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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:10 am

As we rise with the end of BLACK HISTORY MONTH upon us we have to consider now that it is not racist to be about casual banter about how and why Americans were, however, to have been having had better sex during the Bush/GOP administering.

We have to today deal with real currents of events and ebbs and flows of societal proprieties and maybe not too economically.

There seems to be no little blue pill for President Barack H. Obama in his second term to straighten out his government over-reaching and subjectivized “economic” rendings.  A serving of vitual comity not now so comedic with President Obama’s renderings so contrary and rended/set asunder per our p’s and q’s.  A time warp to election day 2000 and the air of an old battling between two southern white men can be moderated with a literal consumption of an economic factoid that DC bartenders prefer Republican reigns in our Washington for Republicans are better tippers than Democrats. 

But this is more about our here and now and less about the election day of 2000 and how then it was a choice between two southern white men.  It is from as reliable a bartender source as one can probably find anywhere that I learned then on such momentous yet “undecided” day of Republicans historically as better tippers.  I believe Restauranter James Carville’s chief bartender’s name was Norm - James and Mary co-operated WEST 23RD establishment whence - Norm is he whom is recalled for this “tipping” factoid.

Bill Clinton is also a southern white male.  If he wanted you to remember him as otherwise he likely would not have had his Arkansas based Presidential Library design too Freudian as if a BIG GUN as so most half bridges naturally appear and covered it in architectural “skin” in Confederate Gray tones.  For the sake of a discussion now about how Americans had better sex during the Bush administration than for the past four years under President Obama it is best to remember the 8 years of the Clintons, and, to remember that you can have it both ways since then it was that rare era of bi-partisanship.

We do need to look at all of President Clinton’s political and economic postures though since you may have picked up bad ways from him while so many were distracted by the unnatural highs of a careless bi-partisanship.

President Clinton is like a third wheel these days and as an ineligible player that just won’t leave the “bedrooms” of politics, and, especially won’t leave the politics of our economy.  There is a concern about “Bill” being allowed to hang around and in a patronizing air of improper historicals;  Bill Clinton still likes to think he was promoted out of the Office of the President and so that he doesn’t have to think he was at all “defeated.”  This is troublesome for Hillary as his Mrs., however, - however engaged improperly in an administration of another man; Hillary Clinton is still by “Bill” as if not as honorable as he as it was he that was forever promoted above her when they were forced to leave the White House by our 22nd Amendment.

The mentioned era of “unnatural highs of a careless bi-partisanship” of at least the second term of the Administration of the Clintons is a troublesome political black hole for economics and social justice streaming now, historically.  For the sake of this airing of a topical perusal comparative between the GOP and the Obama Dems it is better we keep the Clintons out of today’s bedroom banter — too many are likely to just lose sleep if we bring the Clintons back, now - ever.

Bill Clinton is not now, however, our Patronizer in Chief — Nor is his Mrs. our former Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton so consecrated and of a consummated holding such that she while married seems never to be out from under “Bill” her “Mr.” at least as long as he continues to interject himself as if he reigns above after having been permanently promoted out of and above America’s office of the President “holding.”  It is arguable that President Obama had an illegal Secretary of State and that “Hillary for President” was an Un-Constitutional endeavor undermining to the logic of the 80th Congress and its carrying of our 22 Amendment through to its ratification. 

(Nixon was a member of the Eightieth Congress - women and wives by those “standards” were even more subjects of a “set asunder” “holding” trigger writ to render spouses of either sex as an indivisible “two-fer” with our term limit amending to be not just a loophole as with a spousal exception.)

To keep Bill and Hillary now out of our bedrooms of such currents of discourse to proprieties proper and civilly considerated is wise and necessary, much.  She as a spouse of a term limited First Couple rightly is arguably of having been barred by the undecided law of our 22nd amendment and even from any posting however an intimate engagement in another man’s administration if such so bedded down into our constituted line of succession. 

