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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 11:11 am

I either never knew nor just forgot that Twinkies ever had freshness dating or expiration dates.  I cannot say the same for matters of the economy and politics of the United States of America.

If something is called “Universal” while yet more of a “members only” is it of roots in Theodore Roosevelt as too of the Bull Moose Party as a NEW TEDDY wanting back the National Powers of the old rough rider for a third term, however?

1910 was no 1993 — Whatever “Universal Healthcare” Theodore Roosevelt may have been hyping was likely of a compromised new politics towards a methodology for power grabbing.

Hillary Clinton, while First Lady Clinton, did ask for the United States of America to buy into a “Universal” more so as too a “members only.”

Bill Clinton and Theodore Roosevelt have much in common per their political efforts to get back their National ranker (& rancor?) with a return to The White House as a third term status update.

Theodore Roosevelt by 1910 was of an embrace of the new pre-Nazi fascism that had much courtly entertained him after his mass hunting safari around the Sudan.

It seems arguable that trusts had been spent and that Roosevelt’s “universal” may have been a political ploy too much of/to the new fascism’s ‘members only’ - and not topped/broached quite so again until the Clintons’ expiration dating had them past freshness as well and too with stewing towards homesteading The White House for a third term, at least, however.

The worst part of that old HILLARYCARE was the gall about it as fronted as a “Universal Healthcare” while it was quite too politically fascist as more of a “MEMBERS ONLY” (Nationalism).  It was that when the Clintons of ploy as “universal” of Roosevelt of Bull Moose Party desperation she was of a ship of American Arrogance that globally was due to reap more ill will than good show.

That Clintons pushed to HILLARYCARE, however, as “Universal Healthcare” speaks to them as never having been naturally to being the better - to being ever better than he that can by 1911 as the pre-Nazi new fascism embraced Theodore Roosevelt.  It seems the Clintons were never in their two terms to having been near as good as he that was President Teddy Roosevelt while he of his two terms.

It is wrong for the United States to sell any nationalization/centralization of healthcare as “Universal” or “universal.”  When the Clintons did do such we of the world were quite near of a time when it would have been a worst time/era actually for such.  The Clintons while just of their first term were corrupted as the Bull Moose Teddy was but as if of learning from his lessons as that they then should be unstoppable only if/because they weren’t to his new fascisms of “members only” new nationalisms earlier - as early as their first days of their first term.  If the Clintons were to succeed as the post 1910 Roosevelt where he failed they seem to have been knowing that they should think they needed to be that bad from the start.

Historically speaking the Clintons’ show has rated so much stopped as early as it was firstly somehow hindered when People of our Constitution were of the earliest of push back stands.

It is hard to be to growth economics while asked to sell the Clintons as if possibly still fresh enough for a third co-administering.

It is well prefaced by them that they were of corrupted two terms for being then so of diabolical plotting from day one to at least get that third term of White House homesteading that  had Teddy, so himself, as gone bad, arguably, while hoofing towards.

The greatest truth historically speaking to the staleness of the Clintons and how inappropriate their “Universal” was too is likely that they did start going bad while together as unmarried coeds at Yale Law School.

There seems to be no possible happier endings in the Clintons - It seems maybe a third co-administration as marketed has to be firstly properly labeled as being of the ‘motivations’ which their two terms have corruptions forensically historically reviewable as of/with for much still to future probatives.

It is arguable that Theodore Roosevelt started going bad at least by the start of his post Presidency of two terms massive safari.  It is more arguable that it wasn’t until after the mass kills across the Sudan when then for that of that year(s) he was hosted and courted across the salons of the new pre-Nazi fascists of Europe.  It though may be best for a show as if it wasn’t until he actually wondered how he could be again of his old Naitonal Powers and somehow or however to a third term.

It seems the story of the Clintons has been as spoiled as the too fascist new Bull Moose Roosevelt.  And, as too to “Universal” as if too “members only” an as of erring seemingly of thinking Teddy failed for not having started off early enough for plots to be effective and as of the type of false promises that obtaining a longer more autocratic reigning demanded.

And sadly we have the Clintons of 2008 and all the market shorts that were necessary for liberal Democrats to tank the economies even more so - to an even more than the economic ‘ditching’ already of/by the subjective gas price spiking of the green energy dogmatic politics.

Breath - Break - Breath

And sadly it seems the global markets were so shorted even though such teams had been of harnessing as Friends Of Bill towards a like pre-chosen CHOSEN ONE “Inevitable Hillary.”

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And sadly when the gas price spiking seemingly meant to re-Homestead the Clintons again in the People’s White House for a third Co-Presidency so — it seems many known to be liberal strongholds effectively were about a market behavior (legal) of shorting seemingly to get the economies to tank more than it was already slowed by “in the ditch” politicking.  And so that Senator Obama then could have the economics down enough to be a new pre-chosen CHOSEN “inevitable” to keep beaten the Republicans as falsely blamed for the bad times so such that a Democrat could win.

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It seems the forensically prudent biographical of /for the Clintons to cast them out as stale - at least - as of two terms corrupted by their ‘motivations’ to four - that they have been sadly wrong since first united as Yale Law School coeds.

And, Yes! — Republicans in 2008 were clearing the reputation of the Bush administering enough towards November that the spiking of the gas prices by too subjective partisan (campaign) politics begot shorts as necessary for the Democrat Party to then yet be successful - and successful then though as otherwise than planned out as oddly marching in unison under too similar Obama standards.

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It seems we should have seen the Clintons as having gone bad like Theodore Roosevelt and as just so in a first term as too much of ploys and plots to get to having a third and then forth Co-Presidency.

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The plot thickens of DANGERS from too many if to actually entertaining political thoughts of/for an acceptance of Clintons’ ambitions towards being effectively seen enough as not already past freshness - as of a stopped - an expiration.

The plot holds that it was Democrats who caused the gas price spiking that triggered the housing collapse and that market shorts were then necessary and most dangerous for a 2008 Democrat Party win.

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It holds that Democrats (while so polarizing in their Political) so thought they could stop such a massive economic slide like as easily as they did start it - after having so messed with markets and economics for electoral gains so.  It seems even more dangerous to be of a Clintons’ ticket - a new Clinton Show - with so much already publicly corrupted. 

Breath - Break - Breath

It seems the era of the Bushes and the Clintons may both be over and
regardless of Party all in America have to work to find new and better
and fresher Political leaders. 

I, personally, have always had a problem with Hillarycare as too much of a “Universal” American Arrogance so globally set as a members only perk for those of the United States of America - I have long always had a problem for that likely actually written by the Clintons and not so of much of their story as conveniently written by others more of a broader integrated marketing poltiical correctness political non-partisan compassion.

It is for political philosophers now mostly to discern how much our People are losing while of these denials to have proceeded more prudently with state and county wide based solutions at least to a new morality arguable at least in established communities that all should have an agreed minimum of health care coverage. 

Breath - Break - Breath

It may not be too late, actually, and, well, the economy to recover may need the entire United States to revert to state based competition with Romneycare even though I personally still think such can be to affordable care philosophical hopes if secured only at county-wide governance.  We may be missing too much by taking such away from all our counties as if healthcare cannot be proven to work their then the real experiment should be about how that county needs to re-invented and likely reshaped too.

*{My dramatization of former President Theodore Roosevelt is today here much from memory and figuring quite “off the cuff.”  Please do your own reading and analysis especially if thinking I am at all of too inaccurate a portrayal here.}

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