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Posted by: J. P. Hogan @ 5:18 am

There comes a time in a political afterlife, after too long proffered and maintained dishonestly that the public and even Hollywood will usually and finally get around to covering such in spirit of show business.

We have that the final season of “24″ did seem to suggest that a President Hillary Clinton was on track already to a likely future, if ever actually elected so. too “in bed” and “criminally” as per our Constitution’s “criminality” and “limiting principles” with Russians.  I don’t know how there were not more shows to such important import, already as well by then.

Have you heard the one about the Clintons having been term limited effectively by our 22 Amendment? 

This morning dawning past the eve of the George Clooney Hollywood Goes Obama downer scheduled for tonight is breaking with a new honesty in the air maybe not as politically relevant as say when I and others seemed to be asking from afar, at least, if David Geffen needed help with a legal defense fund after telling the whole world “The Clintons Are Big Liars.”

Don’t worry!  There is very little likelihood that this “EVENT” tonight can be confused as a meeting of modern communists.

Yes, George, it is true that I was in AMISTAD - that I was in a room with Steven Spielberg for two days and even made it into Entertainment Weekly as the extra that I was in background of courtroom scene with Matthew McC and Cecil B. DeMille “real gun” later celebrant (celebratee?) Morgan F. in foreground.  Yes, your original role in ER was most of all of such characters the one written most to be the fictional alter me after Jamie Tarses for NBC was back in my head asking near:  “can we have one more show idea and for Thursdays at ten?”

Years later when I was in DC and would happen to find Hollywood in town filming I did get to meeting Leonardo D C and Russell Crowe and such some years after finding ARLINGTON ROAD with Jeff Bridges and he to wondering why I wasn’t asking for an autograph and his producer almost to acting on our thoughts that I could help if hired with editing.  I did appreciate meeting Livingston and McPherson when they were filming pilot episode for SEVEN DAYS and that they let me hang around their sets I first found after wondering why Don Franklin was sitting against a wall on a DC side walk in fatigues (away from anything yet noticed as a set and of a Hollywood production.).  I did later meet Sir Ridley S. and quite almost unavoidably since he set up his directors tent with that other world famous producer/director working on BODY OF LIES directly across the street from my then DC apartment on Capitol Hill.  Oh, yeh, that spot was part of MERCURY RISING, if I recall from film correctly, and for the scene to finding an actual old typewriter that could type in triplicate with carbon film.  I don’t know how I missed catching any of filming of MERCURY RISING since some of it too was so actually produced across the street from my apartment.

But this George is meant to be about you talking to donkeys, and how it may be a due time to explain how the Democrats, but for President Obama specifically, did set up and cause much if not all of this economic down turn.  We have it as an unavoidable truth that President Obama a man also of a Hyde Park was of wants to be to a new era of New Deal Austerity and a grand economy crushing rush to GREEN politics - but you have him as a guest tonight so let us first focus just on Hillary for President that starred Bill and Hillary and as well on GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM with Al Gore attempting to play a new Mr. Science.

Have you heard the one about the Clintons having been term limited effectively by our 22 Amendment?

I know, like really, that is dangerously too close to old joke line “Army Intelligence” much like my suggested use of “modern communists” today respective of your arrangements and planned gathering tonight.  Seems, yes, that “modern communists” would apply more to Chinese having been more to capitalism than your Obama in these long past few years - seems that you might be of a crowd tonight sympathetic to “communism” but not “modern” with such, right - reads well this way?

For starters it still makes no political or economic sense that George Bush and Republicans of 2008 challenges would have created the economic down turn if they could have created such an economic down turn.

Oh, you get it now?  You get that the Clintons were meant to be effectively term limited but have proven still to be too slippery yet?

I know, like really, when we retire a President after eight years because of our term limit Amendment the money we give him though never to such excess and ridiculousness as effected for President Clinton ever before is for what ever the amount arranged to help “retire” or “sever” such from the powers of the office of our President.  Can you believe the gall of President Clinton for asking just for a NYC rent a sum greater then for a year that that of a sum for all our past presidents annual post office “rents” combined, and, that he was busy then and now still to using our taxpayer benefits otherwise than expected or budgeted to actually work to hold and gain power, and as much or more of “executive” power as he and his spouse can yet work?

It does seem just bad scripting and too dramatic a writing that our 22 Amendment hasn’t been more effective in keeping Clintons as limited as thought wise.  It really has gotten past how much they did to set up and later cause this economic down turn to also us to asking Hollywood to dramatize their corruptions and crass gross ambition in all its colors.  It seems dangerous that “retirement” funds could be used politically so domestically and globally however now so mixed by Clintons and the Clintons’ Global Initiative to effect campaigns and our 2012 elections.  It seems dangerous that “retirement” funds not even of the excess sought and gotten by President Clinton could ever have been approved and so now for such inseparable near irreconcilable very political power grabbing and efforts to influence, partisan.

It does seem an unacceptable story line that President Bush or Republicans could have intentionally caused this economic down turn.

