March 2023
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 6:31 am

The great and powerful climate change guru President “Barack” seems clearly of a plan - a plan maybe a twelve steps recovery process.

It behoove us now to consider which step we each are at and how early in the new discipline such has us each.  Without experience with other twelve steps processes, you, like I, may be worried the only the easy first steps are yet commenced and progressed from - from to permanent personal change.

How low can we go?  When the great and powerful climate change guru President Obama says “CUT! CUT!” anew how much lower now can we get?  What is your real potential to MODEL GREEN CITIZEN (SUBJECT?) to a new “step” and “steps” to further obedience patriotic to even more austere conservationism?  How much lower can you go?


Can we as a People yet be of a majority enough past even a third step of any process a plan of the great and powerful climate change guru President “Barack”?  Of the mileage we all have to go mustn’t the mileage we have yet gone be just cursory to a plan to save the earth - to his recovery plan?  We have seen and heard of higher mileage vehicles as quite quickly available soon after the prior administration with technological advances they must have long been fully supporting;  We have “NEW” & “IMPROVED” but are not quite of a majority to personally benefit in these higher mileage standards for lower carbon pollution CO2 emission levels.

Can we as a People yet be soon to a majority for higher mileage while to being MODEL GREEN CITIZENS (SUBJECTS?) to new lows for a greener economy?  We must be to being again stirred by dictates by the great and powerful climate change guru President “Barack” to an new CASH FOR CLUNKERS.  It figures if our fearless leader of such patriotism to austerity calling is talking highways and infrastructure again he must be also ready to reboot CASH FOR CLUNKERS - RIGHT?

The great and (too) powerful climate change guru President “Barack” did, when of so much vast left wing approved stimulus dollars, seem to abstain from highways, bridges, and tunnel projects for the good of the nation.  It seemed self evident that he was better to offer cash for old combustion based carbon monsters on the roads instead of funding fixing roads to let those “clunkers” seem repaired and sufficient incidentally by just improving the infrastructure they trespassed.  It seems it was pure genius, even as ridiculous as it seemed that it took near $250,000.00 in stimulus dollars for a creation of each job near a $25,000.00 annual salary, that the fearless (too) powerful climate change guru President realized that though infrastructure jobs are always “shovel ready” he would have to abstain some how from such being “shovel ready.”

“Shovel Ready” is a title like “addict” to “addicted” yet as for politics to politicians as such as supposedly of “shovel ready” is of that presumed to be the threshold of basic skills that define any person as qualified to be certifiable as a “politician.”  Any “politician” incapable of providing “shovel ready” jobs by definition is hardly certifiable as actually being a “politician”!

Our great and (too) powerful climate change guru President “Barack” has yet not lifted or lower the DANGER!!! DANGER!!! levels of that which must be of a master plan to save the entire planet.  We are left as citizens (subjects?) now to surmise that the risks of the end of the world as near are still as prescient and real as first set as most alarming and dangerous.  We must now presume that we are only just at the first steps in a recovery and consider that the next steps to greater austerity in new conservationisms are our patriotic duty however to be easier or harder next steps.

We must accept how is seems fated to refresh the remarks/quips of Admiral David Farragut of the Hartford about the battles of Mobile Bay when of declarations, nearly, to be of: “Damn the torpedoes - Full speed ahead!”

Our great and (too) powerful climate change guru President “Barack” must be actually meaning to be progressing with his leading from behind now anewly of a:  Damn the economies - Full speed ahead (at least to even lower mileage)!

Right Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton has admitted she has a lot of mileage on her just from her days riding with our great guru.  But to understand the politics of Clinton’s “mileage” you might seek the new progressive language in sordid sorted of http://bit.ly/MILEAGE

From the experience with the first parlay as if of a real intent to be of infrastructure “shovel ready” jobs we have it that better roads, bridges and tunnels would have undermined the processes for corrective twelve steps to a People more austere in necessary conservationisms.  He our great (too) powerful climate change guru had a predicament in the first steps for his “CHANGE” that now likely is present still so that a CASH FOR CLUNKERS II would be a better next step than any real “politics” to “shovel ready” jobs.  Better infrastructure basically would set back progress as better roads will make those our guru thinks “clunkers” yet seem again charming enough - even if daily reminders how most are yet priced out of his new green bling automotive.

