.”

There seems to be a consensus among the charged - among those present of the Fourth Estate as guardians of as much truth and rightness as we can arrest in our times.  There seems to be at least a growing consensus that at least one of two Clintons have now gone too far - are of yet another public Un-Constitutional “over-reaching” - are of yet another due call for Justice and Constitutional rendering.

A hush falls over the hall.

In chorus an air of puzzlement - an awakened spirit to look at more than the “angle” or “perspective” President Obama has suggested - an awakening to look again at due process and that President Clinton the most term limited of the Clinton clan for being now of high streaming with another baseless request to see the Bush clans treated with a bias to guilt and with no presumption of innocence. 

A hush falls heavy with its loud import - if patriarch Clinton this diabolical mustn’t he have been this devilish a very long time?

A discomfort is settling among the gathered - brows are furrowed and yet it seems of a furloughed ponderence - how did we so long let Clintons and Dems just ask us all to run with “please just blame the Republicans” as if a truth or established fact? 

What were we thinking - this is diabolical - could a cross be for me?

But really whom is worse - can one of three be more minor than the others?  Where has the due process gone - how have we let them all assert a guilt as a presumption instead of an innocence - why have they in concert been to asking us not to “relitigate” something that really has yet to be litigated?

Really!!!  Has anyone yet found the missing years 1993 - 2001?

Hmmm, what might they say belongs to Caesar, like?

Dear gathered I don’t know what to make of the three crosses present but still empty - have you heard anything?

I heard whispers that Vice President Joseph is safe from prosecution for as of a history like time already served - from beating himself up regularly - laugh!  –  Laugh!!  –  LAUGH!!!

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:29 am

Perhaps I should try to work on my humor.

I am fresh off catching my old Facebook friend Don Wildman’s CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD episode on Vlad the Impaler; - Don, if you see this please pass on greetings to your wife, - an even older friend. 

As the annual White House Correspondents Dinner approaches we are at a conundrum of collusion or coup.

It seems we have an open political season now authorized upon President Clinton by President Clinton.

Why should France no longer of President Mitterrand nor Chirac allow Americans to suppose they accept Bill Clinton as the undisputed President Of The World and so of France at least to the America now of the world as we know it now?  It seems it should be unnecessary and disloyal for France now to be having a provincial election with America so still led to believe that the world and Europe accepts that Bill Clinton is the undisputed leader of the world as Americans have been told to know it.

2012 is quite different from 2008 - the years 1993-2001 actually exist in 2012 campaign and political discussions.  And so with that said I am at a loss trying to remember whom it was as the chosen leader of France - whether Mitterrand or Chirac, or both - that was Saddam’s ticket to freedom from the United States and quite nearly due to inaction and avoidance by Clintons nearly to hooking him up as if a supplier anew for a nuclear race between Iran and Iraq.

We and Afghanistan are fortunate that the global and domestic threats known and unknown still of the over reaching by just the Clintons, yet more as well by President Obama by crediting standards, are of the necessary build up to Socialism that first when working from such a condition it is better to first tease peoples with supposed freedoms in a federalism and individuality before as well working them over to a governance by an elite few in a new global socialism.

We don’t seem to be out of time.

What was meant with the suggestions in “three legs” of “stool” as of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton a chosen and confirmed vessel to a furtherance of all legs of President Clinton’s global initiatives?  How was it that President Obama seemed to be to saying we all needed the “three legs” of President Clinton, and yet be to ignoring the years 1993-2001 as if they didn’t really exist?

We don’t seem to be out of time?

Are we all back to a due consideration of “THE CLINTONS” as political blood suckers and so that the very mention of more years for either does put in question a “sovereignty” even for French people no longer governed by one or another once more willing to seemingly give Saddam Hussein absolution and safe harbor and as if to a strategy to side line the USA whence it was new to being the world’s sole superpower and to an aim to work with Saddam Hussein to a hope and change to a new Euro-centric new world order?

Much of this seems to be of years President Obama has documented with early autobiography as those years he was a young idealist with his head stuck in the works of Marx.   I don’t know even how to jest this week with President Obama being a Harvard Law grad and yet so regularly to “generalizations” when I thought lawyers are taught early and often to not generalize - it must have all started after he graduated from Harvard Law and as if a regressing or devolving, right?

There are reasons we may not like or trust the French - but none it seems actually elected since of terms coincident with the missing chapters of 1993 - 2001 of the Clintons’ intimate and inciting global “two-fer” power sharing and collusion.

If  you are a foreigner have you actually yet measured quite how much the Clintons are being presented to Americans in the world as they are told to know it as if you are all fully in support of at least President Clinton as an undisputed and unelected President Of The World and over your sovereignty too?  And, to their establishments that they are the chosen who know better how to make decisions for you?  And, to their implications that we need them because you can’t do without them?

I know where are the racists - where are the feminists?  President Clinton has declared political open season on himself and so compromised the very chartered “goodness” of a fronted “non-partisan” and “non-political” for his political and global initiative to maintaining and increasing personal power.  President Clinton has opened season on himself politically speaking as a political public figure - where at least are the racist analysts or feminists as his efforts on their face suggest he sees himself near 2/5th more a person (man) than President Obama and Madam Secretary Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton?

