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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:33 am

How is it with an America with so many women in power we did get so near a new GREAT DEPRESSION?

Leader Nancy Pelosi?  Have you come up with an explanation for so much that roots in your time as Speaker?  Can this be mostly that of the global influence of a stale Clinton - at least one Clinton too long in power?  Mustn’t it be more all just your fault?

What have the women of President Obama left him with his re-election?  Seems it is a best case scenario for Republicans all across our lands - quite so, if you can figure it.

We have that the Dem con is up!!!  We have the Black FDR exposed!!!  We have us now just a time coincidentally in need of a new NEW DEAL AUSTERITY as any new FDR of any color would have hoped for!!!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi it part of a triumverate of circa 2007 effectors whom can be considered a dark “charmed” troika to an economic slide for all.  For Leader Pelosi her necessary role was to keep President George W. Bush from being able to do the spending he would need to if to being able to fix the economy in time.

Two others, at least, had to play equally diabolical roles yet more to subjectifying our economics and at least the price of vehicle fuels.  We can get to them later - they can run, but can they hide now?

We are here now with a threat for a new recession or depression quite possible.  I don’t know if technically such would be now a quadruple dip if since the day of Senator Clinton and her announcement of HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT - or just a triple or double dipping.

2012 was a big WIN for Republicans - it isn’t hard to figure it so, already.  President Barack Hussein Obama may not yet provide us copies of his ideological college or law papers but to go forward PC he should avoid being PG (Politically gouche) and work us all away from insensitive discussions of a “POVERTY LEVEL” as he creeps forward with his dream NEW DEAL AUSTERITY and to a new patriotic Obama “GREEN MINIMALISM”!

Yes, while Speaker, Nancy Pelosi did carry on as a devotee to the Clintons and a dark celebrant of the Clintons’ SURPLUSES and to such an extent that she governed to keep President George W. Bush from being able to reverse enough of the spending cuts of two trillion in eight years in time to fix our economy in time.  Yes, Speaker Pelosi was part of a triumverate as a purposeful dark “charmed” troika of sorts hell bent to keep a down economy so that Dems could win again on:  IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPIDS!!!.

This is like a period made more for a political enlightenment than expected new renaissance.  Republican have at least their 41 votes in the Senate to hold back any new reconciliation moves however already impossible with their holding of our House so this 2012.  Democrats now to move forward must establish a base line more PC than “POVERTY LEVEL” as their mandate seems to be of from a youth movement willing to have less if it will save our planet.  Democrats now to move forward must first be from the desk of newly elected President Obama be to establishing a baseline for their GREEN MINIMALISM PC.

Let me be clear:  There is no way this black FDR wanna be didn’t want an excuse to bring in anew the white FDR’s social programs and socialistic powers.  He even is obvious for the name of the Chicago area he chose to live in.

The con is up!!!  Let me be clear:  President Obama is now re-elected with a mandate to save the planet with any or all austerity he thinks needed.  He now logically needs his first step to be to a most public dictate as to a minimalism for all, a GREEN MINIMALISM at least for those that stood up for such to be his mandate.

And who was it that quipped: “LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!”?

The attempt at a RUSSIAN “RESET” may have been doomed from the start for there were already three as a dark “charmed” troika in America.  Clinton and Powers may have had no real chance to bring Russia in as a forth.

How is it with an America with so many women in power we did get so near a new GREAT DEPRESSION?

For the Honorable President George W. Bush to have fixed the economy while President he would have had to have very publicly reversed much or most of the unnecessary extra trillion in spending cuts by the Clintons for their SURPLUSES.

We are now of a day(s) with President Obama with an election mandate near solely for a new GREEN MINIMALISM as if a black FDR to a NEW DEAL AUSTERITY.  We have that the like “GREEN REVOLUTION” he just rode to re-election is of a mandate loudly that his people are ready to have less if it will save the planet.

We are now, so it should be, of just a brief waiting upon newly elected President Obama for his dictates on minimalism levels so spoken and voted in as a mandate.

And who was it that quipped: “LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!”?

