August 2020
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Some times it is as simple as finding the right type of shoes for your day.  Today if you aren’t wondering about all the manufacturers and specific brands for work boots are you considering if you started your day on the wrong side of the bed?

Sands of times such as like of these days metrics may be of time kept accurate enough and finally more locally and celestial.  An hour glass shape is more beautiful than a Sandy cyclonic nimbustic mass, however.

With some now to tea parties by candles light necessarily an election day approaches with Sandy having sunken the HMS BOUNTY.  A quick game of Go Fish or Cribbage maybe with your tea - or yet some Bridge, maybe?  A quick flight of nimbus 2012 might still harken on sight too many too near to concerns about weather as beautiful - a puffy cumulus sky set 2012 may yet not.

Many either will be shopping for new boots for November and with some buying the nearest brand available even if not as steel toed as they should eventually have.  Some will have time to shop for a more lasting fit and more specific use specific branding considerate so.  Others may be shopping for waders more than they had ever thought.

Waterproofing and breathability to be considered as for toe and ankle protection and support.

Tread patterns and arch support and a good fit may not be of the first available options for those most in need of new boots due to Sandy and her nimbustic cyclonic.

The captain of the original HMS Bounty did become a matter of dispute though it did set off as the United Kingdom started to find hope and change for themselves after having lost the American colonies to struggles and independence assertions risen from earlier American Tea Party taxation issues.  Captain William Blygh was the Captain of Commissioning for the mission of THE BOUNTY and William Jefferson Blythe III is the Christian name Bill Clinton was born to.

There is much afoot politically now arguably because the Democrats of the 2008 sweep to so much power that they decided to try to go it alone without working at much of any bi-partisanship.  There is much afoot that they ideologically rushed too many towards that now can be said to have helped Sandy more than hurt her chances — they may have completely marched ideologically with exactly all the “solutions” for any climate change the wrong and most dangerous directions.

Atlantic City may turn out the better for this visit from Sandy that may have been advanced by Dems ideological blind rush to what seems a crony capitalism to a one sided and inadequately considered messing with mother nature.  It is still historically a wonder that we had the eight years of the Clintons with an alarmism about bigger storms and yet no help for New Orleans or its outdated and in disrepair levies and the MR GO (Mississippi River Gulf Outlet).

There were many ways for America to have lead a real economic recovery otherwise than how the Dems did while liking a politics of avoiding work for bi-partisanship.  There were ways for America if it could have avoided the Dems’ ideological GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM political agenda even if a science of a condition was unavoidable.  There were better ways to have addressed the weather threats from any actual global warming - by far.  There were ways to have celebrated not a CRISIS to justify a nationalism or new nationalism that would have helped other options work with other economic growth possibilities to have likely allowed a real economic recovery already, and, even maybe within just a couple years.

The only obstacle, for the other options that could have been with a bi-partisan patience about real issues of our time, and less of just the ideological rush of a Dem Agenda march, is that still we have that the Clintons’ years, of burning our economic candle from both ends at once, with that “captain” born William Blythe III, of having asked the banks to be to a mass gambling with derivatives, that would have made a real recovery possible already is that we still have that the Clintons’ economics did embed too much corruption into our big banks banking systems.

We have that the Clintons set up the economic down turn both with President Clinton’s desire to push a risky loaning to a housing bubble as an unfunded federal social program and with his stirring of Americans to a hyper consumerism that couldn’t hold when gas prices spiked with announcement of Hillary for President and Al Gore’s INCONVENIENT TRUTHS.  The Clintons needed to be removed from a sense of good captaining for the economy to have recovered already - and as it had possibilities whence to have recovered even within a couple of years.

Atlantic City now for post Sandy cyclonic nimbostratus darkness days and recovering may consider an old job growth economic idea of mine to remake all of Atlantic City into an American Venice with many canals and with boats in canals instead of cars on roads.

Detroit was of old days of job creation ideas fitting with our economic options for actually possible more speedy recovering.  For Detroit - for the Motor City - I though I had a turning of the tables of its own story for it to become less a facilitator of travel and more a destination to celebrate travel — For Detroit still I can imagine theme parks of GEO DOMES with year round down hill skiing in one with restaurants and spas and a desert oasis in another with camels and cultural specialities, and as well even great and large out of place tropical forests with sunny and warm indoor beach and swimming transporting experiences.

Atlantic City could become a wonderful new destination more of an international cultural experience maybe some ways other than becoming a working and large NEW Venice.

Detroit still seems a great Heart Land are aready to have some tables set better for them and even so maybe as I suggested years ago they could have us help them turn our tables for them to a destination economy.

Sandy at least you only visited as a lady booting a Category 1 responding.  I don’t know where you are now and how you may have many looking more for snow boots than work boots.

Oh Sandy - you could just as well be of party politics too much of a party having played politics too much near four years ago.  Oh, Sandy - there may be climate change and global warming and yet you may have been born of too much meddling effected too quickly and not itself be conceived from an actual as sold global warming.  Oh, Sandy - There were better ways to have addressed concerns about Global Warming however specious and ways that could have otherwise likely have turned the global economy around within two years years ago.

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