Bill Clinton is in the room - is it a coup?  It is a conundrum that his feathers so fanned suggest that both President Obama and his wife needed him to step in and save them and as if they have proven themselves to be worth no more than as if they were each only 3/5th the person he is and was.

We have that President Obama did only maybe mention the years 1993 - 2001 critically when of accepting his Nobel Peace Prize and with his acceptance speech for “peace” — We have that at least in such speech he spoke of dangers of “inaction” and “avoidance” but not in the context of the Clintons’ 8 nor as of a pressing danger for Arizona re: immigration.  We have that at least in such speech he spoke of dangers of “inaction” and “avoidance” specifically as a warning or condemnation of the Clintons’ 8 and how their left “inheritance” to successor administration was fraught with sit reps of too few options left especially for Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

If the Clintons had been Vlad The Impaler and not just the political blood suckers they were/are it figures they at least would have left either President Gore or President Bush and variety of plans fully psyched through as of entrance and exit plans for dealing with Saddam Hussein so that at least future sanctions could be said or thought to actually have “BITE!”

Is it now just silly that Mrs. Clinton still waxes submissive and while fronting President Obama as needing the “three legs” of President Clinton and not just as the ottoman for her favorite Ottoman?

This is no time to relitigate the past - we can get to that later, first we must just try to remember it - we must try, try, try and try even if feet up and rings on.  This is a time to wonder as well about the Clintons and as of a conundrum as well of a complicity or naivete once of days of greater risks in French peoples choices of French leaders.  We still have that our 9/11 Commission erred simply from an avoidance to an inaction dangerous for having worked a judging of complicated histories and geo-politics for a region that plans by decades as if a selective amnesia worked (accidentally) so with a committee think to “fullness” as possible with them to metrics and data reduced to small window of “just ten years” like.

Mr. President, I may have to work on my humor — however, do you happen to have an explanation for our 9/11 Commission as of a Muslim past for it thinking that it was at all proper or wise to have just looked back ten years?

I know, it retrospect it doesn’t seem funny.

Mr. President, it does seem you, not Governor Cuomo, is the one actually in a political and partisan contest with the Clintons and as if just against Hillary Clinton aka Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton.  It does seem that while it seems a boon that President Clinton has set himself up as a “public figure” anew for 2012 and so to a new political “open season” upon himself it is almost sad. 

Mr. President by appearing with President Clinton so that he could look like a caped crusader (superhero) you have let it look like you and your Secretary of State are feet up and rings on to President Clinton as if 2/5th more a person and still of the “three legs” of your vessel(s) of State.  Was it a coup or did you freely and fully admit and accept you needed President Clinton to fill in for your inadequacy as if you were and are only 3/5th of what is needed?

Mr. President now that 2012 is set to be unlike 2008 as for it seems impossible that the years 1993 - 2001 can just disappear from our consideration again — Do you yet realize or have you yet remembered that First Lady Hillary Clinton did travel the turfs of Islamic radical and crusade with inciting rhetoric and imperialistic directives, and, did then return home and collude with her husband to the most irresponsible and illogical governance of undercutting and unfunding our intelligence and defense budgets and with most political and dangerous new walls of separation between enforcement and intelligence efforts at least as per our Federal Bureau of Investigations?

Mr. President can you make a joke of the Clintons’ 8 of the years from 1993 - 2001?   I can not.  Can you responsibly put your feet up on Hillary’s “stool” any longer with any confidence or sense of sovereignty?  Can you even joke how a leader could go around the world inciting radicalism against America and then be simply to returning home to lobbying intimately for a reduction in our preparedness, safety, and securedness?

When I hear of Dracula these days I do still think of both the Clintons.  That is an old story shared first of a realization that both Clintons were when contesting your un-inevitableness, mine, from when I still a resident of our District of Columbia, and to an opened minded reading of tales of Transylvania by Bram Stoker.  It was then I read such of DRACULA and from an open minded consideration to a realization of a parallel to “Vlad” (?) as the Clintons were presenting as political blood (money) suckers - Vampires upon our naive body politic - upon our dumbed down nation of People not meant to be just “subjects.”

Yes I went to an inner city public school system kindergarten through twelfth grade - Yes, my American story is at times of an education as a white man near a minority among his classmates.  Go Governors!  Wilbur Cross Governors ROCK still.

Mr. President, yeh, what about our Governors - seems you are running against them defending their peoples powers and rights from their Creator more than you are running against a “lesser evil” megolomaniac Republican singularity.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:41 am

We are letting the Clintons spoil much of our fun - even our anticipation of summer fun for us, aren’t we?

We have the Clintons two faux - we have that if their brown nosing - put in your time -get your time - dulness was the secret of their unexpected and hard to explain success in early 90s they would have been able to defeat near unknown most junior peer of Senator Clinton Senator Obama or at least have been able to help President Obama manage a fix of global economy.

We have that this has not happened.  We have that President Obama did embrace the Clintons and near exactly the same team for economics and economy they were likely to.  We have that for some reason or another the Clintons two so faux now may be the secret to French defeatism.

The Clintons may have met with Bill throwing pick up stories of Arkansas sweet times with greased watermelons, so it has been told as so.

