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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 7:21 am

Strategically it is demonstrable that the donkey most whipped for 2016 yeomanry is colored as if it can be a surprise and while yet an Achilles’ heeled as a mare of the whole shod as a vessel Hillary Rodham Clinton.

She is a beast of burden - a beast of burdens past and baggage still to be fully gone through. She is of a most perplexing avatar.

As of one of by land and also of by seas she is a Clinton, mostly and politically, to be seen from above - located and discerned from high above.  She is of the birthing of the eaves dropping by way of President William Jefferson Clinton most due the studded credits for the Constitutional bastardization by way of their collusion and cooperation to such now well consecrated as the USA as of Orwellian BIG BROTHER e-connectedness (and assimilation).  The Clintons of the late 1990s were not ‘officially’ as now as chartered or incorporated to run as a pack - to 2016, however, the Clintons by three are co-opted and tethered by regs as if one - a one together & inseparable.  The Clinton(s) politics did alter the landscape of anonymity and deniability and plausible deniability by way of new technology embracing to allow all to be located more publicly even within an accuracy of a few feet globally.

As one as two and now three of the problem(s) the Clintons together are self shod of a culpability and inseparable pack.

Do not fret — your are not to be alone if to trying to strut an enlightening post-Clintonian even if of #DemsAgainstHillary — ’tis the season to BELIEVE.

Hedging is not near a Godly.  Hedging is not of a profiting more of a Heaven or a Hell.  Hedging is an earth bound nothingness more of a ferrying on the River Styx and of the Ferrier(s) work of profiting from human trafficing of a Hell and Heaven on earth.  Jesus was not even born a hedger.  Christmas is not a season of celebrating having ‘it’ both ways always.  Christmas and other days that mark moral traditions long of pathologies effective towards enlightenment are more clear and of a decided prudence.

Do not fret — your are not to be alone if to trying to strut an  enlightening post-Clintonian even if of #DemsAgainstHillary — ’tis the season to BELIEVE.

The early works of constructions of a vessel of a wholly shodden Hillary Rodham Clinton must seem visages of Holidays past in an alarming heralding and of premonitions of more bad times to come if some or all not now to prudent CHANGE.

The three Clintons are it seems pre-set of a low trinity for a husbandry spousal’d and by four all tethered for a whipping of and for hedging.  The Clintons’ three as by four are politically by way of incorporations for global initiatives of three consdenting adults, at least.  The Clintons’ three as by four are publicly a Democrat gaggle of as flushed and to be flushed and or beaten from their bushes as admitted hedgers.

Are the Clintons’ - the Clinton “two-fer” - most responsible for the sliding popularity for governance by the Constituted Congress and at least since their second term?  The Clintons are recalled for a devilishness that had them able to co-opt and corrupt even establishment Republicans in a new tech BIG BROTHER collusion as so recalled of a politics of thinking, it still seems, that as the seated Executive Power of ushering in such new technological potential it was they then the ferrier(s) forever of ultimate control(s) over navigation of political currents - the recordable ebbs and flows.  It seems clearly recalled that the Clintons did corrupt the Congress and with tech their bludgeon and their swing just the intimidating threats of what could be wrecked now - of what could be now with them at the ropes and more most capable and secured in a political capacity to use Orwellian set fears actually to fool most of the people most or all of the time.

By the end of the Clinton “two-fer” Constitutional eight years it was that they had led the People astray so that for no future President or Congress was there to be any confidence in what was seen, heard, or read.  Oddly this has worked in a ridiculous historical oddly as if the Clintons then were the last First Couple to be trusted.  Such is alarming and truly of dangerous construction(s) — The Clintons by a one or two or three or four or en masse as a Democrat gaggle needn’t a flushing and bush beating apropos are a vessel wholly shodden now yet as Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Her story and her avatar are quite perplexing - she is fair in politics as a mother and mother-in-law of hedgers.

