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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 2:23 pm

Some scenes are well worth waiting for.

President Obama’s pre-Debate problem seems to be he thinks himself either Demi Moore or Tom Cruise in A FEW GOOD MEN yet all the while he is really a Jack Nicholson character of thinking he is right to lie and lie and lie.

Just the other day I couldn’t believe the scene I caught a couple days after the fact with a former Colin of once like a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense of the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama - at least until earlier in 2012.  Besides it sounded like his opinion about Iraq seemed unchanged since the 2008 campaign positions of Senator Obama it also just sounded too fantastically ignorant in our post Arab Spring commencement sit reps, however.

It does seem President Obama doesn’t want to go into any debate against Governor Willard Mitt Romney either on the wrong side of A FEW GOOD MEN, or, either of Willard Christopher Smith’s HITCH or INDEPENDENCE DAY. 

It is an inconvenient truth about this October that should not present as a surprise if a trick more than a treat that President Obama in these post CGI days is at risk of seeming just a like “fresh” “Prince.”

It was clearly a surprise to hear from one so recently official in Defense of Obama speaking with 2008 talking points and intelligently questionably as if the Arab Spring wasn’t a considerable factor actually quite variable.

If we are of days where even though President Obama is of wishes to be Demi Moore more than Tom Cruise than we may be closer to truths than he has yet dared.  We have that he cannot be Tom Cruise in A FEW GOOD MEN even if his Secretary of State is more a Jack Nicholson than he.  He is the one on trial and most at risk if an OCTOBER SURPRISE were to be A TRUTH A DAY OCTOBER principally. 

But who is available - whom of Republicans are not now all ready too type cast? 

There are likely at least thirty truths than can be told to be a daily update contrary to the too long heralded dictates necessary to the progressive agenda marching of the Administration of Obama.

Have I already somewhere in the past four years posted enough “corrections” of sorts if only as punditry to fulfill an “outline this” assignment - I do believe.

Are there now any other than Independents - like say main stream Republicans - who can step up for thirty days of truths oddly so as actually of OCTOBER SURPRISES? 

I don’t know how a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense of the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama could have been of A THIRD WAY the other day, or however, and yet offered as intelligent that the 2008 Obama positions on Iraq could now still hold - be held.  

As October approaches we all are considerable still even if now Constitutionally relegated too much as “subjects” than earlier of ramparts defended with us cherished as “citizens.”

We have as a truth that can be logically mapped out at least with logic circles that … (for starters)

In what order should a cast however assembled if possibly assembled be to 30 truths for 30 days?

It seems President Barack Hussein Obama would otherwise wish he could at least be Demi Moore.

It seems impossible for President Barack Hussein Obama or Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton to be Tom Cruise in A FEW GOOD MEN or MINORITY REPORT.

The dare is set - there are to be Presidential Debates — how much truth has to be in them for them to actually be PRESIDENTIAL?

We are of times nearly as late as us have needed only so few Americans as there once were Massachusetts’ Democrat Party Primary voters that separated “Hillary” from “Barack” now again good to consider how so few just of say Massachusetts could have been enough to liberate Iraqi people with OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.

It may be an irrelevant truth though that only that number near of 150,000 Massachusetts Democrat Party voters was a number enough to liberate Iraq while of the long overdue prosecution of Saddam Hussein as regards at least 1441.

The resolution is now critical to the PRESIDENTIALITY of the candidates for President of our two parties — their resolution will be even more critical - more crucially “on trial.”

So who knows how many truths need to be dissected and discerned just about how we Americans of the United States of America all would have been trapped for maybe a hundred years on the wrong side of the Arab Spring if we hadn’t at least as we finally did been to that noticeable prosecution of Saddam Hussein and the standing with Iraqi people as they stood up themselves and a new Constitution uniquely theirs?

Do we need Independents for thirty days - for a OCTOBER as:  A TRUTH A DAY OCTOBER? 

Where are our Governors?  How is our federalism as people around the world create and recreate their own?

The dare is set and what is TRUTH is to be on trial - But President Obama cannot be Demi nor Tom as he seems already a called one as if Jack.

We have as a truth that can be logically mapped out at least with logic circles that … (for starters)

Reminder:  The Clintons’ surpluses justified the Bush tax cuts - even though Clintons’ surpluses not well justified.

Reminder:  Even though Bush may have run Operation Iraqi Freedom less than optimally we still have that Clintonomics better explain the current economic down so near a new depression and that even Bush’s tax cuts only scientifically explain why such a crash didn’t happen sooner. 

We have as a truth that can be logically mapped out at least with logic circles that … (for starters)

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