November 2022
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I am starting to write again, - more than just tweets.  I am still tweeting, - just ask Elon Musk.

The year 2022 has been an eye opener.
In 2021 I returned to the District of Columbia & reestablished resident status under the closures of the pandemic.  I was more nomadic as by stayed in bunks in hostels, - even one with NOMAD in its proper name.  I found some retail underemployment in the otherwise much closed national city in a local pet food store, & later as a bike tech assembling new out of box bicycles on the retail floor.
My return to DC was years behind schedule, - at least 3 years.  I returned victorious.
After resident from 1998 until near Labor Day of 2007 I moved back to Connecticut with my intent to write full time to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2008.  My efforts were so seriously undertaken that I committed to living defensively economically in a minimalism such that I couldn’t be stressed by my opposition having anything to go after me over.  That I became resident in Connecticut is much ado about something about my parents aging & I while writing for the internet worldwide reach I could help them stay in their own home longer from a mile away, while a former general contractor with skills, & tools professional grade, in their garage.
Three years before I finally managed to return to resident in DC my parents had needed move to senior assisted living,
I did more than Vladimir Putin & Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2008, and likewise again in 2016.
My victorious return to Washington, DC was yet tardy for the late sale of my parents’ properties I had agreed to personally improve & maintain until my sisters got them sold. I had planned to start move as my parents relocated as needed & have money enough to formally set up again in area.  When I moved late I too moved without funds planned upon as parents’ medical expenses inadvertently consumed them.
I defeated Hillary Clinton twice, in very similar fashion & process, and yet returned victorious to DMV as having done so independently and while living below the poverty line - an income level to even need to file taxes.
The fall of the Clintons, as per my independent initiatives, is a complicated story for it also includes that after I met she now Michelle Obama in her Harvard Law School 3rd year of 1987-88 socially while she was out at Grendel’s hosting her brother visiting from Chicago.  My connection with Michelle from that evening in Harvard Square became of I saw her as someone whom I could use forward towards my efforts to defeat Hillary Clinton when she eventually ran for President.  Bill and Hillary had made me personally aware of their ambitions to be the first Yale Law School graduates to be the first spouses to have their own presidency when I was near 6 years old & then out as co-eds for a walk a break from law studies in New Haven.  I did forward continue to pass ideas to Michelle when I had them on how to defeat the Clintons.  But too it is that towards 1992 I was sharing leading ideas to turn the phrase NEW WORLD ORDER into a national call for urban agendas to position America globally as newly a sole superpower with leadership calling for efforts to improve our own major cities.  My victories over the Clintons seem only possible by that they fraudulently took credit for leading that came independently from me that they yet had learned to sound like to win in 1992.
These days I am now near 2 years back resident in DMV - specifically Washington, DC - and yet while legally HOMELESS but sheltered of regularity to a bunk bed yet continued after extended hostel stays in 2021.  There are Christian organizations, some as old as the Civil War end, providing compassion in the District of Columbia.  By living on underemployment while newly resident I have not lived on the street and have found fellowship & brotherhood.  This part of my story is to be more told later.  By living on underemployment I yet due years defensively living stoically to be stress free stayed below a readiness to commit to a lease.
Though while resident back in DC & legally ID’d as HOMELESS I have not felt discriminated against while yet apparently identified officially so and otherwise judged at least on my reputation - even some for being long a some globally read blogger, - even poet & writer of rap lyrics.  I can get 3 free meals a day - shelter & a daily shower - as provided by Christians privately as a non-profit.
I have been waiting to seek FULL EMPLOYMENT.  I have been waiting for this midterm election.  I have been at least of my resume in the House of Representatives HR departments systems for Republican job opportunities for this past year.  My tweeting connects to leadership & with hashtags to current issues regularly.  My volumes on my blogs are still meant to be towards independently published into regular classic book form with such now enough for 10 uniquely different bound collections.
