January 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:44 am

What may not be kosher, orthodox or ordinary to some may be yet another white meat for others.

By now you have likely heard of Representative Allen West and his due recent alarmism less alarmism than historical retrospective explanatory of variations and differences still now dividing more than uniting more than just Americans and as per “pack animalisms”.

Who are George Clooney Democrats?  How is “President Obama didn’t create the economic mess” - wrong in “pack” speak?

To be - to be served up now as a variety of “socialist” or “communist” or Dem Ba’athist sympathizer isn’t to be labeled a real threat to our nation nor specifically a disloyal traitor.  What seems to be about our buffets of “pack” service is a historical perspective that explains how Dems are dividing more than uniting.

Economically speaking - yes this gets confusing!  Yes a “socialist” or “communist” can be a divider more than a uniter.

We have as an present example of such a conundrum that ABC’s Good Morning America seems to be growing in its ratings and yet clearly it seems as of a direct correlation to an economy that is growing the other way.  We have that as it seems GMA is succeeding by telling people what they want to hear they are hindering the better economic possibilities by presenting what people want.

You don’t have to look far to see “communism” as a failed socio-philosophic or to look farther that Afghanistan as a Gettysburg of the Cold War “turning point”.

It may be the “Kool Aid” - it may be George Clooney pimping or preening - it may be what the President has eaten.

Are they what they eat?  Have they eaten too many of a “pack animal”?

What is “local” anymore after all the success of the Bush Freedom Agenda?

Some here already have been briefed on history of George Clooney and NBC ER as having been cast into a new show that came from NBC and likes of Jamie Tarses in my head whence asking if I might have one more show idea and for Thursday night at 10 pm slot, and, so to being cast to play (not in a NY hospital ER) the character most based on being an alternate me.  We have as well that from same era of NBC line-ups the other George of Seinfeld as per the Yankees has sport legs as well related to the “other” in NBC query to if I might have “another” show idea.  Yes, this fits with the Republican story of the Democrats having been on the wrong side of Watergate and “Deep Throat” - and yes this rates as “confusing” as Dems as “communists” as “dividers”.

Can the Republicans be artful? 

Are the Republicans due a Republican WOODSTOCK?

Are we now past the old ideological breakdowns that kept us divided and threaten about “communism” and “communists” but for now a due attempt to get our own history right, and thoroughly?

Why did a young President Obama not say free “Nemo” and instead consummated a consumption of “pack animal” meat (and organs however?)?

To have a gaggle otherwise of a pack in Congress now taggable as “Communists” or related otherwise of an ideological to an elitist “socialism” or “Ba’athist” sympathizing of a govenance by a few over a united or divided many is more a threat to our intelligence and economy than it is now to the Bush Freedom Agenda or our national security, right?

It is interesting being me.  I can remember a day in my youth when realizing about summer baseball and Little League while betwixed or between a player ID as of my first name like may father and grandfather or my middle name Peter given by my parents to be different from my father and my grandfather.  I can remember a day in my youth when of echoes of earlier moments with ID blurts to answer “what is your name” to spews of “J…eter” on Blake Field.  I can remember breaking from the “John” and going with the “Peter” and even a day weeks later when I was to thinking maybe I shouldn’t have decided to offer up my father to son baseball enthusiam from a father who in college had played for Babe Ruth’s former coach.  I can remember the day back whence that a father of a actual “Jeter” was near distant tears as I considered that maybe I shouldn’t leave open a passing on of such good willed but excessive for my “Peter” American baseball summer enthusiasm. 

How about them Yankees? 

I think we can be assured and safe in a belief that President Obama won’t be letting dog meat or organs into our all American hot dogs.

How about them Yankees?  

Way to go #14 Yankee center fielder Granderson?

Yes, back whence from playful summers of ponderances of and to baseball from my Blake Field home turf for Little League I had come to call myself accidentally “Jeter” and then to wondering with at least one other if that was actually a real name for anyone, and, though, more recently to moving past an awareness of another and a father near tears one day when such real “Jeter” maybe near three or two more to what my future would be an more a “Peter” and one less of baseball.

We have that President Obama is necessarily running as a “divider” more than a “uniter” and that such can be consistent with a “socialist” ideological to a governing elite by a few over a many.  We have that he has admitted to eating what seems to have been the meat of a “pack animal” and not a domestic “BO” - however sheepishness.

We have that GMA with George Stephanopoulus may be climbing in the ratings and by telling people what they want to hear.

We have that by telling so many what they want to hear we are not having enough hear what is needed to get the economy working for more to many again.

We have Mitt Romney of mitten state catchiness now now of soft ball pitchiness with “Obama didn’t cause the economic mess” - nearly.  We have that President Obama is running as a “pack animal” as the leader of a Dem pack as a divider more than a uniter and that such while dividing “global citizens” domestic or foreign is to uniting himself to a causal of such for such was mostly caused actually by Democrats and earlier “pack” governance methodologies and practices.

We have now that it may be more honest and even intellectually honest to say that his did more than his didn’t.

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