December 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:39 am

There are three types of columns - Corinthian, Doric & Ionic.  What may be all Greek to you is that Hillary Clinton is not a pillar of Justice as fronted but more as if just a lazy arch in a non-structural facade.

Like all summers these are here much towards warm and friendly eggs and darts, hopefully, mostly.  I don’t know how male Presidents have survived their entombment as Presidents in the Oval Office all these decades.  As form follows function when to its best I cannot imagine that women when elected President won’t choose a different “office” from among all those available or possible on the grounds of The White House.  An oval shaped office with so much “egg & dart” adorning about has been but a reminder daily for occupants of such home office that they are but enslaved to the female - to their female. 

I do know of no… {Break}

If Hillary Clinton were to unwisely enter the 2016 Presidential Race the first next thing feminists, at least, should do is to organize to put FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s name also on every ballot.  If Hillary Clinton is for now to be considered an eligible and possible candidate then President Obama has the doors wide open to a third term as by a campaigning to be kept so yet by a mere inconvenience or convenience - but a simple run as a Obama “two-fer” on the proper name of his spouse.

I do know of no…  {Break}

Have you considered that there is likely no law that says that if say FLOTUS Michelle Obama were to be elected in 2016 as Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama that she would have to choose or accept The Oval Office as her official place of work - as her home office on the White House Plantation?  She could by our seeming lack of laws actually decide that architecturally speaking it would be symbolically inappropriate for a woman to govern from an oval office.

I do know of no…  {Break}

“Form & Function” do seem to be lost about Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton of the Clinton Foundation patriarchal bureaucratic ranking structure and as well in a thorough telling of her “story.”  I am not speaking that on the face and at first blush she has just apparently slept her way to the top - or to that ceiling she prefers with her husband held superior over her, and still.  It was a blow to feminism that she insisted in diminishing the lore’d honor of our many esteemed past First Ladies when she insisted in being structurally under President Mr. Clinton while First Lady with a submissive ranking to less than equal in marriage officially with her and her West Wing “JOB.”

Oh Hillary!  Oh Hillary what a mess of so much you have made.

It is too arguable that Hillary Clinton has been a faux feminist, and, it is especially important to consider that as Secretary of State she needed Mr. Clinton, former President, to be seemingly free and superior globally with their Clintons’ global initiatives to smooth the way and fix the ways for her as if much a necessary “Sugar Daddy.”

I do know of no…  {Break}

Oh Michelle dear FLOTUS spouse of a seated current “two-fer” co-Presidency yourself — If Mrs. Clinton enters the 2016 Presidential race you should too.  If it is to be seen as legal for her to do so irrespective of the term limits on her husband than time isn’t of the essence and you too have a trail blazed to keep offices highly on the White House Plantation, however you may prefer.  Right, if elected in 2016 it does seem it would be inappropriate for a women to entomb herself as a first elected First Mother of the USA in an oval shaped and spirited architecture.  It seems by law you likely could if elected decide to let your husband keep to using the oval Office and even choose yourself a styling more if you please as if of the running of the whole shebang as from its hearth or kitchen(s).

Oh Michelle - his Michelle? 

It does just seem that a woman when elected the First properly named Female President, regardless of sex - sexual preference - she just would be ill advised to think that it would be of sound “Form & Function” to settle into The Oval Office as men have for centuries as if accepting they were slaves to their better half - the female - their female - and to be measured as a metric as if best to work while thinking and feeling at least subconsciously as if in her soul and womb.

I do know of no…  {Break}

Oh there are too many problems with Hillary Clinton aka Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton aka Hillary Rodham Clinton, FLOTUS aka Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton to consider as but for an obvious career now so able to be mortared in as if of having slept her way to the top — It is at first blush that she has quite failed her way oddly so while to that we have long referenced as honorable “heights.”

I do know of no…  {Break}

Right!  She may now be able to Tweet her propaganda and dress as if all of the Dancing Bears and/or all of the Teletubbies and then some - but at which point to we dog her and call her a dog for base and demeaning CHILD PROPAGANDA?

As we are near now to the Summer of 2013 START - how nuclear their families and values?  If for “Hillary” how not also for “Michelle” unless racist?  If for “Hillary” how not also and better for “Michelle” as Princeton and Harvard seems to trump Wellesley and Yale?

I do know of no law that says a woman when elected by her proper name as the First Female First Mother of the United States of America as a First Female President will also have to entomb herself as if in the womb of her mate in The Oval Office.  I do also know of no law that says a First Mother has restraints on her that dictate that she must govern as if a man.  I do also know of no law that say a First Female President won’t be free to delegate to her spouse (regardless of sexual orientation) and even so however “symbolically” with a personal preference to entomb them still submissively as by making the Oval Office their “home office.”

Oh Hillary! 

Oh Michelle!!! ???

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