But how do we help the French understand how faux and dangerous the Clintons two is?

Are the French now suffering for their fauxness - are we all of days sold as of Clinton success and character, but NOT?

We have that the Clintons and Obama celebrate only the “Lawyers” story - that is not the story and rhythm of our 90s.

It may very well be the “socialist” attitude of a misappropriation of others endeavors more French as if theirs that is the wrench in the works of our global and domestic economics.

It may not be at all Bill Clinton wanting to be at all French - it may be a dangerous false sense of self importance and rights.

Our global 1990s were of a France and general internationalism going the wrong way with Clintons before the Clintons changed directions and our 90s got going and kept going until Clinton himself starting thinking it too much all about him, and then…!

We are in an economic mess that is best focused to facts and actual personality and personal characters of the Clintons - and so to a way to present our current problema in its simplest available analysis and street explanation.

What the Clintons did do as per the economy of their own ambition and initiative is actually that/those parts of our 90s which has been dragging down so much globally since.  There was a lot of good that happened in the 90s but when you look at the Clintons’ personality profiles possibilities there is little that should be there that can be there to explain such as due crediting for them without oddly being contrary to their true selves. 

We have that the Clintons may have benefited with a non-socialist attempt to better engage the French in competition and capitalism that now can likely only be even romantically matched with a new French capitalism.

Is it only a bad romance with our Clintons that is now the French peoples biggest economic and social problem globally and domestically however cycled?

The Obama RACE TO THE TOP is in a singularity about the worst economic colloquy to coexist with an attempt to recover a boom capitalist free market benevolent globally conscious growth economy. 

We have that the Obama “race to the top” sells the Lawyer story of brown nosing put in your time and get yours but with his unusual and near ridiculous exceptions for a time for American deciding when it looked like we needed to elect someone who would know how to handle the down and dropping economic he was racing to be top dog for.

Bill Clinton, law student, may have caught Hillary Rodham, law student - upper class girl, with his waxing about poolish fun with co-eds and greased melons - greased watermelons — but was that the only story of theirs that was of their character and naturally helpful to our economy and free markets?

Besides that the Clintons lingering around as if a wanted and relevant third wheel with such really a fauxness and lying about our 90s we do have that now we are supposed to be discussing Romney ancestral polygamy but not Obama’s father’s Muslim rights to multiple wifes where so a standard - allowed ritual/right, and nor that of Clinton’s wants to polygamy that stopped at adultery - habitual adultery, so it seems to have been recorded. 

How are we know for “greased watermelons” Bill Clinton with his new meddling both suggestive of Hillary and Barack as inferior pols needing him and as if maybe 3/5ths the person he himself is still to process this in time and so to be actual friend to the French?

Was President Clinton an habitual adulterer - so best said?  Or, is it better to say he was an adulterer because he wasn’t allowed to be the polygamist he so wanted to be?

Are we best now to be looking at an American story of the Clintons and liberal lawyers thinking they were smart enough to steal from a French American that presented more as if only an Irish American? 

I know it wasn’t their story that brought the economic success and esprit d corp for a good global economic - I get that their socialist tendencies to be to allowing them to grab and keep power as of an elite few may be.

I get that a new socialism for Obama or either of Clintons’ “two-fer” still an inappropriate socialism it seems for the French.

The beat that is missing from our global economic party recommencing seems to be that of a rebel - even a French rebelliousness - I don’t think it can be found under any search criteria for “socialism”!

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:44 am

What may not be kosher, orthodox or ordinary to some may be yet another white meat for others.

By now you have likely heard of Representative Allen West and his due recent alarmism less alarmism than historical retrospective explanatory of variations and differences still now dividing more than uniting more than just Americans and as per “pack animalisms”.

Who are George Clooney Democrats?  How is “President Obama didn’t create the economic mess” - wrong in “pack” speak?

To be - to be served up now as a variety of “socialist” or “communist” or Dem Ba’athist sympathizer isn’t to be labeled a real threat to our nation nor specifically a disloyal traitor.  What seems to be about our buffets of “pack” service is a historical perspective that explains how Dems are dividing more than uniting.

Economically speaking - yes this gets confusing!  Yes a “socialist” or “communist” can be a divider more than a uniter.

We have as an present example of such a conundrum that ABC’s Good Morning America seems to be growing in its ratings and yet clearly it seems as of a direct correlation to an economy that is growing the other way.  We have that as it seems GMA is succeeding by telling people what they want to hear they are hindering the better economic possibilities by presenting what people want.

You don’t have to look far to see “communism” as a failed socio-philosophic or to look farther that Afghanistan as a Gettysburg of the Cold War “turning point”.

It may be the “Kool Aid” - it may be George Clooney pimping or preening - it may be what the President has eaten.

Are they what they eat?  Have they eaten too many of a “pack animal”?

What is “local” anymore after all the success of the Bush Freedom Agenda?

