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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 1:51 pm

Please don’t be so vain to think this blog is about you - only about you.

Well - about you, unless you maybe were just voting “Present” while others were actually present and less so to just racing to the top.

American Republicans could learn a lot from the French these days, they may have heard of the French, seen of the French, even drank of the French, and yet now they may not be seeing enough of the “French” from which ever era now out of place as if modern and appropriate.

To better discuss the French today seems a day to top off with a comparison between the American Journey of Colin Powell and the unsettling racing to the top of far less critical presence of present President Barack Hussein Obama.  One was actually in our history and ready and actually present, yes - true, and, another one did just vote “present” from a safe distance or maybe actually have read about it whence - “it” as actually history in real time and really during “CRISIS” moments.

Recently we have forgotten that General Colin Powell seemed to face real opposition from even or mostly the Clintons’ vast political machine while thinking that he could contest them to be the first black president and so before Mrs. Clinton first got a chance to be a first female (white female) president.  Recently we have been forgetting still that Secretary of State (black) Colin Powell did inherit quite a mess from the Clintons’ 8 years of “two-fer” governance.

Bill and Hillary have much been party to a new extravagance and to suggestions themselves that our United States of America needs to become more like France - more socialist and so susceptible to a few elite locking up near autocratic power for themselves irrespective of thought effective term limits.  Bill and Hillary may have punked President Barack O. into some of his parading about embracing a selective French story for thought shared political purposes.

President Barack Hussein Obama may have been onto a truth with his blurb, nervous self consciousness, during the recent White House Correspondents Dinner when suggesting he was starting to actually look like Morgan Freeman — yes it is seeming that the Clintons have been succeeding to putting him in the drivers seat for them anew as a Mr. & Mrs Daisy.

For former General Colin Powell, long of being present, and actually effective, while duty bound, in a still representative system, was to being former first black Secretary of State Colin Powell, and, of a spoken concern for his and his family’s safety if he were to seek high offices the Clintons had their designs upon, to have been so must it strategically have had a basis in fear that must track back to the vast Clinton political machine?  We in 2012 are really to finally being asked to consider that the Clintons really left a horrible inheritance for our first black Secretary of State.

We have been distracted - we have been easily distracted.  We have been asked to let Democrats say we should be more like the French but without them fitting their personal ambitions to a perfect match with a specific time and place in French History - not even where most appropriate to a Napoleonic era.

Before we rush to becoming more French in the “socialism” an elite Democrat Party few see best towards keeping them to power and in power as easily as practicable, maybe, shouldn’t we first work on a quantitative perspective say by suggestion to be more like France we need only let New York State become run by the Governor of Vermont, right?

What a nightmare it would have been if our first black Secretary of State with his long history of actual presence and effectiveness it would have been for the Clintons if he had run and so run with the story of the Clintons’ inheritance left their successor in 2001.  Really!!!

We do have at least one speech by President Obama to praise - yes, it is odd that it is a Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech of record.  In that speech more than any other he respected the story of our first black Secretary of State and chided the Clintons with his warning of “dangers” from “inaction” and “avoidance” as it seemed to be related to even he then being stuck with too few global options after the eight years of the Clintons’ “two-fer” governance specifically related to Afghanistan and Iraq of Saddam Hussein.

How could Gen Sec Powell have been so concerned about his and his family’s safety with a record of effective presence for his country bravely and patriotically?  Who was he considering challenging for power - how far were they willing to go to keep the power to themselves?

In the past weeks some developments have come to light about President Obama as if actually moved to the driver’s seat as if Morgan Freeman to a Mr. and Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton Daisy.

Let me be clear:  Presidents Clinton of the intimate power sharing BOGO “two-fer” with its international crusading and inciting of radicals were to excess and extravagances.  Presidents Clinton did act after being forced out of the grand palace theirs in public housing that is our White House did work a “benefits package” for Bill Clinton so that it seemed he was being compensated as if being promoted out of an above our more minor office of the Presidency.  He did attempt to get clearly more in first year rent in NYC and so as to rent for life an amount then more than all past Presidents’ post office first year rents combined.  And, with his Harlem suites he still ended up with near the same amount, and amount still too grand and regal and to also seeming a violation of our Constitution and its bar for America from “titling” Americans as if to a nobility.