The planet must still be in serious, even most serious, peril since the Obama campaign didn’t back down or away from any earlier claims of dangers of an “end of the world…” coming.  It now must not be PC to speak of “POVERTY LEVEL” as a NEW DEAL shared sacrifice era has been run on and voted in enough so for us now to learn to become of a new speak of GREEN MINIMALISM PATRIOTISM.

And the other two of the dark “charmed” troika or triumverate about Speaker Pelosi 2008 economic hobblings are simply then just Senator Hillary Clinton and new “Mr. Science” and “ALARMIST” Al Gore.

We are not talking “conspiracy theories” here - awaken to GRAND STRATEGIES possibilities, please.  Become enlightened as much as you might now, please.


But how?

It is quite simple when you have opened your mind to how bad the Clintons’ SURPLUSES were together with what else they passed off as good economics, and, it is quite simple when you understand that Speaker Pelosi did keep President Bush from being able to do the spending necessary to fix the very fundamentally troubled economy in time for 2008 elections.

How is it with an America with so many women in power we did get so near a new GREAT DEPRESSION?


Can President Barack Hussein Obama now govern with his con up?  Can he carry just his believers forward to his new NEW DEAL AUSTERITY as many find out it is now only necessary because the Democrats worked it to be necessary?  Will they accept a timely austerity and it’s necessary new PC of patriotism to a GREEN MINIMALISM?

Can President Barack Hussein Obama even convince his own to suffer and figure ways to get by on less - if only to save the planet?  Can he govern with his con up and it obvious that it was Dems fault and from a trying and it no longer a “inheritance” inconveniently left just magically for a black FDR wanna be by a Republican predecessor?

Sure much good can come from a new austerity now regardless of how wrought actually by hands of leading Democrats.  It may be inconvenient that they now have to move forward not as convenient “inheritors” of a perfect set of crisi, but, still we are reportedly able to save a trillion dollars in new healthcare costs if we can just get our nation’s average for personal body weights back down to or below the pre-Clintons’ presidency levels.


But how?

Simply it was all about oil or “carbon fuels” for the Democrats.  (Yes not as thought so as simply all Republicans were only about.)

What Paul Krugman has seemingly refused to tell you is that HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT dictates and the alarmism of GLOBAL WARMING by Al Gore did cause a serious spike in gas prices. 

What figures out forward is that the housing crisis though fundamentally set up flawed by the Administration of the Clintons was triggered to collapse by the spike in gas prices.  First came the higher gas prices and then came the collapse of the Clintons’ worked hyper-consumerism that kept the economy bloated.  First came the higher gas prices and then that so many on fixed incomes that had bought into Clintonomics and their hyper-consumerism were then no longer able to pay for the gas to get to work and their mortgages.

Second came that once the housing bubble economics of the Administration of the Clintons and the pimped out hyper-consumerism met the spike in gas prices caused by the dictates and subjective partisan political rhetoric of GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM people first couldn’t pay for gas and their mortgages on their fixed incomes and then couldn’t afford the continued hyper-consumerism needed to keep the bloated economy bloated.

Third came that with the dictates of Candidate Hillary Clinton toward seizing all oil company profits, coupled with Al Gore’s ALARMISM and the partisan politics of Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a devotee to the spending levels of the the Clintons’ SURPLUSES even more then were stuck - WERE STUCK!!!

We have that the Dem con is up!!!  We have the Black FDR exposed!!!  We have us now just a time coincidentally in need of a new NEW DEAL AUSTERITY as any new FDR of any color would have hoped for!!!

President Clinton did ask bankers to delve into derivatives for the purpose of allowing him to run his risky loan housing bubble economics as an unfunded federal social program.  President Bush could only have fixed the economy and saved us from a recession or new GREAT DEPRESSION if he could have publicly have explained how bad the spending cuts of that extra trillion cut for the Clintons to have a thought impossible political popularity were.

We do now seem to need a new AUSTERITY if only because that is the mandate President Obama just secured with his re-election.  It may now be too late for us not to have a NEW DEAL AUSTERITY. 

