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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 1:05 pm

We have to accept that POTUS to SOTU as specifically #SOTU2013 is limited to fashioned stylings for now or this fall again pointedly so quite as if whether he will or will not wear a flag lapel pin this Tuesday to #Congress in appropriate dress.

I do not want to have to read THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO to be able to understand how foreign or domestically born the expectant vacuum of political anticipation filling, with as if “intelligent” and “considerate” oration, POTUS’ SOTU will covertly or overtly wax on spectacularly, however.

I do not remember how much of THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO I did read when decades ago I read just that much.

America and Americans are now in grave danger from having listened at least to Paul Krugman too much.

There are presumptions postured as if of a Posterity posit in a possible while presently pressed and presided by POTUS practicably proven politically polarizing as too partisan for of limited or minimal pragmatism. 

America and Americans are still in a grave economic political POTUS’D rendered Government New Nationalism too much of the experienced excessive centralizing less “economic” than “social planning.”

We may be better to hope that Russia has a twelve step program to beat addictions to old Soviet styled communism and that we can get our POTUS treated - and that we still have time to see that our POTUS gets the treatment our economy really seems to need.  It seems we are wiser now to listen to Russia’s V. Putin than to President Barack H. Obama’s Karl Marx.  The Russians may have been right at least in that six separate regional smaller unions is something modern America could fall apart into.

We have that it would have been simply better if President Barack H. Obama came into his first term more like the Chinese economists thinking for China as of a move to capitalism from socialism and not as he POTUS did with attempts to paddle up stream all tweedy professorial as a political dandy to socialism from capitalism.

The easiest way to explain how and why the Democrats of Obama’s and Clintons’ iron grip have been unable to restore us to a vibrant new growth economy may be to start with how they brought back a centralized political policing bunker mentality even though it was a more convenient for our People era of decentralizing that is the milk or honey of what remains of popularity for or of the Clintons for our 1990s. 

We have that their droning as it undermines our foundations nationally of a system of laws above governance by man is illustrative of an endemic problem with them about a “management” skill for growth economics.  We have that we can talk comparatively of a Chicago grandmother figure of say one of such cities worst neighborhoods that just won’t move because it has been her home since before it was so troubled.  We have that by the “kill list” politics of Obama’s like new manifest destiny foreign policy by remote hands off joy-sticking is so questionable and worrisome that it is as if “collateral damage” for “hot zones” would even have such a Chicago “Grandmother” figure GUILT BY ASSOCIATION by a proximity in location and as if such doesn’t need to be a consideration of humanity or souls at risk.

It seems it is reasonable to suggest that we all economically and socially even could now be better off in 2013 if President Barack H. Obama had listened to and or emulated or imitated the Chinese and Russian leaders of his day more than as he did, as it seems, just the dead Karl Marx.

With anticipation building to #SOTU2013 and how such tweedy professorial Presidential dandy may yet fill an expectant vacuous political new hour we are all maybe best to being to constructs of mental and emotional breastworks of an immunity to and from a new oration of impracticable idealism.

The first step may be best to remember and better realize that the supposedly “bad” Bush Tax Cuts were actually then fair and just as justified by the Clintons and their unnecessary SURPLUSES.  As long as Bush wasn’t allowed to put back in the necessary spending the Clintons cut while signing off on the prudent trillion of cuts to balanced proffered by the Republicans or that of the extra trillion Dems found rashly there was nothing then that was needing higher taxing than that of the Bush Tax Cuts.

Right before there should be a second step each should realize that the crass Clintons’ SUPRLUSES justified the Bush Tax Cuts.  There is an atmosphere about too much of this still excessively vacuous.

Again:  Re: our Budget now:  Our best NATIONAL SECURITY posture now is like best for us of America and the United States of America to be to a real renaissance in state’s rights.  A renaissance in state’s rights is our best hope for regrowing our economy and maybe even jump starting a frozen global economy.  A renaissance in state’s rights now would reset us to the decentralizing that was central to what worked and sold during the Clintons’ 8 of our now too little discussed seemingly missing years 1993-2001.  A renaissance in state’s rights would be our best foreign policy posture as if also of a dominant global trend and yes as a reset to what had been the trending before the Obama call for a “New Nationalism” centralizing too much also of a poorly considered evangelizing about a supposed need for a “new foundation.”