The prettiness of the Bushes is not a fit cover as a camouflage for the next gen Clinton Chelsea.  It seems though less the extreme make-over of Senator Mrs. Clinton, by tragedies of 9/11 I, and the too soft embrace by then President George Walker Bush, that she as a consenting adult of the vessel shodden Ms. Clinton(s) had to become also a TV personality just to hedge on how she is a hedger.  For the prettiness of the Bushes it is that TV for Chelsea has been of a plot and war/campaign strategy to give her cover and to blur her uniformity in the hedge rows with the more enduring and endearing prudence of the bushes of the Bushes.  The Clinton machine needed for the Chelsea variable to become otherwise publicly variated by a variety broadcasting as one it seems conceived and reared to also be a Clinton ferrying hedger.

[For a lighter side for the 2013 Holidays past and approaching I welcome you to visit and/or revisit a happier note of lighter tunage for First Lady Michelle Obama and even the actual President — I encourage you to meet at the thresholds of that presented in Constitutional contrast at http://jphogan.org/113201.html - as winter fare as SUMMER FARE.]

[For an more economical consideration of a hope for better Holidays and new years ahead I suggest at least an also reading of JOBIAN ECONOMICS AT http://jphogan.org/77801.html and most assuredly as well also that there available as MARXISM?, and C.C.C.P.?.  It may behoven all now to be prophylactic in a political protectionism also at least by way of a learned defensiveness by studying the postured posits of a new economics in a post-TRICKLE DOWN nuanced parsing of that here of http://CitizenRosebud.com nearly written more prudently as of SUPPOSITORY & DEPOSITORY ECONOMICS by headlining in a WHITE COLLARED POSSE.]

Chelsea, daughter of political hedgers William Jefferson Clinton and his Mrs. Hillary Rodham, is a consenting adult by way of at least the collusion in the co-opting in global initiatives Clinton as fair meat and all is fair in politics and these wars so quite set of roots in the Clintons more of her days of innocence and plausible deniability.  Chelsea, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bill Clinton, is she that needed a TV variety opportunity not to complement her other profession but to balance it out and cover it as if a camouflage as if in the Bushes, too.  The Bushes together are compromised anew by the Clintons, and yet again for being used to cover for the irreconcilable guilts of that officially of the record of the years passed secured more exclusively as of the governance of the Clinton “two-fer.”

She is a beast of burden - a beast of burdens past and baggage still to  be fully gone through.  She is of a most perplexing avatar.

Going forward the Clinton machinations however firstly of running for cover as suggested and dramatized in RUN FOR COVER @ http://hogan.jphogan.org/?p=158 and by further expoundings generally of that site searchable by RUN FOR COVER @ http://CitRB.com by this pre-sorted thread so here: http://bit.ly/15LDzF1 are of them as a united and engage threesome of the realm theirs already as of ALL’ S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR by ways too of ALL’S FAIR: LOVE, WAR, AND RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.

For now in a Holiday post-script and preparatory I suggest that we all prepare ourselves and to keeping our eyes and ears open for a yet unexpected political surprise however maybe a gaggle of Clinton ferrying or yet shod as a vessel in a thought guarded Achilleal by land keeled or hoofed.  It behoove all to be behoven and for however their/her songs may beckon dangerously as a Sirens tunage — it’d be prudent to be reset already to an understanding of today that the NSA of today is of the Clintons past — it’d be prudent to become learned in understanding that by threat of the new potential in technology the Clinton politics was able to co-opt, collude, and corrupt even establishment old order Republicans during their second term.

[However hopefully to a lighter side: here also of www.jphogan.org e-sampler is THE RICE SISTERS: http://jphogan.org/73101.html.  It is meant as a sisterly national secured concern of lyrics however odic and of good tunage as set yet about two as Rice as professionally sisters.  THE RICE SISTERS is a original song by me of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and as well the now National Security concerned Susan Rice.]

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