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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:08 am

There is one thing I took from DREAMS FROM MY FATHER early autobiography of an un-minted lawyer — From President Obama’s early autobiography I was able to discern from his own words that though he was a “community organizer” he didn’t like being a community organizer.

We have that “Obamacare” has near 52% percent of those polled nationally regarding its need to be repealed as a majority against it.  Among Democrats that was reported as about 19%.  Among Republicans it topped 80%.  How it is disapproved of by a more specific subset of Americans - a set of actual taxpayers - is a puzzle though presumably much higher than 52%.

I won’t dwell on law student Barry Obama early autobiography with its import that he didn’t like community organizing if only about community organizing.  President Obama can explain his own negativity there scribed with his own words near:  I’ve got to get out of this place - if only I had power - if only I had real power — I’ve got to get out of here.

It seems that though he is four years my senior to the same B-day in August it may be fitting he wrote an autobiography before me, but come on!  During the same months he must have been writing his life history I was of writing politically and journalistically with political poetry as a form with rhyme, rhythm and reasoning about an international time fit for a new federalism.  I did leave a law school a couple miles from his the spring before he started - and I did withdraw after first year and remain an accepted student then for the next seven years able to return without needing to reapply.  I was wanting to be more entrepreneurial and creative but wanted at least one year of law school to further discipline my thinking and writing, but not more.

The Affordable Care Act that we have a bad habit of simplifying as “Obamacare” is bad for American communities.

We have that among those that pay federal taxes the 52% reported as still thinking “Obamacare” should be repealed are of a much higher percentage when of a poll just of “taxpayers.”  And, with that said we are left to ponder that those that are already paying for the care for those in their communities that have been and still will be providing care are strongly and definitively against “Obamacare.”

It really seems that we may have over 80% of the people currently paying to cover the less well off and their healthcare expenses specifically against The Affordable Care Act attempts to get them to pay for the same social good another way.

There may be no contest by states contesting The Affordable Care Act as per “healthcare” as being of a national market.  That doesn’t mean that if it is embraced as primarily of a national market it won’t do harm to the communities still of neighbors providing care for neighbors and without needing to think a distant Big Government Big Sister/Big Brother needs to meddle - especially as per preventative care.

I stand on my opinion that we are better to consider reforms for healthcare around communities not State and with a new frontier for some areas to a county wide (not Country wide) basis for “coverage.”  I stand now still with my thinking from that first year of publication of Barry Obama’s early autobiography checked after near a year working as a citizen canvasser with ConnPIRG and then CCAG (Connecticut Citizen Action Group) with petitioning door to door evenings through a winter, too, on clearer air standards and healthcare reform.  It was from checking my thinking and public opinion amidst being aware of a neighbor Ted Marmor that I was to my individual conclusion that we should avoid national healthcare and look to fight “spill-over” concerns with community policing revolution and treat county basis not country basis as our best new frontier.

With march and beat of “Obamacare” you will be not to thinking you should thank your neighbor who raised a doctor nor the neighbor raised to be doctor or others besides them in your neighborhood and community at least party to keeping your area a place a child of such after learning international medicinal ways would desire to stay or return.  With “Obamacare” you will be expected to thank your national leadership, primarily, and supremely.

I described my writing from same months that Barry Obama was of his early autobiography as of writing journalistically — that said so for I was more to calling myself a political poet practicing spin doctoring to encourage and maybe embolden professional journalists to a better writing for community and international issues.

It may be easier to consider that The Affordable Care Act is bad for communities if you consider that most of actual taxpayers already paying for the social good of covering costs of medical expenses without healthcare coverage are those that seem a vast non-partisan set of those paying for services already for some reason not wanting to pay for same social good this way.

Costs for healthcare may now be out of control because medicine and healthcare has already been allowed for too long to be too considered of a national market.  We have that the nearer healthcare stays to a community and county basis of neighbors being cared for by neighbors the more reasonable the costs of caring are respective to be.

When I left Suffolk Law School that spring just before the Obama fall commencing at Harvard I was already to saying:  “I want to be a caboose to the Reagan Revolution” & “I am more a citizen rosebud than a Citizen Kane” & “I wanted at least a year of law school to help protect me from lawyers and insurance companies.”  The same time of Obama fall commencing I did have a brand new custom ordered Ford F-250 4×4 Pick-up truck ordered through Stoneham Ford and a Villanova classmate from our class of 1987 asking for a ride to Chicago to move him from inner city Philadelphia to the University of Chicago to start his full free ride to PhD in Education.  I did agree - today he is a head of school in Philadelphia area.

I have been against all nationalization of general healthcare coverage at least since 1991-1992.  I was against it while writing suggesting best positioning for business and politicians and journalists for a community and international political correctness, new, for the trying times then of the great recession of the early 90s that as well had us troubled with global warring.

I think it is a very fair interpretation of Barry Obama’s DREAMS OF MY FATHER that he didn’t like community organizing but did like thinking about getting real power and as quickly as he could.  And yet he is celebrated as a former “community organizer” and yet now with programs that seem to be bad for communities, but not his quest for internationalism.

They didn’t have B-corps in Connecticut to my knowledge when I became a sole proprietor of a CT S-Corp doing business as J.P. Hogan Enterprises.  I was of a letterhead meant to be a marketing play on “Carpentry and Remodeling Services” for of my long term primary ambition to be like a “Mad Man” like my maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier had been, and to without having had a degree in such before becoming near the top in such.  The use of “Remodeling” services was always meant to also be to a practical skill to “remodeling” business - & maybe politics or government.  It does seem that it has been our governments that had to change and allow said “B-corps” so that our capitalists could finally be free to legally be as good as they may want to be, fairly within “capitalist” philosophy fit for their community existentialisms.  My paternal grandfather John W. Hogan Sr. was a lifelong Democrat and a member of Knights of Columbus and the inspiration for use of “Remodeling” to be about local or national politics as well.

And now we are to a time of easy internationalism but only maybe so for the hard work of Reagan with his Reagan Revolution and Chief Justice Rehnquist with his Rehnquist Revolution - his work to keep the law and justice professions from the very high legalese Barry Obama had just been trained in at Harvard - his work to bring a new “lay man” language and simpler legalese to United States Jurisprudence and practices. 

It does seem so, yet I haven’t confirmed so, that President Obama was maybe of the last class of Harvard Law School trained and graduated in the old school ways before such started complying with the new better standards of the Rehnquist Revolution to simpler and more accessible legalese.

This said, and again, I feel it important to explain that “community organizer” President Obama with The Affordable Care Act is to a irreversible over-reaching inconsistent with Justice Rehnquist’s Revolution and so as implied with a national program that will be if left to proving it is bad medicine for all of our communities.

I just now found this link:  http://www.concurringopinions.com/archives/2010/07/the-federalism-revolution-did-not-take-place.html — I don’t know how creditable it legally is but it may be a good second step from this column.  Nearer 1989 I did write out my own “Remodeling” services contract to the type of legal atmosphere I thought best - After the official legal changes about the national redu of The Rehnquist Revolution I did not have to change a single word in my contract to be to new “compliance” - I did surprise the lawyer who suggested he should look at it due to such revolution in our jurisprudence for he (dad) was only able to conclude that his son’s contract - the son who had left law school after just a year - had maybe the only existing contract he had seen that didn’t need to be changed.

I have been fighting attempts to nationalize healthcare reforms a long time now,  so long that President Obama was likely maybe hardly through the writing of his early autobiography while I was so and so as well to the international concerns also of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM attempts at needed “remodeling” change.

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