January 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:21 am

These are the days that too many have a blank slate now to redraw a life upon.  We are of a time to consider austerity and our environment as well as our politics in 2012 that may not be ever so again in our life times.  We can hope as Americans that our fellow Americans so severely effected by at least the recent category 1 Hurricane named Sandy are free to sketch themselves for themselves a new way forward as free as the one before, but when.

President Obama is a danger zone himself!  President Barack Hussein Obama spoke big and tried to evangelize but over charged from his very first moments with our national check book and credit accounts.

President Obama did not offer us a real RESET!  President Barack Hussein Obama seemed willing to have over coddled an extremely like a one percenter Saddam Hussein.  It was with one as if a supporter of Ba’athists and maybe for them of an ideological origin to be a way forward to a United Arab Socialist State. (Alan Hart — Arafat - Terrorist or Peacemaker)

President Obama has been a bad socialist - a not to scale drafter - of sketchy sketches too top heavy.

President William Jefferson Clinton was a danger zone early on!  We are now suffering for what was wrought poorly and with insufficient forethought by the administration of the Clintons.  President Clinton did have to demote George Stephanopoulus early on and find a stalwart former Republican Presidential adviser such as David Gergen to boldly step quietly into a slipping Clinton White House and for a rescue of such Democrats.

David Gergen did step boldly and quietly into the Administration of the Clintons as part of a necessary demotion of George Stephanopoulus early on and as a successful former Republican adviser willing to be that special adviser to show President Clinton a way to make his White House start working.  President Clinton desperately then needed a Republican adviser like David Gergen to cross party lines and to show him how a White House could work.

President Obama has been a bad socialist in a variety of ways!  Foremost for starters should be how he showed his socialist centralizing cards too early and too strongly.  President Obama was obvious and simple so when of hopes to have a second stimulus as if it would then be so much government spending that it would be a CRISIS to justify it seemed near 70% taxation.

I don’t know if David Gergen survived the administration of the Clintons enough to now explain such today. 

As so many now because of Category 1 Hurricane Sandy are unexpected new faces like of those long now of Obama’s unemployed or effected we have that socialism issues have to be a consideration of state’s rights and local recoveries of these days so sketchy for so many.  It seems if President Obama wants to be of a “success” for GLOBAL WARMING and these austere days of a new conservationism he is then wanting to be re-elected for having worked to stop or just greatly slow down our economy.  If President Obama wants to be elected with his first time of “success” then really we should revisit any and all opinions of the economics of President Bush for such does seem to suggest that then he must be a heroic political figure.

I do know that President George W. Bush did appose the earlier efforts of the Dems with the Kyoto Accords and as documented by David Frum because he was too concerned that if he did embrace them as constructed he then would be tanking the global economy.  Yes, we can say:  Like it did when around 2007 the Dems started a too ideological march anew with a simple partisanship also inadequately considered.

We have sketched out now that Governor Mitt Romney is a viable alternative to President Barack H. Obama.

May you be free - be free still to sketch etchy now as before - as before there was a President Obama as a bad socialist.

President Obama has been a bad socialist in large part for he didn’t offer a state based socialist model while of a rush to a new nationalism in socialized centralization.  We have that ideologically speaking, and especially in time of shared CRISIS that we are of days when wealth and income inequality can naturally best be resettled with state and local taxation reformulations.  A bad socialist he has been for not having differentiated a wealth inequality about differences in income taxation realm and wealth and property taxation realms.

President Barack Hussein Obama and his attempts at evangelizing the USA and whomever abroad he might have been corrupted ideologically as per any and all 1% vs. 99%!  So much that he rushed a march forward with just doesn’t work at a national level with revenues based on a variable such as income taxation and capital gains.  Essentially our federal system is set up like a circuit breaker for the freedom of the People such that revenues can shrink at the national level if a socialism is attempted. 

Our states though have greater powers to be more fairly socialistic or to a renaissance in a community balancing!

I am not sure, really, that David Gergen did survive the Administration of the Clintons!  It seems clear now - let me be clear — that the Clintons and their personal bests were not then and are not now sufficient or as sufficient as at least that of Governor Mitt Romney.  President Bill Clinton may have needed David Gergen just to counter his personal character to politicking like one of the told of likes of bad used car salesmen.

It did seem that the problem with our economy early on in the Administration of Obama was some that he had brought in and embraced essentially all those that the Clintons would have if re-elected.  And, that those were obvious in a desire to have a second stimulus more to such as being an excuse to hike taxes as high as 70% if they could.

And with a revenue stream from individual efforts to income, profits, and gains this was BOLDLY drawn to demotivate too many. 

And, with it then also of a Government GUILTING a anvil was like dropped as well upon all the motivations of Americans to income, profits, and gains as well because the psychology of such was loudly sketched as a BAD that even they shouldn’t be towards or of.

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