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This has been a blustery Southern New England spring week.  When we started digging into healthcare debate some moons ago a “doctor” “friend” self proclaimed long of the Clintons announced as per healthcare care saving that if the nation could just get back to its People’s average body weight from just before the inauguration of the Clintons we the People could see a Trillion dollars saved nationally in healthcare costs.

We maybe should mandate that all people of the United States of America if to owning or buying a scale for body weight measurement do buy a more practicable scale that while pronouncing body weight will also after individual mandated personal setting be to broadcasting body fat and muscle mass as well as percent of body water content.

If you have been following my Facebook sharing or my tweets you may be aware of my season starting fitness discussions partly about and around my hitting the roads again with my road bike.  Without a smart scale weight loss and fitness training can become disheartening early on - without a smart scale you may not see that when you lose five pounds and then put three back on you have actually been very successful, maybe, for you may have been so to only having lost then 2 Lbs but then you may have lost 5 percentage points off body fat number.

I believe I bought my “Ironman” scale off the shelf in the Alexandria, VA Sports Authority in mid 2000s.  I am not training for a Triathalon that I know of - I did years run a bike a biathalon - when in DC I had gotten back, after decades, to swimming laps in DC pools - I have never really cared for jogging, though.  I have my scale with me now in Connecticut.

Mom made a big meatloaf the other day.  I now live about a mile away from parents and see them so more than I did those ten years living about seven blocks from the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill.  I did for ten years ten to see my parents and immediate family maybe twice a year and only for a day, or two.  Mom also made a large corned beef with cabbage before taking off conveniently before the bluster returned to Southern New England as another traditional spring to Puerto Rico for a week.

The other day I wrote about a “morning after” of early spring trials for independent and individualistic health bolstering with a storying of how after having lost five pounds within Lent I had then had a day of eating a two egg with bacon and cheese breakfast sandwich then maybe a meatloaf sandwich for lunch and then the first batch of Buffalo Wings I have ever made and then as well a 10 inch pizza I made from scratch after the Buffalo Wings.  I wrote and shared this for I was surprised the next morning when ritually to stepping on my smart scale to learn I had a lower fat content than the morning after a high cadence 16 mile ride about in street clothes.

Well mom made a large meatloaf.  Well I live about a mile away.  Well I cannot say that I have lost five pounds right now.  Well, I can say that with my spring start towards a new year of physical activity and sport cycling as expected has put five pounds of muscle mass back on and helped me already burn off the winter fat increase.  I have lost weight but it is that I have clearly because of my smart scale been able to see that what otherwise could show as only a 2-3 Lbs loss it actually progress effected to a measured loss of winter fat such that body fat down at least 3 percent despite the meatloaf.

My government hasn’t been telling me to do this - not even my own state.  I found it a wonderful proposition that Connecticut’s Merritt Parkway may have enough “Park” about it for its length to have the state of Connecticut adjoin a “Bike Parkway” dedicated bike path along side such “parkway” for automobiles.  It is an interesting consideration that but for such option there are few other areas my state might find a continuous less interrupted route to which to install a dedicated bike route that should be good for sport and recreation but also so if so to green commuting and economic stimulation.

We have our Supreme Court which I did near 10 years live just around the corner from by seven blocks now to consecrating our consecrated and long dedicated.  We oddly have that said “liberal” justices are more at risk of a “Political” ruling if to an upholding of The Affordable Care Act.  We still have that Senator Hillary Clinton didn’t push for a local or state covering in New York state while its carpetbagged Senator a thought champion of “social good” about healthcare - no, it was “Politics” not governance, proper, of Sen. Clinton not having pushed-pulled New York state to finding a competitive method to rival and/or match that of Massachusetts that we tend to call “Romneycare”.

No matter how you measure it now these hearings bolstered with my meatloaf eating that is a story of me losing fat are compromised by Senator Clinton’s true story.  We have that because she didn’t work to get New Yorkers all covered locally or at state level we have a simple detractor from “Constitutional” on governance not “Political” grounds with The Affordable Care Act judging.  We have that since Massachusetts so long ago proved a state based solution was possible and at least New York state didn’t try to find competitive solution for New Yorkers “Obamacare” is more “Political” than “governance” - more ideological than established procedure and practice.

I am actually tempted to do a little cross training today - I am actually thinking about breaking out my skateboard and boarding over for another meatloaf sandwich and maybe for while an errand TV turn-on appreciating new weighty audibles from SCOTUS via C-Span.  I may only have a skateboard now because when the DC-Maryland-Virginia Asylum Wake-Skate-Snow stores I had helped design and build out were closing I asked to acquire one to remember so many years so dedicated.  I didn’t build out all of the then eight or nine stores being closed but I did the first few and then when I had available time did some others too, if not otherwise less to more of those custom welding designs and constructs as store improvements.

We do not need our national government in the coverage business.  We shouldn’t have our national government setting priorities for the pool of citizens of the “able bodied” core of our general American spirit.  We could just recommend that weight loss will be easier and less disheartening if you have a smart scale and can see that two pounds in weight loss might be a great success for being of a physicality change of a better lower fat percentage and greater muscle mass.

It was probably better that I had some meatloaf while still in early new year season starting reconditioning even if it means I am a little heavier “by weight” than I might otherwise be while an independent individual not mandated to which ever efforts I am now towards to maximize my preparedness for a new summer in pursuit of happiness, in fitness with much physical activity.

Again, we have that Senator Clinton stands as a conflict to “Political” for “Obamacare” for those years a New Yorker not dedicated to consecrating healthcare for all New Yorkers.  We have still my memory at least of that once viewed via TV “Doctor” “friend” of the Clintons proclaiming nearer 2008 that the People of The United States of America could save a Trillion in healthcare costs if they could just get back to the nation’s measured average weight from before the “governance” of the Clintons and there “executive” “example” commenced.

If you figure the time on my road bike in my apartment as if of the dedicated riding of a spinning class then with such time not measurable as distance over roads may yet for its seriousness have been at times of such constance and dedication that I may have effected enough spinning constantly to have worked as if to a ride 50% further than if I had been on the roads stopping for pedestrians, other cyclists, cars, trucks, buses, and traffic signals so so so regularly as when out biking about.  And so maybe to another meatloaf sandwich today for it seems I have pedaled enough since near the start of Spring to have already ridden over 100 miles.

It is an interesting consideration that besides that the story seems to be that the Clintons caused America to gain so much weight that if we could now just reverse their “example” and “governance” we could see a Trillion dollars savings for our People. 

It is even more interesting considering that because Senator Clinton, at least, didn’t work for New York the way Governor Mitt Romney had worked for said “liberal” Massachusetts, our justices of my old neighbor our Supreme Court are on spoiled grounds quite inseparable from the “Politics” (still) of the Clintons.

It is quite odd that said “liberal” justices are now at greater risk of being to a “Political” ruling if to upholding ACA (Affordable Care Act) than the said “conservative” or “moderate” other members of such bench have been plumped up as if to ruling against as if our Constitutionality to “general Welfare” not relevant. 

We have that a liberal interpretation of the girth of our Preamble and so the Constitution it as a precatory key/legend prefaces has been politically to attempting a scale as if “general Welfare” were actually writ as “General welfare” or “General Welfare” and not as it has long been defended as “general Welfare”. 

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