I have been in DC & known to some in power to be back in DC, even as victorious for much having defeated Hillary Clinton twice, & quite in very similar fashion.  How this now converts to proceeds and income is a wonder as too there is my decades in being leading and strategic independently in the vein of helping these united states of the Americas become a sole superpower includes that my challenge accepted by JK Rowling to write off my ideas for 7 books on a magic school was in my motives a way to protect a new generation from the Clintons, and later my ordering that there be no more books on Harry Potter & Hogwarts as I was starting a creative STRIKE.  My STRIKE allowed her to not go cold turkey off writing from me as her muse as it is I allowed her to shift to creating off more the real me than those energies from my imagination.
My victories are complicated by that without my public blogging comments against Hillary Clinton before 2008 election Barack Obama, husband of my old connection Michelle, would not have found an opening to defeat the DEEP STATE machinations towards making Mrs. Clinton the first female president.  In 2004 it also relates to me as Barack Obama break-out convention speech is of he plagiarized me of what Clintons in 1992 had learned to sound like of my leading to win.
The idea of FULL EMPLOYMENT is complicated by that, like for Twitter, to verify me is to yet prove others were fraudulent & lost because they were not whom they claimed credits for having been.  To admit who I am in a fullness to resume my original career aspirations of that since 1983 I have said I was more a CITIZEN ROSEBUD than to be a CITIZEN KANE is to publicly tarnish & even some indict others who have gotten by even by boldly plagiarizing, and otherwise by too clever double speak to falsely claim credit for popular opinion gains.
In years back resident in Connecticut I yet on walk abouts for even just NYC photography days had it seem I was identified not as “HOMELESS” but more as if “BILLIONAIRE” due at least friendship with families of media empires.
I now have contrasting experiences as ID as HOMELESS now a year - while not living on the streets - and how as quickly I was ID’d more as a BILLIONAIRE when out in New York City.
I would love to sue the Clintons for even near their net worth.  Of what they used from me to win in 1992 that they then moved to steal credit upon to have a power to seemingly have a right to pass its power from husband to wife - from a his presidency to a planned for her presidency - they underperformed off its full value, and in fact did not steal enough of its entirety to have managed to arrest my original gestalt - full intellectual property origins.  I defeated Hillary Clinton twice much by blocking them by going on a creative strike.  The facts are that Robert Galbraith & “STRIKE” exist only because I was active against how too much in politics had become too crooked because of the Clintons.
These days while now ready after the midterm elections to start writing again, - more than tweets, I have that my original career path that had me to such philosophical depths of intent in thinking for grand strategies is a path on which the Clintons principally then kept me from being able to make a living.  That at times Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin did at times sound like each other when being critical of Hillary Clinton also has it seems those moments of they both yet were resembling public remarks I had already publicly posted to the www.
My story is very complicated.  It is firstly though a victorious one yet of that expected renumeration has yet been collected.  I am owed far more than I could ever attest affordably to judiciously see banked in my name, if it yet becomes a times for calling out so so so many.  The Clintons otherwise left office near not having repaid political debts accumulating as they yet hoped I might sell out.
Greetings.  I am now looking for EMPLOYMENT within the scope of being public & published as verified as a writer.
I can only think FULL EMPLOYMENT as a category of history of what I did near 120% to my thought possible & how such was still cloaked from others who didn’t think I was even near at 70% of a 100% max capability.  Semantics.
These days if you know where to look you can find me on CSPAN for events as think tanks where I either was just in the in-person audience only, or yet given a first public question and recorded for posterity.  Yesterday I had the last question while discussion was on if the ADMISTRATIVE STATE WAS MORAL.
My principal hope is to work with a THINK TANK to better coordinate with a PUBLISHER for conversion to bound book form classic publications, while yet otherwise to be a personality on TV as a contributor either syndicated for new and old columns, poetry, and photography or more modern contributions of a POD CAST.
These thoughts seem to be copacetic.  Though I stayed independent to be more fully philosophical I yet recalled that near 2008 start President Bush offered a recommendation on my behalf to a media empire CEO near “he did more for me than anyone on my staff.”
I may have been left to these past two years as to underemployment in the DMV from that I haven’t yet myself figured out how I should be fairly & honestly valued.  I have not had a lonely heart.
My pockets have not had access to sums relative to my contributions to the greater good, in entertainment, or politics.
For now per if WILLING TO RELOCATE we may have to limit that to YES, if London.
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