The eightieth Congress waxed sexual and without being of Posterity for perpetuity in a sex descrimination;  the eightieth Congress scribed so such writ and carried it through its ratification to be an enduring bar and not a weak regulatory arbitrary maleable bit piece of lower law;  the eightieth Congress construction of our 22nd Amendment as a Term Limit Constitutional bar is remarkably poetic though of undecided license yet as intimately varied to be sensitive to engagements of unions indivisible and vow not to be set asunder in marriage - of marriage vows standard writs.  To be otherwise is to have our marriage laws set asunder by other laws and specifically primarily superiorly by the Constituted 22nd Amendment.

Bill Clinton was not promoted out of our office of the President — Mrs. Hillary Clinton is not now nor will she ever be First Lady of the World to an unelected superior, and yet by self-decreeing, President of the World Bill Clinton.  There are prudent reflections to peruse about the inseparability of the Clintons and all First Couples, regardless of their sex.  Today we are set about to consider at least that most Americans did have better sex before even the first inaugural of President Barack H. Obama — along Partisan lines - not personal particulars.

Bill Clinton is trying to be in the room again and as superior still to his Mrs.  Bill Clinton with the arguable economic failures of President Obama, though all the while of his own former “experts” and with his wife quite too complicit, is yet still trying to climb to a workable high ground of an air of superiority that can only mostly now be “patronizing” at least much to President Obama, and, even on this last day of BLACK HISTORY MONTH.

If you have not yet even considered the improper design of the PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY of WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON can you even be prudently considerate enough to broach naval matters more now of a union divided along partisan lines and with it not too patronizing if Republicans were to buy full pages and see published a simple progression that explains how the Democrats while oddly united were to the cause and effects that have brought us so about a new Depression like era of a worked Government biased economic suppression long of this most long recession.

It is a misplaced patronizing by the wants seemingly of President William Jefferson Clinton to ask you to bed now still with a ridiculous belief in him (and Hillary - his Mrs.) that all you/we need now is just to have “Bill” back.  As we slide to sequestration it is with President Barack H. Obama conflicted and compromised by both spouses of the Clintons’ “two-fer” - it is that he has been stuck and uninspiring for having dragged out the Clintons as if innocent and free to partronize, however, though these economics as well attest that “IT” can not have been none of the Clintons’ fault.

Is it patronizing at least to President Obama that with a “not sexy” sequestration set upon our otherwise privately workable economics that President Clinton still wants you to believe that you/we just need him back?  Is it at least sexist that such seems in the air now and even patronizing to Mrs. Clinton whom is not now nor ever to be an unelected First Lady of the World to self proclaimed President of the World Bill Clinton - that you/we need “Bill” back so much we should see an entire Constitutional Amendment as just a loophole to use “Hillary” (his Mrs.) now to get him back?

And, yes it seems that from that day in 2000 when two southern white men were battling our electoral rhetoricals and historicals LIVE in the present that at least by James’ and Mary’s Norm as chief bartender it became establish factoid that Republicans are preferred in DC by restaurant staffs as better for their personal economics as said thence as “better tippers.”

While handling your new serving of Bob Woodward of “if a President says it is legal” Constitutional echoes it does complement the Confederate Grey “personalized” “architecture of the William Jefferson Clinton southern phalic “BIG GUN” allegoricals historical for not just the Clintons such that his Arkansas based Presidential Library is, quite, that the Clintons are host and hostesses about DC as residers former in Chief at their personally selected private residence for nesting and Posterity on Whitehaven Road.

It does seem that regardless of how effective Bill Clinton may still think his patronizing is we are of a new day dawning tomorrow all #sequestration irregular.  It does seem that tomorrow dawns a day for a simple global strategy by Republicans and Bob Woodward types even so if kept to historically basic media of full page buys to publish globally a time line of the cause and effect who, what, where, when, why and how that can explain elementarily that the Democrats did cause these long years of an economic new Depression like long recession by Goverment over-reaching effectively of economic suppression.

Cheers!  Happy #sequestration so much as you have a right to manage - have earned a right to have.

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