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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:23 am

There is probably more you don’t want to hear about here now than that you do.  We cannot all be Jack Kennedy or Ronald Reagan.  Are many this year surprising Jeffersonian Republicans, though?

I sit here now in the middle of October in the Year of our Lord two thousand ten and two.  Our Constitution was written with its preamble to ordain what followed and then subscribed then in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven.

In this year we are still using the same calender as when founded so Constituted with a preamble to ordain, and a subscribing to commence a ratification by at least 9 states via their honorable representatives I think if there was to be a start with only 9 new states.  What is the difference between a loose federation of states and a loose federation of utopian societies?

With this calender still ours Constituted how Constitutional now are we as ’subjects’ or ‘citizens’ still?  How did this calender start?  What pray tell happened so many years, months, days, hours, and minutes so long ago?

Today as I sit here I do so to share that Bill Clinton has made maybe the best argument as to how his extra trillion cut for the Clintons’ surpluses did actually cause these times still far too near a new depression.

It is remarkable that I as well have a memory of Senator Hillary Clinton of a speech on the Senate floor was maybe one of the best ever heard to honor the wisdom of President George Washington and his prudence of self limiting his reign.

I believe it was Lanny Davis, former special counsel to President Bill Clinton, that long has reminded us most often that the Clintons’ surpluses was of a trillion cut after the Republicans had done the thought political impossibility by finding a first trillion to cut to balance our federal budget.  Yes, it is a former special counsel to the Clintons that has stirred the most confidence about the Clintons having been of cutting politically a trillion dollars after the budget had been with difficulty balanced with Republicans like miracle workers of an thought impossible mission.

There is much irony about this Year of our Lord two thousand ten and two.  It is a toss up if it is Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton of the Administration of the Presidency of Barrack Hussein Obama or her husband former and term limited President William Jefferson Clinton now most ironic, at least.

Secretary Clinton clearly has blood on her hands and not just for being more a Secretary of War seemingly than a good practitioner of quality diplomacy.  She has blood on her hands and ironically for what we are supposed to accept from her now as moral leaves how she crusaded as First Lady Hillary Clinton necessarily as immoral in comparison.

As President Clinton tries to play the supreme political leader as near at least the old to be under a President Hillary Clinton teased AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD we have that ironically he has actually given comments about the economy that can quite well best be used to explain how the Clintons’ surpluses did cause this down economic time and best explain how a recovery has been laggardly.

This year we struggle to see a way forward and maybe with our greatest doubts about one hawking “FORWARD”! 

It seems it is fair to say we should be wise to consider that either Hillary Clinton or her husband Bill Clinton is the worst possible messenger for President Barack Hussein Obama in this the Year of our Lord two thousand ten and two.

Secretary Clinton seems to have not just blood on her hands but too much blood on her hands, and enough to suggest a failure in diplomacy around the world.

President Clinton, with his remembered economic explanations as to hindered recoveries, and recoveries needed, is considered for speaking of a known amount of time for recoveries from different assaults upon economics, related historically, and fundamentally.  It is ironic that his explanation as if an expert about such suggests that he then if an expert while President knew enough to have known not to have pursued a surplus so soon after the financial assault of the trillion cut just to balance our federal budget.

There is a race now between Bill and Hillary for greatest relevance and causal hands about this like new Depression - REALLY!

With Secretary Clinton though it is still most ironic that as Senator Clinton she gave one great speech about the importance of term limits and limiting of executive powers as practiced by President George Washington and yet so as if it wasn’t at all to be practiced or held to be prudent for herself or her husband.  That the Clintons have tried to cling to power may be most causal and for much that has so many thinking we all need a different direction.

The Democrat Party seems to have lost any high ground however long kept as Jeffersonian Republicans, and now as Republicans seem to be advancing as both Jeffersonian Republicans and Lincoln Republicans in this the Year of our Lord two thousand ten and two.

It is quite “brassy” for President Bill Clinton to be at all out stumping on the economy.  If he is the expert he claims to be now and is to be believed to have been as “expert” while President then he has quite offered himself the best argument as to how the Clintons’ surpluses of an extra trillion cut was an assault too great and too soon after the assault of the balancing first trillion cut.

And, as per Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, with all the blood on her hands, and the irony of her having claimed to once have been “ready from day one” or “ready at 3 am” — It is quite ironic how she by clinging to power has been ironic for having once given a great speech about the American importance and reliance upon our leaders not trying to cling to power. 

It is dangerously ironic, I guess, that in the age of the Arab Spring we have both Bill and Hillary clinging to power as near dictatorial as they can manage, and with their eight years of having been happy to be in bed with so many now deposed, however.

In the year 2012 we seem to have a problem with our Democrat messengers as well as the Democrat Party message.

And, especially with President Bill Clinton now an embodiment of foreign entanglements too much as if foreign contributions towards 2012 political influencing.  

And, especially with his suggestion of himself an economic expert since there is tape somewhere to replay to show how his explanation for these years of slow recovery and downturn do best explain how the Clintons’ surpluses with the risky lending run as an unfunded federal social program did set up this mess, scientifically speaking.

The Clintons are in a race against themselves now for “MOST IRONIC” - quite sadly.

And, now for the rest of October what a surprise for so many. 

The Clintons surpluses justified the Bush Tax Cuts and yet the Clintons’ surpluses are most to blame for our down economy as explainable by Bill Clinton’s own expertise in old spots in which he explained how in essence that he should never have cut a trillion so soon after the trillion cut by Republicans to balance the budget in the 90s.

And, now for the rest of October what a surprise for so many that Bill Clinton can best explain how it is nearly all his fault but as per all the blood now on the hands of his wife, and maybe for she couldn’t hear the wisdom in one of her own past speeches.

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