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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:30 am

We can start the countdown to this approaching “Judgement Day” for the work wrought however many scores now by Barack Hussein Obama, Party leader of Democrat Party and the current President of the United States of America.  Election day is near!

Has he succeeded in nearly making Joseph Kennedy, Prescott Bush, Charles Lindbergh, Allen Dulles, John Rockefeller, Andrew Mellon, Joseph V. Connolly Sr. and his boss William Randolph Hearst look like Tea Partiers in comparison?  Election day is near!*

These men of a different era of different problems long before a 1984ish JOBIAN TABLET e-word capability did witness Hollerith punch cards too greatly enable and encourage Adolf Hitler.  And they seemed unlike our modern Democrats to have been willing to bring about Nuremberg Trials for crimes against humanity that could have and should have been brought as well against Saddam Hussein within the first years of a new NEW WORLD ORDER as it was already during the first term of the administration of the Clintons.

And as I update with Facebook recently this thought now here too:  

“Still about the Clintons and our 90s: DANGER > they thought that tech revolution gave them the power to start fooling most of the people most of the time and on top of how spousally they thought after all those years spousally plotting since law school to grab global power was to an inevitable and probable potential also of us too much to them thinking as well that Republicans had to work with them or get left behind with them only sharing their thought actually real power and ability to move forward newly able to fool most of the people most of the time.  If only like they didn’t wax nostalgic all those years of a “charming boy in the school yard” whence - and to a keeping him of privy to their spousal and nearly secured closely secret ambitions.”

And, REALLY, what about Iran under its current leadership?

But as if a BULL MOOSE TEDDY ROOSEVELT herself alike, really aren’t we now to saying like:  HILLARY IS NO BILL CLINTON?

We are stirred and shaken these days wondering how so much could have gone so wrong and now more to a late arrival at a due ponderance about a seeming missing number of years — Have you found the missing years 1993-2001 yet?

How can we have a 2012 “JUDGEMENT DAY” about so much with it seeming affected by Dems as if eight years and the work of Dem hands did not really exist but metaphysically?

With us supposed to now understand how we have a Navy with “ships” that can operate underwater we still have that it seems that President William Jefferson Clinton punk’d President Barack Hussein Obama into appearance with pronouncements that we should be to a NEW NATIONALISM in the spirit of BULL MOOSE TEDDY ROOSEVELT of 1910.  I don’t think that President Obama would have on his own have decided to come out like an earlier like rabid Clintons as “Teddy” of 1910 just back in our states fresh from being the toast of most or all of the new pre-Nazi Fascists about Europe.  No, it just seems it was a move Clintons did punk President Obama into as a move they needed likely as well to work a justification of their staying around for like a third term.

Really, I don’t know who stirred so much in past days about the failings of the Clintons and to me back to wondering how they just never could bring themselves to deal with one reportedly a new Hitler at least in their first term while our Coalition from the Persian Gulf War still at ready, nearly.  How was it the list of men of an era after “Teddy” of 1910 shown above could be party to Nuremberg trials and yet the administration of the Clintons were more to letting the reported “New Hitler” Saddam Hussein nearly go scott free?  I mean you can see that today we would have a nuclear arms race between Iran and a Iraq of Saddam Hussein or his sons if President George W. Bush hadn’t picked up our sanctioned swords and bayonets of UN rights and move many to a quite late prosecution of Saddam Hussein - RIGHT?

Did the Clintons reign in an era of as much “new tech” as Hitler did with Hollerith, and, did the Clintons show weakness and fall too temptations of such yet of their own times?  It does seem it was President Barack Hussein Obama that wanted to go all Orwellian State Evangelist on the world.  It does seem it was President Barack Hussein Obama that wanted his time and its new tech revolution with JOBIAN TABLETS more secular to allow him an hour a day of State broadcasts to evangelize as thought prohibited by our 1st Amendment.

For starters we still have the problem that when the Clintons left office there were then no reports of them having ever worked up an entrance or exit plan at least to effectively deal/prosecute Saddam Hussein.

For starters we still have the problem that with the Clintons in office Defense Department wasn’t given the money for up armoring troop vehicles nor troop body armor enough for the times of the intel in their intel reports.

How many dead are there in Arlington National Cemetary now who died at least in a fight to keep Communism from being forced or coerced upon Americans anywhere?   How wrong by 2009 at least was it to suggest that after so many died to fight such a centralization from afar method of top down trickle or torrent Government from our minds that our best way forward was to choose to embrace what so many had died and suffered defending us from?

It seems TEA PARTIES of today can satisfy the demand of readers more everywhere.  How safe is it to be a messenger now for citizens of the world with the Clintons about and their Boss Obama still thinking also that Saddam Hussein should have been let to go scott free?  I mean like after President Clinton punk’d President Obama into NEW NATIONALISM pronouncements to us to embrace a new State Evangelism Secular by Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America, where can our thoughts go but to the Clintons as BULL MOOSE “TEDDYS” as a new Fascist too much himself already by then?

It does seem even romantic that we seem to be of an era more for PEACE DIVIDENDS than the years of the Clintons with PEACE DIVIDENDS - that we are of a time when and so that our best National Security Posture seems to also be to an embrace of a RENAISSANCE of Federalism and state’s rights.

What a mess the administration of the Clintons left for their successor and so now as we can consider maybe more clearly that such a mess was for internal Dem Party power struggles and meant as a mess to be left a President Al Gore in such a way that he would have to likely crawl to the Clintons and beg them to show him how he could fix a mess they had made - like to a built in come back for “Bill” at least like a mason of old when of building a chimney to have been to mortaring and pointing in a pane of glass until such time as his bill got paid. 

There sure did seem a whole lot of smoke you could say after someone tried to be a President after the Clintons.  Or better like between the Clintons - by their thinking.  

Either as a BULL MOOSE new “TEDDY” is quite a problem!  And, similarly a problem as well of someone(s) too far to wondering how to get the power of the Presidency back after two full terms had been had, however.  For “Teddy” it seemed an embrace in 1910 of the new Fascism of Europe on the rise and a turn away from whom he had Governed as as President for two terms.

Election day is near!   But why wasn’t their money in Defense Budget of Clintons for sufficient vehicle armoring or at least body armor enough for all?

{* The above list of names came from Googling ‘Joe Kennedy GM Hitler’ mostly with such from this link there:  http://www.rationalrevolution.net/war/american_supporters_of_the_europ.htm — That I added the name of Joseph V. Connolly Sr. is all mine.  Joseph V. Connolly Sr. must have been a character for years after his early death near the age of 50 I was on Block Island in summers sleeping some many nights under a photo his son then had of Mussolini personally autographed to him - to Joseph V. Connolly Sr. that is.  There were other pictures too and one of the Liberty Ship Christened the JOSEPH V. CONNOLLY (SR?).  I do not know if such specific vessel that works on top of water was Bridgeport, Connecticut made while knowing/thinking that Bridgeport did build Liberty ships}

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