Some here already have been briefed on history of George Clooney and NBC ER as having been cast into a new show that came from NBC and likes of Jamie Tarses in my head whence asking if I might have one more show idea and for Thursday night at 10 pm slot, and, so to being cast to play (not in a NY hospital ER) the character most based on being an alternate me.  We have as well that from same era of NBC line-ups the other George of Seinfeld as per the Yankees has sport legs as well related to the “other” in NBC query to if I might have “another” show idea.  Yes, this fits with the Republican story of the Democrats having been on the wrong side of Watergate and “Deep Throat” - and yes this rates as “confusing” as Dems as “communists” as “dividers”.

Can the Republicans be artful? 

Are the Republicans due a Republican WOODSTOCK?

Are we now past the old ideological breakdowns that kept us divided and threaten about “communism” and “communists” but for now a due attempt to get our own history right, and thoroughly?

Why did a young President Obama not say free “Nemo” and instead consummated a consumption of “pack animal” meat (and organs however?)?

To have a gaggle otherwise of a pack in Congress now taggable as “Communists” or related otherwise of an ideological to an elitist “socialism” or “Ba’athist” sympathizing of a govenance by a few over a united or divided many is more a threat to our intelligence and economy than it is now to the Bush Freedom Agenda or our national security, right?

It is interesting being me.  I can remember a day in my youth when realizing about summer baseball and Little League while betwixed or between a player ID as of my first name like may father and grandfather or my middle name Peter given by my parents to be different from my father and my grandfather.  I can remember a day in my youth when of echoes of earlier moments with ID blurts to answer “what is your name” to spews of “J…eter” on Blake Field.  I can remember breaking from the “John” and going with the “Peter” and even a day weeks later when I was to thinking maybe I shouldn’t have decided to offer up my father to son baseball enthusiam from a father who in college had played for Babe Ruth’s former coach.  I can remember the day back whence that a father of a actual “Jeter” was near distant tears as I considered that maybe I shouldn’t leave open a passing on of such good willed but excessive for my “Peter” American baseball summer enthusiasm. 

How about them Yankees? 

I think we can be assured and safe in a belief that President Obama won’t be letting dog meat or organs into our all American hot dogs.

How about them Yankees?  

Way to go #14 Yankee center fielder Granderson?

Yes, back whence from playful summers of ponderances of and to baseball from my Blake Field home turf for Little League I had come to call myself accidentally “Jeter” and then to wondering with at least one other if that was actually a real name for anyone, and, though, more recently to moving past an awareness of another and a father near tears one day when such real “Jeter” maybe near three or two more to what my future would be an more a “Peter” and one less of baseball.

We have that President Obama is necessarily running as a “divider” more than a “uniter” and that such can be consistent with a “socialist” ideological to a governing elite by a few over a many.  We have that he has admitted to eating what seems to have been the meat of a “pack animal” and not a domestic “BO” - however sheepishness.

We have that GMA with George Stephanopoulus may be climbing in the ratings and by telling people what they want to hear.

We have that by telling so many what they want to hear we are not having enough hear what is needed to get the economy working for more to many again.

We have Mitt Romney of mitten state catchiness now now of soft ball pitchiness with “Obama didn’t cause the economic mess” - nearly.  We have that President Obama is running as a “pack animal” as the leader of a Dem pack as a divider more than a uniter and that such while dividing “global citizens” domestic or foreign is to uniting himself to a causal of such for such was mostly caused actually by Democrats and earlier “pack” governance methodologies and practices.

We have now that it may be more honest and even intellectually honest to say that his did more than his didn’t.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:14 am

Bad news sells - right?

A new dark ages is upon us - no Paul Revere with a quaint and sporting alerting ride today can timely forewarn.

We have the Democrats war of choice on and in Afghanistan now breaking most of our past war records to enduring “war” run by politics and politicians.  We have that like President’s degradation of our jurisprudence we have as well that Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is also an unelected official.

It is hard to say that Secretary Mrs. Clinton is guiding in an “intellectual” or with “honesty.”  It is easy to say that both Clintons have quite a “rap sheet” of public transpondences as “liars” and “BIG LIARS” and cheapening lying a daily way.

How is a pundit today to stay true to his/her art? 

We have the Democrats were nearly of a much earlier war of choice on Afghanistan with a former Vietnam era war photo journalist as President offering a daily dishing of the photographs and the wars.

You remember Al Gore - right?

But what about President Obama and his unelected “top diplomat” so beastly it seems better she be heralded as a Secretary of War?

Bad news sells - right?

You remember Al Gore - right?

So how was the invitations to Senator Patrick Moynihan by President Clinton to the Clintons’ White House to discuss how his seat could be arranged for Mrs. Clinton not still served daily as a corrupt and dangerous political nepotism of the worst order?

I mean that is how it all seems to have gone down quietly on a Presidential down low coyness - isn’t it? 

Bad news sells - right?

We have that it is hard to speak of “intellectual honesty” and “Hillary” in the same due consideration.  Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton seems “old school” Tweadie or “Chicago” as if “brown bag” politiking globally was “diplomacy” - it seems Republicans have evolved more.

Bad news sells - right?

A new dark ages does seem already upon us.  Our Clintons are now what they are made to appear as - neither now with such vast powers is actually an “elected official.”  President Obama?  Mr. President Obama?  Are they more dangerous than our “unelected” members of our highest court?

