December 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:46 pm

President Barack H. Obama exited Iraq prematurely and for partisan political gain.  The President left not for military or economic greater good as he moved of a cutting and running retreat such as he did.

For starters this is what we should be talking about and thoroughly considering and debating. 

It seems we now are talking sequester and defense cuts because he as our top Administrative Executive has been of a great and vast economic failure. It seems we are talking about defense cuts now in part because he as our President has not been able to restart a growth economy.  It follows as well that such is of a problem now if we are to defense cuts because of ACA and as for it as Obamacare as not actually affordable.

With our Congress of the Power of the purse it may be that there has to be a reserved and implied right to effect an injunction upon Obamacare as UNAFFORDABLE during these unrecovered economic times.  Our Congress must if of the Power of the purse must be of a sworn duty to protect defense spending and defer other budget items more idealistic than practical or necessary if and when it comes down to looking at reducing our security by defense cuts as now broached.  Our Congress must, it seems, be of sufficient Power someway already to “postpone” as by “injunction” with budget powers spending for Obamacare if it is threatening our defense - and yet only as long as an economy is such that both are not simultaneously affordable.  Our Congress must, it seems, have the implied responsibility not to overturn ACA but to suspend its spending until something so idealistic is actually economically practicable.

Are we though now only at this point because President Barack H. Obama exited Iraq too early?

Are we now here because we cut and ran of a retreat about Operation Iraqi Freedom just before it could have started economically working better for all Iraqi peoples and all of the involved Coalition?

It is real that we are of a time where it seems our nation is of a continuously depressed economic time and such as from a failure in Government economic leadership.  It seems we cannot afford to stay secured enough and prepared enough and yet be of a way to afford a fancy new way to Nationalize otherwise still carried community duties and costs such as with Obamacare.

You must now be among those remembering that Operation Iraqi Freedom was originally supposed to cost the USA much less and as well any or all member states of the Coalition of OIF.  It should be fresh now in most peoples’ minds as for the scheme became refreshed but pushed coyly as if new when we heard first of ODYSSEY DAWN as if it would be paid for by compensation from Libyan people’s oil profits.

There is that Operation Iraqi Freedom was planned to have been paid for not by the “credit card” scheme President Bush is tagged with now long since Democrats in Washington successfully politicked to work USA out of the “benefits” and “compensation” that costs of “liberation” were thought justly to an earning.

Many of the same Democrats that took away USA plans to be compensated for the “liberation” of Iraq with Operation Iraqi Freedom though didn’t mind a similar process for “funding” a “liberation” under their watch as with what started as their ODYSSEY DAWN.

We have that this is more about how we cannot seem to afford so much that President Obama was of promising as well with his then opponent Senator Clinton while also just a candidate to this our highest executive office.  We have that OIF was started with a plan for compensation from freed/liberated Iraqi people that seems to have been able to have worked - it seems Democrats wouldn’t have tried to use the concept as new and their own in Libya if not so.

You are likely among those that are already realizing that we left Iraq too early for even economics of liberated Iraq.  By leaving when we did it seems President Obama is culpable for the Iraqi oil capacity having been left more stagnant and nearly half possibly what it could have become if we hadn’t cut and run so prematurely.  It seems that with what the price of gas became with the ill advice GREEN ENERGY agenda of this President that Iraqi oil profits had become of mulitiples many fold than expected to have been of an affording of “liberation” “compensation” as first conceived.

The math of the Democrats premature partisan political “war” meddling such as the too early retreat from fuller operations in Iraq is such that if we had stayed even one more year the Iraqi people likely could have doubled their oil output and exports and at a new higher price such that it would have cost them may a third what was originally considered to compensate friendly nations that participated with them about their liberation and prosecution from/of Saddam Hussein.

You too must now see how elementary and near even “stupid” President Obama’s abandonment of Operation Iraqi Freedom has turned out to be and that now it by itself is much what is threatening his own idealized Nationalization by ACA in Obamacare as unaffordable.

We have it as a puzzle without a solution yet for public consumption how what Republicans were thwarted from implementing as their planned and affordable way to see that Operation Iraqi Freedom was a justly funded “liberation” engagement is what then became like a NEW & BOLD Democrat Party concept for funding a LIBERATION from Qadhaffi of Libya.  I do not know at these moments of writing this if USA has been successful in collecting the promised compensation from Libyan people and their oil profits.

But what of the Power of the purse of Congress and that Defense should be well above as a necessary and higher budget priority than a over-reaching substitute method of caring such as centralization plans of Obamacare?

And, Mr. President what of that if you hadn’t retreated from our commitment to securing new freedoms of the liberation we stood for and with in Iraq with your premature cutting and running it seems that a year or two more there would have had the Iraqi people of 2X to 3X the oil export capacity they then did and then with the spike in gas prices much caused by your GREEN ENERGY AGENDA so that President Bush’s Operation Iraqi Freedom would have been able to have stayed “paid for” as planned and yet quite economically conveniently as a year or two more of OIF would have likely had Iraq able to cover all “costs” at at most one third the involved labors or “work”?

Mr. President mustn’t Congress now have to consider an injunction from funding or implementing your ACA of a substitute centralized Nationalized healthcare “reform” largely because you left Iraq at least just one year too early?

I mean it figures that if we had stayed and developed more standing with “securing” the Iraqi economy could have been at least of 3-4 times the ability to pay compensatory “liberation” costs of all of the involved coalition states. 

And, that such logic now also implies a guilt upon you Mr. President for your abandonment by premature retreat of your USA cutting and running did then stifle economic development in Iraq and such that quality of life and healthcare for Iraqi people then was left to be depressed so by a similar multiple but inconveniently in what has been what has been missed by them that didn’t have to be missed - right?

I have a BA in Economics from Villanova University — I am not an economist.  That said:  Though I suggest a multiples of 3-4 times to an Iraqi economy ability to easily have paid “liberation” costs an economist can probably confirm that Iraq with just a year more of USA “standing with” of OIF would have been at the Obama economics oil prices to a factor nearer 10X - 20X as their economy did have because of Obama’s retreat.  And yet so a real economist may figure it even much higher even than 20X.

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