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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:57 am

To be frank…

To be frank, a Texan may be on to something quite uniquely American - North American - specifically of the The United States of America. This is not particularly about how gun control debate now could be to labeling “assault” weapons of common usage as more “American” as defensive anti-assault weapons.  And, nor is it really to be about the poetry of our Bill of Rights in a heavy handed way to profess that our Second Amendment may be ratified from its times of a prudence for free people created by a common Lord to be as well armed as private citizens as that of any “militia” that might be organized by their “State” against them.

I do not know if the great baby boom of the loosely affiliated populaces of the united states of the Constitution of the USA was exclusively of creationism exuding by citizens only or mostly North American and of the boundaries of our Constituted in our Confederate Republic.   We have though an economic consideration about the Baby Boom now still as our economy may be down for those born of its well tempered creationism surging maybe tone deaf economically about marketability.  We have that the USA maybe now in need of leaders who are not at least wholly born and raised as of our Baby Boom Era.

This may be more a regional economic consideration that might exclude a negativity from those not raised in the North East but maybe in the wilds of Kentucky or Texas.  I can write of this as one born four years after President Barack H. Obama and yet on the same August date — I can write of this as one who experienced those of a grade or two ahead of me as of the Baby Boom tail end while as well of associations with the next gen not technically of the Baby Boom Era of the grades coming up behind me.

For sake of jurisprudence with war criminal suspect permitted as it seems the protections of our citizens and as if merely of criminality for a peer review in New York City Federal Courts:  It may not be that such shouldn’t be allowed to proceed in our civilian court system more not because of what one may use our Fifth Amendment rights to avoid saying but for the soap box one can stand on to say almost anything and as of a self defense - self representation.  A war criminal suspect so allowed a seemingly evolutionary civility by our Baby Boom gen leaders is much not of an inclination to stand to stay within our rules and regulations at least as it may seem to us for a “defense” could be of a soap box filibuster like self representation that could go on and on with orations of a very different and interestingly sounding different record of a “history.”

For those of our Baby Boom such stepping seems less than judicially prudent and not nearly as evolutionary as their idealism may have imagined it.  For a balance to such as that which we can hear of somehow from such a fateful executive decision it may help to consider our First Amendment more in the legend and key of our preamble to it and the prefacing to the unanimous subscribing that settled its primary documents ratification.  For a balance to a possible “new history” defense with a civilian venue for a war criminal suspect we seem at a critical reflection for citizens of the USA, at least, to consider that we of the Americas may now be most prudently to a global axis of Catholics - an Axis of Catholics with a Holy Americas Doctrine.

What may occur as a war criminal suspect is allowed the rights and protections of citizens of the United States of America is a prideful call by a self professed enemy of such so united American states by one maybe more learned in our own faith of our founders of the Lord or the ordaining and establishing of our Constitution - of the Christian calender all subscribed the ordaining and establishing so then when of that “Year of of our Lord” special and judicial usage.

I don’t know if we can blame all of what is going wrong economically and in governance practice on the unique and discernible sociological variations about a generation of people of our Baby Boom Era.  Our 1990s have some more interesting ways to be historically analyzed and recorded for Posterity — our 90s may have been of a time still when parents of those born of our Baby Boom Era still had ways to compensate for the rebelliousness of its era’s youth that were necessarily of stealthy methodologies for such era liked too much to tune out when it should have maybe tuned in more.  We have that this gen now of our top leadership posts may have been compensated for and that good times rolled in spite of them not because of them, at least economically during our 1990s.

Religiousity is an new frontier now that our sworn (terrorist) enemies may understand better.  Our sworn enemies may now know better how we think as Anglo Saxons inheritors of governance once more of a Manifest Destiny era.  We may as a nation need to become more learned about religions and the United States of America Constitution as a Christian Constituting just to be better able to defend ourselves as a nation.  The Catholics of our adjoined Americas are naturally by their shared creator already much of an Axis of Catholics also on the defensive from “terrorism” of sworn enemies of the USA.  A “HOLY AMERICAS DOCTRINE” would be a celebration of our First Amendment by some interpretive security logics and not as much a violation of it.

I do not know how any or most could be tripping over the on its face simplicity of out Constitution and its ten of the Bill of Rights with the legend and keying of the preamble set with “do ordain and establish” so then closed for its ratification as with the unanimous subscribing in the “Year of our Lord” so thence.  I do not know how we can be of so many of our Baby Boom Era wanting to trip past (over or under - around?) our First Amendment of a particular basis around “establishment” with it prefaced with “do ordain and establish” of the legend and keying of the primary body of Constitution.

As we have these days of debate about our Second Amendment we have that it may be that Liberals violated Adam Lanza’s First Amendment rights too severely by their long work to a national secularism contrary to the writs of our founders and the Constitution.  As we have these days to worry about the guns of Adam of Peter and Nancy we have the apple of the discussion too much it seems as well that Liberals too much took Adam’s Adam and his creationism out of not just his classrooms.

There is that as long as we were of Bush’s FREEDOM AGENDA it was patriotic for citizens of the United States of America to hold and cherish weapons like their brave were brandishing as volunteers in service to the securing and sharing of our Constituted freedoms.  If not weapons of defensive or liberating “wars” such at home in our loosely affiliated states of our Confederate Republic were of a common use more of a patriotism to hold and preserve them as American anti-assault arms.

We have that at least I witnessed the chasm of generational differences between those a year to three ahead of me in my youth and those then a year or few behind me also like me hardly as born of the Baby Boom Gen.  In my family my oldest sister seems much too much like a Baby Boomer like President Obama while a year younger and yet my other older sister is less so and my younger brother definitely not at all.  While of the years of success of the philosophy of governance and language change about my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM with its first round back from before the Clintons even entered the 1992 race I was of a clever attempt to preempt the Baby Boom weaknesses at least around economic thought with a prophylactic pre-marketing of their era in our general entertainments.  With such as part of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM those now in power of the tail end of the Baby Boom Era may be stumbling over themselves as if just a sad and out of tune has been beat too of a lack of awareness that we already marketed them before their time and too much to the max.

We may have been saved by these of a certain Baby Boom Era having tried to sell themselves without a new originality and because it seems to all have fallen flat, and some because it fell flat for they themselves didn’t realize how we grew so much in the 90s by having prophylactically marketed around them and these now most too apparent short comings in a philosophy of governance and economics.

It seems just nutty and absurd that any though of any generation should think that war criminal suspects belong in our civilian courts.  It seems dangerous that such offering such as wise haven’t themselves warned us and educated us on the risks from a self defense and/or self representation that could be filibuster like and of a new telling of a believable yet different “history.”

Our First Amendment uses “establishment” quite cleverly and specifically following on with a complementary import to the use of “do ordain and establish” of the legend and keying of the preamble.

To be frank:  Today I have more questions for you than answers.

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