February 2013
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 5:51 pm

What pray tell is one’s patriotic or civic duty in the year two thousand ten and three?  What is a “reasonable expectation” to have and to hold as a bar for a “leader”?  Where, if you are a community type - even a community organizer - are your Ps & Qs best registered, and how?

A sober reflection now may be best not to be encouraged.  To look back may for too many now still be too traumatic.

It is not just Americans of the United States of America whom experienced very personal and devastating devaluations somehow about the standardized record established nearly to a mean of 40%.  Untold numbers lost their American Dream holdings and even with company with those more of humble/basic subsistence quartering of by ownership not by leasing.

May the HOPE for CHANGE of the new team of the refreshed administrating by re-elected President Barack H. Obama be of a rekindled Americana not about a too treading upon those upended by the crisis of valuation now at risk of being a new too permanent victim class.  It was the Republicans that stepped up as the 2012 lot of Presidential Candidate most as of a promise as “guardians” for those effected by what they all stated clearly was a economic crisis of which their Government was most responsible.

It is only fair now to want to hope in the newly re-elected most challenged President Barack H. Obama.  It is quite fair to be hesitant in offering him and even his new team much trust.  It is possible and of hope that his new team is likely to be (much) better than his old team.

There will have to be a work around his first stepped hopes to be able to just run our vast Governance on the strength and limited range of his own personality.  There will have to be more honesty moving forward in this second term as it seems he doesn’t have a personality fit for a growth economy.  The Clintons were blessed by a growth economy beyond their own similarly (lawyered) limited personalities in ways candidate Barack Obama should not reasonably have expected to be yet again available and so available to him if he were to be elected.

And, what about Jack?

Are we in need of a self conscious new memoir from our newly re-elected most Executive of our leaders to offer a bankable reflection on how he did or did not turn out to be a new Jack Kennedy (JFK)? 

And, what about Jack?

Would he have also pulled back from shovel ready road and bridge work?  Would it have also been inconvenient and too of an idealism to a new GREEN ECONOMY if he by fixing roads and bridges with shovel ready Government made jobs then too of a counter productive political policy for BIG CHANGE?  He also couldn’t have used vast stimulus to create infrastructure jobs to fix and better roads while of energy policies to get people to dislike their “old” cars and ready for “new” “GREENER” cars without such “shovel ready” options having made “old” cars even with their inflated energy costs newly more tolerable with new Government roads and bridges to be on or soon look forward to - right?

When you decide to try to play at being a reincarnated Franklin Delano Roosevelt and as also as a man from a Hyde Park are you not being to much possibly and unstable Jekyll already?

It may have taken a Ronald Reagan or yet a Richard Milhous Nixon to clarify a “politicians” personality as if defined as: Politician = one that is able to create shovel ready jobs.  It had long been part of our American dreaming to consider that if one is a politician then such one must be almost predetermined to be inevitably able to like divinely create shovel ready jobs always.  It likely is Reaganesque now to have to consider speaking publicly of politicians unable to create shovel ready jobs - to speak of any politician as re-elected that couldn’t do the “politicians” most basic task of creating shovel ready jobs.

Of our President’s Predator predilection about drone use - he as either a stable man of Hyde Park too, or as a quarky mutant Jekyllized reincarnation, is lucky his Predator drones are not President Reagan’s Patriot missiles that were best if not even attempted of a single shoulder firing use.

What about “THE NEW JFK”? 

As one also of Hyde - another of a Hyde Park - and yet a NEW DEALER WANNA BE - is it reasonable to call oneself a politician if in fact time as proven that you are not seemingly capable of “shovel ready” job creation?

As one of a cocky pride walked of talk of being able to run the most established modern global Power on the “strenght” of their personality and it as he just of a hodgepodge of happenstance of times spent beyond U.S. territories “on in America” personality development how can he not now be queried at about his “decision” not to capture and question Osama Bin Laden?

He is accepted as a representative of Harvard Law School sense of jurisprudence while yet of his claims that his “personality” should be sufficient.  Can he now be seen as a SEEKER of justice?  Is he just for his kill orders more just a seeker of vengeance?  Can we let him go as a Hyde not a Jekyll just as per the kill not capture and question orders as per Osama Bin Laden?

What about Justice and Posterity?  What about due process and Americans of a call to walk what they talk and breath?

Can he be a “SEEKER OF JUSTICE” or must his first term be our new lower norm?  With justice out the door as once we kept it more at home and abroad but when clearly of a known war time, however, aren’t we wise as of a civic and patriotic duty to at least asking:  What pray tell might the Democrats have wanted to hide by not seeking Justice better with a capture and question standing priority even as per the supposedly most informed of our current most modern enemy?

Can we say for certain that a Republican administration of John McCain and his steady but unsteady hands would also have ordered a kill on sight order even for Osama Bin Laden?  Is it fair and of our civic duty now to deeply probe if our Democrats were afraid more than our Republicans about what Osama Bin Laden might say if he were just captured alive?

And, again:  What about Jack?

And, again:  We can HOPE that these CHANGES to a new team have us able and ready to presume and believe:  THE NEW TEAM OUGHT REALLY TO BE BETTER THAN THE OLD TEAM - right?

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