It may be very difficult now though for President Barack Hussein Obama as outed as a black FDR wanna be for it seems most will soon realize that Democrats caused this mess and that it wasn’t Republicans or Bush - but as of those corrupted in the nineties by the Clintons while about setting up this mess.

What have the women of President Obama left him with his re-election?   Seems it is a best case scenario for Republicans all across our lands - quite so, if you can figure it.

First the Administration had to set up fundamentally flawed economics and pimp them out and then only three of a dark “charmed” troika or triumverate were needed to spike the price of gasoline while as well being devotees to that unnecessary extra trillion cut for the Clintons’ SURPLUSES.  After that 2008 was a lock since so many were trapped in the Dems’ hyper-consumerism with fixed incomes unable to afford new higher gas prices.

How is it with an America with so many women in power we did get so near a new GREAT DEPRESSION?

Are we here now because too many became loyal to Bill Clinton and stayed such for too long?

We have that the Dem con is up!!!  We have the Black FDR exposed!!!  We have us now just a time coincidentally in need of a new NEW DEAL AUSTERITY as any new FDR of any color would have hoped for!!!


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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:08 am

Long live F. Scott Fitzgerald — may he never be a Henry David Thoreau or an Edgar Allen Poe.

What is it you don’t want me to tell you today about the recent elections? 

Though President Barack Obama hasn’t felt flexible enough to use his middle name Hussein these results suggest he has a GREEN REVOLUTION all his own - but for how others built it, more than he did.

He may have started less of a velvet touch even about Iran and lost in time with a naivete about Saddam Hussein and a future frontier for Iraq and Iran challenges, but we are here now all going forward but when backwards to learn from history to try to avoid repeating hard lessons already thought learned from.

I have long suggested a N.E.D.A. different from the Irani Neda mostly ignored by President Barack Hussein Obama and his Secretary of State more a Secretary of War.  A NATURAL EMERGENCY DISASTER AGENCY - N.E.D.A. - to have a WEATHER CORP and some to replace or supplant some FEMA operations in ways outside of our Department of Homeland Defense regular organizational tree.

We don’t need a Constitutional convention to rebuild FEMA at least some as a N.E.D.A. - and an esprit de corps of this new weather normal that for now can be a global cooling change after a reported near 9% drop in concerned greenhouse gases since just 2007 - a change of weather patterns due to human causes by political affecting.

The numbers seem in already to suggest that Obama was elected by a mass of people all green and with him so as like a revolution green - a Green Revolution.

I do not know why so many voted for this Black FDR also from a Hyde Park and for another bought of AUSTERITY — It seems undeniable that Obama has won a second term to be still of his new conservationism to a GREEN first national AUSTERITY for all.

It seems a loss - win result for Republicans.  This win for more of Obama’s national AUSTERITY with his priorities to a new conservationism comes with First Lady Michelle Obama as a leader for less and more home grown and homespun, still.

The best that might come from President Barack Hussein Obama new “flexibility” from re-election would be a loud and most public march against trial lawyers and malpractice litigation to effect a real and most needed Healthcare reform.

It seems the Republicans gained even more national ground securely in 2012 even though they didn’t get to inherit “OBAMA’S AUSTERITY” as hoped.  A renaissance in state’s rights and our federalism basis seems here now to stay for the second term of President Obama.  Since the Republicans succeeded in enough wins to block the Democrat Party take over of most of the possible redistricting across this nation they seem to have been gaining more ground, if only slowly.

Thomas Paine might think that there were two winners in 2012.  A real winner by results and a sensed real visceral winner of causes moved forward more - more successfully.

I don’t know why so many voted for President Obama in 2012 with such to be a vote for gridlock.

As long as this President is first an environmentalist as “Teddy” Roosevelt might have himself thought as not excessive if it would just get him back in office for a third term, he is necessarily an AUSTERITY PRESIDENT more like Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Did you hear that there are now thirty Republican Governors of our fifty states?

