December 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:56 am

A social contract was thought our standard;  a contract to not be breached our ways secured.  These days that try souls of so many are fraught with lawyers as “leaders” to fewer of keep in pillars of justice.

It is maddening to normal minds the “reconstructions” of fact that our “leaders” of our Democrat Party national “leadership” have been slamming home and marching out - however successfully.  It may not be long before we can have “results” of “scientific” studies that attest a finding that our nation has had a measurable increase in autism at least under Democrat “leadership” of our nation.

Whether you see them as “brassy” or “too brassy” — as of a “deconstruction” or “reconstruction” — they are inescapable as a lot of lawyers also taggable as of a lowering of standards once thought an evolving keep of “pillars of justice.”

President Barack Hussein Obama has been in breach of our contracts about social contracts with our Government ever since his oration of his 1st inaugural speech.  He has been of a bearing of false witness as if a “reconstruction” of our facts and history towards a more politically convenient “history” was of a power of his pen - a power of the pen as over the governance of and by laws - our laws.

Possible candidate nominee for appointment to Secretary of State Cabinet Officer posting Senator John Kerry is too long and too long of convenient “reconstructions” and some of “deconstructions” of visible and thought logical historical truths as if lying were not lying nor a bearing of false witness.  Former Candidate for President Senator John Kerry is known to some editorial boards for of his eleventh hour election eve attempts to get published new best like “reconstructions” (lies) to be out without time to check or fathom by election day.

President Obama has long since day one of his Presidency been of a bearing of false witness as like a known COVER-UP attempt and conspiring to rewrite a false and unearned absolution of guilt due a load bearing by the hips and shoulders of the former First Couple Clintons.  It has been a bearing of false witness and of posits impossible everytime President Obama has assaulted our reason and logical inferings of what was in the air otherwise as “truths” — President Obama has been disturbing the “FORCE” each and everytime he offered “it is all Bush’s fault” as a defensive cover-up of and for the Clintons and their years and avoidances that far better and more simply in an honestly explain so much far superiorly.

Senator John Kerry might have won his Presidential campaign if he had gotten editorial boards to go with what were his new best lies (legal argument/defense fabrications?) for press spewing on or just before election day that year. 

It is maddening quite how Democrats have been to attempts to “deconstruct” and/or “reconstruct” to new facts and histories more convenient to their aspirations otherwise challenged by truths already much naturally about and subconsiously at least already hardwired in our People.

The Clintons are know “LIARS” and even most publicly tagged by “friends” as “BIG LIARS” — Senator John Kerry’s best selling point as to being a successor to Hillary Clinton can be that he cannot be worse than she has been.  He has lied but not as much as he did try to lie (offer defensive legal fabrications).  He so though has likely lied less than either Bill or Hillary and while an officer however of an oath of our Constitution.  He is packageable as purer than either Clinton and for being now of less political “constructions” or “deconstructions” or “reconstructions.” 

It is a further lowering of our standards and to a new “maddening” risk to allow Democrats to be so long of breaches to our social contracts for political expediency for their selfish political needs.  Senator Kerry should be able to be a better Secretary of State than Hillary Clinton has been and as well then be able to be a strong alternative to Hillary if Bill works her up again to running to attempt to re-seat him again in the White House.

>  “It is “brassy” too for President Obama to
quote scripture all the while long from day one of bearing false witness
for the Clintons (& Dems)? #truth”

*{This a morning social media posted thought of this morning}

>  Some times it is not that a leader isn’t doing
enough but that they have been doing too much of something else but
related somehow.

*{The above a morning tweeted thought}

When former President Clinton stood up in Charlotte at the Demcrat Party Convention he did so quite “brassy” of lies about lies to cover his lies as by projection and transference again by calling someone else “brassy” to cover his own “brassy” lying. 

President Clinton has so long been in the breach to the voiding of our consciousness of a keep of  pillars of justice of a social contract that he as a charlatan in Charlotte a breach of a normality for nearly everyone else.

For the purposes of checking our breaches and the diminished capacity across this nation as the Dems have been maddening the masses with “reconstructions” unconscionable consciously we do have as well to consider that “Bush lied…” as legs of understatements regarding “truths” — And, yet we have really to worry more about these years long now of it unchecked mostly that “leaders” of Democrat Party national “leadership” have been slamming home legal defenses for their selves that are quantitatively and qualitatively far in excess of what President George W. Bush has yet been accused of.

Howard Dean has before after a defeat issued a mea culpa of the order of “I was in conflict/trouble with the Mental Health Clarity Acts” as of training and past time served as a medical professional unable to claim ignorance of the consequences of lying for political convenience about such much already hardwired at least into electorate’s subconscience.

Howard Dean seems to be back but now with more Democrats than just the Clintons to “reconstructions” much as if a necessary legal defense and cover-up at least for the Clintons that are better to be now re-aired and litigated or relitigated as of lies and lying quite dangerous to the maintenance of our civil ways - of our FORCE.

We have too long now of some of our Democrat Party leadership of disturbances of our FORCE - by “LIES” however packaged as new and necessary “legal fabrications” of a allowable “politics.”  Dems have been at least as guilty as Republicans of these as if breaches of our social contracts with our government and each other.

Senator John Kerry, in his defense, should be, though so compromised, yet of a cleaner potential now to have a chance to be a better Secretary of State than Hillary Clinton has been and so then to being a stronger and “forgiven” new candidate challenger maybe to Hillary Clinton if so allowed towards 2016.

If it is all about doing wrong while trying to do right and then being forgiven for what they did that was maddening and wrong and even if it was of a priori purposeful premeditations then it is but now for them to ask us all for forgiveness for such and yet with it a great big chasm of a hole like a breach — that about all they should first confess to as for a cleansing from an asked for but maybe not deserved forgiving.

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