You do remember Al Gore - don’t you?  You do remember he was a Vietnam era war photo journalist that then years later look to the world by mid 2000 to be most certainly America’s next President say on September 11, 2001? 

Bad news sells - right?

A new dark ages does seem already upon us.  Oh me oh my - how was President Al Gore not necessarily to such just as unjust war of choice on and in Afghanistan as but for our honorable un-elected highest of judges?

How is an artist supposed to stay true to his/her art?

Bad news sells - right?

It is racist and even sexist that President Obama’s unelected Secretary Clinton fronts herself now as if responsible for the successes of Secretary Powell and Secretary Rice and yet not her own failures that they and we greatly “inherited”.  She was a crusading First Lady meddling in foreign and domestic official threads and realms - she has kept her fiefdom much - but maybe only for the arranged political nepotism of past President Clinton with “politiking” on New Yorkers for his wife - and well the inappropriate existence of the Clintons’ Global Initiative. 

We have that if you look hard enough and long enough and further back than the ridiculous “back just ten years” of the 9/11 Commission at the Clintons you should be able to see the wanna bee “power couple” on a path to manipulate others and their times towards ditching Constitutionals with a shared intimate personal ambition to an over-reaching to a global AUTOCRACY OF THE CLINTONS.

Bad news sells - right?

We may be in this mess so near a new dark ages just because the Clintons have been exercising near “executive” power still while not elected officials.

Bad news sells - right?

And yes it did look like Al Gore as thought inevitable next President was to “inheriting” the 9/11 mess that President Bush and his team of duly Constitutional Constitutionally appointed associations did otherwise get seemingly surprised by.

And yes it does still seem wrong that “Senator” Clinton did seem pre-arranged of an untowards political nepotism obvious in its carpetbagging with BONUS ‘baggage’ of getting “Bill” (Bill in NYC) as a BOGO.

And yes it does still seem wrong that “Senator” Clinton just had to be paraded around the state of New York a few times by Clinton Secret Service with maxed pomp and circumstance to seal the nepotismic malfeasance, theirs.

It is hard not to see the Clintons now of a responsibility for us near upon a new dark ages as it seems it their intimate and selfish political ambitions to over-reach and max a disregard for our Constitution to them as near a Global Initiative to Autocracy of Clintons but for how President Obama has acquiesced his “un-elected” compatriots (colluders major?) (accomplices major?).

Bad news sells - right?

You do remember Al Gore?  You have considered he would have jumped the guns all over Afghanistan and been in a wider war of choice their providing the pictures and the wars - haven’t you - haven’t you already?

Is there anything “Hillary” shouldn’t be able to get away with?

How bad is it that she is taking credit for the successes of Secretary Powell and Secretary Rice and regularly tagging them with blame and fault for her own failures and as well all the failures of her shared White House but for those parts of such too “intimate” to be projected or transferred upon Republicans?

Bad news sells - right?

How is an artist supposed to stay true to his/her art now?

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:19 am

*So how can we discuss “bite” in sanctions on Iran if we aren’t discussing and emphasizing that United Nations sanctions on Saddam’s Iraq should have only have been given 3-4 years for full compliance?  How can we now so but without very publicly discussing how we should now to at least be claiming we should have been to so prosecuting Saddam Hussein within the Clintons’ first term?

*Well as per Trayvon comments by Pres O about “if I had a son he would look like him” it seems that he spoke inaccurately — I do believe he might have had a son or daughter that would maybe have looked white or at least Hispanic.  I am commenting here on this in part because Bill Clinton hasn’t seemed to want to shake or give up the mantle of “First Black President” even for President Obama.

*To cover 2012 Romney vs. Obama race as if against Obama but Clintons would have been better is to play to racism and sexism - There seems no basis or rationale to suggest that Hillary though white and a woman would have been any better than first black President Obama.  We have that most of what we find disagreeable about our first black President isn’t his high popularity for good personality but everything else more accurately about Washington Democrats and first white woman Speaker Pelosi governance and spinning.

*We have learned since Odyssey Dawn that Dems are now supportive of such idea that help from American and coalition countries can be with a compensation from people being “liberated” not “occupied” - right?

*It may have been better to be foggy on WMD with Saddam Hussein per cause and selling of war just for it helped assure that our efforts couldn’t be and wouldn’t be seen otherwise as if of “Holy War” bias following on Clintons’ years of becoming of un-American establishment of religion foreign politics and policies with religion and sect based bias new where old Cold War geo-politics had been otherwise long economic or Cold War-ish.  The Clintons’ were wrong to be biased and bigoted much of their 8 years with pro-Sunni anti Shia “official” speak and policies.  It was the Clintons who governed with this an American establishment to their avoidance and inaction: Iraqi Shia are incapable of governing themselves.

*If Madam Sec of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton shows strategizing to being next Dem Pres we are likely to have 2012 of the year we discuss how bad the Clintons actually were and how it is surprising they are both not guests of Gitmo already? We cannot see race against Obama with it also about Clintons even if only of the Clintons having been “A Couple of No - actually” and saboteurs of Obama admin since they most have been withholding advice and efforts to be separable and different from our first black President?

*You do get that if Saddam Hussein hadn’t gone into Kuwait they may never have been an Al Qaeda so organized to be reactive to Saddam Hussein and then America?