Have you figured that President Obama has been so wrong about Saddam Hussein and for so long that too many didn’t figure their selection in 2012 enough about how Saddam Hussein if not for President George W. Bush’s FREEDOM AGENDA with OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM would now have support at least from some in Europe to have been back to nuclear power and maybe an arms race with Iran?

So Secretary of State Hillary Clinton > how is your “best advise” about THE BENGHAZI FOUR working for you?  That advise to defensively have a DOCUMENT DUMP like a throwing of the kitchen sink at it all and your lies and naivete at least with old and early “I cannot believe that this happened in a country we liberated.”?  Have you succeeded in your defense with the throwing everything at it to stall and bury your complicity legal strategy? 

Hmmm?  I think for everyone but Hillary Clinton the expression for defensive legal maneuvers should still be “threw everything but the kitchen sink at it” even though for her just “kitchen sink” seems too excessive and defensive.

We know how to make ice — we can build a fleet of NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES to be of a N.E.D.A. WEATHER CORP for scientific and emergency oceans temperature moderation — cooler surface temperatures can be effected to put risk of bigger storms down by changing the “warmth” they would feed on.

Is this a place for a mention of THE COLOR PURPLE or maybe an earlier era of our entertainment culture such as that of HALLE BERRY in STRICTLY BUSINESS.  Alice Walker, sorry, I have not read your book yet.  Halle - you were amazing in STRICTLY BUSINESS - that such was possible for you then did have me tearing up.

It seems aliens and space spending is now out mostly for the next four years after this GREEN REVOLUTION however without a velvet touch and core philosophy for haves and have not isms about this march forward to more years of OBAMA’S AUSTERITY as a Black FDR also from a Hyde Park. 

As long as he all green and with his priorities set to a new conservationism with diets by FLOTUS Michelle his tune is ‘AUSTERITY FOR ALL!’.

I was just this morning sharing this thought on my Facebook friend Charles M. Blow’s blog link:

“Seems the Republicans have been big winners this year — at least as towards an American RESET to a restoration that we have rules and a Constitution that are not outdated and to be run over by a few elite ideological partisan Dems with hopes to change to a unstoppable autocratic global power.  If only Mitt Romney had been born more a poor Mexican/American dream child or a poor black boy this message would be clearer and still likely a fair characterization for the party of Condoleezza Rice.  Republicans have been winning since 2008 while losing - they beat the redistricting wave and have been continuing forward towards more and better community organizing towards a renaissance in state’s rights and federalism issues understanding.” 

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:56 pm

We should accept that President Obama would have liked to have used his middle name and maybe for a HUSSEIN COMPACT.

To be brief this could have been just another Obamaism if he actually used “compact” while himself too often prone to too much droning.  The issues of the Monroe Presidency do relate, and, so that it may be best to think instead of a new Monroe Doctrine.

Is President Obama in a tight race and desperate with attempts to be seen of using FEMA to recolonize some of the original American colonial plats?  Is the author Obama, who has long tagged himself as of concerns for a neo-colonialism, and a penchant too great to centralize too much, now over-reaching at home as if citizens are actually subjects?

A HUSSEIN COMPACT is beyond a comprehension for the current President - President Barack Hussein Obama hasn’t compacted or cleared up any of the great issues of our day much past a seventh grade level opaque use of a global “we” and a confused centralized “our” with a spillage so over most breastworks and waters’ edges with inappropriated and deeds uncertain usages of “they” as a similar “they” and then not if a different “they” can be redistributed as a confirming posit tangential to his starting premises.

Ok, I am a blogger and thought I might find an earlier column to re-post for you all for Election Day 2012 — Ok, I realized I have likely over 1,500 past blogged compositions to have chosen from and that it should now be easier and better to try to produce an entirely fresh new work.

There seems to be no uniting thread or worked through “compact” of a workable set of interactive principles of this administration now facing a JUDGEMENT DAY this Election Day 2012.

There seems to be a vacuum here among all this a JUDGEMENT DAY of the Obama Presidency as we know it.  And, there seems to be much we don’t actually know about it or him that we have long thought we should be, and already.

