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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 8:37 am

As Ohio goes, so may go the country.  The law suit by the esteemed Peoples’ house - the House of Representative of the Congress of The United States of America - now must rock ‘n roll around if President Obama can now be of a defensible as a sympathetic figure.  What ever has the President done that has him so isolated and as a rogue to “American”?

Is it now for all of America that a beaver trapped is better than a couple in the bushes?  Does it matter if the first Republican Abraham Lincoln had his stove pipe top hat as made from Ohio beavers?  Can Mrs. Clinton, however, escape an ‘also rogue-ish’ forward or is she to be like as dammed as old of the Obama encamped? 

The suit of honor questioned - the suit to defend the honor of the Congress ‘institution” - the suit to bare a better parity, however it may shackle the Executive, seems to be now commenced to arrest a President of a contempt for Congress - for the Peoples’ House.

We are much now to being asked as if a jury, to each and all, both if the Executive could be enough “rogue-ish” and of “acting alone”, and to asking if it isn’t the quantity of the President’s rogue ways but the quality and a real contempt, at least for due process, in each.

Due to the seriousness of all this it behoove us to discern there must be in the patter patter of the defenders of Congress a real bridaling and bristling due to a quality of contempt irregardless of the quantity of each specific act of contempt. 

It is pertinent, even if confusing, that we must see how and if a tail has been wagging a President - if Mrs. Clinton, however, or the “The Clinton” of a “House of Clinton” is yet of a fog and an equal, or greater culpability.

Isn’t it that whomever this Executive is, as a Democrat, the other was near of all the same campaign promises towards such partisan politics (as necessary)?  Was there yet a promise made by one a white female to the other, or a male a black yet otherwise vice versa, that wasn’t if made by the other then made by the other?

To the esteemed and honored institution of the Congress that is the Peoples’ House as the house of the representatives it seems, forward, President Barack Hussein Obama is now and will persist long now as a “THE ROGUE.”  Mrs. Clinton, however, likely cannot be intellectualized away from an “also culpable” however different maybe on in sex, race and age.

These days it is quite of a dammed differentiating the “House of Obama” from the rival “House of Clinton” so of a “Blood Feud” and yet damnable how President William Jefferson Clinton subjugated the newly elected President Barack Hussein Obama nearly from day one (As if in the world of the Clintons a former President is supposed to have more power than a newly elected President).  It is recalled that the first black elected President of The United States of America was like called to Harlem to the offices of President Clinton, and for the cameras and so the world, to bear witness to he the new President, even though a first black Executive, bow to WJC with accolade in a submissive of pronouncing WJC “The President” as if WJC then would subvert and truly rival his “HOPE” if otherwise not to such quite of a submissive “politics” from near day one.

President Barack Hussein Obama may have doomed his administration - his days as the “Executive” - from day one at least for having gone to President William Jefferson Clinton at his offices and not to after defeating the Clinton machine of having parlayed his victorious to game of political humbling of a made to wait, and made to wait - a waiting for the “The Clinton” yet to be allowed to visit The White House to, shall we say “pay his utmost respects” and most humbly?

For the sake of the destroyed old economics it is a basic truth that President Obama did kill off the industries he despised quite as Mrs. Clinton, however if triumphant otherwise, was of all the same promises towards herself.  It is simply wrong to blame the Republicans or President George Walker Bush for the collapsed economies - these were targeted and the victims of the green political hunting of the Democrats long preset to be of and towards before the days just “elected President” Barack Hussein Obama was then to embracing willfully or just inheriting conveniently to their radical green ends.

The “blood feud” between the damnable now of contempt, however of or by the “House of Obama” or the “House of Clinton” is quite to more as if poetically a new beaver war.  The Democrats have been like vermin or rodents of building damnable economic dammings to the old and “regular” flows of the rivers of commerce.  The have gnawed and gnawed away at the old structures economic so that only a new economy could be, and the old economies done with, and washed away.

Have you yet heard of the tweeting by Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund from the past months to which she professed or posited a that it has become accepted that the new depression was actually avoidable?

Isn’t it now too late to separate the “The Hillary” from at least the “THE ROGUE” of the politics of this abusing Administration at a dangerous quality of contemptible orders despite now, however, it of that which yet is of a rogue-ish quality is yet incomparable in “quantity” to those of Posterity of preceding Executives?

Damnable is that a recovery was possible otherwise if it recognized that the fastest way to have stemmed or dammed the housing crisis was to see to a nationwide lowering of gas prices.  The price of gas for the politics of the 2008 partisan feuds was “political” and “critical” for the Democrats were on the march, long as it was already, to seeing their dreams of gas more conveniently to their ideological at near $4 per gallon.

