July 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 9:51 am

As the day breaks - as the dawn of Halloween in the Year of the Founder’s Lord two thousand Ten and three ebbs towards dusk the economy still seems slow in waking.  What trickery must be able the heaviness of Obama and his “economics”?  How heavy on growth economic potential has his Socialism as an un-economics settled?  How is it that we rise to wake with such a presence about of a President as so of an infamous car crash - with hauntings seeming real that it was of his Party driving?

What foreboding must be seen in the “message” of this Democrat “messenger” for others to not also now become so stuck in a ditch too?  How is it heavy enough that President Obama has taken us all along with such Party driving and to these years so now of us by the lot mostly still stuck in the ditch with him?

Mustn’t we behooved to considering Mrs. Clinton of the Clinton Global Initiative as possibly a more sightly reincarnation of Attila the Hun and yet after Attila was first reborn as a rat, then an amoeba, then a snake, then a bat, then a weasel before however party of fully of the walk and talk as Hillary Rodham?  What lurks beneath her skin of the souls of those passed that can explain her very irregularity and penchant for droning wars?  If she be some enough as a reincarnation of Attila the Hun is such endowed enough of her soul as to be too dominant an affecting?

Beware the ghosts of even just politicians passed of the United States of America.  This Halloween in such advanced years passed the establishments of the Founding Fathers to government of laws in lieu of a more dangerous governing by man we have it puzzling to costumed both for President Barack Hussein Obama and Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton who was born, however, as Hillary Rodham;  this Halloween we have that President Obama for his strategery may at least be politically costumed as if cleverly a good Joseph McCarthy, and, we have it concerning that “Hillary” Clinton seems still politely costumed in camouflage from a present yet darker internalized “self”!  Beware it seems the Democrats are of a modern politics as too National Socialists by what success so far by appearing to say McCarthy was bad and evil for being against Communism all the while at a stealing of his methods and methodology apparently towards at least a National Socialism.

What of the real Mrs. William Jefferson “Hillary” Clinton?  What of the FEMIFEST DESTINY crusading of her as FLOTUS Clinton and, now how so is it atleast or more concerning as under the covers of President William Jefferson Clinton’s new post office Clinton Global Initiatives?  Can it really be that these two so inseparable in marriage and for all past conspiring and political collusion as a “two-fer” can be but costumed for camouflage as if “Bill” can be naturally a “Dove” and “Hillary” otherwise naturally a “Hawk”?

Essentially it seems erudite enough to posit that President Barack Hussein Obama has profferred his revolutionary politik with some or all of his czars towards the very dangers that Senator Joseph McCarthy had at least seemingly feared were eventually possible.  In the trickery of the modern Democrat Party national politics clearly this time to Socialism by a politik at civil revolution it is quite McCarthyism how they parade one unhealthy person and their sad and trying personal medical history as if proof that the whole country has been by way of Republicans to a general un-caring.

It seems now that the Republicans in their true colors are challenging the Democrats McCarthy like “lists” rightly and justly and exposing a truer profile for President Barack Hussein Obama and too it seems Mrs. Clinton as maybe somehow inheritent of the soul once of Attila.  It does seem clear that at least two too clearly bent to a National Socialist revolution have been only successful so far oddly by co-opting the strategery of the former Senator of Wisconsin Joseph McCarthy.  However learned whence by ways of ordained isles of  a COOP or CO-OP by Cambridge or New Haven, or else - elsewhere, it seems a trickery now clearly of a profiling to be more trying and of sacrifice than it can be yet assessed otherwise as a treat.  Can you see the McCarthyism in the Obamacare politik of czars and emotional appeals of representations of a few as if cause for the rest?

Mrs. Clinton presents a unique political problema for consideration as she now further haunts and disturbs a Presidency of another not a Clinton.  She is not the “Hillary Clinton” at least of the dramatization in the book GAME CHANGE.  This “Hillary” is diabolical of a long yearning to be a first female President - she did not as such book posits just come lately to thinking she should consider running for President because, well, the People were pleading her to.  The real “Hillary” is she that has plotted with “Bill” since their Yale Law School last days and whom is now protected from a full and true visage - a true profiling as one too “institutionalized” and as more like just a ambitious lawyer trying to make partner and so to getting the corner office or one more obviously a superior “location” among those prescribed by jurisdictional concerns.  She is of a problema as for of a three decades plus plotting and tunnel vision about such while yet costumed and camouflaged quite as if she just a good soul of the People hearing their cries and now firstly to thinking it is they picking her name freely and of a still available American free-will and not otherwise to chomping at her bait - baiting.

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