We seem for 2012 to be of a President without FIRST CONTACT principles so a HUSSEIN COMPACT must default more to our timely MONROE DOCTRINE.  He did expand the GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR deeper into Afghanistan and as well Pakistan but as like an accident of unplanned mission creep.  His war of choice that is our long Vietnam like Afghanistan War was not a war Bush was in “on a credit card” - the current long battling in Afghanistan is of Obama’s making as a war of choice against the Taliban.

It is still clear enough that 9/11 to the Administration of President Bush was an inconvenience to his prudent purposefulness to see that Saddam Hussein put up or shut up as regards all the United Nations sanctions and his past.  It is still clear that from day one the Democrats seems mostly to want to use 9/11 as an excuse to go to war against the Taliban and so as if an imperialistic war on literacy and women’s rights. 

I still do not understand the Democrats of the Hillary Clinton set for having a heart some for a war against the Taliban as a war on literacy and women’s rights while so about such as if all of Iraqi women should be left to suffer further after a similar abandonment by America.

A CRISIS like Sandy has unearthed much and torn asunder and decimated much.  But still this is the very type of CRISIS that this administration has cherished as a political opportunity not to be wasted on their march to secure a socialistic power to a Democrat Party elite few.  I don’t know how President Clinton hasn’t been pushed out by now - almost seems he must have some card files of dirt on his rivals and even his chief rival President Barack Hussein Obama.

Now President Bush is another issue.  He actually had a globally based standard operating procedure that was of his FREEDOM AGENDA and progressive in how compassionate it was while considerable to spreading equal rights more equally.

Now President Bush is particularly of interest about this with a JUDGEMENT DAY about for the Administration of President Obama.  He actually had a harder time making a case for helping those abandoned in Iraq by the Clintons for all of their eight years, and especially all the oppressed Iraqi women because of 9/11/2001.

The Clintons are now more easily drawn out about all this and with it like a:  WE JUST FOUND THE MISSING YEARS 1993-2001! 

Though Newt Gingrich seemed to want to take some to the dark side of the moon in 2012 we know that John F. Kennedy was secretly taping long before Richard M. Nixon.

And well again:  Don’t ask Vice President Joe Biden if Afghanistan is a new Vietnam — He might answer:  Afghanistan is a trillion dollars the Democrats wanted to spend to have a new Vietnam.

And so we have that President Bush had essentially a FREEDOM AGENDA that was standardized and progressive in how compassionate it was, and, that so he nearly had a BUSH DOCTRINE to rival President Monroe’s MONROE DOCTRINE.

And still it seems that neither President Obama nor his Secretary of State have a working first contact plan.  And yet we are just supposed to believe and hope that one of them can have enough personality to make something up that may or may not work - whenever.  I think this may be some of Clint Eastwood’s problem also with Presidents as also lawyers.

And with a JUDGEMENT DAY here for our first AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PRESIDENT and so with the alternative other AFFIRMATIVE ACTION CANDIDATE now his Secretary of State it seems time to grade his editorial recently published with one by Governor Willard Mitt Romney in the Wall Street Journal.  I have to conclude that it lacked any sense of a limiting principle, a waters’ edge or any of our many jurisdictions and so that it didn’t even rate as considerable as a work of a first year law student.  That said it seemed for all the different “we” and “ours” and “yours” or “theys” to be so confused a composition that it could have been the work of a virgin seventh grader unknowing about politics and global affairs.

And election of the America’s Comeback Team now could start a post Obama economic recovery really within a day or two.  But as per Monroes and the Republicans we have that he can rock out a post “Deep Throat” new way with it socialized properly that it has not been that Nixon was guilty but really that the Democrats are at least as guilty.

Willard Mitt Romney may be no Bush - Can he be a Monroe - Need he be?  Need Mitt try?

It seems Clinton’s Blue Dress is the new “Deep Throat” and that the Dems now live as the party that embraced irregularities more.  I have written already with OBAMA’S BLUE DRESS that he didn’t inherit it but that he chose to embrace it.

