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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:17 am

Yup - I’ve gone and decided not to write another column during October, and, as well maybe not until at least after election day 2012.

Yup, since it is time to see how low I should reset my ambitions and standards to match America’s new normal in nationalism - these are the days beyond my needing to write. 

Yup, I have done too much and for too long for it to be my next move - it is my time just to judge the field - the whole field and yes, both sides. 

Yup, I did nearly find myself forever to avoiding New York - if Senator Hillary Clinton had not ceased to be a Senator from New York my lack of trust and respect for her would have sluced for all with a too low standard a guilt by association. 

Yup, I did once entertain an interest in maybe working at ABC — Disney/Cap Cities - but closed that all down when they lowered their standards with the contract for George Stephanopoulus. 

Yup, it is not my move now - and well it is late now for any to expect to get me at their tables to discuss October, however.

Sad that the new fall season has commenced with new TV shows on air and Mad Men every where politically charged to still be selling Obama austerity and new conservationism. 

Sad that Dems did pursue policies especially about economics that looked as if they would bring us quite to this down time - and most sad for the serious lack of character in them with such pursued with an attempt to be to such with the hope that they would succeed in just blaming the other side.

Yup, I have no idea now how I will spend now more available time (”freer time” — just seems too true and sad as too wrong) this October, but I do at least owe myself an honest consideration as objectively as I can manage of the worth of both parties and sadly now to a wondering about whether the Republicans may be as bad as the Dems.

Yes,  I really nearly decided to completely avoid NYC because NY had Hillary Clinton as Senator.  She seems to have been now too long living up to my distrust. 

I won’t know how to publish to broader audiences until after election day.   If you were wondering - I have been waiting a while to see how much lower I should join my standards and expectations and now the day is coming near.

I have done too much and for too long - and so far no price has been right - or offered well to get me to make a move before Election Day 2012.  

I am now to a month without writing a column - while thinking it is not my move anyways.  I don’t feel a need to retract any of the very many columns I have written - so I really shouldn’t feel a need to write another at least for a month.

I do stand by everything I remember to be in my earlier columns.  And, again, until after Election Day I won’t know where our new lower standard may best be set and so won’t for at least a month know how to join to such new standard any publishing of my past compositions long stirred of years I thought it would be worth it to try to raise our standards.

The choices are yours - I am just an observer now - since for a while it hasn’t been my move or my table to try to get me to.

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