December 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 10:24 am

She was that stupid: Lawyers were aghast; she is her worst enemy: Presidents have been diminished.

Paradise has been threatened, to lost, since she broached the heart beat of America, as an evil weapon, of mass destruction, whence thence as she toed in to a crusading circa 2007.  Had she not lost half of her most dramatic friends these times could be more trying — she is no virgin.  Her husband’s fidelity is not, on balance, the “is not” issue at the pep of most of this.

Once upon a time back in the days before she had so much mileage on her, and so much baggage, a book like H.R.C. maybe had a chance (legally) at a “REBIRTH” — now as otherwise, at least prima facia, H.R.C. seems too novel to so be FICTION — to so be of a compounding covering more in propaganda than a naked truthfulness.  It seems self evident that she can not have rebirthed herself — Will she only be as if a 3-4 year old now as a candidate if a candidate to 2016 as if now better so to a Presidency?

Her written words, even if written by a ghost, are here now out and visible to ghost her for her words as STATE SECRETS as if a (legal) tease she is supposed to be experienced enough to have been as per temptations yet of a keep as a keeping kept away from.  She really must be her own worst enemy! — However much mileage she has on her now is at least of too much verbiage in a plethora of olfactory assaults on a general Conscience so inescapably near to her, and for Posterity — She is a rival like not other.  We may be prudent to still be gentile and away from asking even such a lady - her age;  If it be prudent to not ask her age, and as she suggests she can tell of state secrets and while like infantile and elementary by a rebirth then it must be that at least we discern an honesty to how - to how she as aged so much.

There should be possible, and plausibly, a new feminist literateness possible as a post she - post her - modern feminist — as an A NEW ENLIGHTENMENT post her.  How she has diminished Presidents already can now but be rivaled in a feminine destructive if perchance she surmounts a due common sense to a restoration for her marriage union as if Presidential - yet — She can now only undo so much of how she has diminished Presidents by being however allowed to be otherwise a President, like anew, to be easily to making them look better - by comparison.

Yet, though, however, she is her own worst enemy — even as so it she can be simply said in an elementary to have diminished Presidents - to date, already.  By her own words, even however of ghosts, it should haunt her to no new Presidency, more hers, that her rendition was voluntary to it now socially condemnable as H.R.C. - STATE SECRETS & THE REBIRTH OF HILLARY CLINTON.  It as she is rather ridiculous, on its face, as it either is a meant public dumbing down, to de-educate the People, or just so dumb as to be evidential that she still is not Presidential.  She mustn’t be to so diminishing the Clintons’ Presidency by such just a tease for, as lawyers too can rant, as a spouse and a member of just the Presidency of the Clintons most STATE SECRETS are still locked away as CLASSIFIED SECRET.  If she isn’t allowed to be beyond teasing at a scandalous of her own Presidency it is only logical, as lawyers too can rant, that she if forbidden to offer any fruit as secrets to now conveniently, or not, diminish, however legal, newer and fresher Presidencies.

As an apple falls by laws of gravity her posits of teased posturing tell a book’s worth about her just by a first shadow cast by her lines — I do not know if or how lawyers may to be aghast about the real H.R.C. as one whom rather would now be seen not as if of a REBIRTH OF HILLARY CLINTON — A real Hillary seems one less predisposed from such an yet still of a puffery of compounding coverage as yet particularly differentiated with a first blush at a REBIRTH OF HILLARY RODHAM.  And:  Now doesn’t it seems naturally conclusive, however of these truly original H.R.C. sins, that she couldn’t have rebirthed herself? — Mustn’t it be as it seems, however lawyers too may be aghast, that teams of doctors must have been involved and even some as if caring as shrink(s)?

Can she sell herself, however yet — yet so as innocently reborn as if removed from her past — yet so as if a naive but experienced maiden gay?  If she is so to be consistent, as lawyers should be aghast if not, perchance a use of a maiden as if a gay light hearted good time with her spouse William Jefferson Clinton is now possibly less scandalous. If she be now to of a relations with William Jefferson Clinton as if just a maiden of a gayety then (at least her procured esquired lawyers) legal minded should concur that she can be reborn and even still renamed — say of her mileage, baggage, and yet still… — her REBIRTH.

Some lawyers may yet not be aghast:  She seems to have been so stupid:  Her history cannot be so novel to be fiction and herself not, at least by lawyers not in her pocket, too, however, so near to being at a criminal fraud perpetuating to not herself be at a criminal fraud (newly).  As diminished as some Presidents now are by her a crusading feminist (of too much envy - at least) she shouldn’t be allowed to now sell herself as if worth the tease of being able to talk a walk of STATE SECRETS;  It, however, may yet be too late to protect William Jefferson Clinton, and the Clintons Presidency, from her, as herself, even if reborn as either a young and maiden gay, as if by an is as an is not as Hillary Clinton, reborn!

She was that stupid; even her lawyers are likely now aghast and wanting to also rant;  She, you see, hasn’t, at all, been reborn.  She cannot possibly succeed now as if a maiden like Monica Lewinsky say of her gayety as devoid of actual, and properly named, sexual relations — She as his spouse isn’t allowed, still, to reveal any of his “state secrets.”

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[Historical note:  Better if not now enlightened in a post Hillary Clinton smarting to at least recall that the Monica Lewinsky scandal of the Clinton Presidency as their dirty laundry was broken by those whom had mostly made the Clintons electable in 1992, and, is of its braking of such whom knew what seriousness of those trying days was still critical and while of a consideration as per “scandalous” like of a predisposition to (predatory) Clinton behavior in a negative as such seemed, like myself, aware that the Presidency of the Clintons was not then at a taking of their times as the times that got them elected seriously enough.  It seems behooved for all to remember the (predatory) Clinton behavior was exposed after a concern generally was in the air that he wasn’t paying enough attention to the job - the job more specifically that he was elected to be at as others most concerned were voluntarily whence, and as it then as it his duty.]

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