Tomorrow is a JUDGEMENT DAY for our first AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PRESIDENT — was it too much affirmative action that left him in over his head - if that is how it falls?  Was he innately prepared, actually, but too inclined to be a new like Marie Antoinette?

One after tomorrow will be more on their knees as the loser.  In 2012 only one is likely to be a defeated loser while the other may suffer a loss but not be defeated or moved from their shared goals.

Is home where the heart is?  Or is it as you have been nearly evangelized socialistically these past four years where ever your President can reach you all e like - and in your face NEW NATIONALISTIC like?

Saddam Hussein did reportedly pervert the founding ideology of the original Ba’athist conceptions to be to a ideal United Arab Socialistic State and to grab and hold power for himself and his purposes and with a homage to socialist ideals of the birth of Ba’athism if such was the readiest weapon in his political arsenal.

I don’t know how President Barack Hussein Obama could have embraced either of the Clintons after they were of 8 years of abandonment of Iraqi Shia majority, at least, and many of the lands of Afghanistan.  I do get he has been too clever by half at times with socialistic global “we” or “they” or “our” propaganda.

And with this JUDGEMENT DAY now for him I ask you to help me transition however you all have decided to be more towards a time to reflect and compose about the 90s as THE TERRIBLE 90s and while so about such to be redoubling concerns and efforts to see our Forth Estate is renewed and rebuilt. 

Though I may have suggested much of the strategy to a real challenge to President Obama these many years - I am less of having a horse in this race but my fight to have actual history be taught and preached. 

I get that such is a judgement against President Obama - I though am waiting to discern how you all have spoken and to wondering then to a what next.

And yes I think it is about:  $16,000,000,000,000.00 ++++++ & for the unborn a WELCOME with and UOUS near already a $40,000 per new born as a personal debt theirs.

It seems even if there had been a HUSSEIN COMPACT there still hasn’t been found a way to pay for its costs.

Well maybe I do think it would be insane if President Barack Hussein Obama were to be re-elected.  But that is more for you all to decide and me to consider after the fact as objectively as I might to the highest standards our Forth Estate may yet hold - hold forward.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:21 am

These are the days that too many have a blank slate now to redraw a life upon.  We are of a time to consider austerity and our environment as well as our politics in 2012 that may not be ever so again in our life times.  We can hope as Americans that our fellow Americans so severely effected by at least the recent category 1 Hurricane named Sandy are free to sketch themselves for themselves a new way forward as free as the one before, but when.

President Obama is a danger zone himself!  President Barack Hussein Obama spoke big and tried to evangelize but over charged from his very first moments with our national check book and credit accounts.

President Obama did not offer us a real RESET!  President Barack Hussein Obama seemed willing to have over coddled an extremely like a one percenter Saddam Hussein.  It was with one as if a supporter of Ba’athists and maybe for them of an ideological origin to be a way forward to a United Arab Socialist State. (Alan Hart — Arafat - Terrorist or Peacemaker)

President Obama has been a bad socialist - a not to scale drafter - of sketchy sketches too top heavy.

President William Jefferson Clinton was a danger zone early on!  We are now suffering for what was wrought poorly and with insufficient forethought by the administration of the Clintons.  President Clinton did have to demote George Stephanopoulus early on and find a stalwart former Republican Presidential adviser such as David Gergen to boldly step quietly into a slipping Clinton White House and for a rescue of such Democrats.

David Gergen did step boldly and quietly into the Administration of the Clintons as part of a necessary demotion of George Stephanopoulus early on and as a successful former Republican adviser willing to be that special adviser to show President Clinton a way to make his White House start working.  President Clinton desperately then needed a Republican adviser like David Gergen to cross party lines and to show him how a White House could work.

President Obama has been a bad socialist in a variety of ways!  Foremost for starters should be how he showed his socialist centralizing cards too early and too strongly.  President Obama was obvious and simple so when of hopes to have a second stimulus as if it would then be so much government spending that it would be a CRISIS to justify it seemed near 70% taxation.