President Barack Hussein Obama is due a historical tag as a professorial tweedy dandy.  He is also still it seems too stuck on old and dead (former) socialists than freed or liberated/cured by successors mostly from such now of new ways such as of modern leadership in Russia and China.

For our POTUS to SOTU now again for #SOTU2013 new media social media speedy media interactiveness we have that he should feed our demands with a supply less vacuous than the “vacuous” now expectant from him.

Can President Barack Hussein Obama - the RE-ELECTED - proffer on Tuesday night a professorial intelligentsia new attitude sufficiently erudite and in a “modern moralism” if only for his now more “subjects” than “citizens” of these no longer loose enough states?  He managed to remain after 2012 contests a American Bolshevik - though seemingly only with a mandate for austerity.

How will he step out as “FRESH & NEW” this week - what talk will he walk as styled right for these times and even for this Fall?  Can he offer us anything new?  Can he offer a promise of new jobs and a jump started economy if he doesn’t learn to wax on carefully layer oratorical polish for a return to decentralizing from a bunker mentality?

After your first steps about this - if even to be supportive to President Barack Hussein Obama with he braving first steps - to get to breaking an addiction to old Marxist styled socialism or old Soviet Communism one or all should consider that more taxes at the national level is not arguably the most idealistic taxation change of the still too purported idealism suffered now too long these past four years.

For our tweedy dandy professorial President even now especially as many fear a vacuous new political hour for Tuesday night we have that ideally he wants to punish wealth variances not mostly earnings as with which our federal revenue streams flow.  A renaissance in state’s rights now would be our best way to reset our economies and to be to finding the much needed real cost savings for healthcare.  A renaissance in state’s rights would be more marketable as for with such though contrary to 1st term of #Obama it would be as if Americans were also for a “spring” for Arabs - as if Americans also wanted a “spring” at home.

Well, we are nearing the release and steppin’ of/for the 2nd Term - of/for the NEW President Obama if not a old and tired return and rehashing just of a too old idealism of a “THE OLD OBAMA.”

How will he dress?  Will he wear a “power tie”?  Will he wear a flag lapel pin of our Stars and Stripes standard of our not as loose as they could best be United States of America?  Will he wear a flag lapel pin dutifully and/or proudly with faith in our Constitution kept?

And of such professorial tweedy dandy of a modern American “politics” is he to offer a new attitude for a developed intelligentsia with specifics to a “GREEN MINIMALISM” as a new political correctness to supplant all discussion as to “poverty” and or “poverty levels” to a workable new base line for any “ideological” new utopian “governance”?  Can he or will he step out and wax on not too vacuous a rendition in erudite and modern oration with a practicable and pragmatic philosophically discerned that can fit with us now best to be to a renaissance in state’s rights or the “falling apart into six separate regions” proffered by a living modern Russian leader?

And of such too:  What about the Chinese?  What about how as President #Obama started his first term he moved to march as if a drum major too many to socialism from a still workable methodology nearer Capitalism, and, how so while the Chinese Government seemed to be effecting more democratic bottom up changes to Capitalism from Socialism?

Mr. President there is an intelligence vacuum about your politics and social engineering.  Would you please explain how now still it would be better if we reset to the decentralizing workable economics but now as if also to a renaissance in states rights like a “spring” for Americans?  Would you and will you at least explain the philosophical “intelligence” that your “fairness” concerns actually are best if addressable as of a venue civilly more appropriate as of state not State jurisdictions? — Will you explain that economies are frozen because you were wrong to try to revolutionize with a social engineering in ways that needed wealth based taxation not income and earnings basis like that our our Federal Revenue streams?

It would be dandy if you could wear tweed and be professorial with practicable and pragmatic posits proffering even for #SOTU2013 and to be informative and instructive as to how a renaissance in state’s rights for our fifty states would allow your own idealism and attempts at “modern moralism” to be workable and more just and fair for our states do have the taxation powers for community redistribution moral concerns with their Power to tax wealth and property.

After twelve modern steps a “tweedy dandy” could be a good thing more than a bad - than still a bad - tag.  We have that it would be more moral to have attempted so much of the revolutionary ways of President Obama at now higher or greater a political level/jurisdiction/community size than that already Constituted with wealth and property taxation Posterity Powers - than that like our fifty states - right? 

Do you concur?

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