April 2022
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 12:39 pm
        May Day?
May 1st is oh so near.
To poll on Joe Biden is to wrap a tangled confusing.  The real Joe Biden is incapable of being of “majority” - a real Bolshevik?
An Olympic affecting too must now be redefined - for what is sport of a normal worldly.
“Amtrak Joe” is a Catholic off the Catholics rails? President Joe Biden is too confusing!
Mental Health clarity standards per professionalism of our POTUS perhaps must be tabled - readied.
White coats need daily vigilance with Modern Republicans as President Biden represents an existential threat to next gen NORMAL”?
Beyond a “Joe Biden” “Biden Gaffes” “GaffeCon” ALERT system there simply too much too contradictory for a daily STATUS “NORMAL” to be reported.
We can try to pray for Ukrainians - but like Democrats of President Biden ranks - it seems the idea of Ukraine has been compromised since Crimea annexed by motherland Socialism.
Democrats ask for “democracy” to be their marching idiom while yet their secular Socialism at core has ideology lacking a philosophy of governance, as short of the conceptual to that bigger SOCIALISM is better, so now USA is not siding for “democracy” but yet to which authoritarians can get enough votes, however, to have essentially martialed enough votes for a new FASCISM - a movement of the Left for authoritarian power.
I do not know how President Biden can break from the ideological to Ukraine represents Socialists fighting for Socialism while maxims of motherland Russia a BIGGER SOCIALISM and thus principally arguably a BETTER governance.
The ideas of America are to the core fundamentally structured for Liberty to reign of E PLURIBUS UNUM essence as by how United pluribus each an unum and individual of rights from their Creator.  Practicing religion is as its primary vibe to be “democracy” more so as is inherently self-governance - self-governing.
An Olympic affecting is by originalism & recent Supreme Court queries at to toe the line politics & media necessities.
What is sport?
What is sporting in public schools?
What is Stockholm Syndrome?
What are Democrats run cities the worst areas in America?
Why is Capitalism so superior naturally to these Democrat Party said Socialism?
How are the correct answers so old & yet still so right - in Old Testament - & yet Joe Biden so old & very wrong?
How can one be in sport and affecting for righteous as effectively of rights from their Creator?
Joe Biden, President, cannot answer such even while Catholic due his of Catholics if raised doth stir the contrary of if he is yet right then President Obama must have been wrong, & even all blacks firstly called to apologize for our “first Black President” much as whites have long had to even for the bad white Democrats.
Doth one just need a measuring stick, a ruler, and a vernacular on pupils to see the fundamental freedoms of our 1st Amendment deny our government the right to respectacle Lord’s Laws - to change the tenets & scripture - to make any law “respecting an establishment of religion”?  Isn’t the grammatical of lower “e” indicative of respect for the Lord and to mean “establishment” as synonymous to “tenets” & “scriptural”?
One cannot reconcile Joe Biden’s many contradictions for a “NORMAL”!
There is a #ChinamenImperialism also as a test to whom can be as of a majority while less of “democracy” than that federalism & originalism structured by the Peoples’ “Order” - 9th word a noun in preamble - and to President Biden likewise is stuck as cannot govern in truths but must measure only to find duplicity and corners can be cut.
Next gens are existentially at risk due the many many contradictions of Biden Democrats - specifically the contradictions not yet just dangerous as “Biden Gaffes” - of gaffes seeming from his “Catholic Guilt” however.
Perhaps white coated professionals must now daily up report by party on the apparent & defined problems in the presidency of 46 as too long too contrary - too contradicting and effectively self-cancelling.
Justices for SPORT need defend a republic’s baby steps, of even in public schools, while under religious Liberty, the physical for affecting a winning attitude is to be effectively righteous of efforts indivisible from “a free state” as human condition of Liberty in religious Liberty of efforts for SPORT are indivisible from are tests of morality.
To be Presidential on fitness today is still yet of each to the other is of saying to one another your rights come from your Creator - it is not a dog eats dog word in Capitalism as firstly of the celebration that win win deals can be normal - that two parties can after a deal pass the other of each to tip their cap of made a good deal.
Can there be mental health clarity in PRESIDENTIAL FITNESS or just a mush for any cerebral exposure?
As expansionist COMMUNISM a foot with “CHINAMEN IMPERIALISM” proofed there that SOCIALISM conundrum now for ISLAM & UKRAINE:
Must Chinese prove they can run the likes of IRAN with IRANI like UYGHURS but to the nation of these PERSIANS need be entirely proofed as can be remotely operated as one big CONCENTRATION RE-EDUCATION CAMP?
Likewise, the RUSSIAN REVOLUTION haunts as it seems SOCIALISM ideology is to of UKRAINE can’t be a fight for DEMOCRACY if of people being to voting for SOCIALISM while ideology then of BIGGER CENTRALIZATION is BETTER & too the PUTIN is affecting a GOOD while effecting an WELCOME HOME to rule by MOTHERLAND RUSSIA SOCIALISM.
Islam seems must be on a path to war with expansionist China & while Catholics & Americas can yet better just be in war games & as not called morally to fight a history of “DEATH TO THE INFIDELS” that now must be also something explained across Islamic of Muslims to not be bowed to secular SOCIALISM corrections, at all apparently.
Can next gens be saved from President Joe Biden?
Whom but of white coats can effectively scientifically isolate the variants of all the contrary to just have a Justice on SPORT - SPORTS - SPORTING - as indivisible from originalism as not in blasphemy and in that none is of a separation right from an individual spiritual responsibility also a keep to keeping to as neighborly for a keep a heaven on earth of in neighbors being neighbors in their own neighborhoods & disciplined in scriptural of Lord’s Laws to have a capacity to be a traveler?
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