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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:03 am

Some how Speaker John Boehner has made the Virginia Governors race much ado about Elizabeth Taylor.  It seems he has established that in 2013 the Republicans are a Party less sexually uptight - less frustrated.  Speaker Boehner is standing tall as if the nation’s stout barkeep of a DC based BULL & FINCH tweaking, stirring and/or shaking.

It seems reported as of November 1st, 2013 that candidate Terry McAuliffe is paying near 25x the price for Virginia Lover voters than what seems yet liberating and “market” fair with teh offering of candidate Ken Cuccinelli.  But this is more about today as All Saints Day and to be of a feminist ideal comparative.

We can set the stage today recognizing that Speaker John Boehner has pinned up Elizabeth Taylor in good CHEER and as of these days where it seems the Republicans are a party of people less sexually frustrated and likewise its seems more “liberated” sexually.  Viewers of Fox News Channel five o’clock hour The FIVE are likely those already most hip to these days so politically stirred and with it more Republicans liberated in loose but socially acceptable speech.  It seems the Republicans are more “loose” as in relaxed and wholesome in a sexual “liberated” and considerate that in comparison the Democrats seem quite uptight and frustrated.

It isn’t I to prove the hypothesis about a feminist ideal as per Democrat Party politics and example.  For a theory to come from a hypothesis likewise Democrats will have to answer to an “objective” and “scientific” how say former Speaker Nancy Pelosi is better or worse than Mrs. Clinton of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Again, viewers of the Fox News Channel five o’clock show The FIVE are already likely hip to a eased lexicon in Republican social dialogue and Party political discourse.  It seems confirming that a new romantic era has begun at least within those ranks more Republican.  It seems there is a more relaxed and socially stimulating and rewarding language now in apparent in a more easily speaking right of center politics. 

To get to the bottom of this to a proving of a comparative hypothesis it may behoove any to start with a consideration quite dramatic (in an anticlimactic?) that such if so likely means as well conclusively that Democrat women are now at least during 2013 of having faked more climax moments and while as of summations been possibly of fewer however heated engagements.  I don’t know how or why this may be a faith and community based problema in a hypothetical or yet theoretical proofed.

Former Speaker of The House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, this All Saints Day, is to be a politically sensitive but necessary person to opening discern and discuss in both a pro and con considerate.  There is a time sensitive nature to this headlining or spotlighting for her as today is a day that still has Obamacare debatable — in just a few days it may be preposterous to discuss a NANCY vs. HILLARY 2016 engagement political — in just a few days it may be quite preposterous to suggest Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as having President Barack H. Obama & Obamacare coattails to shuffle a waggle about to a President Nancy Pelosi - to “America’s First Female President Nancy Pelosi” - to “America’s First Female & Catholic Female President Nancy Pelosi.”

There is an easy and entertaining socially acceptable like new romantic era Republican guttural liberated speak now to be considered and acknowledged.  It may be some how down to earth Speaker John Boehner of Ohio is and as from such a large family and the old familiar bar keeping business;  it may otherwise be as exposed by Fox News Channel in the five o’clock spot with the personalities and characters of such Republicans that such a renaissance in easy speech as if Republicans more of a new romantic era and so more relaxed and satisfied in a new guttural suggesting them more “liberated” for now.

Yes, it seemed reported this morning by a MSNBC show that Terry McAuliffe is now at spending near twenty five times as much for Virginia lovers/voters.  But today we still have reason to discuss how it seems Minority Leader Pelosi must have something to hide or for some reason, this All Saints Day, too much Catholic guilt if she is not herself to entering the 2016 Presidential race and to so be of offering a vigorous primary challenge to the Clintons’ Political Machinery.  It is a question of feminist ideals - for feminists and feminism;  it is a serious political concern that a former Speaker with Obamacare as yet said a success and a Party’s President’s coattails expectantly her’s to grab if not now to being herself to a run at the Presidency likely must be uptight and frustrated about something very concerning and so that it should figure that she shouldn’t be trusted if she doesn’t think she should run for higher office.

I have to leave it to women regardless of their party and politics now to spread out the issues that should be at least discussed to a full “objective” and “scientific” settling of pros and cons ranking now as if a NANCY vs. HILLARY was real and to be a most expected evolution for the Democrat Party.

If you missed how Speaker John Boehner recently alighted upon his own romantic reset by pinning up Elizabeth Taylor in a “liberation” guttural maybe uniquely of his capacity then her I can paraphrase he of likening his brevity among the honoring in the tradition of Jack Kemp smartly by way of an reported Elizabeth Taylor (easing) remark to her third husband of like:  “Don’t worry dear you won’t be here long.”

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, for today however All Saints Day, yet presents a most interesting and yet stressing and embattled political conundrum to beat out as she likely should be more an heir apparent to President Barack Hussein Obama for her Party of 2016 legacy considerations.  It is that she is even more interesting and accomplished it seems than Mrs. Clinton now as a ranking member of the Clinton Global Initiative, and, especially for such necessitates a Christian sectarian probative as to whom to be a better first female President a Catholic or a Methodist.

It is worrisome that Terry McAuliffe may need the Clintons to be the heir apparent for Democrats despite it for now that Obamacare coattails are mostly hemmed and stitched mostly by the political machinations and laboring of she whom should firstly be Mrs. Clinton’s greatest 2016 rival.  It is worrisome that one supposedly of Clinton and Obama coattails like Terry McAuliffe now though is seeming entrapped in a Virginia politics and exposed himself as too much it seems just in the gutter of politics for having to or being at twenty five times a “market” price for Virginia “Lovers.”

Maureen Down has already been quite pressing and leading in a forward discussion of how today rolls seem reversed and historically upside down.  I may have to defer to her lot as more integrally feminist to play out these issue of what at least can or should be reasonable now of a Democrat “Feminist Ideal.”  Seems!

Speaker John Boehner did seem quite comfortable with Elizabeth Taylor and his party the seeming more liberated and less frustrated and to a new romantic era, and even so as it now developing much with the The FIVE as its most public ambassadors of a new lexicon and Party guttural.

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