January 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:01 pm

This may be the eve of an October ready to be banked on.   There may be no real “Happy Meal” promises to keep, politically, there seems to be no money left to pay for such of Democrat Party promises.  Our real concern if we are now so far along with President Barack Hussein Obama to his New Deal Austerity that it may be better politically for any other to try to avoid being our next President.

There may be now room or possibility to see a “Happy” put back in for the next four years.  It may be strategically fastest for us to a win back of freedom and democracy to see President Obama re-elected to finish a defeat of his policies and politics AQAP (As Quick As Possible).

ACA - Obamacare as it is not actually an attempt just to politically steal a Republican success story of Romneycare from Republicans leaves us serious numbers that don’t add up well for “Daddy” Clinton.   It was reported years ago by a self professed doctor friend of the Clintons that the United States of America could save a trillion dollars in healthcare costs if it could just reverse the increase in the personal average body weight of Americans.  Actually, I have no idea if that number of such paraphrasing from memory may have had costs for obesity since the start of the Clintons’ “parentage” of illegal aliens.

What an odd couple.  It seems clear that President “Daddy” Clinton is the sloppy one.  It seems reported that President “Big Mac” Clinton did with the guidance of his FLOTUS lead Americans to a dangerous level of obesity.

I don’t actually believe we could do better by re-electing President Obama and that he could be of further self defeat AQAP.

Would we have needed to see the “Happy” marshaled out of “Happy Meals” if President “Big Mac” Clinton hadn’t sold a MAC DADDY two BIG MACs a day habit and as if necessary because his FLOTUS couldn’t cook?   I mean the story still has to be of the “parentage” of the First Couple Clintons that even Hillary must not have cooked - right?

And you cannot get fries with the type of banking President Obama will have to promise to be capable of if re-elected.

There may not be enough honor in banking as long as “Daddy” Clinton not shilled as an evil banker himself.  Can you elect President Obama now as if choosing him as you would a banker - with an ability to trust him with what money you now have left?  President “Daddy” Clinton did fool so many once - what a shame on them!  like — but now if for President “Banker” Obama now needing to attempt to fool as many all over again? - like if banks could ever again approve so many loans they shouldn’t?

It might be easier to see how bad all this is and as with a full dissing upon ‘MAC DADDY CLINTON’ if his crying to his banking pals, after leaving office, to try to get them to fork out the money for a million dollar a year highest end rent, in the Carnegie Hall Tower, had effected enough guilt on them to have him visibly there now and not in Harlem.  Our Government said that was too rich for our blood money of revenues of the people from taxes, however.  Our Government said that was too royal and nearly of a Un-Constitutional titling for their approval, again, however versed.  MAC DADDY CLINTON did try to guilt his banking pals into paying for it instead - what a wonder today if he was there with them paying him in thanks as asked for all the derivative gambling profits he made possible.

Is it fair to President Obama that President “MAC DADDY” Clinton hasn’t been dissed enough for luck of being saved by Harlem?   It does seem President William Jefferson Clinton did owe Harlem more than Harlem owed him and yet it seems he still isn’t of his due dissing, where ever.  I knew William Stringfellow - William Stringfellow was a client while I was a college student of summer labors in landscaping - I knew him near about his third from last year of life while maybe already battling cancer.  I first learned how to use a powered weed whacker from William Stringfellow and at his cottage where he harbored federal fugitive, whenever.

Poor First Lady Michelle Obama long of so much official record to austerity for others.  Poor First Lady Michelle Obama for the upstaging of her earliest steps to counter the obesity epidemic “parented” by Clintons’ guidance by “MAC DADDY” Clinton whence then of choosing an elective surgery the day of her good eating messaging debut to grab all the defense Clinton press as possible to buffer the Clintons’ dishing for so many to record and dangerous personal obesity.  I do believe that number heard years ago that the USA could save a trillion dollars if it could like just get to the personal average body weights from just before the inauguration of the Clintons.

But to talk about party politics:  President William Jefferson Clinton did not have to make or break news that day the FLOTUS Michelle Obama was long scheduled to with messaging that would unavoidably be counter to the Clintons’ dishing and so of a dissing certain — he elected to time his elective surgery to clear narrowings of vessels and so that his message did override hers.

Poor Michelle Obama, actual First Lady.   On that day it was a Democrat loyalty test with two options to choose from as:  Be a Clinton MAC DADDY loyalist and now believe you will also get free healthcare for dangers from Clintons’ dishing - tax payer funded care, or, choose to listen to a message for personal responsibility and austerity akin to telling you that you couldn’t like have his BIG MACs twice a day and eat them.

Can you though really think you can trust President Barack Hussein Obama to be your banker?  It is too late for him to try to fool so many as the Clintons did again — he won’t be able to get banks to lend money he and they don’t have and to people who can show no real means of being able to repay.

His books seem cooked - and MAC DADDY CLINTON really due the DISSING.

If you are feeling this is all just unfair and feeling like a victim - aren’t you really feeling a victim of William Jefferson Clinton?

And, of Hillary Rodham Clinton - at least?

Can Mitt Romney and Ann Romney quarters pound a “Happy” back in our political “Happy Meals”?  Are our Governors all their linemen ready to keep a needed pocket around him so that we can AQAP win back our freedoms and democracy?

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