I can and have explained how it was the Clintons’ administering of PEACE DIVIDENDS before their time and an unnecessary and so unjustifiable SURPLUS of cutting a second trillion out of spending for jobs and economic growth when we actually had the funds available and set aside that are hallmarks of CLINTONOMICS.  We have long before Hillary For President attempted a repackaged sloppy BOGO “two-fer” and launched such like a spoiled “inevitable” Hun with a declaration to “socialistic” plans to “seize all oil company profits” that the Clintons of the now mostly missing years of 1993- 2001 were to cutting the very spending of funds actually available that had been left alone by Republicans as too much to cut and seemingly rightly of fears that such might to greatly reduce our budgets and its spending for jobs and growth for years following such out 2- even 8 years after Clintons were to be expected gone and in retirement.

President Obama may be guilty for of the “be careful what you wish for…” & now us to why did you wish for a CRISIS to justify a new New Deal Austerity!

Yes President Obama may be guilty for having wanted to be a new FDR of a similar social programming that pushed Constitutional limits to or past our limits - but it is the Clintons that look and smell dirty and guilty for the general and great economic collapse.

Simply it is still ridiculous to think that the Republicans could have or would have intentionally caused such - and still wise to consider that President Bush “fault” may be limited to a failure political to reverse the Clintons’ SURPLUS enough in time.

See, to be clear - let me be clear - let me be real clear:  In 2008 it look like a near certainty that Republicans would lose just because no one yet understood that actual complexity of the struggles in the Middle East as so many now seem to fathom - in 2008 it looked most likely that Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton had enough reason to think she might be an “inevitable” next President by election though as a repackaged and spoiled dangerous democratic produce BOGO - in 2008 it looked like Republicans only chance for wins that November would be to have gas prices go down, not up, up, and up.

See, to be really clear:  It looked as if we were supposed to think that the suddenly rising gas prices were supposed to be good for the Republicans as of the “its all about oil party politics” and yet that just doesn’t make sense since it was of those days that Hillary looked quite “inevitable” and with a proffered declaration of plans to seize all oil company profits.  See???  See that under such conditions the last thing we should conclude is that Republicans would have wanted gas prices to go up for that would be to more profits for Hillary to seize so, as she was promising.

And now as it looks like George will be hosting and talking to Donkeys so tonight we have that there is little likelihood that such will be a gathering of modern communists.  And that it is still odd that Clintons can be collecting and spending benefits, excessive newly vast amounts of “retirement” benefits, towards actual and current meddling in partisan politics and power grabbing schemes.  But really it is that Hillary For President even though a spoiled repackaging we should have united to a “pulling from our shelves” wisdom that had a directly observable benefit in seeing oil prices spike, however, for not only then would it look bad for all Republicans as bad for economy it would also look like her promise of seizing all oil company profits was going to be a huge vast bottomless amount suddenly available for excesses of a left still controlled by Clintons’ political machinery.

But really this is about Hollywood and George’s party plans - let us try to keep this to civil and polite small talk.

So it was the Clintons that had the clearest means, motive and opportunity and a crass hunger to get back real POWER for themselves, however, right?  And now so with such we should see President Bush and his Republican Presidents’ Women/Men now as sympathetic figures long of a fight thought prevented by our 80th Congress and their work to keep others ever from so much extra-Constitutional over reaching as the real New Deal and otherwise austere Franklin Delano Roosevelt was while staring in his POWER show all the while with Eleanor and his quite involved daughter, right?

I mean our 22 Amendment has to be there for a purpose - but what could that be?  How is it the Clintons have made it look impotent and irrelevant and so all the work by our 80th Congress and our nation back whence to the actual proper process for big government concerns of protecting rights that is our Amending processes?  It does now even more clearly seem that our term limit laws were written to protect us from another First Couple like Franklin and Eleanor and their spoiled past attempts to stay in power past their own freshness and Hollywood marketability.

Oh, yeh, the Clintons, at least Bill, did ask banker friends to find a way to gamble away the expected risks of the housing bubble economics he wanted to play with like a candle burning from two ends at once.  Yes he with their SURPLUS did cut out a trillion that the Republicans had otherwise decided not to touch and did chose those budgeted items for a political save for his First Couple since after Republicans did the thought impossible and found a trillion to cut to BALANCED he had little choice but to resign himself to their greatness or double down irresponsibly and grandstand about he too being able to find a thought impossible trillion to cut.  But really it is debatable though Hillary Clinton for her First Couple BOGO “two-fer” with all the clear means, motive and opportunity, could be more responsible for the spike in gas prices than Al Gore subjective economic alarmism about his playing a MR. SCIENCE with our lives with his GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM.

It is difficult to say whether it was the scare of Hillary a Hun in a new socialism could have been more responsible for gas price spike than Al Gore.  It still is quite ridiculous to think that Bush or the Republicans could have or would have intentionally caused this economic down turn that got going when the price of gas became too much for all those pimped by Bill Clinton into his housing bubble economics and its hyper consumerism. 

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