*I do believe WMD prefacing was important to giving Saddam Hussein a way out and to prepare America and Coalition states and their forces for what could be a soon upon us worse case scenario if Saddam Hussein failed to fully comply cooperatively.  I do acknowledge we shouldn’t have given Saddam Hussein more than 3-4 years to comply and so that we should have had this discussion within the first term of the Clintons’ admin.

*Remember it was the spending side of Clintons’ Surplus that got us into much of this mess - and how Speaker Pelosi held such inviolate when President Bush was looking for ways to fix growing mess in time.  There is little or nothing moral in the Clintons’ Surplus that took their cutting to near two trillion and at a time two trillion was available and otherwise budgeted.  If you see a run down school or old school books - thank the Clintons - If you see a bad road or bridge - thank the Clintons.

*Because of the CLINTONS’ TRILLION cutting of two trillion - the BUSH TAX CUTS would have been just fine if 9/11 hadn’t been an actual inheritance left the President after the Clintons “two-fer” foreign and domestic administered meddling - well except how that it likely could have been the Al Gore Tax Cuts - since Clintons’ Surplus did justify them.

*The biggest problem with THE BUSH TAX CUTS is that they were justified by the Clintons’ SURPLUS - the moral was put into them by the two trillion the Clintons cut out of government spending all the while schools went needing and even bridges on or near condemned list were left otherwise unfunded “morally” and to attempts to “repair” too late what needed to be replaced.

*I know Pres Clinton set this mess up - do you?  I know political trillion surplus unnecessary and shouldn’t have coexisted with his desire to have a housing boom economy with hyper consumerism.  I know he willfully burned the economic candle from both ends at once to chase rare political popularity.  I also get that without AL GORE GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM the spike in gas prices might not have been as bad and sudden and so this mess that Pres Clinton set up might have been more manageable while about an attempt to fix it.  I did advise Pres Bush not to try to fix it and to just work to postpone what seemed a coming crash, and as long as he could so as not to also lose Iraq and other critical battles by trying to fix an impossible economic set-up.  Bush never would have been allowed to fix it anyway since to fix it he would have had to demonstrate just how wrong and bad Clintonomics had been and by finding a way to counter Speaker Pelosi pride in Clintons’ surpluses and all its spending cuts - its spending side.

*We can say that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “DIPLOMACY” has been so questionable that she could be called a Secretary of War - we can say that and now worry about her attempts to global over-reaching with something cleverly called “JOBS DIPLOMACY”.


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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:42 am

For starters all this fresh talk by women about women as per 2012 golf and “politics” has me a decade near of affirmative action workings, mine, and now with a non-bitter consideration that so many didn’t deserve so much whence.

As for a feminist modeling from Hillary Clinton it can be said not to actually exist.

As for a feminist modeling from Hillary Clinton it may be a trap and not at all what it is said to be.

On her face we have a blank slate sold daily as more than it really is.

On her face we have a blank slate worked anew each morn as a lawyer reinventing her history each day.

We have now a first for IBM behemoth as it now can be said more to be a data service and/or near secretarial blueness.

We have now a first for IBM behemoth as it now may be more appropriate for it not to be biggest sponsor of Augusta.

Women are not finishing the initial post-affirmative action cat walks of feminism.

For starters we have that …

For starters we have that…

For starters we have that…

I am against the calls for Augusta to admit feminine members.

I can look back on at least a decade of efforts mine empowering and leading to affirming feminism.

I do look back and philosophize without bitterness that I did help many more than they have proven to have deserved.

Women have been avoiding finishing their own feminism efforts.

Women have if like Hillary Clinton have been faux feminists - & empowers of Bill Clinton’s chauvinism.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have been long riding Hillary’s faux feminism shroud over her enabling submissiveness.

On her face we fail to see the missing actual feminism or just it applying to him.

On her face we fail to see her modeling is not an actual fully thought through marketable feminism.

If organized for a book - so much of this would be of my “THE EARLY YEARS” and not now a primary consideration.

If organized for a book - so much left unsaid while apart to so much made cherrier and peachier could be worked plainly.

Moving on with the present years and current conditions my “THE EARLY YEARS” are not now possible.

As for a feminist modeling from Hillary Clinton it can be said not to actually exist.

As for a feminist modeling from Hillary Clinton it may be a trap and not at all what it is said to be.

On her face we have a blank slate sold daily as more than it really is.

On her face we have a blank slate worked anew each morn as a lawyer reinventing her history each day.

Women are not finishing the initial post-affirmative action cat walks of feminism.

For starters we have that …

For starters we have that…

For starters we have that…

I am against the calls for Augusta to admit feminine members.

I could become bitter from discovering that so much past volunteered very well worked affirming “wasn’t worth it”.

I could become bitter from discovering that so much wasn’t worth it - but I volunteered it and hit it - no point in such now.

If organized for a book - so much of this would be of my “THE EARLY YEARS” and not now a primary consideration.

If organized for a book - so much left unsaid while apart to so much made cherrier and peachier could be worked plainly.

As per IBM and women - that is a can of worms - IBM and women was part of my efforts not meant to be volunteered.

