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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:41 am

We are letting the Clintons spoil much of our fun - even our anticipation of summer fun for us, aren’t we?

We have the Clintons two faux - we have that if their brown nosing - put in your time -get your time - dulness was the secret of their unexpected and hard to explain success in early 90s they would have been able to defeat near unknown most junior peer of Senator Clinton Senator Obama or at least have been able to help President Obama manage a fix of global economy.

We have that this has not happened.  We have that President Obama did embrace the Clintons and near exactly the same team for economics and economy they were likely to.  We have that for some reason or another the Clintons two so faux now may be the secret to French defeatism.

The Clintons may have met with Bill throwing pick up stories of Arkansas sweet times with greased watermelons, so it has been told as so.

But how do we help the French understand how faux and dangerous the Clintons two is?

Are the French now suffering for their fauxness - are we all of days sold as of Clinton success and character, but NOT?

We have that the Clintons and Obama celebrate only the “Lawyers” story - that is not the story and rhythm of our 90s.

It may very well be the “socialist” attitude of a misappropriation of others endeavors more French as if theirs that is the wrench in the works of our global and domestic economics.

It may not be at all Bill Clinton wanting to be at all French - it may be a dangerous false sense of self importance and rights.

Our global 1990s were of a France and general internationalism going the wrong way with Clintons before the Clintons changed directions and our 90s got going and kept going until Clinton himself starting thinking it too much all about him, and then…!

We are in an economic mess that is best focused to facts and actual personality and personal characters of the Clintons - and so to a way to present our current problema in its simplest available analysis and street explanation.

What the Clintons did do as per the economy of their own ambition and initiative is actually that/those parts of our 90s which has been dragging down so much globally since.  There was a lot of good that happened in the 90s but when you look at the Clintons’ personality profiles possibilities there is little that should be there that can be there to explain such as due crediting for them without oddly being contrary to their true selves. 

We have that the Clintons may have benefited with a non-socialist attempt to better engage the French in competition and capitalism that now can likely only be even romantically matched with a new French capitalism.

Is it only a bad romance with our Clintons that is now the French peoples biggest economic and social problem globally and domestically however cycled?

The Obama RACE TO THE TOP is in a singularity about the worst economic colloquy to coexist with an attempt to recover a boom capitalist free market benevolent globally conscious growth economy. 

We have that the Obama “race to the top” sells the Lawyer story of brown nosing put in your time and get yours but with his unusual and near ridiculous exceptions for a time for American deciding when it looked like we needed to elect someone who would know how to handle the down and dropping economic he was racing to be top dog for.

Bill Clinton, law student, may have caught Hillary Rodham, law student - upper class girl, with his waxing about poolish fun with co-eds and greased melons - greased watermelons — but was that the only story of theirs that was of their character and naturally helpful to our economy and free markets?

Besides that the Clintons lingering around as if a wanted and relevant third wheel with such really a fauxness and lying about our 90s we do have that now we are supposed to be discussing Romney ancestral polygamy but not Obama’s father’s Muslim rights to multiple wifes where so a standard - allowed ritual/right, and nor that of Clinton’s wants to polygamy that stopped at adultery - habitual adultery, so it seems to have been recorded. 

How are we know for “greased watermelons” Bill Clinton with his new meddling both suggestive of Hillary and Barack as inferior pols needing him and as if maybe 3/5ths the person he himself is still to process this in time and so to be actual friend to the French?

Was President Clinton an habitual adulterer - so best said?  Or, is it better to say he was an adulterer because he wasn’t allowed to be the polygamist he so wanted to be?

Are we best now to be looking at an American story of the Clintons and liberal lawyers thinking they were smart enough to steal from a French American that presented more as if only an Irish American? 

I know it wasn’t their story that brought the economic success and esprit d corp for a good global economic - I get that their socialist tendencies to be to allowing them to grab and keep power as of an elite few may be.

I get that a new socialism for Obama or either of Clintons’ “two-fer” still an inappropriate socialism it seems for the French.

The beat that is missing from our global economic party recommencing seems to be that of a rebel - even a French rebelliousness - I don’t think it can be found under any search criteria for “socialism”!

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