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Sunday, March 28, 2010 {NOW REPOSTED }


The problem with SOCIALISM is that if you “elect” it in you find you have elected SOCIALISTS that will forever think you were just voting for them, and for them to make just socialist decisions for you forever.  Take President Bill Clinton for example: He still is more a Socialist than generally credited for the overlap of old Reagan/Bush policies that kept working for years into his “deciding.

To bring SOCIALISM in by “election” creates monsters of those elected!

You could say President Clinton was afraid to show his “true socialist” but not as much able to hide his cravings for Autocracy of Clintons.

This is a copyrighted photo here pictured.  I have likely had fewer than three dozen coffee cups made as gifts with the image on one side and fewer of such, of this total, as also with a poem of mine.  Gwen, I still am disappointed in memories of you from days around adjusting after Governor Clinton was elected President.  For the record I do not know if you are a member of any Socialist party.

Tiger, hey look there’s a waitress! --- Got ya!  Yes this photograph of my egg is from that memorable breakfast in New Haven in early 1996, and yes it does still look more like The Masters logo than a Rand McNally rendering.  I forget how long ago I emailed you a single copy with some of my old political poetry of THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM.  Hey, look, a waitress, oh what beautiful hazards...!

Steven Spielberg, you hopefully did get the mug I sent you with both this image and a poem on it after being in your AMISTAD court room takes for a couple days.

Senator Orrin Hatch, yes you were lead on Judiciary yet maybe it was just having “hatch” in your name that had you one on such a short list.  Was it the mouse pad or very small puzzle I gave you,- I forget?

I left one photo mug at the Chrysler Building offices of Partnership for a Drug Free America for James E. Burke, as well.

Afghanistan, don’t fret these American Socialists too much.  Our troops will be using the same techniques to build federalism and more equal rights more equally as they did in Iraq and especially with the SURGE resembling strong refederalist technique of ‘COMMUNITY POLICING’.  To get to attempts at socializing Afghanistan as Soviets did these American Socialists with their ’socialism revolution’ will have to use federalist military methods to get there, you should have at least until we elect a new president before they could start to socialize you too.

See Federalism is more like butlers!  More like listening to local law enforcement and building department officials and just wondering what Washington is doing with their free time, than listening to Washington and wondering what your local law enforcement and building department officials are doing with their dictated time, socialist.  See Federalism is about first wondering if there is a local solution, and if there is or could be to why then even spend much time thinking about Washington.

The American Egg picture is of one of two of the eggs I cracked onto flat skillet that came with GE stove; The American Egg picture is of that cooking for a two egg sandwich on Country White Bread, that  morning I was pacing around some wondering if I really had had the effect on all of American in the 1992 Presidential race that I thought I had.  I had also maybe just decided not to keep watching Willow Bay that morning on GMA.  Willow, do you still have the small key chain frame with photo I sent you?

I did nothing to the egg but see it suddenly take that shape, and first worry if “there was film in the camera, and if the camera was still in the next room.”  I think it was a Connecticut egg, but I cannot confirm such.

Gwen Ifill, after 1992 Democrat win I think it was I judged you to be way too selfish and only some excused such as of your “pioneer spirit” and based on climbing on race.

I should talk to my old classmate from Villanova Bert Jacobs at LIFE IS GOOD about merchandising around my copyrighted image of such egg that absolutely cooked itself into the shape of our United States of America continental 48.

Senator Judd Gregg, I forget if it was only one of the homemade refrigerator magnets that I left for you in your Concord Office.  I probably gave away fewer than three dozen refrigerator magnets as well.

Yes, visitors to New Haven and its (old) Koffee Shop on Audobon Street may know the image for “random mugs” and of a vast collection of “gift mugs” was their SOP.

My THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM was always from the start about human energy and even human mental energy and maybe about having too much for any one to think about after America became a sole superpower.  You could say it became about ‘A Thousand Points of Light’ not being enough, maybe.

Note:  DHS (Department of Homeland Security) taken with “community policing” refederalizing is in fact a Federalist System.

Electing a Federalist is more like hiring a butler or home improvement contractor/builder as when the building/election/service is over they expect to just turn over a key and walk away with their work really still yours.

President Clinton, we largely could do without your governance of your’s and Hillary eight year reign as First Couple.  It still seems, and now becoming more broadly seen, that you did more harm than good.

I still love Federalist “wild and wonderful” West Virginia too, well I think I still love West Virginia our “wild and wonderful” hopefully still for state’s rights of “federalism revolution.“  Not ‘butlered’ WV, yet still for federalism?  Will Tennessee have to change from “Volunteer State” to “dictated to state, too”?

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