January 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:08 am

Long live F. Scott Fitzgerald — may he never be a Henry David Thoreau or an Edgar Allen Poe.

What is it you don’t want me to tell you today about the recent elections? 

Though President Barack Obama hasn’t felt flexible enough to use his middle name Hussein these results suggest he has a GREEN REVOLUTION all his own - but for how others built it, more than he did.

He may have started less of a velvet touch even about Iran and lost in time with a naivete about Saddam Hussein and a future frontier for Iraq and Iran challenges, but, we are here now all going forward but when backwards to learn from history to try to avoid repeating hard lessons already thought learned from.

I have long suggested a N.E.D.A. different from the Irani Neda mostly ignored by President Barack Hussein Obama and his Secretary of State more a Secretary of War.  A NATURAL EMERGENCY DISASTER AGENCY - N.E.D.A. - to have a WEATHER CORP and some to replace or supplant some FEMA operations in ways outside of our Department of Homeland Defense regular organizational tree.

We don’t need a Constitutional convention to rebuild FEMA at least some as a N.E.D.A. - and an esprit de corps of this new weather normal that for now can be a global cooling change after a reported near 9% drop in concerned greenhouse gases since just 2007 - a change of weather patterns due to human causes by political affecting.

The numbers seem in already to suggest that Obama was elected by a mass of people all green and with him so as like a revolution green - a Green Revolution.

I do not know why so many voted for this Black FDR also from a Hyde Park and for another bought of AUSTERITY — It seems undeniable that Obama has won a second term to be still of his new conservationism to a GREEN first national AUSTERITY for all.

It seems a loss - win result for Republicans.  This win for more of Obama’s national AUSTERITY with his priorities to a new conservationism comes with First Lady Michelle Obama as a leader for less and more home grown and homespun, still.

The best that might come from President Barack Hussein Obama new “flexibility” from re-election would be a loud and most public march against trial lawyers and malpractice litigation to effect a real and most needed Healthcare reform.

It seems the Republicans gained even more national ground securely in 2012 even though they didn’t get to inherit “OBAMA’S AUSTERITY” as hoped.  A renaissance in state’s rights and our federalism basis seems here now to stay for the second term of President Obama.  Since the Republicans succeeded in enough wins to block the Democrat Party take over of most of the possible redistricting across this nation they seem to have been gaining more ground, if only slowly.

Thomas Paine might think that there were two winners in 2012.  A real winner by results and a sensed real visceral winner of causes moved forward more - more successfully.

I don’t know why so many voted for President Obama in 2012 with such to be a vote for gridlock.

As long as this President is first an environmentalist as “Teddy” Roosevelt might have himself thought as not excessive if it would just get him back in office for a third term, he is necessarily an AUSTERITY PRESIDENT more like Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Did you hear that there are now thirty Republican Governors of our fifty states?

Have you figured that President Obama has been so wrong about Saddam Hussein and for so long that too many didn’t figure their selection in 2012 enough about how Saddam Hussein if not for President George W. Bush’s FREEDOM AGENDA with OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM would now have support at least from some in Europe to have been back to nuclear power and maybe an arms race with Iran?

So Secretary of State Hillary Clinton > how is your “best advise” about THE BENGHAZI FOUR working for you?  That advise to defensively have a DOCUMENT DUMP like a throwing of the kitchen sink at it all and your lies and naivete at least with old and early “I cannot believe that this happened in a country we liberated.”?  Have you succeeded in your defense with the throwing everything at it to stall and bury your complicity legal strategy? 

Hmmm?  I think for everyone but Hillary Clinton the expression for defensive legal maneuvers should still be “threw everything but the kitchen sink at it” even though for her just “kitchen sink” seems too excessive and defensive.

We know how to make ice — we can build a fleet of NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES to be of a N.E.D.A. WEATHER CORP for scientific and emergency oceans temperature moderation — cooler surface temperatures can be effected to put risk of bigger storms down by changing the “warmth” they would feed on.

Is this a place for a mention of THE COLOR PURPLE or maybe an earlier era of our entertainment culture such as that of HALLE BERRY in STRICTLY BUSINESS.  Alice Walker, sorry, I have not read your book yet.  Halle - you were amazing in STRICTLY BUSINESS - that such was possible for you then did have me tearing up.

It seems aliens and space spending is now out mostly for the next four years after this GREEN REVOLUTION however without a velvet touch and core philosophy for haves and have not isms about this march forward to more years of OBAMA’S AUSTERITY as a Black FDR also from a Hyde Park. 

As long as he all green and with his priorities set to a new conservationism with diets by FLOTUS Michelle his tune is ‘AUSTERITY FOR ALL!’.

I was just this morning sharing this thought on my Facebook friend Charles M. Blow’s blog link:

“Seems the Republicans have been big winners this year — at least as towards an American RESET to a restoration that we have rules and a Constitution that are not outdated and to be run over by a few elite ideological partisan Dems with hopes to change to a unstoppable autocratic global power.  If only Mitt Romney had been born more a poor Mexican/American dream child or a poor black boy this message would be clearer and still likely a fair characterization for the party of Condoleezza Rice.  Republicans have been winning since 2008 while losing - they beat the redistricting wave and have been continuing forward towards more and better community organizing towards a renaissance in state’s rights and federalism issues understanding.” 

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