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With a corn cob pipe*, and a good community not too bent to a new nationalism unnecessary for these days, many churn as much philosophically and/or theologically as those whence thence as of trying days that shackled many while however of colonial English of the Mayflower, Oliver Cromwell and yes, Rene Descartes.

This should be a hard, very hard, summer for nationalist Democrats however Clinton loyalists or Obama loyalists.  These are days of intra-party battles like of a war for legacy now necessary between the clan of Bill and Hillary and that of @BarackObama.  They cannot both be right - it doesn’t figure and/or fit intelligently with histories of the past couple decades.

I don’t know what you would think of a member of your own working community if they needed a philosophy of governance for their job and yet proceeded to till only as if their personality and all its emotional whimsy should be sufficient for prudent organizing.

Rene Descartes either made the warped keel’d ship of states of the Clintons or the made it plain that their “separations” have many now born witness of a time attitudinal for a new separatist philosopher of philosophical reckoning nearer to Descartes than justified since at least the first Tea Party by freedom loving people of American shores.

These sands of time so set whence, how then thence so newly by the Founding Fathers of the Constitution of the United States, as their ramblings set by preamble “do ordain and establish” so under God as by their God of the New Testament are coincidentally again of times of concern for excess taxation from sees too distant to be proper and prudent for their reworked sense of community, secured and long protected as set constituted in the “Year of our Lord” of the unanimously scribed set specially officially.

Politically speaking it may be strategically simpler to dissect and deconstruct the co-Presidency of the Clinton “two-fer” philosophically than to find philosophy and logic a reasonable tool to unshackle President Obama now from a time of arresting politics his.  President Obama is too much as if subjective than objective while holding so loosely to a governance styled more as if of man than laws while stubbornly trenchant of his will to be a PERSONALITY BASED PRESIDENT.  The Clitntons at least have an elaborate political con of decades of selfish spousal ambition to thrash here and there to unearth as many buried stores they spirit where ever however.  The Clintons and their institutional “two-fer” is set to be objective and separate from subjective;  The Clintons are ripe for a long overdue harvest of critical pickings and mashing.

Politically speaking it is remarkable that President Barack Hussein Obama, with his Harvard Law Degree, is due to be stripped down bare to the bones, politically, and sold newly in these times newly fit for community based raising for concerns for excess taxation and with the distance to sees of power again a intellectual condition.  It is remarkable too that President Obama while only able to carry himself so in these times while so exposed is of his hootin’ and hollerin’ better to have been prepared for with a Harvard Divinity School degree than his taken law degree.

A walking talking dandy of a socialist interpretation of the US Constitution he has turned out to be.  And a conundrum about our First Amendment more emotional and subjective than logically or philosophically - he is.  It is this summer we are to pull ourselves up by the proverbial bootstraps of a necessary intellectualism and political criticism of Rene Descartes and the Clintons, and President Obama and a subjective governance evidently lacking a philosophy of governance - seems.

It may be that it is easier to judge President B. O. as like a book by its cover than to reckon President Clinton and the co-Presidency of the Clinton “two-fer’ for a popularity that can be dissected live and slowly, now, now because of so much Clinton propaganda too viewed already.  It does seem President B. H. Obama was of a personality that needed he to have the highest of possible theological disciplinary training say from Harvard Divinity School and that his law degree has just been causing him perspective problems.  It was odd to see a President regardless of our said separations for Church and State as a conundrum about religiousity as a lawyer so long in those first broadcast interruptions for hour long evangelizing so.  It may have been more odd for him to have been a minister and to such attempts to evangelize as still as if a new messiah - but he likely would have had the training prerequisite for a selling of himself and his worth thence - and maybe still.

If he were a Pilgrim, or just of those days and times, however kept in time by sands - Hmmm?

Would he have refused to plant and harvest - would he have avoided labors even of collecting fuel/firewood?

President Barack Hussein Obama - if you were of the days of those that were of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims would you have been too much an outsider to be yourself Oliver Cromwell?  Mr. President, as it is easier to dissect either and both Clintons most critically logically, and philosophically, it remains that you may be too much a subjective conundrum consideration as if you would have yourself if of day whence thence to have been more a recluse separatist elite like Rene Descartes. 

We are Americans of the Northern continent, to be frank, we are, and the President, so asserted, are together citizens of the Constitution of the United States as respective of Pilgrims here and forever as a home for freedoms prudently set to stay for Posterity.  What the Founders harvested from that sown by the Pilgrims is still the Law of the Presidency however its distant holder now may be bent of labors to reconstruct so much as if always meant to be otherwise nearer quite Marxist or nationalist socialist. 

What is philosophy, and how can President Obama have been better served to have been of a keep of Pilgrim and Puritan harvests spiritually had he taken a divinity degree and not his law degree?  Is it because he could have been a black Rene Descartes newly or whence thence if so that I stoke these colonial sparks around issues of he as seems sold without being of a philosophy of governance?

One who professes to be to a PERSONALITY BASED PRESIDENCY as whether up worthingly as a new messianic should have had a Pilgrim sense at least a priori that such would be likely to him as of a governance too subjective and threateningly too near a government of man while a Constituted Government of Laws still of these Pilgrims’ seeds and lands.

These are days for a hard summer for Democrats.  A live dissection of the Clintons has some already commenced, and, so at a pace to be most thorough and slow.  Did you know that the Pilgrims are of a time like these and that such a time did thence produce Oliver Cromwell legacy and the limited separatist philosophical and/or theological writings of Rene Descartes?

Mr. President wasn’t our Constitution unanimously subsribed under God in the Year of the Founders’ Lord so as a protection for existent and future Pilgrims however within a sovereignty of the United States of North America?

*{corn cob pipe mention is as prop/propism - it is not meant to be or not be an endorsement for/of tobacco}

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