President Barack Hussein Obama has many faults just his own for an extravagance and detachment and so that it would be more obvious if he hadn’t been stopped after two or three Wednesday Court Dinners at the White House by a free and active new media based pressing so to help DC economy by fighting a start too Marie Antoinettish to courtly over rational or common that looked on path to be bankrupting numerous high end privately operated public fine dining establishments.

Strategically as if a war for socialism it might make sense to let the Governor of Vermont first prove he can also run New York state as if his to a Frenchness spoken to as right for all of us in our USA.

All that may have been missing for these Dem “boobs” may be the hats of Marie Antoinette as dramatized for having preceded her fall.  It seems to have recently been real “boobs” calling others more innocent and experienced “boobs.”

But what about Gen Sec Colin Powell our first black Secretary of State?

When it comes to “inheritance” his then presently was far worse and yet related to “inheritance” still naively spoken about by President who once gave a speech after years of having just voted “Present” just a few years after some community organizing he wrote of such a distaste for that he published a line in his DREAMS OF HIS FATHER near “I have to get out of this place, I have to get out of this place…”

President Obama may have a “mother complex” he may even have an Oedipal Complex - such could explain his keeping Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton so close.  How this works with his efforts to bring us more into the bosoms of a Frenchness such as a over-coddling by a few elite Dems has been sold as if a good remains a puzzle - remains puzzling, seems our economy hasn’t even figured it out.

But about Gen Sec Colin Powell and his actual American Journey and how it should be updated — Wow, what an inheritance!!! Like?  Can you even remember the years 1993 - 2001 as they actually were of so much dangerous inaction and avoidance by the Clintons’ BOGO “two-fer” such that no Secretary of State ever before and especially no black Secretary of State nor his boss our President was ever quite to having been left so few options for so many troubling areas, to actually nearly no alternatives but one?

Really, what?  Really, whom?  Really, how could a man so present and effective in a braveness so long have been scared for his own safety and his family’s just with thoughts of being up against the vast Clinton political machine?

We had been in Afghanistan before the Clintons and during the Clintons’ BOGO “two-fer” 8 years they knew our absence was letting the state of Afghanistan dangerously deteriorate - they were not without a moral argument to return our United States presence to an “in country” status with Afghanistan - yet avoided such. 

We had been in Iraq and accused already of an abandonment as well of Iraqi people as of Afghani people already by Clintons’ first year and especially as related to known issues of violence against women and people supporting freedom and equality as they liked to speak about but for them so that they could proceed with more of a domestic extravagance anchored in an actual lack of presence much of chided dangers of mentioned erudite oration once of President Barack Hussein Obama with Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech and accentuation on a past with too much avoidance and inaction.

The Clintons even though of eight years supposedly dealing just with Saddam Hussein was it still seems as settled history to leaving their successor no entrance or exit plans worked through in order to back up any fronting by them to a “bite” in sanctions, in sanctions just upon Saddam Hussein.  We seem to have had the inheritance left our first black Secretary of State a general condition quite dangerous of a lack of preparedness.  We seem to have actually had the Clintons not have a plan to actually have “bite” in sanctions by the United Nations upon Saddam Hussein.

Secretary Colin Powell clearly may have a story to tell that should rock the world of an innocence kept for the Clintons and their fronting as a still innocent “two-fer” - Really!

Sec Gen Powell, unlike President Obama, is of a history for many of these years still of concern and relevance not of him just having stood and voted “Present” but actually of being a stalwart bravely present and actually effective.

Please don’t be so vain and think this blog is all about you - just you - unless maybe you were a Clinton or one of their henchmen or female gutter snipes that was party to leaving their successor in 2001 so few options that nearly only one option was left and that truly without there even having been a plan for “bite” for sanctions with an entrance or exit strategy fully developed and psyched through for Iraq.

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