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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 11:44 am

I am with you Gen (Whatever) - the new YOUTH OF AMERICA.

The trenchant President Barack Hussein Obama, as long as his ACA Obamacare is surviving, has you all now protected until age 26, I believe, as still subjects/wards of your parents - justly.  The wise pursuit for each of you now isn’t to try to find a job as your greatest returns may now be of the economic game changing by Prez as “wards” with time to now start lobbying your Federal Government so that by the time you turn 27 you will still be able to be a just ward of your parents and country.

It has been said that our current President has no philosophy of governance.  It is that he did early on suggest we needed to become more French - more like the French.  These days of depressed and trying times has most of the old stigma of unemployment “governed” away.  It is that France didn’t become “French” by turning the worlds greatest economy into what they now have.  It is as if Prez has been trying be more French as if all the stylings and economies of just Manhattan could all fit in one beret.

What has been happening as a next predictable to some devolution of the United States of America is that now Prez while so trenchant has been while of a posit of RACE TO THE TOP quite to a coddling to remove social stigmata about any wards/subjects not educated quite so.  There are many ways that Prez has been depressing recessionary economics by government suppression of once more naturally moral philosophical renditions.  His treatments on your human condition are not well thought through or considerate as of an a priori possible.

There is a probability that Prez while so trenchant and yet without a philosophy of governance while of so much acting is now to a new wave of economy shrinkage due to his “morality.”   With what has been offered though mostly as of an Obama hypothesis as if a working theorem there is that such begets that now there is a game change to a duty of all employers and those industrious to ask and answer:  HOW SMALL SHOULD THE ECONOMY BE?

Peeps of Gen (Whatever) you best use of time may now be to a self motivated home schooling in philosophy - philosophy of governance and governments.   As it seems with our Prez so trenchant you all will be best to learn how to publicly protest (party?) at the national level as unemployed yet fully covered YOUTH OF AMERICA as a united Lobby and firstly best likely as towards amendments to Obamacare so that by the time you turn 27 you will then all so be able to be coddled still as wards of your parents and Government.

It did become clear since before such of how trenchant Prez is that his RACE TO THE TOP was of a usage of “TOP” uncertain and unexplained.  Confusing was much about this so confounding too that while he said “RACE TO THE TOP” he soon regularly turned tail and spoke dictatingly to how per his thinking it is bad to be above the middle, like.

How to be an Obama-TRON is your current and greatest new predicament.  Prez BO has undermined if not fully disassembled our once greatest economy in the world - SEEMS.  He has now effected such a game change that it seems possible or probable that those of the economy of the United States of America have only witnessed a first wave of economic shrinkage.

Unlike George Washington Prez has been against there being vicissitudes incident to life as free radicals in his economics.  He wants an economy, as he has long said, quite basically flat and free from unpredictable UPS and DOWNS - highs & lows.

Of what can stay together in his thinking that seems well short of being a workable philosophy of governance, and while it so seems as if he ignored that France didn’t become so admirably French by setting asunder at home the worlds greatest economy,  we can say is that he has shown a desire and dug-in-ness to suggest that he must want to control all of it if he has tried to control this much of it.

Obama-TRONS of this new flat economy of Prez BO it is time to figure that it is pointless to resist - to be of a resistance any longer.  He will assimilate you - or stay so trenchant while trying.  It figures you are now liberated by his efforts at assimilation as he has rendered so many old of stigmata as stigma no longer as per meek to inherit health and strength freely and so that it is now PC to be on the Government dole - and of a race to be TOP in statistics as if of a MOST FREQUENT FLYER.

Yes Obama-TRONS it is confusing that ACA Obamacare is set up so that you and your gen can bankrupt the entire nation by seeking to be loyal and patriotic in a full and compliant assimilation.  Yes Obamacare is like Social Security.

Right Obama-TRONS as the new YOUTH OF AMERICA you have been freed from needing to get work to stay healthy.  Yes it is so of Prez thinking that you’ld should believe he has a pill for it, like.  Right Obamacare is like Social Security - and OH MY - yet how different now as you have to consider your grandparents and their life style & carbon footprints.

It is essential to all this of Prez so trenchant to a half baked game change, and how it seems he thinks all the stylings and economies of just Manhattan can fit in one beret of Obama, that now thinkers and educators too would be amiss if not to asking and proffering diatribes morally figured about how small our economy now should be.  Prez BO is still trying to be a costumed super hero that saves the entire planet from an end of the world as we know it doom of GLOBAL WARMING, however scientific or not.  ie:  It may be wrong to permit new construction as per a NEW NATIONALISM and his green federal agents as building and building activities may net more carbon use by enough so that it would be immoral to want to like “move up” or “move out.”

I am with you Gen (Whatever) - the new YOUTH OF AMERICA.  Right Obamacare is like Social Security - BUT!!!

Right you are now of an age and a changed economy where your grandparents like have two of the jobs that might have been already yours.  Right these days are of a liberation from old social stigmata and you now freer to be a Washington based Lobby unto yourselves however of a Party.   It figures to be patriotic you are best to be now to a personal race to the TOP of Prez and his example that it is an ability to get free from Government whatever you need or want as his TOP so exercised so far.

I am with you Gen (Whatever) - the new YOUTH OF AMERICA.  Right Obamacare is like Social Security - BUTT!!!

It is fruitless to fight the assimilation now!  You know the math!  You know maybe that we have now only seen the first wave of economic shrinkage related to Prez being so trenchant to fit the once greatest economy of the world into a French beret, like.  Right!  You get that it is pointless to resist while so much is being offered for free for so many if they just assimilate.  You get that as your grandparents now likely have two of the jobs that might have been yours they otherwise would be more so to taking most of your earnings if you actually had a real job.

Right Obamacare is like Social Security!  But unlike Social Security it is set up so that people of the United States of America can quickly bankrupt their own nation while assimilated in a NEW NATIONALISM so.  Unlike Social Security, yet while argued as being nationally just as moral, it is that Obamacare is a social program to allow people to have some net safety but on oddly set up to allow people instead of waiting decades for its dollars to near instantly be seeking compliant ways to get hundred folds what they contribute out of it immediately and regularly. 

Right Obamacare is like Social Security but that you don’t have to wait and are not supposed to wait - you can and should be getting as much from it up front as you can even if hundreds or thousands times what you did or ever will be of putting in.

And see why you may want to become home schooled, at least, now in a study of philosophy - philosophy of governance?  As long as your grandparents have at least one of the jobs that should have been yours and otherwise to an unemployment with their excessive carbon footprints to just a high subsistance level grossly now more greatly off your nets - what is there really to do but take all the free and less stigmatized time to start lobbying as a NEW NATIONALIST now for the age to be soon enough to age 27 - at least?

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