I don’t know if David Gergen survived the administration of the Clintons enough to now explain such today. 

As so many now because of Category 1 Hurricane Sandy are unexpected new faces like of those long now of Obama’s unemployed or effected we have that socialism issues have to be a consideration of state’s rights and local recoveries of these days so sketchy for so many.  It seems if President Obama wants to be of a “success” for GLOBAL WARMING and these austere days of a new conservationism he is then wanting to be re-elected for having worked to stop or just greatly slow down our economy.  If President Obama wants to be elected with his first time of “success” then really we should revisit any and all opinions of the economics of President Bush for such does seem to suggest that then he must be a heroic political figure.

I do know that President George W. Bush did appose the earlier efforts of the Dems with the Kyoto Accords and as documented by David Frum because he was too concerned that if he did embrace them as constructed he then would be tanking the global economy.  Yes, we can say:  Like it did when around 2007 the Dems started a too ideological march anew with a simple partisanship also inadequately considered.

We have sketched out now that Governor Mitt Romney is a viable alternative to President Barack H. Obama.

May you be free - be free still to sketch etchy now as before - as before there was a President Obama as a bad socialist.

President Obama has been a bad socialist in large part for he didn’t offer a state based socialist model while of a rush to a new nationalism in socialized centralization.  We have that ideologically speaking, and especially in time of shared CRISIS that we are of days when wealth and income inequality can naturally best be resettled with state and local taxation reformulations.  A bad socialist he has been for not having differentiated a wealth inequality about differences in income taxation realm and wealth and property taxation realms.

President Barack Hussein Obama and his attempts at evangelizing the USA and whomever abroad he might have been corrupted ideologically as per any and all 1% vs. 99%!  So much that he rushed a march forward with just doesn’t work at a national level with revenues based on a variable such as income taxation and capital gains.  Essentially our federal system is set up like a circuit breaker for the freedom of the People such that revenues can shrink at the national level if a socialism is attempted. 

Our states though have greater powers to be more fairly socialistic or to a renaissance in a community balancing!

I am not sure, really, that David Gergen did survive the Administration of the Clintons!  It seems clear now - let me be clear — that the Clintons and their personal bests were not then and are not now sufficient or as sufficient as at least that of Governor Mitt Romney.  President Bill Clinton may have needed David Gergen just to counter his personal character to politicking like one of the told of likes of bad used car salesmen.

It did seem that the problem with our economy early on in the Administration of Obama was some that he had brought in and embraced essentially all those that the Clintons would have if re-elected.  And, that those were obvious in a desire to have a second stimulus more to such as being an excuse to hike taxes as high as 70% if they could.

And with a revenue stream from individual efforts to income, profits, and gains this was BOLDLY drawn to demotivate too many. 

And, with it then also of a Government GUILTING a anvil was like dropped as well upon all the motivations of Americans to income, profits, and gains as well because the psychology of such was loudly sketched as a BAD that even they shouldn’t be towards or of.

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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:05 am



Some times it is as simple as finding the right type of shoes for your day.  Today if you aren’t wondering about all the manufacturers and specific brands for work boots are you considering if you started your day on the wrong side of the bed?

Sands of times such as like of these days metrics may be of time kept accurate enough and finally more locally and celestial.  An hour glass shape is more beautiful than a Sandy cyclonic nimbustic mass, however.

With some now to tea parties by candles light necessarily an election day approaches with Sandy having sunken the HMS BOUNTY.  A quick game of Go Fish or Cribbage maybe with your tea - or yet some Bridge, maybe?  A quick flight of nimbus 2012 might still harken on sight too many too near to concerns about weather as beautiful - a puffy cumulus sky set 2012 may yet not.

Many either will be shopping for new boots for November and with some buying the nearest brand available even if not as steel toed as they should eventually have.  Some will have time to shop for a more lasting fit and more specific use specific branding considerate so.  Others may be shopping for waders more than they had ever thought.

Waterproofing and breathability to be considered as for toe and ankle protection and support.

Tread patterns and arch support and a good fit may not be of the first available options for those most in need of new boots due to Sandy and her nimbustic cyclonic.