We seem to be now most surely still at the original proffered alarming dangers of a world as we know it soon to end.  Due to it that our great and (too) powerful climate change guru President “Barack” hasn’t had reports of progress to share, or just as avoided further alarm by sharing a true dire earth status, we must see his grains of salt as grains of truth to it that we are only quite just begun and of only the first steps to a necessary patriotism in a greater yet austerity in even greater conservationism.

We are still of the level as:  DANGER!!! DANGER!!! THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT IS NEAR!!! CUT! CUT! CUT! CUT!!!

To now self asses our progress to the person we must look to fully consider how irresponsible we each are still if mobile forward of wants to jobs from infrastructure work while such would yet be to tempting and disruptive to the green agenda recovery generally.  We should be wise that “shovel ready” is a qualifier to “politician” and that any politician incapable of creating “shovel ready” jobs, especially when of so vast stimulus funds made available, must be either duplicitous or incapable.

Our great and (too) powerful climate change guru President must be of higher political ends for it isn’t (yet) generally accepted that he has just been incapable, and intentionally duplicitous while so incapable.  There is a “CATCH 22″ to his economics of recovery for recovery with his green agenda economics is most improbable.  We have that most are priced out of their homes/mortgages since the insurgency of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH joined to the marching to seize all oil company profits of the first steps with HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT.  We have that most while priced out of their old homes due to having been on fixed incomes budgets unable then to afford the (necessary and proper) new green agenda much higher gas & energy prices are now so still priced out of new and improved automotive options.  So it seems.

As infrastructure jobs would improve the ride of those so ordinary, and obviously so, as if of an underclass to the enabled rich of the green agenda political officer class, there is still the sacrifice and efficiencies expected however of a twelve step recovery to consider if to be a MODEL GREEN CITIZEN (SUBJECT?).  It seems only fair now that a CASH FOR CLUNKERS II be commenced for still it seems that so many - the majority - are priced out of the new improved OBAMA NEW ECONOMY for though a new car may be greener and helpful towards cushioning the politics of sacrifice and efficiencies and yet of much higher mileage per gallon performance it is still “detail” “detail” “details” that the price of gas is so high that the price of the car is still too high.

We must believe!  We must believe!  There must be a new CASH FOR CLUNKERS due if another “politics” rising while so many asked to yet be just of the first steps to even more austerity and new conservationism of a grand plan to save EARTH with like a twelve step recovery.  There must be a new CASH FOR CLUNKERS due for most - a majority - while still priced out of their homes since the DANGER!!! DAMN THE ECONOMIES!!! began with Democrat Party politics commenced with “AN INCOVENIENT TRUTH” & “HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT” and how now such lot is now mostly still priced out of comparable status new greener vehicles.

It was simple political analysis that “shovel ready” was only so hard for if to actual new jobs as so “shovel ready” the whole green agenda would have been undermined.  Better roads, bridges, and tunnels now would still be like better roads, bridges, and tunnels then - - - if they allow the nation to be to such then they are caught in an economic and political “CATCH 22″ of now way out or no way forward to the next (necessary) steps to further austerity for lower and lower carbon CO2 levels of from patriots to MODEL GREEN SUBJECTS (CITIZENS?) to however much newer conserving they can be brought to.

Can it yet be fair that the great and too powerful climate change guru President “Barack” yet now fund infrastructure without also funding a more massive new CASH FOR CLUNKERS as maybe a CASH FOR CLUNKERS II so that so many asked so long to sacrifice for EARTH saving efficiencies can yet not persist in suffering economics of still so priced out of their homes and new and improved automotive options?

As it was reported that with so much of vast liberal left stimulus dollars made available it is yet a wonder that as simple as definitive to “politics” as “shovel ready” jobs are that somehow these years have passed with so many so austere already and with a math, at least whence, of national solutions, so only of managing near one $25,000.00 per year job for each $250,000.00 spent in President “Barack” dollars.

It may seem crazy crazy but yet it seems we are all politically still called in a new patriotism and with the DANGER!!! DANGER!!! guidance still set to the maximum MOST ALARMING level.  MOST ALARMING!!!

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