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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 1:44 pm

Bob Woodward’s complaints of censorship suggestion of the Obama Administration seems petty while I remember feeling the wrath of Bill Clinton from during my days of defeating HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT with my public blogging.  I know what it is like to be grateful for having enough friends in law enforcement from moments like two I can not yet forget of the visceral blasts quite destabilizing of hearing President Clinton say like “I want him dead with every bone in my body.” 

“An enemy of my enemy, is my friend” comes to mind now as President Barack H. Obama seems now the one person who most benefited from those days of my defeating the Clintons during the primary between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton.  For the record I was able to keep the Clintons from sounding much like they were remembered for sounding well and together about their unexpected rise in the early 90s by having the officers of the Bush Administration appropriate to the protection of intellectual property keep the Clintons from further inappropriate and unauthorized use of my own intellectual property.

But this isn’t about the wrath of Bill Clinton and how it was of the unexpected rise to such heights of Hillary’s novice challenger Senator Obama.  This is more as if President Barack H. Obama should be wearing a Superhero costume like from THE METEOR MAN.  I cannot forget the first time I felt such wrath of Bill Clinton and how I decided I better get up from my seat on Capitol Hill in my apartment near Eastern Market and walk as best I can with the visceral fearful blast and out over to the eatery with take out oriental buffet a few blocks away on Pennsylvania Ave. 

This is about whether President Obama has earned any street creds as a member of an “Intelligentsia” or if he is still stumbling and recovering while moving forward without a workable plan.  There are problems now about this SEQUESTER that suggest there is no philosophy of governance but just a lot of stubbornness proving to be counterproductive.

I will try to be objective about so much so contradictory in the “governance” of the Administration of Barack Obama.  He did embrace the Clinton “two-fer” after I had stoicly stood up to them to keep them from misappropriate further use of my intellectual property of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM rhyme and reasoning that was leading when penned in days before the Clintons entered 1992 race and then critically again after 9/11 I as I offered it as having been refreshed for another go around to President George W. Bush and his administration.

I have problems with ACA - Obamacare though I accept that our Supreme Court saw a way to pass it as bad Constitutional law as still of a realm of war powers and taxation about general Health concerns.  We have that our Governors are all capable of finding alternatives to Obamacare at local or county wide levels and that ACA is an alternative not a necessary system change.  As long as we let Obamacare stand we have that we should be wondering how bad our own towns and counties must be such that our Federal Government had to step in and help our neighbors.

As I recall it seems that Senator Obama had some of his greatest break out primary moments against the vast Clinton political machine about the same times I was standing strongest to keep them from using again and misusing again that which was originally mine - originally my most marketable “change” to a new “PC” as of a better balanced political language with unique rhyme and reasoning.

President Barack H. Obama of Columbia and Harvard degrees is maybe in need of a SUPERHERO costume/armor and an actual philosophy of governance that isn’t contrary to our Constitution.  His RACE TO THE TOP education messaging is troublesome for he hasn’t yet established a base line like of a “GREEN MINIMALISM” from which a philosophy can be grounded for practicable political effecting.  “GREEN MINIMALISM” with a “RACE TO THE TOP” would be the new “PC” to replace “POVERTY” & “POOR” at least  — he has suggested that his “TOP” has to be our Presidency, it seems.  A green costume could work for President Obama as well, maybe.

President Barack H. Obama seems to have missed a necessary consideration for any fiscal responsibility about his ACA - Obamacare for a philosophy of governance to be workable since it figures simply with mathematical logic that he should not have pushed for such vast left wing healthcare alternative system while a working local caring still available and without first having pushed through the massive immigration reforms and border securing needed.  It is figurable that President Obama should not have pushed through ACA until first having succeeded with immigration reforms and as well with jobs & economy reforms to reboot a reformed growth period.

I have intellectual problems with his seeming lack of a workable philosophy of governance, and, how his machinations seem too much to be revolutionary in too contrary to our Constitution ways.  But it is as well that as an admitted illegal drug user that he even dare offer his RACE TO THE TOP as a guidance for all children within the United States of America while his days of admitted criminal usage was of tuning out instead of in during his academic years.

I have many many problems with his RACE TO THE TOP messaging as if it is fitting for education motivation while so much of his “governance” machinations have been so much about it being bad to be above any middle.  His admitted criminal use of such illegal drugs as he used is most troublesome as of those years of his school days.  And, today we have that such as his troubles with “governance” may have roots in his having tuned out when he should have tuned in - tuned in more.

It was HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT troublesome early messaging about using BIG Government Powers to seize all the profits of all the oil companies if and when elected.  This would have been to the Clintons being even more polarizing than they stumbled as partly being when of their first term in the early 90s.  Clintonomics would have been dead with bi-partisanship by the hands of the Clintons as well or more definitively than they have been otherwise by the governance of President Obama.

To be brief:  President Obama needs a philosophy of governance with an established and defined bottom and a top for there to be his #sequester Intelligentsia movement and for there to be an effective RACE TO THE TOP.  He is arguing that redistribution is necessary and a new GOOD and that our Federal Government is better to be running all education, it seems.  President Obama is now at risk of angering his Intelligentsia base by disarming them with powers too like those a President Clintons was promising to flex if returned for a third term.  President Obama now should explain how it could be right to seize profits of all oil companies and yet not seize all the private endowments of his Intelligentsia base and their private institutions of higher education. 

To be brief:  For the #SEQUESTER to be fair it seems necessary to explain how it wouldn’t be fair to amass all education dollars even if it means seizing those private endowments of the Obama Intelligentsia Base and to the fair and equalizing redistribution of “education” dollars by his national Department of Education.

To be brief and before we decide if it is wise or safe to root for President Obama now:  President Obama should need to have a fully thought through and worked out philosophy of governance with established base lines and “top(s)” as if a SUPERHERO garb earned not just adorned for hoots.

President Obama cannot be an island of idealism now with this #SEQUESTER - Right? 

President Obama must have details ready for us all and even about a fairness for his base and their private education endowments while he stands up there supposedly truthfully of honesty in advertising as if the general thinking is workable and smart/wise.

To be brief:  There really is too much to talk about here about all this just already broached.  It is President Obama that is asking us to believe his is #REALINTELLIGENTSIA?  Mr. President how can you be right and your base not wrong for so many years before you?  Mr. President how can it be fair not to equalize our education institutions if you are to not closing down our national Department of Education, as it could actually be now done as part of a cost savings and stream lining necessary due to your sequester?  

Mr. President it does seem you have opened a can of worms that might better have been addressed by closing down at least our/your Department of Education - and at least since you of such a contradictory “above the middle is bad” general guidance and other philosophical and sociological problems with your RACE TO THE TOP spin and messaging.

Mr. President are you at risk while trying to sound as if a #REALINTELLIGENTSIA really quite at risk now of alienating your base?

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