The captain of the original HMS Bounty did become a matter of dispute though it did set off as the United Kingdom started to find hope and change for themselves after having lost the American colonies to struggles and independence assertions risen from earlier American Tea Party taxation issues.  Captain William Blygh was the Captain of Commissioning for the mission of THE BOUNTY and William Jefferson Blythe III is the Christian name Bill Clinton was born to.

There is much afoot politically now arguably because the Democrats of the 2008 sweep to so much power that they decided to try to go it alone without working at much of any bi-partisanship.  There is much afoot that they ideologically rushed too many towards that now can be said to have helped Sandy more than hurt her chances — they may have completely marched ideologically with exactly all the “solutions” for any climate change the wrong and most dangerous directions.

Atlantic City may turn out the better for this visit from Sandy that may have been advanced by Dems ideological blind rush to what seems a crony capitalism to a one sided and inadequately considered messing with mother nature.  It is still historically a wonder that we had the eight years of the Clintons with an alarmism about bigger storms and yet no help for New Orleans or its outdated and in disrepair levies and the MR GO (Mississippi River Gulf Outlet).

There were many ways for America to have lead a real economic recovery otherwise than how the Dems did while liking a politics of avoiding work for bi-partisanship.  There were ways for America if it could have avoided the Dems’ ideological GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM political agenda even if a science of a condition was unavoidable.  There were better ways to have addressed the weather threats from any actual global warming - by far.  There were ways to have celebrated not a CRISIS to justify a nationalism or new nationalism that would have helped other options work with other economic growth possibilities to have likely allowed a real economic recovery already, and, even maybe within just a couple years.

The only obstacle, for the other options that could have been with a bi-partisan patience about real issues of our time, and less of just the ideological rush of a Dem Agenda march, is that still we have that the Clintons’ years, of burning our economic candle from both ends at once, with that “captain” born William Blythe III, of having asked the banks to be to a mass gambling with derivatives, that would have made a real recovery possible already is that we still have that the Clintons’ economics did embed too much corruption into our big banks banking systems.

We have that the Clintons set up the economic down turn both with President Clinton’s desire to push a risky loaning to a housing bubble as an unfunded federal social program and with his stirring of Americans to a hyper consumerism that couldn’t hold when gas prices spiked with announcement of Hillary for President and Al Gore’s INCONVENIENT TRUTHS.  The Clintons needed to be removed from a sense of good captaining for the economy to have recovered already - and as it had possibilities whence to have recovered even within a couple of years.

Atlantic City now for post Sandy cyclonic nimbostratus darkness days and recovering may consider an old job growth economic idea of mine to remake all of Atlantic City into an American Venice with many canals and with boats in canals instead of cars on roads.

Detroit was of old days of job creation ideas fitting with our economic options for actually possible more speedy recovering.  For Detroit - for the Motor City - I though I had a turning of the tables of its own story for it to become less a facilitator of travel and more a destination to celebrate travel — For Detroit still I can imagine theme parks of GEO DOMES with year round down hill skiing in one with restaurants and spas and a desert oasis in another with camels and cultural specialities, and as well even great and large out of place tropical forests with sunny and warm indoor beach and swimming transporting experiences.

Atlantic City could become a wonderful new destination more of an international cultural experience maybe some ways other than becoming a working and large NEW Venice.

Detroit still seems a great Heart Land are aready to have some tables set better for them and even so maybe as I suggested years ago they could have us help them turn our tables for them to a destination economy.

Sandy at least you only visited as a lady booting a Category 1 responding.  I don’t know where you are now and how you may have many looking more for snow boots than work boots.

Oh Sandy - you could just as well be of party politics too much of a party having played politics too much near four years ago.  Oh, Sandy - there may be climate change and global warming and yet you may have been born of too much meddling effected too quickly and not itself be conceived from an actual as sold global warming.  Oh, Sandy - There were better ways to have addressed concerns about Global Warming however specious and ways that could have otherwise likely have turned the global economy around within two years years ago.

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