June 2012
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:39 am

It is here already, but can we see it yet?

President Clinton is messing all over his new chum - his new bed mate - but how can any Democrat sell or spin it now?

Sure we can imagine that President Clinton is holding back and not yet ready to share cigars with President Obama, but for President Clinton to attempt a posture of “not in politics” begets a mess all by itself.

A former President not even term limited still within at least the first thirty years post office embrace, legal, is quite necessarily still “in politics” - in our politics - even if we were not so still living with political inheritances like 9/11 from such.

I am tempted to say that for President Clinton to attempt “I am not now in politics” is near enough accurate such that Hitler might have so said he wasn’t in Poland - at least as a political leader.

You may be willing to split hairs with Bill Clinton, former President, the most immoral of our Executive budgeters since 1983, and get a tingle in your leg now for him as one parsing as if “not in legal politics” or “Constitutional” politics while visibly tucked in to much the same global “work” as if still a President. 

I don’t know how to explain his “I am not in politics.”

And it may now be only because he has been getting his way globally and domestically so much, politically speaking, that he can feel he isn’t in politics actually now because as a former and term limited past President the work of politics seems to be so much less and devoid of refreshing with new “representitive” bulwarks of flesh pressing pol work.  He may be himself only able to believe he isn’t in politics now because it is an existence in politics still but without enough actual work to still FEEL like POLITICS. 

And it may now be only reasonable to him so because everything political seems to be going his way - that he isn’t in politics because as a term limited past president a reputation and expectation precedes him so much that he can feel now as if he is just above it all.

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