When are we best now while women avoiding finishing their feminism to avoid using female or women or woman?

There used to be a social norm about being to a social contract as per men and women.

Women are avoiding fairly finishing their revolutionary and assisted feminism.

There used to be a social norm about being to a social contract as per man and woman.

Women are avoiding the selling of themselves now as offering men maybe half as much but at the same cost.

For starters we have that …

For starters we have that…

For starters we have that…

I am against the calls for Augusta to admit feminine members.

On her face we have that Hillary Clinton was a catch as a feminist for Bill so that he could stay a chauvinist much.

On her face we have that Hillary Clinton was a dedicated house wife, submissive, yet otherwise also employed.

On her face we have that Hillary Clinton always let her husband go first and much walk over her REAL feminism.

On her face we have a blank slate sold daily as more than it really is.

On her face we have a blank slate worked anew each morn as a lawyer reinventing her history each day.

I am not sure any really want to know how much of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM was feminism.

I am not sure any really want to know how much past affirmative action was fronted cleverly by me.

I am not sure any really want to know how much so much as well was as per feminism mine to a new understanding of PTSD.

I am not sure I want to remember how much was me helping many stand up to the Church yet not against the Church.

Gone are the days I had time to consider what otherwise done today could make me bitter.

Gone are the days for so many women stealthily helped to “return the effort - return the favor” — I am knowing - not bitter.

Still unfinished is the change of old social contract where fairy tales lived for boys and men were to get twice as much.

Still unfinished for our American political and business change is that women still want it all while offering a promise of much less.

As for a feminist modeling from Hillary Clinton it can be said not to actually exist.

As for a feminist modeling from Hillary Clinton it may be a trap and not at all what it is said to be.

On her face we have a blank slate sold daily as more than it really is.

On her face we have a blank slate worked anew each morn as a lawyer reinventing her history each day.

Where the feminists have gone with their cat walks fairy tale courting has been a changin’.

Where the feminists have gone with their cat walks for business equality a social reset to social equality wants.

And, you may not want to under-consider or under-estimate how much of my efforts of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM was actually leading and ground breaking and quite affirming as a well worked new feminism.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 1:36 pm

Despite whether you’ve got game - a season upon a season now planted.

As Newsweek turns an “Amen Corner” itself golfers, professional, amidst glories past and present, are soon to commence a struggle to break grounds past snippets of “didn’t make the cut”.  Whom are you to call your Yankees or your 2012 TEAM?

We have that we are all somehow now forthwith to American pastimes for a new year of boys of spring to boys of summer.

Where are all the women going in 2012?

President Obama’s “game” has gotten gamey - his “CONSTITUTIONALS” near “Un-Constitutional”.  We have now our 2012 much about mornings after - and while we have yet to try a “think locally, act locally” for healthcare reform.

Where are all the women going in 2012 - are they sporting new game and “in training” more or less?

Are we now more than ever to a summer of soccer moms more than ever as “cougar” moms once soccer players?

Where are some of the women going primarily - where are others going contrarily?

Despite whether you’ve got game - as season upon a season now planted.

Who will have true grit this year - how many of our boys of spring will be missed after missing the cut?

Will the swingers of our Masters be to moderated “birdie fest”?

Will adult tricycles make a come back?  At what price for a gallon of gas but for?

We have that we are all somehow now forthwith to American pastimes for a new year of boys of spring to boys of summer.

Up and down through eighteen - get me to the nineteenth?

Where are all the women going in 2012?

How are we now all not better to a more conservative “THINK LOCALLY - ACT LOCALLY” if you can?

Can we have a new county based sportsman like challenge to a county not country based Healthcare Reforms?

Can we have a new county based sportsman like localism RESET of a “THINK LOCALLY - ACT LOCALLY”?

Soon a new set of rosters will be set - soon a spring to summer fandom to commence - however & locally.

Where are some of the women to be in 2012 primarily - and where contrarily - and with true grit anew?

Up and down through eighteen - get me to the nineteenth?

If a sailor than maybe “rail meat”.  If a soccer mom now likely maybe more once a soccer player.  If a cyclist in tandem then sharing the load and maybe as preparatory to a tour even the Tour D’ France. 

Yet what of those professionally, now this week, that are to have made the cuts?

“Bottoms Up!” for Mitt Romney?

Cut and Run!  Cut and Run as if ACA aka Obamacare shut down over turning “recoverable”?

“No fate but what you make!” Practice! Practice! Practice!  However - for which ever?

I mean can Jesus have been a “Hipster”?  And like:  How many Jets now to Hail Marys? - and all their fandom?

Would vindicated Secretary of State Colin Powell make a better VP than Governor Chris Christie?

Are Bench is warming up! - Our benches are warming up!

Who was Dudley Do Right - who has our Constitution right? 

How will true grit be to an is true grit this year?  How will true grits be to a team - a local team - of true grits this year?

If “ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL” how did we get to ACA aka “Obamacare”?

We have that we are all somehow now forthwith to American pastimes for a new year of boys of spring to boys of summer.

Where are all the women going in 2012?

