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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 12:59 pm

I should preface this piece in novel yet informative political and historical satire with a recommendation that our discourse need be #RESET by a still timely reading of President George Washington at least of his First Inaugural.  It is important still to understand the so set American basics as by his commencing so with “Among the vicissitudes incident to life…” and how such is writ large for a lasting stoic “American.”

Here is its lasting as a parting opener closer:

  “Having thus imparted to you my sentiments as they have been awakened
by the occasion which brings us together, I shall take my present leave;
but not without resorting once more to the benign Parent of the Human
Race in humble supplication that, since He has been pleased to favor the
American people with opportunities for deliberating in perfect
tranquillity, and dispositions for deciding with unparalleled unanimity
on a form of government for the security of their union and the
advancement of their happiness, so His divine blessing may be equally
conspicuous in the enlarged views, the temperate consultations, and the
wise measures on which the success of this Government must depend.”

Here is a first question:

Could he have written and orated such as the initiating President by inaugural if the Constitution wasn’t the People’s “Order” as to ordain and establish such as an establishment of Government under the New Testament so done by convention humbly by those unanimously by subscriptions under such God so that Year of their Lord whence?


As by “vicissitudes” George Washington, President, initiates the People as by sex & sexuality as if of a genesis by Genesis as of America as an Eden of males and females post a presentation and temptation of the apple - at least.  He waxes a washing of tons though for all other “ups” and “downs” of life as set by “vicissitudes incident to life.”

In opposition to much or most of this we have still a too randy comparative when of a judging of the Clintons.

Here is my preferred link to a superior President as of/for his opening leading remarks:  http://www.bartleby.com/124/pres13.html

This morning by #socialmedia I posted this to Harvard via Belfer Center wall:

“Just wondering by how much Harvard and Belfer
should be to changing their curriculums now as original intent of
founders of the Constitution so constituted as the People’s “Order” so
now more politically accepted as the USG of USC of the preamble
with “in Order to form a more perfect Union” is there with “Order”
capitalized because it is meant as a noun that sets up the later
subscriptions humble under the God of the New Testament so unanimously
of that “Year of our Lord” exclamation in orders so and so as with it
the People Order to a Union in Christianity as more perfect and so then
“done” before they signed and as done whence they so all subscribed it
and while Thomas Jefferson was safely across the ocean in France and
unable so to object or alter such in a timely manner?”


The Clintons example and core are more said already of a curriculum of them too much as contrary to George Washington and more of a want (coincidentally) too as like anti-Constitution like the about thence whence of such inuagural as too like then abouts NY Governor Clinton.  To see Clinton as like Clinton it behoove you be foundational yet categorical as how one Clinton was like anti-constitutional whence Clinton now has been of the Clintons as two too at anti-constitutional machinations likewise but by the broader category now as set in “globally” as like by Clinton(s).

President Washington’s first remarks were really quite unprecedented.  President Clinton though has been at least newly randy by his telling remarks as set indivisible as a mate on any board if his Mrs. say as a Queen presumes a right to be as if a new game of chess to a new reign of the Clintons.

Here is a first question:

As it now is though, however, not yet (clearly) legal, that it would not be unprecedented for Mrs. Clinton, however, to now be so presumptive there are now far more concerning and Constitutionally specifically important unprecedenteds to be to at justified and full probative dispositions muscular pressings about about all things Clinton(s) - especially financial and incorporated, however said like chartered for constituted vast left wing powers.  Right?


These days and the coming days should be quite trying for the Clintons as too as if too much of earlier Clintons;  These days forward are set in a time and place where more people are now of reading and having read the Constitution as the People’s Order with “Order” as a noun inconvenient as not (still like) a verb to many Democrats - where now too many people have again read and agreed with the Constitution of The United States of America as superior to the contrary think or say philosophies of the Clintons.  For the Clintons if of a presumptive Mrs. Clinton anewly it should be already self evident that too many now have and are reading the USC as set with “Order” as a noun in the preamble.

In Following per the People and the Constitution as the establishment of Government for the thus so ordered states by such Order it figures in an affirmation of is so a more perfect Union “done” that day as so as was did in “ordain” and “establish” prefacing that for it done such the tone of “tolerance” as writ by President Washington to Jews of Rhode Island, USA - Necessary per his affirmations about such as of America as like an Eden genesis itself as interpretive and confirming of the Constitution as a People’s Order for a government of subscription unanimously under the New Testament.

For now:

It is considerate that President Barack Hussein Obama, as elected as a First President by the color of his skin, if white likely could have and should have been already impeached for a lacking Presidential in quality of character and so as it seems as well about so quite impeachable for his Vice President all the while he himself wasn’t suggesting such was due and at least for it long considered that impeachments are to be called for when of Presidential cover-ups - when like now long of cover-ups so yet specifically now as for the Clintons - of the Clintons.

For now:

If President Obama were white he so as himself, but as white not black, would have been so intolerable even to a Democrat Senate for an impeachment to have at least have been well advanced and quite broadly and sweepingly as too in the sufferable suffrage appropriate right of Congress for such and technically quite in it us so of US now still too tripping over a failed cover-up of the culpability of the Clintons and them of a negligence that is discernible and entangled in the present and the past - and in the past so foundational to these days as if of chess necessarily as like checkers for as Bill & Hillary have played like King and Queen there is really no boards of precedence for them to have legally been so & American.

A tease:

“Paradise has been threatened, to lost, since she broached the heart beat
of America, as an evil weapon, of mass destruction, whence thence as
she toed in to a crusading circa 2007.  Had she not lost half of her
most dramatic friends these times could be more trying — she is no
virgin.  Her husband’s fidelity is not, on balance, the “is not” issue
at the pep of most of this.”

A closer as an opener Randian:

A closer at how now apropos William Jefferson Clinton by Senator Rand Paul of a new “randy” at least as per interns and cigars as a checking of mate while duly of a just probative of Hillary Rodham Clinton for now still she seems set about again being to presumptious:

A closer:


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