December 2021
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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 5:47 pm

A renewed mission is afoot and indiscriminate for our gang of 50.  It is more a time for each state, that you can make change with, of having opportunities best kept local - a time of calls for “globalism” that states’ realms are our best preserve.

Despite whether you yet understand that President Obama, by whipping his carriages of state just so, has been complicit in forcing a suppression economic, and, so personally liable politically for so many who see the value of their quarters down - and down even near 40% or more: 

He did not “inherit” this economy he as a Democrat participated in a primary with messaging and promises that threatened our economic foundations.  He did ask for and work to get this job - that is not “inheriting it.”

If he were a “Mad Man” it would be as if he had the account for America to celebrate and renew states all with a quartering one and all - a state quarter for each state - and then tried to operate as well with an attempt to sell and pimp just a hammer and sickle quarter without thinking he had a conflict of interest.  He would seem to be a character of character for sure but the one you just new was likely to be written off with a story of bankrupting his agency, so it seems.

When the British were coming - when the British were coming our colonialists were facing forced quartering.  Yes we had a Tea Party, and then after our revolution and Independence commenced and inaugurated with “Among the vicissitudes certain to life…” the Bounty set sail with Captain William Bligh.  I don’t know how historical THE MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY is but I do recall that President Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe the third.  Our Independence was of from a protest against crowning edicts of a practice of requiring colonial subjects to board and feed British soldiers in their own quarters at their own expense, so I seem to remember.  It has been a few years since I read of our Sons of Liberty.

{Posted to HBR Facebook recently by me} > Remember it was President Clinton that wanting a popularity for unexpected and thought impossible “surplus” and as well a unfunded federal social programming with his ‘housing bubble inflating” who did ask the banks to find a way to let him have both that went against economic sciences when together and so was specifically to asking them to find a way to just try to gamble away the risks - to so to the every risky derivatives schemes.

Straight up: America is maybe more competitive now for having had this unnecessary CRISIS OF VALUATION. 

For this to have been beneficial it must have been purposeful by our politicians and not a colossal accidental crash.  We haven’t had the upside presented in President Obama’s regular remarks as far as I have discerned - we haven’t had the requisite politics demonstrative concerning the great devaluation of quarters.

Since as far back as Speaker Pelosi with her starting her politicking hopeful that either junior Senator Clinton or especially junior Senator Obama would find a down economy to succeed with we should have been better to be hearing the economic arguments to our United States of America better to a RESET with a revaluation of all quarters so that our competitiveness globally could be of nation wide lower costs of living.

I have heard all of the GOP Presidential contestants speak loudly and clearly to so much of this mess unlike most or all from earlier days for our young country and specifically of a discernible fault evident to a guiltiness of national political leaders and their intentionally worked governance.  I have heard the Republicans explain some at least of how this mess was actually made by American Democrats.  I have been explaining some of such publicly myself for years and off www.jphogan.org blog pages either from http://myblog.jphogan.org or http://2012us.jphogan.org or now here from http://hogan.jphogan.org.  I have as well a new medial archived past for sharing thoughts about such as J.P.Hogan on politico.com and huffingtonpost.com and as well washwire.com and newsbusters.org as far back as 2006.

If all of now greatly devalued quarters have made America of a new footing to a renewed competitiveness it seems it might have been accidental by our national Democrat Party leadership.  If it were purposeful and our best path to a renewed economy I believe they should have been explaining and working in a collaboration with such economics to see that a reduction in cost of living be explained as an upside for so many upside down homes - it seems we should be of a coordination national political message to effect and acceptance not of a lower standard of living for Americans but a lower cost of living with such revalued quarters.

I have earlier, and many times before, explained how it may have been too many liberal cooks working Democrat policy priorities at once that actually caused this economic downturn.  I have explained that the GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM caused a spike in gas prices with its subjectifying of fuel markets with consumer guilting and that such spike had no place in the hyper consumerism economy still a hangover from Clintonomics.  When the GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM spike the price of gas the hyper consumerism of Clintonomics still be celebrated by Speaker Pelosi realized itself for most regular Americans as a crisis that first showed up as a shortage of funds to pay for fuel to get to work - and then to reducing the needed hyper consumerism that then left employers without enough demand so that soon the didn’t have the jobs to pay for the houses.

Straight up:  The Bush tax cuts and deficits had little to do with down economy. 

Speaker Pelosi and Democrats wanted a down economy to succeed in 2008 again with a “it’s the economy, stupid” advantage at our polls.  Speaker Pelosi by being devotee and celebrant of the Clintons’ surpluses did more real damage to economy than President Bush - she locked out most of the options President Bush could have used to attempt to save us from such crisis earlier.

We have that President Obama may be a good orator - an above average orator - and yet a bad pitch man or salesman.

We have that our national politics of the past years now of the Presidency of President Obama have led us now so long without explaining so much.  He is in a mess with more than Catholic institutions for his attempt to over-write and over-reach over our Gang of 50 - our governors.  He is now of a time when even revalued missions of local and community worship are contrary to our President and of an opportunity to refresh their own semi-public quarters as of staffs fit for our Jobian times to help “global citizen” development with educational and informational programs in foreign cultures and faiths and even maybe foreign language studies that could help parochial footing in new internet economies better in a new competitiveness if of Americans knowledgeable and linguistic in others languages and faiths.

Straight up, again:  President Bush’s tax cuts and deficits did not cause the economic down turn - the Democrats had too many cooks messing with our economic science - the Democrats caused a subjectifying in our fuel markets that undermined the hyper consumerism at the corrupt core of Clintonomics.

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