President Obama’s “game” has gotten gamey - his “CONSTITUTIONALS” near
“Un-Constitutional”.  We have now our 2012 much about mornings after -
and while we have yet to try a “think locally, act locally” for
healthcare reform.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:29 am

As we wait with baited breaths for the decision of the century screen doors may already be slamming open and shut - almost shut.

Can it all turn us back to a reasoned Constitutionalism just for some one being too “leftie”?

The Clintons make simple piece work for trial lawyers - pity the fools?

How are we all now here?

We are of a complicated time of contrariness and not even much whispered rebelliousness.

President Obama once was a Constitutional Law professor.

President Obama studied law and our Constitution at Harvard Law School.

Both of the Clinton “two-fer” studied at Yale Law School.

Both the Clintons and Barack Obama have been rebelling from our Constitutional.

How are we all here now?

Can our “main stream media” learn to cover a new federalism?

Can our MSM learn to treat our Governors and state legs with equal rights - their full rights?

Can the Clintons and Barack Obama manage if MSM now work to cover states’ greater rights?

So gauche were and are Bill Clinton and Barack Obama - yet so too George H. W. Bush, it seems.

I don’t know the critical handing of Hillary Clinton - I do know she may have guilt.

On the one hand we have “Bill” & “Hillary” of fame for not spending.

On the other hand we have “Bill” & “Hillary” & “Barack” of excessive spending.

It does seem gauche that Clintons can be popular for crash and unnecessary cutting of near a trillion.

It does seem gauche that Clintons now can be offensive with spend, spend, spend & not defensive.

Our Supreme Court Justices are at risk of a “Political” ruling if to an upholding vote for ACA.

ACA use of “affordable” near as bad yet maybe worse than “Hillary’s” use of “universal”.

President Barack Hussein Obama is still wrong about spending for Iraq.  And so too the Clintons.

The Clintons as per Iraq had been their 8 to official biased and bigoted religion based foreign policy.

The Clintons have guilt - they as well shouldn’t be of offensive spending without also being defensive.

We didn’t need the Clintons’ SUPRLUS of trillion of rash defunding - how can they say spend now?

Because we haven’t heard the Clintons did it - they may be the only ones left not yet found innocent.

Before the Presidency of the Clintons Iraq and Iran had been of a Cold War geopolitics.

During the Presidency of the Clintons our foreign policy as per Iraq and Iran became “religious” and bigoted.

We have that President Barack Hussein Obama has been a shill for the Clintons - to quite a cover-up defense.

We have that President Barack Hussein Obama has been a shill for Clintons more than they shills for him.

After the Persian Gulf War Clintons should have avoided foreign policy bias bigoted against Shia.

The Clintons’ Presidency wasn’t well reasoned or Constitutionally balanced. 

The Obama Presidency isn’t defensive enough for its offensive spending and offensive defense of Clintons.

Where is Senator John Kerry when a real anti-war movement seems now deserved and calling?

It is offensive that the Clintons can be innocent with spend, spend, spend now while of rash defunding to Trillion surplus!

If we have “Bill” shill for “Hill” and “Hill” shill for PBO & PBO shill for “Bill” and “Hill” while “Hill” a shill for “Bill” - OH MY!

How are we all here now?

How are we to an entire party to such now a case of Un-Constitutional governance?

If President Barack Hussein Obama just to sworn “best of my ability…” is it Harvard’s Law School at fault?

As per the Clintons I have known “Bill” as a liar since he was a Yale Law student - Not sure Yale at fault.

As per Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton I remember she is whom’s face “Bill” lie to.

I am not sure Yale Law School can be blamed for the greasy watermelons that are these Clintons.

How are we all here now?

I know law student “Bill” lied to “Hillary” while walking & talking & polling law students - they polled me.

I know for he lied to her about what my honest answer so requested was amended to when they added without consideration to their polled question the complication that they were then of asking if they could both become president someday actually otherwise than first asked as if of two equal Yale Law Students with independent futures.  I know for when they changed the question of their polling about whether they could both become president some day my answer did change to amend answer to their conclusion as per their poll response as if it had been to a different question — I know for when they changed nature of question with “Hillary” then of response to my first answer with “then I will marry you” my answer changed for they hadn’t asked me if they could both become President if they married each other and became a united “one”.  I know this and know specifically that Yale Law School not as responsible for “Bill” as a liar and of that day for moving to lie to “Hillary” with his first words after her “then I will marry you” to a lying about my amended answer she hadn’t heard and then had been to asking him “what did he say” to such from “Bill” a lie about what I said.  If you think it odd I took to an appreciation of our 22nd Amendment you should realize most of this happened because of the Clintons then polling me as like a “charming boy at play in the school yard” and then years remembering me as like a talisman to their over-reaching plotting and ambitions - still as like “that charming young boy” once playing after hours alone in the school yard in a neighborhood known to be a New Haven professionals neighborhood much populated by lawyers and law professors and many professors from other departments at Yale.

How did we get here now?

And really it ridiculous that the Clintons of their trillion in defunding can present as right with spend, spend, spend now!

Nine?  Can we get ruling of nine justices against ACA - for otherwise justices are as political activism shilling for Dems?

Are we all at least agreed that they took an oath of office to treat the Constitution as our rules of their gaminess?

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