Besides that a higher price even as high as the Green Agenda marched to for higher energy costs may have or have had some “social benefit” there is that the Democrats, not GWB nor generally the Republicans, didn’t seem to care or consider that if the banks were to be bailed out cash stipends as energy C.O.L.A.S. as immediate and prudent “stipends” should have been flowing to ameliorate the inaffordability of the politics of higher energy costs to living to so many of the middle and lower classes who patriotically bought into the Clintonomics at reckless hyper-consumerism while yet stuck as households severely limited by fixed income(s).

It may not be fair to pack lipstick on President Obama as prosecutable as “THE ROGUE” without fairly paring a comity to how President Clinton and Mrs. Clinton, however, has long been truly of houses set against each other in a rivalry now more clearly, and precisely as a quite a “blood feud.”  But really hasn’t this Executive just been trying to live up to all that he and she did long ago promise to each be dedicated forward to just so necessarily if or when elected?

Either way if a “THE ROGUE” alone or a “THE ROGUES” together he and she are dastardly of a likewise culpable - even damnable for their economics so long at damming the old flows as if all bad “industriousness” that had to be killed off for their new ways to be born.  It is just so wrong to still be so naive to be blaming GWB while WJC, HRC, AG, & BHO are so “politically” so much more to each, to a person, be individually tagged.

There is a simple test for the “rogue” as if even a posthumous justifier of Senator Joseph McCarthy and “McCarthyism” for we have that these to be however of a one “rogue” or two “rogues” or yet of three “rogues” or more are ideologically all as one together encamped of their dams to the old economies of growth by ways of too liberal and quite Socialistic interpretations of the Constitution of The United States of America - of “American.”

To test for “rogue” so please find a copy of the U.S.A. U.S.C. and read the preamble through, and read it again through, and again through - and at least for what it sets up as a key or the legend for the body that follows is before the unanimous subscribing under God that year in the Christian calendar of being so of the founders writ declarative as “done” - as their “Order” for forming our more perfect “Union” so “ordained” and “established” was like complete and final as “done.”

However the history books may now have to tell of the first black President for contempt of the esteemed Peoples’ house - The House of Representatives - of the bicameral houses of the Congress, as either grown to such bias and disregard or nurtured to it as maybe at least by the training in Law at Harvard, we are yet now to the issuance for his defense as to how yet he hath come to so arrived an Executive yet with such a “Socialist” interpretation of the Constitution - a quite “rogue” interpretation to the founders prescribed and subscribed writ of imports.

So, however, this is now about all of us and yet also so much about Ohio, we have that “THE ROGUE(S)” however if reared in Law by a Harvard endowed, in such times, as if more of a “GOD IS DEAD - NOW FORWARD”, or a subversive insurgency, yet to alter and undermine the Constitution, more specifically, is the first to be expected to defend their self.

But: If “Order” in the preamble is the NOUN it seems also reasonable to see it as written by the American Founding Fathers as then what defense can #44 now offer in his defense, or a defense general of the long attempts of his party to undermine the Constitution by attempts to pronounce “Order” as just “order” and then conveniently not as a “the Peoples’ Order…” to then just modifying a “living” loophole as convenient otherwise to “politics” in lieu of LAW of “in order to form a more perfect union”?

But:  If “Order” in the preamble is firstly and lastly just a NOUN then how the “rogue-ish” have been long insurgent has been not just “extra-Constitutional” or “Post-Constitutional” it hasn’t truly been Constitutional at all.

The Constitution is writ as the Peoples’ Order and declared as humbly “done” seeming in a humble deference to the Creator with it as “done” though leading where “Done” otherwise would have put man above God and the Nation to above God.

We maybe now should save the First Amendment and how clever it is too written as yet a meant dam to so much now too liberal yet for President George Washington’s “American.”  To preface a later:  “respecting” in First implies the body of the U.S.C. must firstly be a spectacle of Law creation for such word itself to have meaning and just purpose in barring Congress of powers greater than the People in any religiosity.

Right Ohio - this too much be about Mrs. William Jefferson “Hillary” Clinton and as equally set to be so “rogue-ish” by years at making near all the same partisan political promises - and quite for having been firstly to damming so much with her damning rhetoric.

Right Ohio - it is yet more that it is all her fault that yet forever for Posterity from that it could ever have been none of faults Clintons’ and yet from how long it as been topped or sold as if truly all the fault of President George W. Bush, or a general “The Republicans”!

Right - at least Ohioans - The current head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Largarde, did herself, however incidentally, affirm my long held economics and political view that the convenient crisis for the Democrats too liberal Green Agenda that was/is the “THE NEW GREAT DEPRESSION” was yet avoidable - avoidable if otherwise from the like marching in radical partisan politics both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton were however dedicated of.

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