March 2024
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:47 am

It may take the sensitivities of a French resistance to be at artfully romancing the too political in the “suggestive” “Clinton” “art.”

There are stories to be illuminated from the Secret Service detailing of a lasting impression correction for the legacy of the First Couple Clinton.  They did involve themselves in the Natural State of Clinton permanence and per how too Hillary Rodham Clinton’s river(s) flowed.  In the case of the “artistry” for an over-hanging architectural “suggestive” we have the color of their skin to judge as now spousally erected in a true Southern gray.  In the case of the Clintons’ Presidential Library as of lines set to their natural instincts it can be confirmed as meant as “art” in a phallic by their choice of architect James Polshek.

The detail about the permanence for the spousal Clinton as entangled by Secret Service duty did in the case of the lay of the plot of the First Couple Clinton seem to begrudge the President and save the People (firstly) with their push back away from a “suggestive” phallic for Bill Clinton as hung over the river feminine in a more natural international ever flowing feminine pride.  The First Couple Clinton are now set upon a more monogamous ledge of their former Natural State thanks largely to the Secret Service.  The First Couple Clinton still got their “gun” shaped phallic permanence and so of a Confederate Gray skin color as for their historic permanence in the Natural State of Arkansas.  But now thanks mostly to a general Welfare concern of the Secret Service it is that Bill is not hung more out unspecifically over the feminine waters of such river feminine.

The Clintons are leaving more than bread crumbs while about their spousal unity in power couple two-fering.  They have, like President Barack Hussein Obama, an apparent standard too of a megalomania in their emblems too emblematic anew of old standards stood up also too much for a globalism in totalitarianisms or autocracy.  The prima facia of a first sighting of symbolic artistry of the spousal Clintons shouldn’t be a blush but a pulsing outrage.  It is inappropriate, in all Constitutional ways of the United States of America, that the standard of the (re-joined) Clinton “two-fer,” as confederated or just established, flies at all as of a sedition at the European Union (jurisdictional).  The flag of the union of European Sovereign countries is attacked by the standard of the Clintons by their emblems as if a broach of the union of such and assertively in a “suggestive” that they are of polling that can be inviolate as if right through the heart of such democratic union.

The good news for Republicans isn’t how clearly the Clintons have gone bad - gone wrong by “artistry” self selected for a personal permanence.  The Good news for Republicans is more that still to reverse the persistent economic slippage by President Obama, and his band of Democrats of split loyalties between the Clintons and himself, will be the “news” that the best way forward to a new era of growth and prosperity still seems to be naturally Constitutionally reset around the morals of the Founders but now yet to a renaissance more a NEW ROMANTIC ERA.

The good news for Republicans is that a New Romantic Era may sell itself.  The Clintons have set themselves up for serious artful probing of their idea of how it is right to be so “suggestive” in “art” in their permanence.  That the Clinton emblem and the Obama emblem have been both flown without appropriate “artistic” criticism for a similarity to the World War II flags of the axis shared by Germany & Japan is very troublesome.  How can four flags/standards be so similar - REALLY?

You don’t need to be a master of French impressionism to understand how the Secret Service saved the People from a more permanent “Bill Clinton” as if hung over a universal river feminine of a “suggestive” more fickle set firmly of a river flows through me.  As established the Clinton Presidential Library is canted in phallic leverage, yes, but so that it though has The First Couple Clintons as if enshrined in shared intimate power projecting, naturally.

You don’t need to be a master of French impressionism to understand the effrontery to the states of the European Union by the emblematic Clinton standard as affirmed to suggest a more inviolate global authority of at least just William Jefferson Clinton.  These are days where a NEW ROMANTIC ERA seems the Peoples of the Worlds best still available alternative to the depression New Deal global suppressions of the Clintons & President Obama.  I don’t know how the People of just the citizenry of the United States of America can affect a more appropriate artistry now about such and yet as to an era refreshingly in an American Impressionism - to an American Impressionism.

You could say that though “Bill Clinton” hired James Polshek to set him more naturally in his Natural State and stereotypically of the universal female “waters” “art” but how or where can or does “Hillary R. Clinton” then fit?  They are together now under their un-American standard emblematic of past dangers of former global megalomaniacs - it seems.  It is clearly un-American for the Clintons’ Global Autocracy initiatives to be so clearly and naturally interpretable beyond an impressionism as erected around a circle of stars with proud Clinton sweeping lines violate in a broaching.

You can say that the Secret Service, as reported, did save the People some from a permanence for the Clintons beyond that anchoring of their long to be questioned and dissected pasts as it is so of their joined leverage monogamous power projecting oddly in the South and so to be judged for it skin color in a Confederate Gray.

Really it seems the Republicans are well positioned again to lead from the front proudly to a new and lasting era for economic growth if us soon enough to a course change to a new democratic artistry suggestive not of the too emblematic standards of the Clintons “flag” or that of President Obama & his too global “O” flag but to a NEW ROMANTIC ERA somehow now to more subtle “art” maybe as an era in AMERICAN IMPRESSIONISM.

The French may be the Republicans best new friends for a economic boom in a revolutionary NEW ROMANTIC.  It seems the whining of the Clintons and President Barack Hussein Obama have us all globally too much set to grapes of their wraths.  Bare canvas can hardly be more threatened by the “suggestive” over-hanging permanence of the too global Democrats as now lead from behind by ways of the lines and propaganda of its current and former leadership.  It is the Democrats of Machiavellian “leadership” clearly of “art” as if of them of “art” of war that hoist themselves as if more global and above the Constitutionally set more democratic.

Germanic to this discourse, however a meditation philosophical, or not, is yet how each state of the United States of America could better be to tapping Constitutionals out in the loose federated confederated republic sense to a right to home brew & micro brew a fresh “community” at least throughout October in a state festiveness.  President Obama has even been less democratic in his “artistry” as a beer brewmeister. 

Less of a grapes of wrath by the Democrats would go a long ways and maybe nearly as far as a more metered federalism of states encouraged to independently being more their own brewmeisters.

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